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Fashion Trends

Fashion trends have changed dramatically. While the American style of Abercrombie & Fitch, Laccost, and Victoria Secret have emerged and have absorbed a huge following. Gothenburgers have developed more dramatic trends. One trend that is quite popular is a more hipster and artistic look. This involves classic and retro clothing such as top hats, thick rimmed glasses, combat boots, and skinny jeans. The people that have adapted this trend can usually be found around Andra Langatan and frequent places like Pustervik and Kings Head. We also have another group of Gothenburgers that have developed a trend based on a more designer look. This involves designer clothes such as Armani and Gucci combined with H&M and Gina Tricot under look. This could even include jean short shorts in the middle of winter! You see this style in a more Park Lane and Push nightclub atmosphere. The most dramatic fashion trend of all is the anarchistic trend that quite a handful of people have maintained. This involves dreadlocks, handmade clothing, burkenstocks, and a flower power look which involves alot of necklaces, earrings, and rainbow colors. You can always find this type of style in Gothenburg around.

Habitual Trends

Taking a “fika� has become a major habitual trend amongst Gothenburgers and has quickly adapted amongst the Internationals. During the Summer and Spring thousands of young professionals and students are out on a daily basis between the hours of noon and they tend to hang at selections of coffee houses all over the Gothenburg area. It has become the prime excuse for a meet up or gathering around to do something social. A popular spot that people frequent to take a fika are Condecco and Esspresso House. Other social events that first became trends in U.S. have become a huge hit amongst Swedes and internationals such as weekly club events i.e. karaoke, beer pong night, movie night, and ping pong night. The three most popular places that people partake in these events are The International Corner, Pustervik, and The Queen.

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