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Sports and Athletics

Sports are always going to be a popular section in Go International. Athletics and Sports are undeniably pervasive in the Swedish society and amongst international people. Americans have their baseball, basketball, and American football. The Swedish have their iceskating, innebandy and dog-sledding. However, a huge part of Europe and the rest of the world focus primarily on football (soccer). Here you will find all the latest news and events on sports around the world and right here in Sweden.

Gothenburg Sports

Top Sports in Sweden are are football, icehocky, and bandy. IFK- GĂśteborg is the most internationally successful football team over the last 15 years, with two wins in one of the major European Cups, the UEFA Cup. The National Football Team has had a few international victories with a gold medal in the Olympic Games in 1948, with the most renowned players being Gunnar Gren, Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Liedholm. The Swedish Ice hockey team, Tre Kronor has won one gold medal in 1994, in the Olympics and they have six titles in the World Championships; in 1953, 1957, 1962, 1987, 1991 and 1992. Ice hockey has always been a very popular sport in Sweden, both as far as the players are concerned, as well as viewers. The broad base for recruitment lies in the many hockey-clubs all over the country. Every boy has on one occasion or another, tried to play Ice hockey. Bandy is also very huge! This ball game on ice was introduced in Sweden in 1894. The World Championships were introduced in 1957, and since then Sweden has taken five titles. The game as such includes eleven players in each team, plus three substitutes. The playing ground should be on ice, measuring 90-110 metres in length, shielded by a 15 centimetre high wooden fence.


And so Olympiad 2012 has started in the United Kingdom. A very important event which takes place one in four years in our planet gathers prominent sports people from all over the world. The host country UK in the Olympic open ceremony has organized a wonderful historical events parade and a taste of the British culture. The ceremony was a tribute to British trademark child character as Mary Poppins, or movie character as James Bond or famous musician as Beattles, David Bowie, etc. While reminding us of many historical events for which UK has put its signature from the XXVth Century till the industrial revolution. A wonderful light , dance and fireworks performance took place , with astonishing mask and costume spectacle .Neither the bad weather could stopped this amazing event. All this was closed in the queens opening frase “ I now declare the 30th Olympic games open�. In 2005 when the committee decided to held the Olympic in London, the euphoria of the British fade away as they were prone to terrorist attacks. So hosting these games has been not only a privilege but also a big responsibility for the British government. Almost 27 miliard euro were the cost for this games while a big share went to security measure.

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