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Student Housing and Apartments Finding placement in student housing or searching for student apartments can be quite difficult given the circumstances of the Swedish system and how it works. For one, when renting an apartment the Swedish system has is the queuing system which is very organized, but can be a tedious and long wait. This is because the queues take up thousands of citizens. If you want an apartment first hand then it can be extremely difficult to obtain. Second hand contracts are quite popular because of the long wait with the queuing system here in Gothenburg which means that the length of the contract is decided between you and the person holding the first hand contract.

Blocket and Other Websites

One way of looking for apartments is also a website called Blocket and can be found at www. which is initially in swedish but can be utilized with Google translate. Here people are putting up advertisement on sharing or renting an apartment or room.,, and are all website that assist you in searching for second hand apartments. When decided to rent a place at a second hand contract be aware not to send money over seas or abroard because it can easily be a scam and there should never be an exchange of money in advance. Also make sure that the rental price is affordable and that it is a reasonable price compared to other apartments. Make sure to double that the apartment is rentable and the renter has obtained permission to sublet.