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The Ambiguity of the Economical Crises


For almost four years up to now we have experienced an economical crises. Economical crises?! Most people don’t know what is going on. Where did this crisis come from and whenall the countries are at the same time influenced from it. The whole world economy has become a network of countries, which either are in some economical stagnation, or have lost the pace of growth or even more dramatically are about to bankrupt. Many economy students will claim bankruptcy was a term not even remotely used to define the economical capitulation of a country. Nevertheless in the European continent bankruptcy is becoming a frequent used term in the ongoing economical crises in Greece,while always at the doors of Spain, Italy, Ireland and lately Cyprus. Despite the facts that strong austerity measures direct affecting citizens lives, still there is no real sign of progress or at least light at the end of the tunnel. Unemployment rate(especially among youth) is increasing at the speed of light , while poverty is becoming a real possibility for many families. Economists and political scientists run all into their work tables to write down the possible scenarios in a near future. We have all become like fortune tellers, but still there is an ambiguity of these economical crisis causes.