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Sharing cultural experiences is important to the longevity of special traditions, especially during a Swedish Christmas, and with our two best resources: kids and food.

Swedes in the South

A lasting perspective

Linked with tradition

No updates on politics in Sweden this time we’ll rest until a government is formed (no, not yet ...)

As we reported in the issue of Nordstjernan dated Nov. 15, a good number of rogue immigrant Swedes skipped the snowy climate of the north and took a chance on a warm change; they instead headed to the humid swamps of the south. And they stayed. There were many successes among them, and generations after them followed suit. Even today, Swedes are well represented across every walk of life and line of work, with Swedish interests supporting nearly 12,000 jobs in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. / P19

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Few things are more important to a culture’s identity than food. And most – probably all - cultures use grain to prepare some kind of bread that is special to their region and culture. Just as inextricably linked to our identity as hard work, jante or fika is limpan. / P16, 24

The Year of Bergman, the centennial celebration of the renowned Swedish arteur is coming to a close around the world, but we are left with so much more than we had when we started this year. Ted Olsson’s series of reviews and retrospectives brought new light to Ingmar Bergman’s life and extraordinary body of work, and the indelible mark it leaves on the history of film – as well as each of us to whatever degree we understand it. In this final installment, get some lasting perspectives from two Bergman authorities. / P28

The most popular moose in Sweden / p5 All you need to celebrate a Swedish Christmas; the events and locations, the stores and suppliers.

dashboard | December 1, 2018 SCANDINAVIAN QUIZ

1927, what inspired the Sankta Lu1 Incia tradition to grow into what we know today? A) A daily newspaper crowned a

5 What Olympic sport is Swede Jan-Ove Waldner known for being the best ever? A) table tennis B) alpine skiing C) triathlon D) boxing

Stockholm Lucia queen B) Svensk Filmindustri debuted a short Lucia docu- 6 How old was Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Marie Curie’s son-in-law, Jean Frédéric mentary C) King Gustaf V gifted Queen Joliot-Curie, when he was the youngest perVictoria with a Lucia party to cheer her son ever to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry D) Selma Lagerlöf’s novel set in Sicily

Lucia is one of the traditions which developed in Sweden with a tangled history. Is there a direct connection with a Sicilian saint who is celebrated by the Catholic Church and southern European countries? Or is the connection only in the name? It isn’t really known for sure, but the most popular explanation derives from the young Christian woman, Lucia of Syracuse, who secretly brought food to persecuted Christians; she may have worn candles on her head so she could see in the darkness. She was martyred in 304 and venerated as a saint. Her story made its way north even before the Reformation brought Christianity to Sweden, where Dec. 13 was the longest night of the year, a dangerous night in the agrarian Nordic society. Livestock as well as people needed extra nourishment the next morning, and people would dress warmly in robes, going house to house singing songs and sharing food and schnapps. Eventually, it seems, the ideas evolved one with another, and in the early 1900s the Sankta Lucia tradition of Sweden grew into the beloved holiday we cherish today, with early morning candles and coffee, cookies and breads, songs and stable boys. Name’s Days of the Swedish Calendar Namnsdagar i december

December 1 December 2 December 3 December 4 December 5 December 6 December 7 December 8 December 9 December 10 December 11 December 12 December 13 December 14 December 15 December 1

New York Chicago Stockholm Kiruna Lund Los Angeles 2 NORDSTJERNAN

Oskar/Ossian Beata/Beatrice Lydia Barbara/Barbro Sven Nikolaus/Niklas Angela/Angelika Virginia Anna Malin/Malena Daniel/Daniela Alexander/Alexis Lucia Sten/Sixten Gottfrid |

Sunrise & Sunset

7.00 am 4.29 pm 6.58 am 4.20 pm 8.16 am 2.56 pm 10.09 am 12.46 pm 8.11 am 3.40 pm 6.40 am 4.43 pm

2 In his novel The Son of a Servant, whose life does August Strindberg describe? A) His own B) King Oscar II C) Edvard Munch D) Alfred Nobel

3 What did Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius originally call his scale for temperature? A) Celsius B) Uppsala measure C) centigrade D) Swedish thermometer

4 In Astrid Lindgren’s story Jul i Bullerbyn, what could the children’s blind grandfather smell? A) the green Christmas tree B) the brown pepparkakor C) the red apple D) the white snow CULTURE


7 What Scandinavian town is known as “rosornas stad” (city of the roses)? A) Lillehammer B) Pasadena C) Trosa D) Visby

8 What does it mean if you break your peppparkakor into three pieces? A) you should eat three more cookies B) someone you loved sneezed C) Good luck D) you will have three children 9 How many local Vasa Order lodges are there in the U.S.? A) 48 B) 50 C) 128 D) 150+ Answers: 1:A, 2:A, 3:C, 4:C, 5:A, 6:C, 7:D, 8:C, 9:D

How did Lucia come to be?

(along with his wife, Irène Joliot-Curie) in 1935? A) 19 B) 28 C) 35 D) 44


Niklas – December 6

Niklas is a Nordic male name, a form of Nikolaus, which has Greek origins combining Nike “victory” with Laos “people.” It has been used in Sweden since the 1100s and became a fashionable name in the 1960s and 1970s. Approximately one third of them spell the name with c rather than k.

Sixten – December 14

Sixten, also Sten, is a boy’s first name, an ancient Nordic name. It is derived from Old Swedish words sigher (victory) and sten (stone). Another older spelling of the name is Sigsten. Sixten was almost forgotten for a long time before it began to be used again in the late 18th century and has steadily gained popularity even into the 21st century; among the most popular 100 names in 2017, it ranked 39.

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this week…

December TO DO Photo: Christer Berg

12.02 BERED EN VÄG FÖR HERRAN AND START THAT GLÖGG TO SIMMER: FÖRSTA ADVENT / It’s the first Sunday of Advent, the day Christians begin to prepare the way for Jesus - and thus it’s cause for a celebration, most appropriately with the season’s first glogg and pepparkakor. 12.02 FREEDOM OF THE PRESS: TRYCKFRIHETSFÖRORDNINGEN / The first press law is adopted in Sweden, with rules regarding official documents and a ban on censorship. Year? 1766 and the first such law in the world. In 1949, this press law was adopted as one of Sweden’s “grundlagar” (the Swedish constitution).

Arguably the most known and beloved Swedish holiday tradition is Sankta Lucia. Where are you celebrating this year? /p12

12.06 LEAVE YOUR SHOES OUT FOR ST. NICK: NIKLAS NAMNSDAG / Yes, it’s his namesday but it’s also when Christians in different regions of the world celebrate St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, who still brings coins to children (and maybe some brides in need of a dowry).

Zlatan in LA / The Statues of Central Park / Holiday volunteers / More Swedish wine drinkers / Cashless society 2.0 / Tourists shop for billions / Gunhild Carling on the East Coast / Biking to work

12.09 GUSTAV II ADOLF WAS BORN ON THIS DAY in 1594. Known more widely as Gustavus II Adolphus, “The Golden King” or “The Lion of the North,” he was king from 1611 to 1632 and is credited for the founding of Sweden as a great power. He only lived to age 37. 12.10 NOBEL DAY*

Dashboard, p4-5

Events calendar, p6-7

What’s going on in Swedish America

Holiday events in Swedish America, p8-13

12.13 CELEBRATE SANKTA LUCIA: LUCIA DAGEN / Today is the day in Sweden, though in the U.S., Swedish Americans have their Lucia celebrations whenever they can, throughout the first half of December.

*December is Nobel month in Stockholm and since 1901 when the first prizes were awarded on the fifth anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death, December 10, this day is considered Nobel Day.

1000 years of Christmas and an elf hunt Christmas is a serious matter in Sweden. Not serious in the somber meaning of the word, but in the sense that it is more or less mandatory this time of year to relax and celebrate with friends and family. Whether due to pagan traditions, the generally dark Scandinavian winters or an urge to socialize close to home during a season when travel isn’t always so inviting, Christmas is special. While children are probably most focused on Santa’s visit, for a majority of adults the food has an integral role. Christmas food has always been especially important to us, and this will not change. We’ll get back to food for Christmas and how today’s traditions have developed over the last one thousand years in our next issue. This issue covers baking for young and old. For those of you looking for a special gift or for your own inspiration for a Swedish Christmas, browse our pages in this issue—you’ll find tips and ideas on where to go and what to shop through any of our many local and national groups, organizations and stores. Please remember that every announcement and every advertiser has a distinct connection to Sweden or Scandinavia. We all do. A connection through traditions, to language, to the country itself through time spent there, through ancestry, relatives, travel or family … every new reader (and you’re many!) instantly becomes part of a group with many shared interests, values and traditions—similar to

an extended family. Many of you depend on the newspaper to find food or good values and services related to you or your needs. To us, advertisers are an equal part of the family as part of the supply chain to you and other readers. Remember to stay loyal to our special Swedish brands always. Shop with them every chance you get; they are there for you. Another sign of the upcoming holiday season: Our friends at Swedish candy maker Cloetta once again sent a few samples of the year’s limited juleskum flavor and this year it’s caramel. An interesting take on a definite classic and we couldn’t resist setting up a little fun contest again to allow a few of you a taste (page 16)—this year you need to find out how many of the tomtes (or rather tomtar in proper plural Swedish) are hiding on our pages. The Northeast has seen its first snow as I write this so the arrival of the supreme elf, jultomten, no longer feels far away. Ulf Barslund Mårtensson Editor & Publisher

p15, 24

Immigrant Stories, p22

The settlers of Silver Hill, Alabama: Elvera Armstrong

Swedish News, p26

Vulnerable Christmas trees / Sweden best in English / Increase on home prices / A cashless mobile bank / Sweden promotes peace / The Swedish Academy / IKEA express delivery / Longer trips in electric cars.

These unpainted Dala horses are much smaller than the one in our story on p. 17 but they make for a great classroom project such as the one mentioned on /p7 The Exchange Rate:

$1.00 = SEK 9.01 (11.16.2018)

DECEMBER 1, 2018 3

local events

This has been a banner year for Major League Soccer in the U.S., with great quality and depth in the league talent – resulting in a 2018 MLS Best XI squad “that would strike fear into the heart of nearly any opponent in the world,” according to mlssoccer.com. On the formidable squad are three Americans and eight international players, including Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimović, 37, who signed with the LA Galaxy earlier this year. His 32 combined goals and assists this season tie for the sixth highest total in MLS annals. Ibrahimovic and Galaxy teammate Carlos Vela were both named to the MLS Best XI, the league’s postseason all-star team. The Swedish forward, who is also a finalist for the league’s Most Valuable Player and was awarded the 2018 MLS Newcomer of the Year award on Nov. 12, is being courted by teams in Europe. But he is under contract with the Galaxy for next season. “If I belong to Galaxy, I am a Galaxy player,” he said. Ibrahimovic made $1.5 million this season.

The stories, the traditions, the people behind the news. founded in new york city in september 1872 executive editor

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Ulf Barslund Mårtensson (editor@nordstjernan.com) editor:

Catarina Åström by the HC Andersen statue at East 74th St on the west side of the Conservatory Water.

The Statues of Central Park

Our sometimes photo contributor Catarina Lundgren Åström has a book of photographs of the statues and monuments of Central Park. It’s an odyssey in public art for locals as much as for the occasional visitor to New York City. Catarina spent hours, days and weeks over several years and during every season to develop this striking book for anyone with an interest in the green lung of the Big Apple. “The Statues of Central Park,” published by Hatherleigh and distributed through Penguin, is available in early December through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. “If you have not been to Central Park, I hope this book will inspire you to visit and experience in person the beautiful landscape and the world’s largest outdoor art museum,” writes Mitchell J. Silver, New York City Parks Commissioner, in a

warm and personal foreword to the book. And yes, Commissioner, parks are indeed magical public places, and Catarina’s book offers the visuals we don’t always see, the locations, stories and artists we seldom know. I no longer live a block from the park but it’s still a favorite spot whenever time allows, and my walks in Central Park will never be the same—I now have to see all 141 sculptures sometimes again, some for the first time ever. The Statues of Central Park, ISBN: 978-1-57826-541-1 $24.95 Hardcover, 7 x 9, 192 pages Published by Hatherleigh Press • Distributed by Penguin Random House

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Philadelphia’s American Swedish Historical Museum has a group of volunteers that puts on a fun and delicious julbord every year. That’s true for a lot of places, and wherever you end up shopping for the holidays, be it a lodge, church, SWEA or community market, bear in mind the many volunteers that make it possible for everyone else. Tack så mycket, all volunteers in Swedish America!

dashboard | December 1, 2018

Noteworthy More Swedish wine

The heat of the summer yielded record harvests for Swedish wine growers. While the Swedish wine association believes the harvest is 30-50 percent larger than normal, it remains to be seen if 2018 becomes a top year for quality, too. For Sweden, the harvest of the year is about 200 tons of grapes (compare with, for example, California’s 4 million tons per year).

Cashless society 2.0

Within two years, the e-crown will see the light of day in a trial version in Sweden, according to the chairman of Sweden’s National bank (Riksbanken), Stefan Ingves. Digital payment solutions drive new consumer behaviors and re-draw the game plan for everyone from retailers to banks. In Sweden, the amount of cash in circulation has halved over 10 years, making a unique situation in Sweden since the nominal amount of outstanding cash still increases in most countries. The cash share of Sweden’s GDP has also shrunk at a fast pace, to one percent of GDP. Compare this with the EU average or 10 percent or 20 percent in Japan. Banknotes and coins have historically been the government’s tools to guarantee the availability of funds through the Riksbanken. In the cashless society, the citizens risk being at the mercy of private banks and financial institutions, which could go bankrupt, Ingves said. The Riksbanken therefore investigates the possibility for an e-crown - digital cash, which like banknotes and coins can be exchanged without the involvement of private banks. Several countries around the world are investigating electronic cash and Uruguay has already introduced a digital peso.

The Christmas moose are back on Nybroplan in Stockholm. This year, their lights were lit on November 24. One of the most photographed Christmas animals in Stockholm take over the central square Nybroplan completely. The decorative moose have become popular and this year they reportedly look better than ever before.

Swedish jazz in December

Tourists shop for billions

Swedish retail revenues from foreign tourist shoppers came to SEK 63 billion ($7 billion) in 2017, an increase of 9 billion ($1 billion) compared to the previous year. The increase is as high as the fast-growing e-commerce during the same period. The new shopping figures are part of a report from the trade association Svensk Handel. The 63 billion reflects retail sales in 151 of the nation’s 290 municipalities, according to the report. Of that amount, SEK 13.4 billion is VAT revenue that ends up in the treasury. If you also count consumption by tourists from Sweden the total revenue from shopping tourism is 95 billion, a figure that has increased by a total of 10 billion. In terms of shopping, foreign tourists differ from tourists from Sweden: The Swede spends half his budget on travel, transportation and accommodation while tourists from abroad spend almost as much - 47 percent - on retail.

Swedish jazz singer Gunhild Carling Photo: Johan Blomé

Swedish jazz singer and multiinstrumentalist Gunhild Carling is coming to New York. Carling, who’s recently been playing in Washington, DC and Boston, is at Birdland in New York City for five days in December—performing between December 11 and 15 at the legendary West 44th Street club. She will be joined by other members from her musical family for the New York visit, likely a show you don’t want to miss if you’re in town at the time. (Stockamöllan is a small village just outside of Eslöv in Skåne—the latter reputed to be the most boring town in Europe, i.e. before Gunhild moved to the area—where Carling has her Swedish home.) For more info, see www.birdlandjazz.com

Biking to work

Twenty-nine percent of Swedes cycle to work some time every week, according to a Sifo survey commissioned by Swedish Cycling. Twenty-two percent cycle at least three days a week, and 18 percent cycle once a week in the winter as well. More and more people bike to work, which is positive for the environment and health, and major cities aim to make it easier for more people to ride their bike all year round.

Sweden tops CDI

Sweden tops this year’s CDI, followed by Denmark, and Germany shares the third place with Finland. The Commitment to Development Index (CDI) ranks 27 of the world’s richest countries on policies that affect more than five billion people living in poorer nations. The index is compiled by The Center for Global Development (CGD) and covers seven policy areas: aid, finance, technology, environment, trade, security and migration. Sweden ranks first on migration, second on environment, and third on aid. DECEMBER 1, 2018 5

local events

Local Events

themes from the last decade: buildings, cityscapes, landscapes and all things Swedish. On view through December at the Scandinavian Cultural Center, 617.795.1914 / www.scandicenter.org



Ridgefield Ongoing Helena Hernmarck: Weaving In Progress, the exhibition of the internationally acclaimed Swedish artist and weaver (now living in Connecticut) who revolutionized weaving tapestry for modern environments. Her process is a play on traditional Swedish weaving techniques; the majority of the wool she uses is spun to her specifications at a family-run spinning mill in Sweden and hand-dyed to her color sensibilities. Through Jan.19, 2019 at Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, 203.438.4519 / general@aldrichart.org / www.aldrichart.org/


Chicago 12.07, 3 PM Moon Madness: The Buzz Aldrin Education Cart is available as a tech-equipped mobile exhibit used to complement the Buzz Aldrin: Space Visionary exhibit in the Brunk Children’s Museum of Immigration. Swedish American Museum, 773.728.8111 / snyman@samac.org / www. swedishamericanmuseum.org 12.09, 4 PM Candlemaking and Christmas crafts: Make hand-dipped candles, heart baskets, Christmas ornaments and a traditional Christmas treat. Swedish American Museum, 773.728.8111 / snyman@samac. org / www.swedishamericanmuseum. org 12.21, 3 PM Hejsan: Join us at the Brunk Children’s Museum of Immigration for story and craft time. The 2018-2019 theme is Scandinavian Children’s Literature. Come explore the literary world of Scandinavia - today it’s with “The Tomten” by Astrid Lindgren. All ages are welcome to attend with a caregiver. Free (with admission); reservations are appreciated to Swedish American Museum, 773.728.8111 / snyman@samac.org / www. swedishamericanmuseum.org Ongoing Encore! Encore! The dazzling puppet divas of Chicago’s famous Kungsholm Miniature Grand Opera astounded audiences between 1941 and 1970 at Chicago’s Swedish-themed restaurant, Kungsholm. They’ve come to the Swedish American Museum where visitors of all ages can learn about the history of the restaurant and theater, and hear the stories of puppeteers and visitors alike. Along with dozens of puppets, the exhibit includes elaborate et pieces, meticulously detailed props, and smorgasbord and Kungsholm-related ephemera. Swedish American Museum, 773.728.8111 / afarzanehfar@samac.org / www.swedishamericanmuseum.org


Ongoing All Things Swedish: Former architect Marty Lehman paints buildings, cityscapes, landscapes and “all things Swedish.” He rediscovered the joy of watercolor painting, and this show features his favorite


Minneapolis 12.05, 5-8 PM Svensk at the Castle: Do you speak Swedish? Immerse yourself in the Swedish language in a variety of programs in Swedish for all ages - movie shows, board games, sledges, tips, and more! Free with museum admission or membership. American Swedish Institute, 612.871.4907 / info@asimn.org / www.asimn.org/ 12.07, 10-11:30 AM Lucia’s Legend Preschool Program: Explore the legend of Santa Lucia through stories, crafts and activities. Find out what Swedish families do on Lucia Day and why. Take home your own Lucia crown or Starboy hat, recipes, and more. Adult accompaniment required (limit 2 adults per child). American Swedish Institute, 612.871.4907 / info@ asimn.org /www.asimn.org

12.08, 11 AM-12 PM Saturday Morning Storytelling with the Hans Christian Andersen Storytellers: Hear fairy tales, folk stories, and stories told by a dedicated group of professional storytellers at Scandinavia House, 212.847.9729 / chelsea@amscan.org / www.scandinaviahouse.org 12.11 - 12.15, 7 or 9.45 PM Swedish renowned jazz singer and multiinstrumentalist Gunhild Carling at the Birdland in New York City. Weekdays performing at 7 p.m., Friday-Saturday at 9.45 p.m. Birdland, 315 West 44th Street, New York NY 10036. 212.581.3080 / www. birdlandjazz.com Ongoing Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future is an exhibit of early abstract art by af Klint. The late 19th-early 20th century Swedish artist created her bold and colorful works years ahead of Kandinsky or Mondrian who would later make abstract art a household word. Her work was all but unseen until 1986; this is the first major solo exhibition in the U.S.

12.08, 1-3 PM Swedish Hiking Club: Get outdoors and take a skogsbad in the forest at area parks. We walk through the woods and stop for fika. Conversations held på svenska, but this program is open to all and there will be discussion points for all language levels to join in. $10 for ASI members and $15 for non-members. American Swedish Institute, 612.871.4907 / info@asimn.org / www.asimn.org/programs-education/ events/swedish-hiking-club-december Scandia 12.01 & 12.08, 10 AM & 1 PM A n n i e ’ s S w e d i s h C o f f e e Pa r t y : Gammelgården’s oldest resident, Annie, is the inspiration behind our traditional Swedish 3-course Coffee Party, perfect for birthdays, a field trip or a special treat for yourself and a friend. September dates include tours of our five historic buildings. $15, reservations required. Gammelgården Museum, 651.433.5054 / www.gammelgardenmuseum.org

New York

“Natten går tunga fjät…” Annual Lucia Fest on Sunday December 9th, 4-7 PM Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building Punch & Glögg served at 4 PM, Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord Dinner at 5-5:30 PM Lucia Pageant, Ring dance around the tree & a visit by Santa Claus (bring a small, wrapped present for Santa to give to your child with his/her name printed on it) Adult members $ 25.00 Adult Non Members $ 30 Children 6-14 $ 10.00. 5 and under=free. RSVP Dec. 1 checks payable to Linnea Lodge #504. Mail to: Nick Provenzano, 221 Darby Court, Petaluma CA 94952. Email linnealodge@gmail.com for more info.


Ta med partner, vänner och bekanta! Vi bjuder på luciatåg. glögg, lussekatter, pepparkakor och andra godsaker.

W W W. I N G E B R E T S E N S . C O M

Tisdag den 11 december, kl 18.30-20.30

5 Tudor City Place , NYC $35/$25 för medlemmar RSVP Dec.6 www.newyork.swea.org/

New York 12.01, 1-3 PM Nordic Christmas Workshop: Kids ages 5-10 learn the secrets of making traditional holiday crafts such as woven hearts and yarn tomtar. The workshop also includes a brief candlelit Saint Lucia procession. Scandinavia House, 212.847.9729 / chelsea@amscan.org / www.scandinaviahouse.org 12.07-09 Festival of New Scandinavian Theater: Nordic Stage features a weekend full of eight new Nordic plays as staged readings, many followed by talk-backs with the playwright. The program highlights the diversity and relevance of contemporary plays being produced in the Nordic countries today and showcases a variety of genres, styles and themes. Scandinavian American Theater Company at The Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row. The program is free, but show seats need to be reserved: http://www.nordicstage2. brownpapertickets.com


God Jul! 1 6 0 1 E A S T L A K E S T. | M I N N E A P O L I S , M N P. 8 0 0 . 2 7 9 . 9 3 3 3


Pancake Mix and

LINGONBERRIES • Fresh Frozen • Preserves www.sturdiwheat.com 1-800-201-9650

local events devoted to her, offering an unprecedented opportunity to experience af Klint’s long underrecognized artistic achievements. Through April 23, 2019 at the Guggenheim Museum, New York. www.guggenheim. org/exhibition/hilma-af-klint


Philadelphia 12.18, 10:30 - 11:30 AM Toddler Time - Get into the spirt by learning about fun Swedish holiday traditions such as St. Lucia Day, pepparkakor and Jultomte. We will read “Lucia Morning in Sweden” by Ewa Rydåker and dance to seasonal music! Registration is recommended, but not required. American Swedish Historical Museum, 215.389.1776 / www. americanswedish.org Ongoing From the Heart, Made by Hand: Treasures from the Women of Sweden. This exhibition includes selections of the handmade textiles presented to the museum in 1938 from every province of Sweden. Exhibit opening is free with museum admission. American Swedish Historical Museum, 215.389.1776 / www.americanswedish.org Ongoing Ingmar Bergman and His Legacy in Fashion and Art will be on-view on ASHM’s Balcony through January 21, 2019. This exhibition was developed by the Swedish Institute and is on view at ASHM through the support of the Consulate General of Sweden in New York and the International House’s Lightbox Film Center, Philadelphia’s premier exhibitor of film and moving picture. American Swedish Historical Museum, 215.389.1776 / www.americanswedish.org


Seattle 12.01, 10 AM Gingerbread House Program: Decorate a gingerbread house with candy and other goodies! $20/per member family, $25/ per non-member family; One house per family, advance registration required to alisonc@nordicmuseum.org / www. nordicmuseum.org 12.02, 1 PM Children’s Christmas in Scandinavia: An afternoon of Nordic family fun includes a Santa Lucia Pageant followed by

music, dancing, and Christmas crafts for children. All ages, no reservations needed. www.nordicmuseum.org / nordic@ nordicmuseum.org 12.02,8 AM–2 PM Swedish Pancake Breakfast and Christmas Crafts: Authentic Swedish pancakes, ham, lingonberries, coffee and orange juice. Dancing with music by Bjarne Jacobsen, Seattle Lilla Spelmanslag and Nordleik. Stay afterward for genealogy help or make Swedish crafts at 1 p.m.: paint a wooden Dala horse, weave hearts or baskets, make a wreath or Swedish wrapping paper. Crafts cost $5-$10 to make. Quantities are limited, so call The Swedish Club to secure yours and register: 206.283.1090 / rsvp@swedishclubnw.org / www. swedishclubnw.org

the most popular films and tv shows from sweden

swedish dvd releases Order Swedish language movies on DVD. All videos are in the original language with English subtitles.

Seattle 12.06, 10 AM Nordic Stories. Children’s Christmas stories from the Nordic countries and craft projects based this month on Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett. www.nordicmuseum. org / nordic@nordicmuseum.org Ongoing The Vikings Begin: New research with historic and recent discoveries of Vikingera artifacts tell the story of the Vikings of early Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Norway)—a maritime society with a very close relationship to the sea. This exhibition of original artifacts, reconstructions, and archaeological discoveries from early Viking age society offer information not only of the people but also of the world they inhabited. The Nordic Museum, nordic@nordicmuseum.org / www. nordicmuseum.org

Sweden’s selection for the Oscar’s

Immerse yourself and family in swedishness with the latest dvd releases from Sweden.

Washington, DC

Ongoing Ha s s e Pe r s s o n P h o t o g ra p h y : As one of Sweden’s most respected photographers, Hasse Persson worked as a news photographer in the U.S. from 1967 to 1990, capturing everything from presidential campaigns to the decadent Studio 54 in New York. Exhibit at House of Sweden through Dec 9, 202.536.1500 / www.hasseperssonphoto.com / www. houseofsweden.com

A Man Called Ove ($29.95 = _______ The Last Sentence $29.95 = _______ The 100 Year Old Man $29.95 $19.95 = _______ The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy Extended Boxed Set $39.95 = _______ Wallander Series 2 Boxed Set $74.95 $59.95 = _______ Max Manus: Man of War (in Norwegian) $19.95 = _______ Jackpot (in Norwegian) $24.95 = _______

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Paint your own Dala horse

Dalahästar (Dala horses) are popular at any time of the year, but they make especially nice Christmas presents for the Swedes (and anyone) on your gift list. The paint-your-own Dala horse event at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago is an event for the whole family at 11 a.m. on December 15. You can choose to paint an unfinished, 13 cm, 3-dimensional Dala horse ($25) or a flat version ($15). Make your reservation now so the one you want to paint is ready for you, 773.728.8111 / snyman@ samac.org / www.swedishamericanmuseum.org

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NORDSTJERNAN P.O. Box 1710 New Canaan, CT 06840 or call 1.800.827.9333 Ext. 10 DECEMBER 1, 2018 7

local events

Christmas in Swedish America activities for kids. SWEA San Francisco, www.sanfrancisco.swea.org / julmarknad@sweasanfrancisco.org San Francisco 12.05, 6 - 9 PM Student and au-pair Christmas dinner. Swedish Church in San Francisco, www. svenskakyrkan.se/sanfrancisco / 415632-8504 San Francisco 12.07, 12 - 3 PM Christmas Lunch. Traditional Swedish Christmas lunch buffet and Lucia procession. Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, www.sacc-sf.org / events@ sacc-sf.org San Francisco 12.09, 11AM - 12PM 2nd Advent church service followed by coffee, refreshments and Christmas raffle drawing. Swedish Church in San Francisco, www.svenskakyrkan.se/sanfrancisco / 415-632-8504

Early morning Lucia procession in Gustav Vasa church in Stockholm. Photo: Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden Arizona Scottsdale 12.01, 10 AM - 5 PM Swedish Christmas Market, Lucia pageant, jultomte, crafts and gifts, Café Swea and Kid’s activities. SWEA Arizona, www. arizona.swea.org / arizona@swea.org California Los Altos - Los Altos Lutheran Church 12.15, 3-5 PM 3rd Advent church service followed by coffee, refreshments. The Swedish Church in San Francisco, www.svenskakyrkan.se/ sanfrancisco / 415-632-8504

Your complete stop for all Christmas gifts and food Calendars, linens, pewter and wood ornaments, straw Jul bocks. Lutefisk, homemade lefse, herrings, Swedish hams, cheeses, candy, glögg, Julmust, marcipan and more. www.woodenspoonplano.com gwen@woodenspoonplano.com 8 NORDSTJERNAN

Los Angeles - San Pedro 12.01, 6-8 PM 1 Adventmässa. Svenska Kyrkan, www. svenskakyrkan.se/losangeles / losangeles@svenskakyrkan.se Los Angeles - San Pedro 12.08, 6 PM Svenska Kyrkans’s Julbord. Info and RSVP: www.svenskakyrkan.se/losangeles / losangeles@svenskakyrkan.se / 310-292-7079 Los Angeles - San Pedro 12.16, 6 PM Svenska Kyrkans’s Lucia Celebration with



Lucia pageant and Lussefika. www.svenskakyrkan.se/losangeles / losangeles@ svenskakyrkan.se Los Angeles - San Pedro 12.25, 7 AM Svenska Kyrkans’s Julotta. www.svenskakyrkan.se/losangeles / losangeles@ svenskakyrkan.se / 310-292-7079 Los Gatos 12.09, 3-6:30 PM Lucia Celebration with Zaida Singers, Swedish shopping with glögg, hot dogs, used children’s books, handmade Christmas decorations, dancing around the Christmas tree and fika. swed_school@ yahoo.com / www.swedschool.org Petaluma 12.09, 4-7 PM St. Lucia Festival. Lucia Pageant, Santa, Swedish food and drinks. Linnea Lodge #504, www.linnealodge.org / linnealodge@gmail.com / 415-990-3882 San Diego - Balboa Park 12.07 - 12.08, 5-11 PM Annual Christmas Fair. Lucia-procession, Swedish crafts, vendors, baked goods, food and drinks. SWEA San Diego, www. sandiego.swea.org /sandiego@swea.org

1617 K Avenue, Plano, TX 75074 972-424-6867

San Francisco 12.01, 9 AM - 4 PM Swedish Christmas Fair. Lucia, crafts, gifts, delicacies, Swedish music and

San Francisco 12.09, 3-4 PM Traditional Lucia performance. Coffee, refreshments, ginger cookies and saffron bread. Swedish Church in San Francisco, www.svenskakyrkan.se/sanfrancisco / 415-632-8504 San Francisco - Swedish American Hall 12.09 Santa Lucia celebration. Lucia procession, lussekatter, glögg and Scandinavian treats. The Young Scandinavians Club, www.ysc.org / ucia@ysc.org San Francisco 12.15 Scandinavian Christmas dinner. The Young Scandinavians Club, www.ysc.org / info@ysc.org San Francisco 12.24, 11 AM Swedish church service - “Samling vid krubban.” Swedish Church in San Francisco, www.svenskakyrkan.se/sanfrancisco / 415-632-8504 Santa Cruz - Peace United Church of Christ 12.01, 4 PM Lucia Festival with Zaida singers, dancing around the Christmas tree and kids’ activities. Scandinavian Cultural Center, www.scc-santacruz.org / santacruz@ gmail.com Torrance, Los Angeles 12.02, 10 AM - 5 PM Swedish Christmas Fair. Food, crafts, books, jewelry, toys, Lucia pageant, Jultomte and “fika.” SWEA LA, www. losangeles.swea.org / swealachristmasfair@gmail.com

local events Colorado Denver - Calvary Baptist Church 12.01, 10:30 AM - 3 PM Swedish Christmas Market. Traditional food & crafts, bake sale, flower arrangements, glögg, Lucia and Santa. SWEA Denver, www.denver.swea.org / denver@swea.org Connecticut Hartford - Emanuel Lutheran Church 12.07, 5 & 8 PM Lucia Festival of music and light. Swedish refreshments after each performance. office@emanuelhartford.org / 860-525-0894 Westport - Christ & Holy Trinity Church 12.15 Lucia Celebration. Lucia, glögg and Swedish delicacies. Swedish School of Connecticut, www.svenskaskolanct.com / svenskaskolanconn@gmail.com

Photo: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/imagebank.sweden

Delaware Wilmington - Old Swedes Church 12.09 Santa Lucia Celebration. The Delaware Swedish Colonial Society and Old Swedes Historic Site, www.oldswedes.org / info@oldswedes.org Florida Boca Raton 12.01, 11 AM - 3 PM Christmas Bazaar. SWEA South Florida, www.southflorida.swea.org / florida@ swea.org Boca Raton 12.17, 5-9 PM Julkonsert and Julbord. Svenska kyrkan, www. svenskakyrkan.se/florida / florida@svenskakyrkan.se Davie 12.02, 4 PM Adventsgudstjänst. Svenska kyrkan, www. svenskakyrkan.se/florida / florida@svenskakyrkan.se Davie 12.24, 11 AM - 12 PM Julmässa. Glögg och gingersnaps. Svenska kyrkan, www. svenskakyrkan.se/ florida / florida@svenskakyrkan.se Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 12.14, 6:30 – 11 PM Glöggafton hosted by Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beach, www.sacc-sfl.org / info@ sacc-sfl.org / 305-497-7754

Children usually take part in the Lucia processions in Sweden and parents and siblings are invited to schools and kindergartens to watch. Georgia Atlanta - Sandy Springs 12.02 11 AM - 3:30 PM Svensk Julmarknad. Baked goods, flowers, handicrafts, Swedish delicacies, Lucia and activities for kids. SWEA Atlanta, www.atlanta.swea.org / sweaatlanta@ gmail.com Atlanta - Druid Hills Golf Club 12.15, 6:30 PM Lucia Gala 2018. Swedish Christmas smorgasbord, Lucia, dancing and singing. SACC Georgia. www.sacc-georgia. org / info@sacc-georgia.org

Illinois Batavia - Bethany Lutheran Church 12.08, 3-6 PM 20th Annual Swedish Christmas and St.Lucia with the Swedish American Children’s Choir and Chicago Swedish Glee Club. Swedish Sweet Table included in ticket, RSVP swedesongs4u@aol.com / 630-414-9700 Bishop Hill 12.25, 6 AM Julotta. Service in both Swedish and English. www.bishophill.com / 309-9273845

Lake Worth 12.09, 2 - 7 PM Swedish Julfest and Glögg party. Great food, desserts and coffee. $10, holiday raffles! Nordic Heritage Club of South Florida, carolrune@aol.com / 561-737-6476 Miami - Immanuel Lutheran Church 12.08, 6 PM Lucia Celebration. Svenska kyrkan, www. svenskakyrkan.se/florida / florida@ svenskakyrkan.se Sarasota - St. Armand’s Key Lutheran 12.09, 5:30 - 9 PM Lucia Celebration. Lucia pageant, coffee, glögg and baked goods. The Swedish Club of Sarasota, www.swedishclubsarasota. org / info@SwedishClubSarasota.org

Step back in time, visit our General store or shop online:

Nordic Gift Store Food f Gifts f Decor And so much more


1.800.851.3466 1116 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon

We ship all over the U.S.

2nd location opening at Nordia House 8800 SW Oleson Rd, Portland OR in November 2018!

The Bishop Hill Colony Store 101 W. Main Street Bishop Hill IL 61419 309-927-3596 DECEMBER 1, 2018 9

local events


Solo piano and spoken word Soirées, private and public concerts, CDs: Swedish Rhapsody CDs. Nordic Miniatures: Now and Then 352.226.9232 www.RobertaSwedien.com

LOS ANGELES 16 december kl 18.00

LUCIATÅG OCH MUSIK i Angelica Lutheran Church downtown LA.

Juldagen, 25 december


Tiden kommer att publiceras på vår hemsida. Sjömanskyrkan San Pedro 1035 S Beacon St, San Pedro CA 90731 Angelica Lutheran Church 1345 S Burlington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006 På vår hemsida kan ni läsa senaste numret av nyhetsbrevet Änglanytt Följ oss på facebook och instagram! @svenskakyrkanlosangeles

Lucia Fest, 2018 St. Eric’s Fair

Friday, Dec. 7 - 6:00 & 8:00 Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 8 & 9 2:00, 3:30 & 5:00 Tickets: Adults - $13 Children under 12 - $7 Tickets available online to Dec. 3, 2018 at www.old-swedes.org and then at door

Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church Columbus Boulevard & Christian Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 389-1513

SVENSKA KYRKAN LOS ANGELES 1035 South Beacon Street, San Pedro, CA 90731 Tel. (310) 292-7080 • Epost: losangeles@svenskakyrkan.se Hemsida: www.svenskakyrkan.se/losangeles

European Sheepskins natural Rugs & Throws

SAN FRANCISCO Onsdag 5 december kl 19.00


i Norska sjömanskyrkan på Hyde St. Anmälan på Norska sjömanskyrkans Fb-sida.

Söndag 9 december kl 11.00


i Norska sjömanskyrkan på Hyde St. Präst Mariann Shae Nygren predikar. Organist Ragnar Bohlin. Kyrkkaffe och saft.

Söndag 9 december kl 15.00


i Norska Sjömanskyrkan. Lussekatter och pepparkakor. $10 inträde.

Heritage Breed Sheepskins Icelandic, UK Varieties Ivory White, Natural Colors Singles and Big Rugs Free Shipping, Satisfaction Guarantee


Lördag 15 december kl 15.00 (barnsamling kl14)


i Los Altos. Präst Mariann Shae Nygren. Therese Brewitz spelar. Kyrkkaffe och saft.

Fredag 14 december kl 10.30


i Barngruppen med julsånger, pyssel, pepparkakor och lussekatter. Norska sjömanskyrkan.

Julafton, 24 december kl 11.00


Vi sjunger de vackra julpsalmerna. Kaffe, saft och pepparkakor.

SVENSKA KYRKAN SAN FRANCISCO Norska Sjömanskyrkan, 2454 Hyde Street, San Francisco Tel: 415-632-8504 Epost: sanfrancisco@svenskakyrkan.se Hemsida: www.svenskakyrkan.se/sanfrancisco


Nelson’s Food Pride 100 years of Swedish Tradition Family owned Business Swedish Specialty Food Items www.nelsonsfoodpride.com

402-685-5652 Julie foodpride1@yahoo.com

PO Box 146 AnnOakland Johnson Nebraska 68045

local events Chicago - North Park University 12.08, 4 PM Sankta Lucia Celebration. Smörgåsbord following the pageant. North Park University Center for Scandinavian Studies, www.northpark.edu. Chicago - Andersonville 12.01 - 12.02, 10 AM - 5 PM Julmarknad. Scandinavian handicrafts and kaffestuga, Santa and children’s crafts, games, Lucia and folk dancers. Swedish American Museum, www.swedishamericanmuseum.org / 773-728-8111

Image courtesy of Lindsborg Convention Bureau

Chicago 12.07, 11:15 AM - 3 PM 36th Annual Lucia Luncheon. Info and tickets: Swedish American Chamber of Commerce-Chicago, www.sacc-chicago. org / 312.257.3002 Chicago 12.08 - 12.09, 9 - 11 AM Breakfast with Tomten. Swedish pancake breakfast with traditional crafts, dancing around the Christmas tree. RSVP www. swedishamericanmuseum.org /museum@samac.org Chicago 12.13, 12 PM - Chicago Culture Center 12.13, 4:45 PM - Swedish American Museum 12.13, 7 PM - Ebenezer Lutheran Church Lucia celebration with procession, holiday songs and readings. www.swedishamericanmuseum.org / 773.728.8111 Chicago 12.16, 5 PM Julmiddag. Traditional Christmas smörgåsbord, Lucia procession, dancing ‘round the christmas tree and Santa. Tickets: Swedish American Museum, www.swedishamericanmuseum.org / 773.728.8111 Chicago - Ebenezer Lutheran Church 12.16, 4PM Svensk Julgudstjänst (traditional Swedish Christmas service). www.swedishamericanmuseum.org. Geneva 12.07, 6-10 PM Annual Christmas Walk. Santa Lucia and her attendants arrive by horse-drawn carriage. Geneva Chamber of Commerce, www.genevachamber.com / lrush@genevachamber.com

Lindsborg, Kansas has found its own appropriate way to bring Lucia to the church. Orland Park - Hope Covenant Church 12.08, 10 AM-Noon Swedish Christmas Breakfast. Traditional foods and special Lucia program with musical guests and Christmas carols. $15, RSVP to lucia@OrlandHope.org / www.orlandhope.org / 708-448-3579

Iowa Iowa City 12.09, 5 PM Iowa City Swedish Club Lucia Fest - Lucia pageant, Swedish Julbord and glögg. www.iowacityswedishclub.com / Jeannenelson@mchsi.com / 319-354-1762

Rockford - First Lutheran Church 12.07, 7 PM Lucia concert. Swedish songs and candlelit processional. Swedish Historical Society, www.swedishhistorical.org / museum@swedishhistorical.org

Sioux City 12.08, 12 - 4 PM Jul och Lucia with Vasa Norrskenet Lodge #331. Ron Johnson / ron@dalesburg.org / 605-253-2575

Rockford 12.08, 9AM – 2PM Swedish Historical Society’s annual Jul Marknad. Swedish foods, vendors, meatball luncheon, Kaffee Stuga and dancing with Lucia and Tomte. www.swedishhistorical.org / 815-963-5559

Kansas Lindsborg 12.02, 4-6 PM Jultide Concert, musical ensembles of Bethany College, a choir and folk dancers. www.visitlindsborg.com / travelinfo@lindsborgcity.org / 785-227-8687 Lindsborg - Bethany Lutheran Church

12.08, 10 AM - 5 PM Lucia Festival. Holiday music and festivities, Lucia processions and traditional folk dances. www.visitlindsborg.com / travelinfo@lindsborgcity.org Maryland Sveaborg 12.15 Sveaborg Society’s Lucia Celebration wwwsveaborgsociety.com / info@sveaborgsociety.org Massachusetts Boston 12.08, 10AM - 4PM Swedish Yuletide. Food, crafts, gifts, Swedish café, musical entertainment, Lucia and kids’ activities. SWEA-Boston, www.sweaboston.org / swedishyuletide@sweaboston.org

DECEMBER 1, 2018 11

local events Rockport 12.08, 9AM –1 PM Julfest. Lucia Festival, holiday music, baked goods, gifts for sale and lunch. Spiran Lodge.

Novi 12.08, 3 PM Christmas Concert with Lucia. Arpi Swedish Male and Scandia Women’s Chorus of MI. www.swedishclub.net

Michigan Grand Rapids - St Mark’s Episcopal Church 12.01, 10 - 11:30 AM Lucia Celebration - Music and candlelight, saffron buns, cardamom bread, pepparkakor and crafts. SAHS/WM, www. sahswm.org / info@sahswm.org

Minnesota Minneapolis 12.01, 10AM - 5PM 12.02, 11AM - 5PM Christmas Market at American Swedish Institute. Outdoor Handcraft Fair with wares by local artisans, musical performances and activities. www.asimn.org / 612-871-4907

Royal Copenhagen Candle Holder

Moorhead - Bethesda Lutheran Church 12.16, 5– 8 PM Sankta Lucia celebration. Music and Lucia with potluck holiday treats after program. Swedish Cultural Heritage Society of the Red River Valley: valleyinc@msn. com / 701-293-3417 Scandia 12.1 & 12.08 Annie’s Swedish Jul Coffee Party. With history and Swedish Jul program. Gammelgården Museum, www.gammelgardenmuseum.org / 651-433-5054 Scandia 12.09, 6 AM & 8:30 AM Lucia Celebration. Swedish prayer service and Lucia Fest Breakfast. Gammelgården Museum, www.gammelgardenmuseum.org / museum@ gammelgardenmuseum.org New York Jamestown 12.01 Julmarknad/Culture day. Music, door prizes and vendors. www.scandinavianjamestown.org / 716-665-0883 New York 12.07, 6 PM Christmas Ball at The Metropolitan Club.

Exclusive for Nordstjernan readers: $14.50 Beautiful Royal Copenhagen Candle Holder, exclusive to Nordstjernan/Swedish News. Unglazed matte porcelain with gold print by Jette Frölich. Dimensions : 3” x 3” (Works equally well on the table for dry condiments, almonds ...)

Please send me ____ candle holder(s) x $14.50 = _______

Total: _________ Incl. S&H (in continental U.S.)

Name Address City State Zip


New York - Scandinavia House 12.09, 5 PM Holiday Concert & Lucia. Scandinavian and American holiday favorites as well as a traditional St. Lucia procession. www. scandinaviahouse.org / info@amscan. org New York - Church of the Incarnation 12.15, 4-8 PM Lucia Celebration. Lucia procession and choirs. Tickets: Svenska Kyrkan, www. svenskakyrkan.se/newyork / newyork@ svenskakyrkan.se 12.24, 11 PM Christmas service: Celebrate Christ’s birth with hymns. Glögg and gingersnaps afterward. Svenska Kyrkan, www.svenskakyrkan.se/newyork / newyork@svenskakyrkan.se Pearl River - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 12.02, 2-5 PM Lucia Celebration and Christmas Party. ingridallison@optonline.net / 845-425-1574

GOT GLÖGG? Friday, Nov. 16, 7 p.m. JULMARKNAD Saturday, Dec. 1, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 2, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. ST. LUCIA DAY CELEBRATION Thursday, Dec. 13, noon at Chicago Cultural Center Thursday, Dec. 13, 4:45 p.m. at Swedish American Museum Thursday, Dec. 13, 7 p.m. at Ebenezer Lutheran Church SVENSK JULGUDSTJÄNST Sunday, Dec. 16, 4 p.m. at Ebenezer Lutheran Church

Tel. m Check enclosed payable to Nordstjernan m Please charge my credit card: Card#

Dinner, Lucia, silent auction. The American Scandinavian Society, www.americanscandinavian.org / info@americanscandinavian.org

Exp. Date:

JULMIDDAG Sunday, Dec. 16, 5 p.m.


SHOPPING Get your Swedish items for the holidays in the Store or online

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Swedish American Museum 5211 N. Clark St., Chicago 773.728.8111 SwedishAmericanMuseum.org

Mail to: Nordstjernan, P.O. Box 1710, New Canaan CT 06840


of Worcester, Mass.

Old fashioned vört limpa, Kardemumma flätor med mandelfyllning, Släta flätor, kanel kransar, russinkransar, kanel-, kardemumma- & russinbullar. Saffransbullar och flätor. Prinsesstårta, biskvier. Voted best bakery in Worcester 54 times! Our own homemade sill (pickled herring), salt sill fillets, potatis korv, Göteborgskorv (Swedish medwurst), Abba sill: ansjovis, matjessill, lök och vinmarinerad. Bondost, Västerbotten, Prästost. Pannkaksmix, nyponsoppa, Lingon, Leksand knäckebröd and Önos saft.

The Crown Bakery & Café

133 Gold Star Boulevard Worcester, MA 01606 - Tel (508) 852-0746 Find us on Facebook - ‘Crown Bakery, Worcester’ 12 NORDSTJERNAN

God Jul

We ship UPS anywhere until Dec. 15. Open MondaySaturday

local events West Hempstead - St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church 12.02, 3:30 PM 98th Lucia Festival - Lucia pageant with Barnklubben Elsa Rix#1, folk dancing, coffee, dessert, glögg and gifts. Elainedance@aol.com / 516-565-2091 North Carolina Raleigh 12.01, 10 AM - 5 PM Christmas Fair. Scandinavian food, glögg, folk dancing, folk music, crafts and and gifts, Lucia Procession. SWEA & Vasa, www.scanfair.org / info@scanfair.org North Dakota Bismarck - Lord of Life Lutheran Church 12.09, 2-4 PM Santa Lucia with food, dancing, baked treats and goodies. Three Crowns Swedish American Association of BismarckMandan, 3crownsswedish@gmail.com / 701-400-1095 Ohio Cincinnati 12.09 Lucia Fest. Lucia dinner party. Info and tickets: Scandinavian Society of Cincinnati, www.scandinaviansoc.org Oregon Portland - Veterans Memorial Coliseum 12.01 -12.02, 10 AM - 4 PM ScanFair. Nordic arts and crafts ,food, Lucia, entertainment and kids’ crafts. Nordic Northwest, www.nordicnorthwest. org / 503-977-0275

Keeping track of the gingerbread girls and boys can be a bit like herding cattle but the result? ... always bliss. Image above from last year’s celebration at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. This year’s celebration is on Dec. 1 at 11 a.m. www.americanswedish.org






Want to retire in Florida with no mortgage? *





The Young Scandinavians Club presents


Sunday, December 9, 2018




Claes R. Carlsson Alternative Realty Inc.

Each Office Independently Owned Operated



*Call for info!!!

Glögg, kringler and lussekatter served at 4:30pm Lucia Program begins at 6 pm Swedish-American Hall 2174 Market Street, San Francisco $25 members, $35 non-members, $15 children 5-16, children under 5 free. Last year Lucia completely sold out, so get your tickets early!

The Bay Area’s Young Scandinavians Club invites everyone to join us for our annual Lucia celebration. Enjoy glögg, our traditional Lucia procession, a visit from Santa (with goodie bags for the children), hot-dogs, and finally, traditional Swedish style dancing around the Christmas tree.

Purchase your tickets online at www.ysc.org

Tickets will also be sold at the door, but we strongly encourage everyone to get tickets ahead of time to speed up entry. For more information about the YSC and its events, see www.YSC.org

Traditional Scandinavian Unique Gifts & Crafts “Little Sweden USA” Lindsborg, KS www.hemslojd.com 800.779.3344 Call for free catalog!

DECEMBER 1, 2018 13

local events Portland - First Presbyterian Church 12.08, 3-5 PM Lucia Fest. Lucia pageant, Tomte, ring dances, baked treats, coffee and glögg. New Sweden Cultural Heritage Society, www.newsweden.org / kristigus@aol. com


NORDSTJERNAN 1.800.827.9333 Ext 10

Augusta’s Daughter Ever wonder what made so many emigrate from Sweden in the nineteenth century? Judit Martin’s novel, “Augusta’s Daughter,” about 19th century Swedish peasant life made such an impression on us, we decided to offer it to the Nordstjernan readership. call 1.800.827.9333 for your own copy ($24.90 incl. S&H to continental U.S.).

Portland - Bethany Presbyterian Church 12.08, 6-8:30 PM Nordic Christmas Celebration. Scandinavian food and music. Portland Scandinavian Chorus, www.portlandscandinavianchorus.com/concerts / info@ portlandscandinavianchorus.com Portland - First Immanuel Luth. Church 12.25, 7-8 AM Julotta, a service in English and Swedish. Portland Scandinavian Chorus, www. portlandscandinavianchorus.com/concerts / info@portlandscandinavianchorus.com Pennsylvania Philadelphia 12.01, 11AM – 4 PM Lucia Fest and Christmas Market with holiday deli items, decorations, and gifts, SWEA bakery and Swedish Christmas Café. American Swedish Historical Museum, www.americanswedish.org / info@ americanswedish.org Philadelphia 12.07, 6-8 PM 12.08, 2-5 PM 12.09, 2-5 PM Sankta Lucia and St. Eric’s Fair. Celebrating 81st Lucia Fest! Christmas bazaar with Scandinavian imports. www.old-swedes. com / info@old-swedes.org / 215-3891513 South Dakota Dalesburg 12.09 , 3-5 PM 41st annual St Lucia. Dalesburg Scandinavian Association, www.dalesburg.org / ron@dalesburg.org Texas Austin 12.09 Annual Lucia and julbazar. Bake sale and Lucia procession. SWEA Austin, www. austin.swea.org / austin@swea.org

National archives and library for Swedish-American historical research Publishers of Swedish American Genealogist 639 38th Street Rock Island, IL | 61201-2296 309-794-7204

www.augustana.edu/ swenson 14 NORDSTJERNAN

Dallas 12.01 , 10 AM - 4 PM JulBasar and Lucia celebration. SWEA Dallas, www.dallas.swea.org / dallas@swea.org Houston 12.09 Lucia celebration with procession, jultallrik, fiskdamm and dancing around the christmas tree. SWEA Houston, www.houston. swea.org / sweahouston@hotmail.com Virginia Virginia Beach - Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 12.01, 9 AM - 3 PM Swedish Christmas Bazaar. SWEA Virginia Beach, www.virginiabeach.swea.org / virginiabeach@swea.org Washington Seattle 12.02, 1 PM Children’s Christmas in Scandinavia. Santa Lucia, music, dancing and crafts. www.nordicmuseum.org / nordic@nordicmuseum.org Seattle 12.12, 6:30-8:30 PM Glögg and meatballs. Traditional Swedish julbord and Lucia procession. SACCSeattle, www.sacc-seattle.org / info@ sacc-seattle.org Tacoma 12.11, 6:30PM Sankta Lucia. Festival of Light, reception to follow. Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University, www.plu. edu/scancenter / scancntr@plu.edu Washington, DC 12.01, 11 AM - 6 PM Swedish Holiday Market. Scandinavian crafts, cafe and Lucia procession at 5 p.m. SWEA Washington DC at House of Sweden. www.washingtondc.swea.org / sweapr@gmail.com Wisconsin Dodgeville - Folklore Village 12.08, 3 PM St. Lucia with Swedish songs, candlelight and saffron buns. Potluck and dancing. www.folklorevillage.org / programs@ folklorevillage.org

New and traditional Scandinavian design.

All the food you need for your Christmas table! 349 Main Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 Phone: 203-529-3244 Email: info@scandinavianbutik.com www.scandinavianbutik.com

Hales Corners - Whitnall Park Lutheran Church 12.09, 5-7 PM Lucia Celebration. Dance around the Christmas tree, Santa, coffee and treats. Swedish American Historical Society of Wisconsin, www.sahswi.org / swedishamericanhistoricalwisc@gmail.com Hales Corners - Whitnall Park Lutheran Church 12.25, 7-9 AM Julotta. Hymns and liturgy in Swedish and English. Coffee and treats. Swedish American Historical Society of Wisconsin, www.sahswi.org / swedishamericanhistoricalwisc@gmail.com Sister Bay 12.07 & 12.08 Traditional Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord. A multi-course Christmas smörgåsbord. Reservations required. Al Johnson’s www.aljohnsons.com / 920-854-2626. IKEA USA 12.07 Swedish Christmas Julbord Celebration at all IKEA Restaurants (except Carson CA) with an all-you-can-eat buffet! Contact your local IKEA store. No celebration listed close to you? For continuous info from all the U.S., see events at www.nordstjernan.com. Also, find your local SWEA chapter by going to www.swea.org - almost every SWEA organization will have Lucia and/or Christmas fairs.

Do you know about an upcoming event in Swedish America? Submit it any time to our online calendar at www.nordstjernan.com/ calendar

local events

A version of classic sockerkaka, moist pound cake, here with a Christmassy touch of saffron, orange and almond. Recipe by Alexandra Larsson, winner of Hela Sverige Bakar (All of Sweden bakes)—delicious with your coffee or a cup of tea.

Saffransockerkaka Poundcake with a taste of safron

This moist pound cake will work equally well with your first cup of glögg on the first of Advent, December 2.

Unbaked fun for everyone Chocolate balls are an always appreciated classic. They’re tasty, easy to make and enjoyed by almost everyone. And it’s easy to vary with new flavors. Here is a classic and old-fashioned recipe for amazingly good chocolate balls with cocoa, butter, sugar and oatmeal - that you quickly make in just 10 minutes. Roll in, for example, coconut flakes or pearl sugar. They taste the best after resting in the refrigerator for a while - as hard as it is to leave them alone. Allow your kids to make them but as a general rule, double the ingredients to allow for tasting along the way … the measurements here are approximate and can be easily adjusted to fit your own personal taste. Some of the variations listed at the end are for a more grown up taste. Chocolate oatmeal balls Makes 25 small balls 1-1/4 cup (3 dl) oatmeal 0.4 cup (1 dl) sugar 1/2 tablespoon vanilla sugar 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa 7 tablespoons (100 g) of room temperature butter - just under a stick 2-3 tablespoons cold strong coffee Instruction: Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the butter and stir or blend with your fingers to a batter. Add the

Getting kids into the kitchen early does more than build cooking skills. Kids gain confidence, and get some quality bonding time with their siblings or you. (Photo: Natalia Leb)

coffee and stir everything together. Shape balls. If needed add flavor to the batter and roll them in coconut flakes. Variations: Give the chocolate balls some caramel flavor by melting and allowing the butter to first zimmer a bit. Melt the butter and let simmer for a short while, then mix sugar, vanilla sugar, cocoa, oatmeal, coffee and butter and put in a refrigerator to allow the batter to harden, about 1 hour. Take out and shape balls.

You can also flavor the batter with a few drops of peppermint oil and roll in crushed polka dots. Mix in chopped almonds in the batter and roll in almond hack for a crunchier ball. Mix a tablespoon or two of of liqueur instead of coffee in the batter: the orange, raspberry or coconut liqueur is good or try to roast the coconut they are rolled in. For a more grown-up taste, try putting whiskey in the batter and roll in licorice sprinkles.

Ingredients 3.5 tbsp melted butter 0.5g saffron Zest from 1 orange 2 eggs 1 cup sugar (2 dl) 7 oz grated almond paste (200g) 1.5oz (0.5 dl) milk 2 oz heavy cream 1-2/3 cup (3.75 dl) flour 2 tsp baking powder A pinch of salt Instruction (Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes): 1. Grind the Saffron with a pinch of sugar. 2. Melt butter, add the ground saffron and the orange zest. 3. Beat eggs and sugar to really puffy at medium speed for about 5 minutes. 4. Add the grated almond paste to the egg mix. 5. Add cream and milk to the egg mix, blend well. 6. Mix flour, salt and baking soda in a separate bowl. 7. Pour the butter mixture into the egg mix and blend into a smooth batter. 8. Add the flour mixture, gently mix until all has blended. 9. Grease the cake pan with butter and wheat flour or bread crumbs 10. Bake in the middle of the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees C) for 45-50 minutes. 11. Turn the cake onto a wire rack and let it cool completely.

The unbeatable accompaniment with a cup of tea or coffee. DECEMBER 1, 2018 15

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Your Nordstjernan, your feedback!

We asked a simple question on Facebook and discovered a lot of you were rather hungry to reply! Here is a good taste of the answers we got to the question: What do you think of when you hear of “limpa?” Of course many of you also then asked for the recipe, and you can find them on p24 of this issue (and p.25 of the previous issue, No. 16). What is it with Swedes and bread.

How many tomtar can you find?

Gather your family and friends of all ages to find all the tomtar (santas) sneaking around the pages in this issue of Nordstjernan. Count them (while you read the articles, of course) then let us know how many each of you found by emailing your name and guess to: editor@nordstjernan.com (Please write “juleskum” in subject)

The five first correct answers will receive a bag of this year’s special flavor, the one we’ve been waiting for since last Christmas: “juleskum” skumtomtar, with a kola (caramel) taste. We look forward to hearing from you - lycka till!

- Dark, round loaf with delicious distinctive flavor - haven’t had it in so long, can’t remember what that flavor is, but, I love it!!! - Had it a lot growing up in my Swedish family and bakeries in my small hometown all had it! - What bread should be! But limpa has fruit and cardamom in it, doesn’t it? - “Limpa” was my dad’s nickname in high school. - Dad and Grandma - I have their recipe. - My Swedish grandma's bread - My Mom. I think I have to get some now. - Christmas, which was when my father would bring it home, and a nice slab of butter to top it off - I think of Kalles caviar spread thick on it. I love the slightly sweet flavor on the bread combined with the saltiness of the caviar. - The 30 extra lbs I have on cuz I live in USA and

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we LOVE our bread. I bake a lot of Swedish bread here...we cannot stop eating it. - Delicious - Aunt Eva's bread! - Skogaholms limpa med smör och greve ost - Christmas Eve with family! - Christmas Eve smorgasbord - I think Karen should get the recipe so that she can make me some! - Rye bread yum - Sunday mornings and Vorte Limpa ... Christmas!! - I like the sweet limpa. - Childhood and Christmas - Christmas and the flavor of orange in the rye bread - Christmas! Home! - Jul limpa. My dad taught me to make it when I was young. We have it every Christmas. - Orange - My mom - I still use her recipe from her hand written card. - The bakery by the house in Eskilstuna. Get up early go down the road for fresh baked. - Cheese. Butter. Warm. - Yes, Mom’s limpa was so delicious - it meant Christmas! - YUM, I could eat half the loaf!! - leverpastej och prickig korv, termos med varm choklad, vantar och mossan pa, skidorna i full fart genom skogen :) - Real Swedish bread :-) - Limpa and cheese, soft boiled eggs and kaffe on a Sunday morning with Lars Johansson and our children. Ahhhh - The best bread ever! Miss my mom's home baked!!! - Christmas. I'll eat it with bond ost, but my favorite is with butter and lingonberry preserves. - Limpa takes me back to my childhood and my dear, sweet grandmother in the kitchen baking! Love! - Cups of Gevalia, friends & relatives enjoying coffee together, plates of various choices of cheese to choose from, then topping a slice of limpa with cheese or marmalade Follow us on social media: facebook.com/nordstjernan instagram.com/ nordstjernan twitter.com/nordstjernan

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Dalahäst unveiling in Agoura Hills

It was extraordinarily special when the Vasa Park Association unveiled an authentic orange Dalahorse during this year's Höstmarknad in October. SWEA Los Angeles originally donated the 1500-pound horse, one of 15, to the Swedish Church in 2004. I had ordered 15 horses between 2002 and 2003 in Dalarna from Ewa Modig and her partner Håkan. All these horses would help celebrate the 25th anniversary of SWEA International in Stockholm in June 2004. The horses were paid for by various local SWEA chapters and each chapter appointed an artist in their vicinity to paint a horse. All artists paid their own way to Sweden, and they all stayed at a lovely farm outside Smedjebacken in Dalarna. For most of the summer of 2003, I and other SWEA helpers made sure everyone had breakfast, lunch and dinner between intense painting and many happy laughs and nice togetherness. On June 6, 2004, each horse had arrived at Strandvägen in Stockholm and was on display for Sweden's National Day. People gathered along the boulevard, County Governor Mats Hellström opened the horse exhibition and Anna-Greta Leijon, then leader of Skansen, welcomed the SWEA horses to stay at Skansen in July, after their June exhibit was over on Strandvägen. In August all the horses traveled to different places in Sweden and the United States, one of them went to Saudi Arabia. SWEA Los Angeles’ horse, painted with angels against a backdrop of the LA skyline, by Gunilla Marlis of SWEA Los Angeles, went all the way to the garden of the Church of Sweden in San Pedro, CA. That fall it was unveiled at its final destination—or so we thought at the time. In 2017, the Swedish Church Council felt the horse had weathered severely and was a hazard for the children to play around. At first I thought the news disturbing but then realized it was time to restore the horse if possible. We learned that a lot would have to be done - in the range of $10,000. No one could afford this. One day it was suggested that the Vasa Park Association might be able to help. "They certainly have handy and talented Swedish Americans who

could do that job, against the horse being a gift from the church," my friend said. And sure enough: After their meeting in November 2017, they told me they would like to have the horse. They had inspected the horse and saw that it was not in good condiFrom blue angels Dala to a traditional Dalahäst. L-R: Jenny Palm, Agneta, Gunilla tion, but that did not Lindberg, Ann Heinstedt, Richard Stevens, Richard Heinstedt. deter them. In early 2018 they corralled the horse, which was well-anchored in The 40th Annual Sankta Lucia cement in the garden. With God's help and SwedishPageant and Buffet American stubbornness and strength, they managed to ship it to a garage in Redondo Beach, and later to a larger place with the Heinstedt family in Valencia ... and that’s where the miracle happened. The angel’s horse became a true Swedish orange Dala horse. Ann Heinstedt contacted friends with connections in Nusnäs in Dalarna and arranged for two young women, third- and fourth generations of the Grannas Anders Olsson family, were flown with the horse by the Heinstedts to the birthplace of the Dala horses. It took them a couple days to paint the North Park University, Chicago horse, and then the reborn Dala horse rested and dried before it was shipped back to Vasa Park and December 8, 2018 - 4 pm the inauguration ceremony on October 14. Anderson Chapel Of course, I did not want to miss this opportuPageant Only: $5 adult/$10 for family nity—what a joy to know that one of my SWEA (Payable at the door) Students free with ID horses now has an extended, warm and comfortable life thanks to all the good members of the Vasa Park Pageant and Buffet: $30 adult, $15 children Association. It was an historic day. Reservations required. May be Agneta Nilsson, CA Founder of SWEA, the Swedish Women’s Educational Organization: www.swea.org

purchased on Eventbrite.com More info: ghrosenberger@northpark.edu

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local events

Unusually Scandinavian The Wooden Spoon bears Scandinavian flags on a Sunday afternoon. The shop offers foods, gifts and cultural classes. When Gwen Workman was asked to use her shop as part of a haunted house tour, she decided to offer cookies to the guests who came in. This would not be a haunted house filled with phantoms or vampires. It would be filled with trolls, nisse, and other “little people” of Scandinavian lore. “I’d written three books about Magnus the Troll,” Workman said. “So I began to tell them stories of the house, stories of me, stories of things that happened here. And they all left here smiling. Several of them have come back.” The guests came back to a house built in 1867 and filled with such items as Swedish outfits, candies and many, many wooden spoons. When not a haunted house, it is the Wooden Spoon, a shop for Scandinavian food, gifts, culture and history. One side features an array of cheeses, preserves, coffees, crackers and meats hailing from Sweden, Norway and Finland. The other side is home to love knots, Dala horses painted in Swedish designs and other gifts.

Searching for home

Workman grew up in the Scandinavian community of Breivik, Minnesota, named after the Norwegian city. “Everyone in the community, except for my father, was Scandinavian,” she said. “That’s all I knew. You cooked Norwegian. You took care of your house a certain way. You had animals. You did canning.” After leaving Minnesota for Texas, Workman said everything felt different. “I missed my Scandinavian foods, people,” she said. “There’s a different mentality amongst all of our cultures. We deal differently with each other.” It wasn’t until she saw and joined a Norwegian culture organization at the State Fair that she found the first hints of home. “I could see a lot of people were moving here from all over the United States, from all over the world,” she said. “So I thought, ‘well, I can’t be the only half-Norwegian that’s moved to Texas.’” She started a store in McKinney, catering and baking for about a year, and then went to Fairview Farms. She bought the Forman House in downtown Plano in 1992. Now, Workman’s Wooden Spoon is a destination for anyone with a Nordic or Scandinavian interest. Each visitor has a favorite product that makes the trip special.

Historic value

When Workman bought the house in 1992, she was told it had no value, and it would be better to tear it down. “So being a stubborn Norwegian, I didn’t listen to them,” she said, laughing. A written compilation of research, a presentation to the Heritage Commission, a trip to zoning and a presentation to the City Council later, the house would be named “historical” by the City of Plano. The house’s first parts were built in 1867 and owned for most of its history by the 18 NORDSTJERNAN

Forman family. As time went on, rooms were added making the house what it is today, complete with original flooring. It has been a home to one of Plano’s mayors, a stagecoach stop, a post office, and a used clothing store. Today, the house still stands on its ironwood foundations, filled with the scent of freshly baked cookies or fresh roast. Where an old fireplace once stood, a collection of clogs wait to be tried on and bought. wSoon after Workman decided the shop would be Scandinavian, she found a small figure wrapped in paper in the back house. The object was covered in black fur and had tusks. Attached to its tail was the label,: “Handmade in Norway.” She knew it was meant to be. Audrey Henvey THE WOODEN SPOON, PLANO 1617 K Ave Plano, Texas 75074

Photo: Onni Wiljami Kinnunen

Sweden’s impact in the southern states


Swedish global steelmaker SSAB will invest another approximately SEK 1 billion ($115 million) in the company’s steel mill in Mobile, Alabama.

n our most recent issue we covered how Swedes settled in the southern states, often encountering a very different environment than their brethren in the North and Midwest. The earliest settler arrived to Louisiana already in 1721 while two Alabama cities were settled by Scandinavians in the late 19th century. For an account by a daughter of one of the original settlers of Silver Hill, AL turn to page 22. Swedish interests today support nearly 12,000 jobs in the three coastal states—Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama—and the value of exports to Sweden is in excess of $100 million. The Lousiana company Westfeldt Brothers, in business importing coffee since 1851 and now run by a sixth generation Westfeldt, was no doubt once part of the statistics. In more recent years, Swedes have started businesses ranging from cafés to forestry equipment, to steelmills. Recently AT&T announced its new mobile 5G strategy for a variety of southern states. One of its main tech suppliers is Swedish telecom company Ericsson. Some other recent Swede stories:

Swedish steel in the South

SSAB Americas, part of Swedish global steelmaker SSAB, which has production facilities in Sweden, Finland and the U.S., is moving its U.S.

headquarters to Mobile, Alabama. Early projections estimated the move could bring up to 60 new jobs to Mobile. The move is in progress, a temporary office is up and running in downtown Mobile, the administrative office at the mill is being expanded and the present Chicago office is expected to close at the end of March 2019. When the decision was made public in October 2017, Chuck Schmitt, president of SSAB Americas said, “Mobile is a growing community with a booming economy; we are excited to expand our presence in the area as a trusted employer and community partner.” In 2001, the company opened a steel mill in Axis, about 20 minutes north of Mobile, employing 600 people. Schmitt said, "Moving our team to Mobile will ensure that our senior leaders and support staff work in closer proximity to our front-line operations, where key decisions are made for our business and customers.” In late October 2018 the steel manufacturer decided to invest another approximately SEK 1 billion ($115 million) in the company’s steel mill in Mobile, Alabama. “The investment will take place over the period 2019-2021, increasing the annual capacity for quenched and tempered (Q&T) steels in Mobile from 300,000 tonnes to 400,000 tonnes,” the company said in a press release. Investment focuses mainly on three areas; format-

“We are excited to expand our presence in the area as a trusted employer and community partner.” - Chuck Schmitt, SSAB ting, blasting and painting, as well as shipping capacity. “This eliminates bottlenecks in production,” writes SSAB, which calculates the investment repayment period for over four years. The U.S. company also operates a steel mill in Montpelier, IA, has offices in St Paul, MN and Houston, TX and has a total of 1,300 employees in the U.S. True to its vision for a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world, SSAB U.S. was winner of the American Metal Market Award for Steel Excellence in Environmental Responsibility/ Stewardship in 2015, 2017 and 2018. The company was also ranked first in quality among domestic steel plate producers from 2013 through 2017. Its president, Chuck Schmitt, served as Chairman of the American Iron and Steel Institute in 2015-2016 and was awarded the industry’s highest honor, the Gary Memorial Medal, in 2016. With an annual revenue in 2017 of $1.5 billion, the U.S. operation has a production capacity of 2.5 million tons. Continues on next page DECEMBER 1, 2018 19


Care for the source

Forestry in the American south is still on the radar for Swedish companies. Earlier this year IKEA Group acquired its first U.S. forest property, covering approximately 25,000 acres in Lowndes County, Alabama. "As a responsible forest owner, we are interested in identifying and applying sustainable management methods that will allow us to preserve and even increase the quality of the forest over time," says Krister Mattsson, head of Financial Asset Management, IKEA Group. The investment is clearly part of a broader strategy to invest in the sustainable production of resources that IKEA Group consumes directly, such as energy, or indirectly through its products (wood raw materials, recycled materials, etc.). IKEA Group also owns more than 250,000 acres of forest land in Europe. "Entering the U.S. market is a milestone for our investments in forests, and we believe we will learn a lot here while implementing our long-term approach to forest management and applying for the Forest Stewardship Council certification,” Mattsson said. IKEA Group has partnered with Campbell Global, a leader in sustainable timberland and natural resource investment, to oversee and operate the property.

Tending/nursing? the forest

Another Swedish company, Haglöf Sweden, which manufactures a full range of precision measurement solutions used by forestry professionals, opened a subsidiary in Madison, Mississippi in 1981. The company with headquarters and production in Långsele, a small village outside Sollefteå in northern Sweden, is a world leader on all kinds of instruments and tools for forest survey, management, testing and control work. While all research, development and production is located at the Sollefteå headquarters, 80 percent of the company’s production is exported with roughly 25 percent of the total volume passing through the Madison sales and service center. The parent company, which was sold to the Swedish investment company Lifco in 2017, turned 75 this year. Its former principal owner,

Above: Haglöf Sweden’s U.S. office on Sollefteå Drive in Madison, Mississippi and right, its Långsele based global headquarters. Photo: Jonas Wikner

Ingvar Haglöf, started the Madison subsidiary himself 37 years ago. At the time Madison was a sleepy suburb to nearby Jackson where one of Haglöf’s main U.S. distributors is located, but Haglöf says this about the move: “Although Atlanta, Georgia where we started was small compared to today’s metropolis, it was a major city and I felt Madison was more in line with our origin and a good start for actually making a difference to the community. As for why in the south, it was simple; while most forestry related companies traditionally ended up in Washington and Oregon, the most promising growth industry was in the south where a pine has a rotation time of about 20 years, compared to what we were used to in Sweden’s north: 119 years.”

Haglöf’s patented technology and manufacturing know-how combined with an experienced production team have made it one of the most respected brand names in the business. Ingvar Haglöf, son of the founder of Haglöfs Mekaniska, which was founded in Mora, Sweden in 1943, took over from his father in 1971 and moved the company to Långsele, Sollefteå further north where he had worked in

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the machinery and foundry industry. His strategy from the start was to introduce one new product every year as long as the previous year’s introduction broke even during its first year on the market. The company took off with its principal owner constantly developing and knocking on doors—to the main forest company of the area, SCA, or the agricultural college nearby to find out more about their needs and potential distributors in Sweden and abroad. It became clear to Haglöf at an early stage that Sweden or even the Nordic countries could not sustain the kind of development he saw, and he started looking west already in the 1970s. The partnership with Madison has come a long way since 1981. Its mayor, “Mayor Mary” Hawkins Butler, who was first elected when Haglöf was established in the town, is serving her ninth consecutive four-year term as mayor. Butler was recognized in 1998 by Sister Cities International as having the “Best First Year Program Worldwide” for cities under 100,000. Sister City in Sweden? Where else but Sollefteå, a city which has been a constant source of inspiration for the successful mayor. She was also named Member First Class of the Royal Order of the Polar Star by the King of Sweden in 2004. Madison was the first recipient city in the United States to have a 100 percent foreign-financed business incubator with assistance from the European Union. Ingvar Haglöf was made honorary town citizen and has the keys to the town where he and his family lived permanently for some time while establishing the business in the early 1980s. For more info, see www.ssab.com www.ikea.com www.haglofsweden.com

Photo: Cecilia Kjellgren

From subsidiary to sister city

Hans Karlsson, who went on his bike through South America, on his preferred means of transportation.

Life Made Sweder (where it really counts)

The “Wettex disk trasa,” a Swedish invention, will make life much Sweder in the kitchen - guaranteed! 6 3/4” x 8”, machine washable (use it over and over again) 100% biodegradeable. Two designs: God Jul for Christmas and Life Made Sweder for all year round. Mix and match designs, get five cloths for $20.

Destination New Orleans

It goes without saying that you'll find industrious Swedes everywhere, and in the south you'll find the big names such as H&M, Ericsson, ABB and others, but walking down Saint Charles Avenue in New Orleans, you'll be unable to miss the Swedish run Trolley Stop Cafe. The story? During the early 1950s, Swedish-born Hans Karlsson arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana with the clothes on his back and some change in his pockets. For decades, he worked a variety of jobs to save money to start his own business. Eventually, in 1994, Hans met the Cascio family (Lucian, Connie and Keith), and together they began to build a restaurant that would provide good southern food in large portions for an affordable price. The Karlsson-Cascio vision was realized in February 1995 when The Trolley Stop Cafe opened. For 22 years, the Karlsson-Cascio team ran the cafe on Saint Charles Avenue in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. In January 2017 Hans’ son and grandson, Paul and Ragnar Karlsson, bought the restaurant to ensure the popular breakfast and lunch spot continued to be family owned and the founders’ vision of good food at affordable prices continued. Frequented by locals and tourists alike, the cafe is a renowned New Orleans destination for visitors from across the United States. And the Westfeldt Brothers coffee importers? The company was one of the nation’s first green coffee importers, founded by vice-consul Gustavus Adolphus George Westfeldt, who emigrated from Sweden to Mobile, Alabama in 1835. The business was originally founded there in 1844 but changed names after two brothers joined George in partnership in 1851. The headquarters moved to New Orleans, Lousiana in 1870 where today a fifth generation Westfeldt, Thomas Duggan Westfeldt II, works as CEO and a sixth generation, Shelby Westfeldt Mills, as president. UBM For more info, see www.thetrolleystopcafe.com, www.westfeldtcoffee.com

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Immigrant Stories

The settlers of Silver Hill: Elvera Armstrong Interviews with Silverhill, Alabama residents were conducted by Lennart Setterdahl in 1978. This is an excerpt from “Memories Preserved, Vol II” Scandinavians in Alabama by Lilly Setterdahl. Long-time Silverhill resident Elvera Armstrong, a daughter of Oscar Johnson, recalled the day she came to the settlement. Traveling by horse and wagon from Mobile Bay, the small party encountered people in another rig, who shot at them. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Having arrived in Silverhill unannounced at 2 a.m., she saw the whole area ablaze. The large trees were burning, stumps and all. "Mother cried out, 'I think we are going to hell,' Elvera remembered. "She went out in the woods,

sat down on a stump and cried. I don't blame her." Their home was not finished. "There was nothing inside," she said. Another family also lived in the house. The women had to do the cooking for the men in the turpentine factory. The food was served on long tables. "Grandpa kept the pigs away. They were hungry." Elvera said her grandfather did not work "a day in his life" after he came to this country, but he helped with whatever he could. Elvera's mother liked it better in Chicago where the family had rented a flat with a bathroom on West 22nd Street on the south side. The last job Mr. Johnson had in Chicago was at Wells French Car and Foundry Company. Elvera related an experience he had while he was the foreman for the division. Following a flash flood, "The sewage got stopped up and something was wrong down there. He was washed down through a big pipe. No one knew until they asked for him. Mother did not know until the next morning. She went there, and they told her Dad was working. Mother said, 'I don't want to know if he's here. I want to see him.'

Entrance to the Oscar Johnson Park, Silverhill, named after Elvera’s father.

The experience may have contributed to the Johnson family's decision to leave Chicago, but Elvera said her father foresaw the crash of 1893. He knew he was going to be laid off, so he quit his job. He wanted to get away from the cold winters. Being a machinist, he wished to open a machine shop down south, and he traveled back and forth between Chicago and Alabama for a few years. In about 1895, Elvera accompanied her mother and sister on a visit to Sweden. Mrs. Johnson came from a family of 10 children, eight of whom lived in Sweden; her father was a shoemaker and farmer. Elvera remembered picking wild strawberries along the railroad tracks and attending a service in Karlskoga Church, where her mother had been confirmed. She recalled they didn't visit her father's birthplace. "There was no one left there," she said. "They were either in America or in Australia."

A town grows

All the Silverhill settlers bought their land on time. They started with 40 acres. "When a farmer had 40 acres that was something. Now they can't make a living on 40 acres," Elvera said. As the children grew up, they often had to move to find jobs. "They went to Mobile to get a job. They paid whatever they could. Dad bought most of the land from Dr. Slosson. If someone could not pay and wanted to leave, Dad took over. Oftentimes I wonder where all these families are. Some went to California to live. They thought it was so much better, but they weren't better off there than they were here. The Victor Nilsons, they went to Montana. That cold country! "Everyone who lived here in the county gave so many days' work at the railroad when it was built. We donated the labor. Then they built a little depot for us. If anybody stood along the railroad track, the train would stop and pick them up. You just stood there and waved. That was service." Elvera said the courthouse was taken from them. At first it was located in nearby Daphne, but Bay Minette "stole it away." Somebody was paid off and there was a shootout one night. They took the books and loaded them on a logcart drawn by oxen, she recalled. Her father took care of almost everything in Silverhill. In the beginning, he provided facilities for school classes and church services alike. When there was no 22 NORDSTJERNAN

pastor in the settlement, Oscar Johnson preached and conducted funerals. He donated the land for the cemetery. Sometimes he also paid for having a casket made and grave dug. The family was Lutheran, but pastors often exchanged pulpits and Elvera was married by a Baptist minister (in the Lutheran church). Due to a shortage of teachers in Silverhill, Elvera was sent to relatives in Chicago to attend school for three years. She continued her education in Mobile, staying there while the school was in session and coming home only for Christmas. Having taken secretary courses, she later worked as a stenographer in her father's office. She was the town clerk while her father served as mayor. After she was married she worked in the bank. Her sister became a teacher and taught for 33 years.

Holidays in the south

Elvira recalled the first Christmas in the family home in Silverhill. There was a Christmas tree and everyone in Silverhill was there. "We had such beautiful cakes, and cookies and candy, and apples and fruit of different kinds.... We had an arch built of two pine trees and hung our stockings on that. We must have been about 10 children. And we were served first - it was an honor to be served before the grown-ups. Agnes and cousin Olga and I were on the program. I think we read half the Bible. It was, to this day, the happiest Christmas in my life. "Christmas Eve was the big holiday. We had lutfisk, sillsallat (salad with herring, eggs and beets) and herring. No turkey, because that we had during the year." When they had lived in Chicago, she remembered the children would sit by the window and wait for Santa Claus to come on the street car. "Dad played Santa. He turned his coat inside out and had no beard. We didn't know it was Dad." Elvera remembered getting a doll one Christmas and a small tin trunk from her aunt, Mrs. Olaf Nordine. The tin trunk is still in the family. The young people enjoyed dancing. "Dad gave two lots for a pavilion. When we got it, we danced there," Elvera said. "Dr. Winberg and his wife and all the parents went with the young people and looked on as they danced." They danced the waltz, the two-step, and square dances to the accordion, the mandolin, or the violin. They also had an old piano. At 12 o'clock sharp everyone went home. "Then we went to Sunday School in the morning as usual. The pastor did not say anything. We had our parents with us. "On Sunday evenings we used to sing. We had friends at home all the time. We had a piano and my sister played and we all sang. Mother served supper every Sunday and we could be 10-12, up to 18 people. We all gathered at our home. After she got married, Elvera lived with her husband in Omaha, Nebraska for about three years, where Mr. Armstrong worked in the office of the Union Pacific Railroad. Upon their return to Silverhill, he served as president of the State Bank of Silverhill, which had been founded by his father-in-law in 1924. The bank was forced to close in September 1930. Elvera told us how the library was started. "There

Elvera Armstrong, nee Johnson, photographed in 1978 by Lennart Setterdahl.

were seven of us. We started to meet every other week because there wasn't any other fun than that. We met in homes - we had parties and got money that way. We would buy books, and we asked for books for the library. Dad had one end of the old house for his office, and we got the other for a library. The children only had to pay .05 cents for each book they borrowed. Everyone but the rich people gave us books; they gave to the large libraries. We were 30 in the club, now there are only seven or eight left. We gave it (the library) to the town. Now they have to take care of it." Elvera said she got used to the climate. In the beginning, they had typhoid or intermittent fever. "My sister had typhoid fever and she lost her hair.

They got medicine from Mobile. People usually survived. We had a doctor, a woman, she had a white horse and a cart. She stayed at somebody's house for two or three days and the sick people went there and she took care of them." She pointed to a banana tree outside her house and said her bananas don't taste the same as those sold in stores. "They are a little raw. But one year I let them stay on the tree, and they were so delicious that year." Elvera Armstrong, one of the first settlers and one of the last, died at the age of 97 on May 29, 1985. Her interview was conducted in Swedish.

DECEMBER 1, 2018 23

art and culture

Found: the lost limpa Few things are more important to a culture’s identity than food. And most – probably all - cultures use grain to prepare some kind of bread that is special to their region and culture. In our case, Swedes and Swedish Americans name several breads that are inextricably linked with traditions of Sweden, not the least of which is what we call “limpa.” In the previous issue we included a recipe and wrote about the limpa that native Swedes grew up loving – a rye bread that’s often sweetened with light syrup. But Swedish Americans know another “limpa.” Just a few months ago, Andersonville, the historically Swedish neighborhood of Chicago, welcomed the next generation of tradition builders into their midst. A brother and sister team founded Lost Larson, a bakery that embraces the lost art of artisan bread making with stone-milled flours and long fermentation techniques. Bree and Bobby Schaffer have designed an inviting new space that emulates the modern motifs of cafes in Scandinavia – encouraging in America the lost art of the coffee break, AKA fika: They want the focus of the delicious experience at Lost Larson to foster a social atmosphere; and for that reason they don't even offer Wifi. Bree and Chef Bobby were inspired by Andersonville to dig deeper into their own heritage and discovered they came from two lines of Larsons – one Swedish, the other Danish. Their paternal grandfather, whom they never knew, had the name Larson into his 30s. For reasons still unknown (the family admits they may be shady ones), he “lost” the name and changed it to his boss’s last name: Schaffer. On their paternal grandma's side was a Danish great-grandfather whose name was Lars Larsen. And so the shop’s logo, a mask with an undeniably Nordic face, “is symbolic of that loss of identity we experienced,” says Bree – really often, every day, because curious customers can’t help but ask about it. “We are embracing that lost identity by doing whatever we want and being whatever we want.” To that end, Lost Larson recognizes the goodness in many food traditions and is not a Swedish-specific bakery. But let's be Swedish specific. As any curious Swedish American would do, I asked Chef Bobby whether he uses a family recipe for his limpa bread. He said he did ask an aunt on the Swedish side of the family if she had a limpa recipe, but she didn’t. He was surprised but knew he had to make limpa (his bakery is in Andersonville, after all), so he developed a recipe knowing it should include certain spices, the ones that we have come to expect of Swedish limpa in America: orange peel, anise and fennel. Chef Bobby’s recipe uses both rye malt syrup and rye molasses as sweeteners, as well as the special spices. He says it’s a large portion of rye sourdough in the dough that adds the rich complexity to the flavor; it also allows the loaf to stay fresh longer. He shared his recipe with us: Photos by Bree Schaffer www.instagram.com/lostlarson www.facebook.com/lostlarson

The brother and sister team of Lost Larson Bakery in Chicago, Bree and Chef Bobby Schaffer. 24 NORDSTJERNAN

art and culture

Lost Larson limpa yields 2 loaves

bread flour 3 cups+2 tablespoons (400 grams) whole rye flour 3/4 cup (100 grams) water 1-1/4 cups (300 grams) salt 2 teaspoons (12.5 grams) instant yeast 1/2 teaspoon (1.3 grams) rye malt extract 1-1/2 tablespoons (25 grams) molasses 2 tablespoons (50 grams) dried orange peel, ground 2 teaspoons (5 grams) anise seed, ground 1/2 tablespoon (4 grams) fennel seed, ground 1/2 tablespoon (4 grams) rye sourdough 1-3/4 cups (262 grams) vegetable oil 5 tablespoons (38 grams) Directions: 1. The night before, create your rye sourdough by mixing 120 grams whole rye flour, 120 grams water and 25 grams mature rye starter and allow to ferment for 12 hours. If you don’t have a sourdough, you can substitute 1 gram instant yeast for the mature rye starter and still allow to ferment overnight for 12 hours. 2. The following day, the rye sourdough should have doubled in size and is ready to use. 3. To mix the dough add all the ingredients except the vegetable oil into a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook. Mix on 1st speed for 7 minutes. 4. Increase the mixer to 2nd speed and mix for another 2 minutes, then begin adding the oil slowly. Once all the oil is incorporated mix for another 5 minutes until the dough is well developed. 5. Allow the dough to double in volume for about 1 hour. 6. Portion the dough into 600 gram pieces and form into rounds and allow to rest for 20 minutes. 7. Shape the loaves into oblong pieces and allow to proof in a basket or bowl for 1 hour. 8. Invert the dough onto a baking tray and bake at 425F for about 30 minutes, or until a deep golden brown. DECEMBER 1, 2018 25

local events

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One of the largest selections of Scandinavian Foods in the Bay Area.

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art and culture

Jazz, the Ice Hotel and Nobel Prize After sold-out crowds adored her during her October 2018 tour in Sweden, American jazz singer Stacey Kent sat down to tell us about her previous visit to Sweden – at the Nobel Center in Stockholm. She and her husband saxophonist Jim Tomlinson were there to discuss their collaboration with 2017 Nobel Prize laureate Kazuo Ishiguro, the British novelist, screenwriter and short-story writer. “We were so happy that Ishiguro was honored with the Nobel Prize because we are huge admirers of his work and very proud to work with him,” Kent said. Ishiguro contributed lyrics to her 2007 Grammy-nominated album Breakfast on the Morning Tram as well as original songs on several other albums, liner notes and her most recent album, 2017’s I Know I Dream. “It was an honor for us also to be invited to visit the Nobel Center and to discuss our work with

Ishiguro. I particularly loved finding the chair with his signature on it.” We asked how Kent established a working relationship with Kazoo Ishiguro: “About 15 years ago, Ishiguro said in a BBC Radio interview that he was a fan of our music and played one of our recordings on a radio show. Jim and I were big fans of his novels, and so we got in touch through the BBC to thank him. “It turned out we lived quite close to one another in London and so we met for lunch. Ishiguro knows a great deal about music and we had a lot of overlapping tastes and so we had lots to talk about. At one lunch in 2006, I was talking about my desire to expand my repertoire for an album I was preparing for Blue Note. We got to talking about what sort of songs I could sing, and I think it was Jim who suggested that he and Ishiguro write something together for me. We got to talking about lyrics, stories, character and so on, and about two weeks later Shop online for a traditional Scandinavian Christmas the lyrics for The Ice Hotel and Breakfast On The Morning Tram arrived in Al's Swedish Pancake Mix the post. Those two songs changed my life.” Wild Organic Swedish Lingonberries Are you working on something new with Swedish Pancake Syrup Ishiguro? Jim and Ish are continuing to write songs for me and Swedish Strawberry Jam we see each other a few times a year to catch up Swedish Raspberry Jam and discuss new ideas. Their songs have become Al's Scandinavian a central part of my reperRoast Coffee toire. What I particularly love is how my fans have come on this journey with me so much that the original songs in my repertoire 10698 N. Bay Shore Dr. Sister Bay, WI 54234 are requested more than 920.854.2626 the standards. It’s now www.aljohnsons.com what I’m known for.

The Perfect Holiday Breakfast

Do you or Jim have Scandinavian heritage? I don’t know! But Jim is from the north of England and he is always amused by how many words from his own local dialect are the same or pronounced the same as Swedish words. For instance, “home” in the Northumbrian dialect is “yem” pronounced like the Swedish “hem.” What is a “must” when you’re in Sweden? We are driving north to Luleå now and will be so close to The Ice Hotel. I sing about it often enough that I think it’s time I should visit. We don’t have time on this tour but maybe next time. I also have to give a shout-out to Oatly who makes the best oat milk. Both Jim and I love the “barista” version and are so happy that it is now available in the U.S.! Amanda Robison

Visit aljohnsons.com today

Hug the Holidays with Clogs - God Jul! E G 10 Y ARS C E L E B RATIN 6 200 EST.

Cape Clogs will be ringing in the New Year with our Navy patent clogs for both our children’s collection and adult line. Happy Clog in 2019! www.capeclogs.com

DECEMBER 1, 2018 27

art and culture

Bergman 100:

Bergman Retrospective The Bergman centennial has brought and taught us so much.

One hundred years ago, Ingmar Bergman was born in Uppsala to a chaplain of the royal family who exacted a strict discipline from his family. Ingmar was versed in religion and ritual but isolated and amused by his imagination, which he expressed in his puppet theater and early film projector. As a man, he became known - apart from his profundity and prodigious productivity - for his amazing creativity in recasting autobiographical incidents and experiences into dramatic and exquisitely written films. I was acquainted with some but not many of Ingmar Bergman’s films, so I viewed this year’s centennial retrospective of his life and work as an opportunity to educate myself and inform readers about the legendary Swedish filmmaker. I offer many thanks to mentors Susan Oxtoby, director of the Pacific Film Archive at the University of California, Berkeley and Linda Rugg, professor in the university’s Scandinavian Department and an authority on Bergman. I am also indebted to others for contributing to my appreciation of Bergman: Richard Peterson, director of the California Film Institute in San Rafael; and above all, Swedish Consul General Barbro Osher, whose support of the show venues and their programs, and arranging for me to interview guests speakers from Sweden, deepened my understanding of Bergman, his art and his team. Barbro Osher is the benefactor for so much art and education here and throughout the nation. To appreciate their devotion to this subject and their complementary partnership in this centennial, I interviewed Susan and Linda.

Susan Oxtoby

Susan Oxtoby grew up in Toronto where her father was a professor of comparative literature and her mother ran a film club for her brother’s junior high school; they were both cinefiles, so Susan and her brother became cinephiles, too. Susan graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in film. She ran the university’s film society and worked at the Cinematheque for a dozen years, eventually becoming its director. She was always impressed with the University of California, Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive (PFA) and collaborated whenever possible. When PFA’s director retired in 2005, Susan became the new director. 28 NORDSTJERNAN

In June 2015, SF (Swedish FilmIndustry, the national agency for promoting Sweden’s cinematic cultural heritage) approached Susan as a partner in this year’s global centennial of the birth of Ingmar Bergman: The exciting 2018 PFA program with 85 showings of Bergman’s 59 films would take more than a year of preparation. It involved not merely screening the films and featuring notable Swedish colleagues of Bergman and Svensk Filmindustri (SF) authorities, but also incorporating classes into the Scandinavian Department academic progam. UC Berkeley’s PFA is part of the university’s Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), a fruitful and collaborative partnership benefitting the whole Bay Area and a world leader in cinema archives. PFA’s retrospective, arranged thematically rather than chronologically, stretches across 11 months with printed guides for each. It is interesting to note how many new fans are discovering and appreciating him this year. The PFA viewings are frequently packed if not sold out. Susan Oxtoby believes much of this is due to Bergman’s genius not merely as an innovative film director but because of his lifetime work in, deep study of and love for theater, and because he authored almost all his films’ scripts, and collaborated with a trusted and proven troupe of actors who believed in him and trusted his aesthetic vision. Some students are less interested or perhaps deflected by the autobiographical similarities of the films, or of the religious agony that haunted several of his early films. But many of today’s young adults find his themes rich and multifaceted while older viewers - who remember their reactions to the films’ debuts - are now particularly interested in his techniques and how well crafted the films are. Oxtoby has remarked upon how well his films hold up, further evidenced by this year’s attendance by old and young. Oxtoby says Bergman creatively drew upon and transmuted his life experiences. His theater training and innovation forced him to find the best vehicles for expressing written words. And, one must acknowledge Swedish culture’s emphasis upon nature and location, which almost always has the force of a character in Bergman’s movies.

Linda Rugg

Linda Rugg grew up in Nebraska and “became”

Susan Oxtoby admires Bergman for how he was able to continually develop the quality of his art in collaboration with his crew and actors due to their mutual trust and bond.

Swedish not by heritage or marriage but by studying abroad. She returned to the U.S. and earned her PhD in comparative literature from Harvard. In her work on autobiographies, a chapter focused on August Strindberg, but she also included Bergman because so many of his films had autobiographical elements and he had published several memoirs. Her colleagues urged her to publish a book on the subject and she did. Rugg taught for about 10 years at Ohio State University and in 1999 she was hired by UC Berkeley’s Scandinavian Department. As well-rounded students in art, science and technology, Rugg’s students pursue their careers in many fields but have an appreciation for and skill in interpreting great art. But it can be difficult to get students to engage in Bergman’s themes and black and white films, so Rugg often describes Bergman’s Scandinavian heritage through Strindberg and Ibsen: It is important that students understand Bergman was primarily a dedicated man of the theater, where the emphasis is upon expressing the word (the script). Rugg also enjoys teaching Scandinavian crime fiction, where the emphasis is not merely upon entertainment but also the values inherent in that fictional universe and what those say about a society. And in teaching the history of the immigration of Scandinavians to the U.S., she is naturally concerned with contemporary race and immigration issues. Rugg believes that as an auteur, playwright and director of classic films, Ingmar Bergman will be admired for his depth and insight, and remembered for the brutality of some of his themes or representations but particularly for the beauty of his depictions of people and nature (a very Swedish topic). Rugg took a sabbatical in Sweden and attended Bergman conferences, but her main work was on a new project about two Swedish brothers who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1722. One was a pastor; his younger brother, Gustavus Isellius, accompanied him and became an excellent artist, painting Native Americans with dignity. Stay tuned for her report on the fruition of this project.

art and culture

Linda Rugg believes that above all, Bergman will be admired for his aesthetic - in the staging, the photography, the lighting and sound qualities - as well as in his joyful collaboration with a most superb troupe of actors.

Retrospective in retrospect

Over the course of this Bergman centennial year, I have come to revere Ingmar Bergman and identify favorite films of my own. I have already confessed that The Seventh Seal and The Virgin Spring remain among my favorites, as do the films of the Silence Trilogy (Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light and The Silence). The Hour of the Wolf and From the Lives of the Marionettes still puzzle me and though their themes are garish and nightmarish, I continue to be attracted to plumbing their symbolic meanings. I do enjoy his early work — including his “comedies” and “romances” of the 1940s and 1950s, and not merely to chart his own development. But his mature work, especially Cries and Whispers, The Magic Flute, Persona, and Fanny and Alexander are absolutely beloved favorites, though they might be difficult for initiates. I am continually drawn to Bergman’s later work, for he was a filmmaker who never stopped inventing and an author who continually experimented. Of those I’ve seen so far, my favorites of his late works are: Autumn Sonata, Saraband, and even Faithless. After immersing myself in Ingmar Bergman’s films, commentary, classes, books and visiting specialists, I am even more enthralled with him. This has only whet my appetite. While I love film and drama, I am particularly drawn to communication in the arts, specifically to the written word, which underlies literature and the performing arts, and at the end of this, I will be much more interested in this subject than when I began. That is after all the purpose of both a college and a repertory theater; so I encourage you to both patronize and enjoy a Bergman film. Ted Olsson

Ingmar Bergman himself on set working with the actors for a Christmas scene in Fanny & Alexander, often shown around the holidays and especially this year, the centennial celebration of Bergman’s birth (see this month’s festival screenings, below). Here Bergman himself is on set working with the actors.

The Year of Bergman 2018 celebrates the rich legacy of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday on July 14, 2018. www.ingmarbergman.se

Ingmar Bergman 100 movie screenings California In Berkeley through December, see www.bampfa. org/program/bergman-100-full-circle

Colorado Muenzinger Auditorium, 1905 Colorado Ave, Boulder / www.internationalfilmseries.com 12.4, 7:30 PM: The Seventh Seal 12.5, 7:30 PM: Wild Strawberries 12.6, 7:30 PM: The Virgin Spring 12.7, 7:30 PM: Persona Maine Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Square, Portland / www.portlandmuseum.org 12.13, 6 PM: Wild Strawberries 12.16, 11:30 AM: Wild Strawberries 12.23, 11:30 AM: Fanny & Alexander

Massachusetts Scandinavian Cultural Center, 206 Waltham St., West Newton / www.scandicenter.org 12.15, 1:30 PM: Fanny & Alexander Michigan DIA, 5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit / www.dia.org 12.21, 7 PM: Wild Strawberries + The Virgin Spring 12.22, 3 & 7 PM: The Magic Flute 12.23, 2 PM: Fanny & Alexander

Pennsylvania Bryn Mawr Film Institute, 824 W. Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr / www. brynmawrfilm.org 12.03, 7:15 PM: Through a Glass Darkly 12.10, 7:15 PM: Winter Light


DECEMBER 1, 2018 29

news in brief

Swedish News Sweden best in English

Sweden has once again scored 1st among 88 countries for having a very high proficiency in English, according to the 8th edition of the EF English Proficiency Index, the world’s largest ranking of English skills among non-native speakers. The Nordic country has been in the top 5 since Education First started collecting data in 2011; it’s been in the top spot in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Data across the globe reveals that women tend to achieve better results than men, and non-native English speakers in Europe continuously rank high in the world. EF notes that a high level of English proficiency correlates with an increase in income, quality of life, economic success and innovation. www.ef.se/epi

Increase on home prices

Prices for single-family homes rose two percent over the period August-October compared with the previous three-month period. Compared to the corresponding three-month period last year, house prices rose by one percent, statistics from Statistics Sweden show.

A cashless mobile bank

The mobile bank N26 is now available in Sweden. Founded in Berlin in 2013, N26 has been growing rapidly in European markets, its advantages of choosing a digital bank made clear: It offers free ATM withdrawals, money transfers with no fees, and the lowest currency exchange fees. The freeof-charge N26 standard account or N26 business account apps help track and manage spending, the bank accounts are denominated in euros and come with a free debit Mastercard. N26 customers can organize, withdraw and spend money, and control their finances entirely from their smartphone, a welcomed step in a country that’s on its way to being the first cashless society. N26 is continuing its global growth strategy with a planned launch in the US in the first half of 2019.

Sweden promotes peace

Top American officials’ requests for Yemen peace talks were supported by the UAE in November. The UN-led talks calling for a ceasefire in Yemen will likely be held by the end of the year in Sweden, which offered to host the proposed peace talks. Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström underlines Sweden’s involvement in aiding the victims of the conflict in Yemen, which she says is one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world.

The Swedish Academy

Theology professor Jayne Svenungsson is the latest in a line of people to quit or be forced off the 18-member board of the Swedish Academy since sex-abuse and financial scandals broke last year. The Swedish Academy, the body that awards the Nobel Prize for Literature, has made steps toward recovery after the scandal forced it to postpone this year’s prize. They have elected three new members, but Svenungsson, who will return to focusing on her full-time job at Lund University, is the eighth person to quit.

IKEA express delivery

Ikea is testing to deliver e-commerce goods to smart cabinets from the start up Instabox that provide express deliveries to package cabinets. The cabinets are located in central locations in Stockholm and surrounding areas, Skåne, Västergötland and Gothenburg. According to Instabox, half of Sweden’s population will soon be able to receive express delivery every day of the week. Instabox cabinets are placed at merchants with generous open hours, such as Pressbyrån convenience stores and 7-Elevens, to which the goods are delivered. The customer can then open the box where the product is located using a personal code. By delivering to a box instead of people’s homes, the shippers save time while the pick-up time becomes more flexible for the end customer. It’s IKEA policy to allow the customer to shop where, how and when they want, and the furniture retailer is now evaluating whether Instabox makes e-commerce

Augusta’s Daughter Ever wonder what made so many emigrate from Sweden in the nineteenth century? Judit Martin’s novel, “Augusta’s Daughter,” about 19th century Swedish peasant life made such an impression on us, we decided to offer it to the Nordstjernan readership. call 1.800.827.9333 for your own copy ($24.90 incl. S&H to cont. U.S.). The sequel,


was just released. The story of 15-year-old Elsa-Carolina’s illegitimate daughter Kajsa,who was cast out into the world from a foster home at the age of 8.


Vulnerable Christmas trees

Europe’s Christmas tree farms were hit hard by the summer’s drought, and Scandinavia wasn’t spared, either. Nurseries are reporting everywhere from 30- to 85 percent losses in some areas. Some tree species grow a deeper green in extreme drought, but there is a shortage of the firs and spruces. The effect will continue to be seen – and with higher prices – during the next decade since many small trees suffered or died from drought and fire, and it can take five to 10 years for firs and spruces to grow. more flexible. The delivery option is available to customers in Greater Stockholm from November and if the test goes well, cooperation can be rolled out for customers around Sweden.

Longer trips in electric cars

Sweden is long – close to 1,000 miles from top to bottom. Is it possible to go on a holiday trip through the entire country in an electric car? As the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is being expanded all over the nation, it is becoming easier for electric vehicles to drive longer distances. A recent collaboration between Swedish power supplier E.On and the OKQ8 service stations allows driving without stress. There are already 5,874 public charging stations in Sweden, and the number is growing all the time. You may no longer have to frantically look for a place to charge the car.

Please send me ____ book(s) “Augusta’s Daugheter” x $24.90 = _______ Please send me ____ book(s) “Kajsa” x $24.90 =

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fall 2018 Publication of The Vasa Order of America

Hello Vasa!

We are happy to announce the Vasa Order of America has made the official leap onto social media! We started earlier in 2017 on Facebook, creating the first official social media page, posting and sharing Vasa moments and events throughout the year. We found this page to have a very positive response from our members and we hope to continue and grow our presence on Facebook. We need only one thing to continue our growth: YOU! The Vasa Order needs your positive help and input, including liking and following our page and liking the posts

we share. Most importantly we need YOUR original Vasa content, posting and sharing all things Vasa from your local and district lodges, so we can share with the rest of the Vasa community! We encourage you to take photos at your lodge meetings, of local or district members, social gatherings and activities. This will only help and inspire other lodges and hopefully gather new members to continue Vasa into the future! We also encourage each lodge to create your own Facebook page if you don’t have one already. Appointing a social / continued on p35


dear vasa members,

Image from Gysinge Herrgård (Mansion) just north of Uppsala.

National Archive News

Submit your family stories so they can be preserved in the offical records / p33

archive news » p33

Grand Lodge News

Recognizing the special recipients of the Distinguished Service Award / p34

vasa order news » p36

scholarship information » p37

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and fall. Nancy and I had an enjoyable first official visit to Nordic #708 in Atlanta. The hospitality provided was GREAT. They have a very enthusiastic membership and we appreciated the invitation to visit. Next, we attended Pennsylvania District #9 convention in Erie. The turnout was good, and a very successful convention was held. We also attended a meeting of NY District #4 members coordinated by Lodge Lindbergh #505. The above is in addition to NJ lodges and events. By now you have seen our new website. We need you all

Vasa Order SAY 2018

A Lindsborg and Minneapolis Swede is honored as Swedish American of the Year / p36 local lodge news » p38

to make sure it is up to date with offices and events. Please put your 2019 calendar onto your web page. Members and prospective members always review this for planning purposes. An out-of-date calendar is a turnoff! If you need help on the web please ask. Also, / continued on p34

Holiday greetings

Brothers and sisters across the U.S. and Sweden share holiday wishes

obituaries » p38

swedish news » p45

THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018


At the 17th century Tant Bruns Kaffestuga in Sigtuna, Sweden, named for Elsa Beskov’s character Tant Brun (Aunt Brown) who worked in a kitchen.

It doesn’t seem like a quarter of a year has passed since the last Vasa Star was in everyone’s mailboxes, since the summer when I was on vacation in Sweden with my husband, who was experiencing the motherland for the first time. But months have passed, and while the fall was full of festivals and conventions and activities, plans for many holiday traditions were percolating. In this issue of the Vasa Star, our interest – and need – in keeping present our shared Swedish traditions and culture is clear. Be sure to read the request from our archivist about sharing the stories of our past (page 33) and how social media is now ready for us to cast the net even further among us to share all the good things that are going on; turn back (page 31) for more informa-

Submit Material to vasaeditor@gmail.com

issue highlights

tion on the Vasa Order of America’s official leap into social media. Note: When you are taking photos at your lodge activities to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, send a couple our way, too, and we’ll consider them for print in the next Vasa Star. Nearly all the content of the Vasa Star comes from you, after all. Your high-resolution photos and photo caption suggestions can be directed to vasaeditor@gmail.com My “take away” from the texts on the next pages is that it’s Vasa that makes celebrating possible. It is our Vasa brothers and sisters who, in many cities, are the ones we can be so thankful for, who bring alive the Swedish traditions we enjoy and need during the holidays. Tack så mycket! Thank you to you all – I wish you all God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

when you are making a memorial donation Send your donations to: Vasa National Archives PO Box 101, Bishop Hill, IL 61419

Two strong symbols of the times we’re in.

the vasa star Fall 2018 Vol. 110, No. 4, Serial 850 Published by The Vasa Order of America www.vasaorder.com

in truth and unity, amanda olson robison Norden member June Hess at her Scandinavian store in Kingsburg. /p39

Vasa Star PO Box 13331 Milwaukee WI 53213-0331

Remember the Vasa Archives

Language instructor Annelise Nelson at Nordikids booth in Valparaiso, IN. /p42

For our next issue:

By Jan. 15

Family Tree Släktutredningar

HEADQUARTERS Grand Secretary / Joan Graham 5838 San Jose Avenue Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 526 5512 vasajlg@aol.com Grand Master / Art Bjorkner 31 Vasa Drive, Hackettstown NJ 07840-5314 Phone: (973)426-0776 bjorkner@verizon.net Editor / Amanda Olson Robison

Managing Editor / Liza Ekstrand

I am a member of the Vasa Order in Sweden and an expert in Swedish genealogy. Over the years I have helped many Vasa members to find their roots in Sweden.

Send articles, photos & memorials to: The Vasa Star PO Box 13331 Milwaukee WI 53213-0331 vasaeditor@gmail.com

If you want my help to find your Swedish ancestors, please email me for further information: swedengen@telia.com

Circulation Manager / Joan Graham 5838 San Jose Avenue Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 526 5512 circulationvasastar@gmail.com Send address changes and bottom section of application for new members to Joan Graham.

DONATE to the Education & Scholarship Funds Send your donations to: Vasa Order of America, Joan Graham, Grand Secretary 5838 San Jose Ave., Richmond, CA 94804

Membership Chairman / Ed Netzel 2576 Old Kenmare Rd, Lincoln, CA 95648 edlnetzel@att.net Advertising Call 1.800.827.9333, ask for Vasa Star rates vasaeditor@gmail.com Layout & production: Nordstjernan, Swedish News, Inc.

page 32


Fall 2018 / THE VASA STAR

ARCHIVES NEWS A message from the president of Vasa National Archives Dear Vasa Brothers and Sisters, Our year at the Vasa National Archives in Bishop Hill is winding down as winter approaches. There will still be plenty of guests for the activities and shopping in the village before Christmas and the Archives anticipates many interested visitors. We greatly appreciate the generosity of our members who donated to this year’s Heritage Fundraiser. Those donations are directed toward operational needs. The Julgran Fundraiser is currently underway; the tree is up on the

second level of the Archives and the this celebration. Any donations arriving your personal support and your support bulbs you send with your donations are throughout December and January will of the Vasa Order of America and the placed on the tree as they arrive. Dona- be thankfully accepted. Vasa National Archives. tions to this Fundraiser are earmarked The Vasa National Archives belongs Sheila and I trust you will enjoy for the Archive Preservation Fund un- to all members of the Vasa Order and many joyous family and Vasa events less you specify another area of interest. your continued support of our two an- and make beautiful memories during There is a celebration to thank the nual fundraisers is very important to its this holiday season. Our best wishes to Bishop Hill Community for its support success. We have received several large all of you for a happy, in 2018 as well as the success of the monetary gifts from Vasa members this healthy and prosperJulgran Fundraiser on November 30. year and we hope these Vasa friends and ous coming year. Many Archive Board Members, Mem- members will continue to offer this type bers of Lake Michigan District Lodge of support in the coming year. Please i n tru th a n d u n ity , b i ll lu n d q u is t No. 8, Members of Bishop Hill Lodge remember the Vasa National Archives p g m a n d p res id en t No. 683 and community leaders attend as you update your wills. Thank you for vasa national archives

Greetings from the Vasa National Archives

Upcoming Events

hope the following suggestions will help. Send us: - stories about your greatgrandparents, grandparents, parents, kids or grandkids - stories about your childhood or adulthood - tell us about the games, activities, hobbies or foods you enjoy - share tales about your pets, friends, vacations, holidays, how you met your spouse, college life, or any milestone in your life - How did you learn about Vasa? Did you hold any official or unofficial positions? - Have you been to Sweden to see your ancestral homeland? Did you immigrate?

• Community Craft (Nov. 23-24, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. during Julmarknad) Help the Vasa National Archives make a paper mache pepparkakshus (gingerbread house) while visiting beautiful Bishop Hill. On Friday, we will add layers of paper mache to the holiday craft; painting begins on Saturday. This is a community art project open to all ages. • Closing Reception (Dec. 7-8, 6-9 p.m., during Lucia Nights) Say goodbye to the Swedish Folk Art Exhibit, which will be replaced with a new exhibit on Nordic Fairytales in 2019-20. Coffee and cookies will be available to visitors at the Vasa National Archives for the closing reception.

cluding former jobs if you’re retired), to find your family and answer your and your lodge number. Please send genealogy questions. your family stories to: Vasa National If you have any questions about the Archives, PO Box 110, Bishop Hill, IL collections or the archives, feel free to 61419 or via email to VasaArchivist@ contact us at VasaArchivist@gmail. gmail.com. com or 309-927-3898. For more curThis is a good a moment to remind rent information on Bishop Hill or every Vasa member that your mem- the Vasa National Archives, like us bership allows you an hour of FREE on Facebook.   genealogical research. We have Do you remember the genealogy paseveral resources available at the ar- i n tru th a n d u n ity , pers you submitted? We are scanning k ath y cu f f , m a n ag er - a rch iv is t When you send in your stories, chives and all you need to do is send vasa n atio n al a rch iv es them and putting them online at the us names, dates and Distriktslogen Södra Sverige Nrplaces. 20 The more Distriktslogen Södra Sver your name, address, Upper Mississippi Digital Image Ar- please include information you send, the easier it is birth, occupation (inchive. As of right now, we have 1,400 date and place ofGod Jul och Gott Nytt År God Jul och Gott Ny God Jul och online and have just begun with letter tillönskas alla Vasasyskon tillönskas alla Vasasysk Gott Nytt Årsteadily on this H. We’ll be working for the rest of the year. Executive Board Members: Executive Board Memb I am fascinated with all the inforVasa Order of America mation you have given us. But geneGrand Lodge Olle Wickström Karl Axel Bengtsson Olle Wickström Karl Axel alogists Executive want more thanBoard names, dates and places, so we are coming to you Catherine Nilsson Catherine Bringselius Nil Vasa OrderBringselius of America Grand Lodge Executive Board Grand Master to help William “flesh out”Lundquist the story of your Agneta Västerstjärna Bengt Åberg Agneta Västerstjärna Be family. So many stories are Vice Grand Master Torefamily Kellgren Grand Master Art Bjorkner Vice Grand Secretary Connie Grön Alf Nilsson Lennart NilssonMarlene Patient MEB-Sweden Alf Nilsson Lenna not recorded in theGraham official records, Grand Secretary Joanie Vice Maureen Grand Master John Hanright MEB-Eastern Region Deborah Larsson MEB-Canada Donna Englund Bengtsson Anita Nilsson Maureen Bengtsson Ani tucked awayKeith in archives or lost to time. Grand Secretary Joanie Graham MEB-Midwest Region Tom Cleveland   Grand Treasurer Hanlon   We are asking you to share your famGrand Treasurer Keith Hanlon MEB-Western Region Ed Netzel Vice Grand Secretary Gail Olson ily stories with us and send as many MEB-Eastern Region Art Bjorkner as you want. MEB-Midwest Region Sten Hult This can be a daunting task and we

Olle Wickström Karl Axel Bengtsson Catherine Bringselius Nilsson Agneta Västerstjärna Bengt Åberg Alf Nilsson Lennart Nilsson Maureen Bengtsson Anita Nilsson Executive Board Members: tillönskas alla Vasasyskon

Distriktslogen Södra Sverige Nr 20 God Jul och Gott Nytt År

Olle Wickström Karl Axel Bengtsson Catherine Bringselius Nilsson Agneta Västerstjärna Bengt Åberg Alf Nilsson Lennart Nilsson Maureen Bengtsson Anita Nilsson Executive Board Members: tillönskas alla Vasasyskon

EB-Western Region Wayne Pierson MEB-Canada Doreen Nyroos MEB-Sweden Ulf Alderlöf WWW.VASAORDER.COM

page 33


God Jul och Gott Nytt År

Distriktslogen Södra Sverige Nr 20 God Jul och Gott Nytt År

THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018

GRAND LODGE NEWS Grand Lodge Distinguished Service Award - 2018 The Distinguished Service Emblem is awarded by the Grand Lodge to any lodge member who has made outstanding contributions to the Vasa Order of America. The nomination can be made by a district lodge, its executive board, or by a Grand Lodge member, listing the contributions the member has made to the district and local lodge. The Grand Lodge Executive Board considers and votes on the candidates. Only four awards are presented each Grand Lodge term. Presentations are made at the Grand Lodge Convention or in the member’s home district. Following are the recipients of the Distinguished Service Award for the 2014-2018 term:

Birgitta Kellgren with GM Tore Kellgren.

The Grand Master’s Message (continued from page 31) remember ENTHUSIASM and TV, TV, TV (Talk Vasa). Big news is that NJ District #6 has volunteered to host the next Grand Lodge Convention. The location is Philadelphia, PA, the city of brotherly love, settled by the Swedes (the city colors are still blue and yellow) and the birthplace of the United States. This will be a very exciting convention; start planning to attend (July 2022)! The scholarship applications are online. And the closing date is soon approaching ... In February, Nancy and I will be attending the District #15 Convention; in April it’s District #3 Convention; May is District #6 Convention followed by Districts #19 and 20 in Sweden, and District #18 Alberta in June. A

page 34

busy time, and we are looking forward to representing our Vasa Order. While the holiday season is quickly approaching, it is always important for us to remind ourselves of the true meaning of the celebrations we enjoy. We can get so caught up in the chaos of preparing that we forget how important it is to just enjoy the special moments we are spending with our family and friends. It is my pleasure to wish each of you a happy and healthy Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead. Be sure to enjoy the local bazaars, the tomtes, Lucias and Julgransplundring. God Jul! och Gott Nytt År

Pat Flippan, founding member of Scandia Lodge No. 728 in Prescott, Arizona and helped found Nordic Red Rocks Lodge No. 760 in Sedona, Arizona. Any job that needs doing, Pat is there to do it. During many of the past 40 years, she has held an elected executive board position at the local and district lodge levels and is the district’s expert when it comes to the Constitution and District Bylaws. Birgitta Kellgren, 40-year member of Vasa as a dual member of Svea Lodge No. 348 and Lindbergh Lodge No. 494 in DL Golden Gate No. 12. During that time she has devoted thousands of hours to every activity that has crossed her path, has held elected office in her local lodges and district lodge, including District Master, and is a valuable resource for questions on the Constitution and District Bylaws. Birgitta has been the person-in-charge of the food and the kitchen at her two lodges and has

always been one of the cooks. During the past many years, she has been the “woman behind the man” supporting Tore as he served the Grand Lodge, ultimately as Grand Master. Carol Swanson recently received her 55-year jewel as a member of Enighet Lodge No. 178 in Denver Colorado, DL Rocky Mountain No. 11, but has attended lodge meetings with her parents since she was just a baby. She has held office as the lodge treasurer and as Assistant District Secretary and has organized, coordinated and prepared dinners with a cheerful attitude and smile for everyone. She is very active in lodge meetings and is quick to offer help when and wherever it is needed. Carol always has a positive attitude and is looked up to as a model member of the lodge. JoAnn Thoreen, a 60+ year leader or co-leader of the Vasa Jr. Folk Dancers in Minneapolis MN as well as holder of many elected offices in Stenbock Lodge No. 138 and DL Minnesota No. 7, and delegate to the Grand Lodge. For her tireless efforts to preserve and share with others what was instilled in her as a child and carried on throughout adulthood – love of her ancestry, culture, and tradition in the Vasa Order of America and beyond.

Honorary Life Members

The Grand Lodge in session in Sacramento presented Honorary Life Membership to three Vasa members for their exceptional service to the Vasa Order of America: Grand Treasurer Keith Hanlon, Grand Secretary Joanie Graham, and Webmaster Robert Anderson.

GREETINGS From Hagar No. 721


Fall 2018 / THE VASA STAR

Carol Swanson with DM Bill Strook.

JoAnn Thoreen with DM Antonio Spargo and Vasa Jr. Folk Dancers.

Pat Flippan, seated, with DM Joanne DeMent.

Honorary Life Membership for their exceptional service to the Vasa Order of America was bestowed upon Grand Secretary Joanie Graham ...

Continued from page 31 media director for your local lodge may help in keeping your content organized and up to date on all lodge happenings. When posting all things Vasa on social media, we ask you use the “hashtag” #VasaOrder, or #VasaOrderOfAmerica so it can be easily searched by anyone. In addition to Facebook, we have recently added two other popular social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram! You can find all three accounts under the name Vasa Order Of America or the username @VasaOrderGL, on all three social media accounts. You can also send a private message to us with questions or your content on Vasa Facebook Page, Twitter Page or Instagram page! Please follow and like these official accounts as it will help create WWW.VASAORDER.COM

... and Grand Treasurer Keith Hanlon

a stronger presence on social media. We want to thank the initial Grand Lodge social media director Jack Hanright (recently elected Vice Grand Master) and our newly appointed Grand Lodge social media director, Chad Widman, for their assistance during the last year in getting the Vasa Order of America and the Grand Lodge on board with social media. This is an important part of our future and must be embraced in order to maintain and advance our membership in “keeping with the times.” We look forward to seeing your Vasa related posts and content in the near future! in truth and unity, grand lodge / voa

page 35

THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018

The Swedish American of the Year “One cannot grow up, as I did, in Lindsborg, Kansas, without gaining a deep appreciation for Sweden and the role of Swedish immigrants in building America. My family was quite proudly Swedish-American and celebrated our heritage at family gatherings and in community festivals throughout my life. I’m deeply honored by the decision of the Vasa Order to add me to the list of those who have been named Swedish American of the Year.”

Bruce Karstadt with host Catherine Bringselius Nilsson.

Bruce Karstadt, recipient of the 2018 former SAYs who were attending the Swedish American of the Year award, banquet: 2006 Agneta Nilsson, 2008 was celebrated on August 6 in Växjö, Barbro Osher, 2009 Anne-Charlotte Sweden at a reception where represenHanes Harvey, the governor of Krotatives of the Vasa Order and Växjö nobergs Län Ingrid Burman, and repcommunity warmly welcomed him and resentatives of the American Embassy, his company of 17 persons connected Växjö community, representatives of to the American Swedish Institute as Bruce Karstadt’s speech at Ljuder cultural institutions and museums, board members, staff or ASI members. Church in Småland. the Vasa Order grand lodge, district Since 1990 Bruce Karstadt has been Swedish Institute has a long history of lodges and the local lodge, along with the president and CEO of the American being a link between our two countries. many friends of Bruce Karstadt. It was Swedish Institute (ASI) in MinneBruce Karstadt is a worthy successor, a wonderful mix of people, who had apolis, Minnesota. His dedication to dedicated to the original mission of gathered to give tribute to SAY 2018. bring the intersection of Sweden and ASI. It was quite clear that Bruce was widely America to success has been fruitful. “These past 28 years have been an admired for his magnificent achieveLast year more than 160,000 visitors amazing experience for me, working ments at ASI. (as compared to 40,000 just eight as I do at the intersection of Sweden After the award ceremony Bruce years ago) attended ASI exhibitions and America. There still exists a deep made a speech of thanks . and programs. affection among Swedish-Americans “My thanks to the Vasa Order for the Bruce’s Swedish roots are traced for Sweden,” Bruce said. many years of dedication that it has primarily to Småland and Värmland given in sponsoring this award and – his ancestors came to Lindsborg, for doing so much to link Sweden and Kansas in the late 19th century. The Award ceremony The Swedish American of the Year North America through friendship and American Swedish Institute also has history in Småland. ASI was founded (SAY) award ceremony and banquet good will,” he said. SAY 2009 Anne-Charlotte Hanes in 1929 by Swan J. Turnblad, who was took place at the idyllic Restaurant Harvey finished her tribute speech born near Vislanda, south of Växjö, in Villa Vik outside Växjö. “It is my great pleasure to welcome with a proposal to the audience to 1860. His family immigrated to Vasa, all of you to the Vasa Order banquet in sing “Hälsa dem därhemma.” It was Minnesota in 1868, and Turnblad evenhonor of the Swedish American of the a great finale to the banquet, singing tually became the manager of the very Year 2018, Bruce Karstadt!” said ban- a beloved song on both sides of the successful Swedish-language newspaquet host Catherine Bringselius Nils- Atlantic Ocean. per Svenska Amerikanska Posten. With son in her opening speech. Catherine that success, he built a grand home for also had the pleasure to present three his family and lived there from 1908 until 1929, then turned it over to the American Swedish Distriktslogen Södra Sverige Nr 20 Institute in 1929 to be its headquarters and public museum. tillönskas alla Vasasyskon Swan J. Turnblad made an enormous Executive Board Members: contribution to Olle Wickström • Mats Holmberg • Bo Västerstjärna• Bengt Åberg Sweden and AmeriClaes Johansson• Hans-Åke Rytterdahl • Sandra Eriksson • Ulf Alderlöf ca when he founded ASI. The American Bo Ljungklint • Maureen Bengtsson • Karl-Axel Bengtsson

God Jul och Gott Nytt År

page 36

Minnesota Day

There was also a public event to present the Swedish American of the Year, a celebration called Minnesota Day. It took place in Ljuder, east of Växjö. Traditionally it starts with a Swedish American service at the church in Ljuder, followed by lunch, after which the Minnesota Day program is also in the church. A big audience gathered to meet and hear Bruce Karstadt, who made an excellent speech about his Swedish heritage and American identity. “I will continue to do my best to sustain the good relations that have always marked the ties between Sweden and America,” he said. Minnesota Day and the SAY celebration in Växjö ended with a dinner for Bruce and his American guests, hosted by Governor Ingrid Burman at the governor’s residence in Växjö. catherine bringselius nilsson pdm, chairman say committee

God Jul och Gott Nytt År

Från Bishop Hill Lodge No. 683 Bishop Hill, Illinois


Fall 2018 / THE VASA STAR

Sjölunden Language Camp Awards The Grand Lodge is pleased to announce this year’s Sjölunden Language Camp awards. Bertha Kalm Sjölunden Language Camp Awards were awarded to: Anna Benson, DL #12; Ava Tomky, DL #8; Aubrey Chelich, DL #8; Kristine Pearson, DL #8; Anya Hess, DL #12; Dmitriy Hess, DL #12; Clayton Lekander, DL #8; Katelyn Ogonoski, DL #1

Applications for next year’s awards MUST be postmarked February 10, 2019. Applications are available online at www. vasaorder.com.

Grand Master Art Bjorkner with (L-R) Debbie Larsson, Nancy Bjorkner and Inger Hanright at the 58th biennial convention of Pennsylvania District No 9 on September 28-30, 2018. Submitted by Gary Larson

The Grand Lodge 2019 Scholarship and Essay Contest The Grand Lodge of the Vasa Order of America offers scholarships to member students attending or planning to attend institutions of higher education.

Applicants for the above scholarships must have become a Vasa member prior to February 15, 2018.

To be eligible, the following items must be postmarked no later than February 15, 2019 to be considered. 1. Completed application with enclosures MUST be postmarked no later than 15 February 2019. 2. Complete “OFFICIAL” transcripts of grades through the first half of the senior year for high school students or fall semester of current academic year for college students. 3. Current passport style photo headshot (at least 4”x6”) or email a digital headshot photo to vgm@vasaorder.org 4. A letter of recommendation from applicant’s Local Lodge with date of initiation. 5. Letters of recommendation from two personal references dated 2019. 6. A letter of reference from your Dean, Principal, Teacher or Counselor, dated 2019. 7. An original, typed essay, not to exceed 1,000 words. Cannot have been submitted in prior years.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


AWARDS ARE PAYABLE TO the institution in which the student is enrolled or accepted for enrollment. To qualify for the College or Vocational School Scholarship, a student needs to be enrolled in an accredited vocational school or institution of higher learning, taking no less than six (6) credits per semester or eight (8) credits per quarter in the academic year immediately following the award. In extraordinary circumstances, on petition to the Grand Lodge Scholarship Committee, payment may be postponed for a period not to exceed two years.

God Jul och

Gott Nytt År!

Applications are available at the Vasa website until January 15, 2019.

Please put in one envelope if possible

Choose an essay subject from the following list:

Grand Master Art & Björkner Family

Moving? Be sure to send address changes to: circulationvasastar@gmail.com


What do you consider to be a role youth can and should play in Vasa? If you have visited a Nordic Country, what was the most impressive element of your visit and why? Explain the differences in Nordic music written by Sibelius, Kalle Jularbo and ABBA and which best suits you. How would you describe how social programs differ from each other in the Nordic countries? Describe the various economies of the Nordic countries and compare their success. Within the Nordic countries, choose what is a most popular tourist attraction, and provide your thoughts on its appeal. What Nordic invention appeals to you as being most important to mankind and why?

John Hanright, Vice Grand Master 47 Scandia Rd Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Phone: (973) 262-2412 E-mail: vgm@vasaorder.org

page 37

THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018


Thule No. 127 jamestown/bemus point, ny

/ Fall is upon us and our activities are now indoors. At the fall meeting, vice chairman Susan W. Sipos talked about Halloween in Sweden. The Swedish people love to dress up and party, and this is one time of the year for that. The Swedes also observe All Saints’ Day by putting candles and flowers in cemeteries. Our events have been set with the annual Dopp i Gryta being held in the mid-December. There will be no meetings during the winter months of January and February. We at the Thule Lodge wish everyone a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year in 2019. submitted by john sipos

“Is there Halloween in Sweden?” Thule Lodge Vice Chairman Susan W. Sipos says yes, the custom began in 1900s with people carving turnips and putting candles in them. Pumpkins were introduced later.

potomac, md / A young member, Ashley Mullinax, was one of the Swedish Americans on this year’s season of Swedish television’s “Allt för Sverige” (The Great Swedish Adventure). Both Ashley and her grandmother Karla Dirst This season’s cast in the Swedish reality show, have been members of Drott Lodge for Allt för Sverige, includes Ashley Mullinax from Drott Lodge #168 - in the black dress, front several years. Ashley was not the final row, left. competition winner but she says her experience was incredible and a won- great-great-grandmother and learn new derful opportunity to connect with the details about my family history. When I ancestors she knew little about. wasn’t traveling, filming, and compet“The show was looking for adventur- ing, I spent a lot of time in Stockholm, ous Americans with Swedish heritage immersed in the culture. I had the most that were interested in discovering incredible adventure in Sweden, and their roots. I decided to apply because I have Drott Lodge to thank for this visiting Sweden and learning about once in a lifetime opportunity and these my ancestry has always been a dream unforgettable experiences.” of mine. My dream came true. I was The show is very popular in Sweden selected to be on the show’s 8th season and airs every Sunday this fall; it can and spent a month in Sweden, traveling be seen in the United States on Youtube. all over the country. During my time there, I was able to visit the home of my submitted by linda smith

Enighet No. 178 denver, co

Local Lodge Enighet 178 met for the annual picnic at Grand Lodge Deputy/ Dist. Master Bill and Karin Strook’s house. Clockwise from front left: Dist. 11 Secretary Margie Hausburg, Past Grand Lodge Officer/Chairman Roland Nilsson, Randy Ward, Margaretha Magnusson, Rec. Secretary Carolyn Perley, Past District Master 11 Ken Perley, Brian Magnusson, Master of Ceremonies Charles Wood, Cultural Leader Marie-Louise Wood, Inner Guard Raija Nilsson, Cheryl Word and Karin Strook. Submitted by Bill Strook

IN MEMORIAM Memorial Notices should be mailed with check or money order to The Vasa Star, PO Box 13331, Milwaukee, WI 53213-0331. Email: vasaeditor@gmail.com. The fee is $10 - max. 40-45 words, and $25 for longer obituaries of 50-120 words. All notices must be typed and in a format similar to what you see here. NO newspaper clippings. If you submitted an obituary and it is not listed here, please resubmit to be included in the following issue.


RUDY SUND, 89, of Camrose, Alberta, died in October 2018. He was predeceased by his parents Anna and Ottar, brothers Vernor and Roger, granddaughter Tayler Anna Newman, and his second wife Mavis. He will be lovingly remembered by his daughters Gayle (Joe Sullivan) and Janine, sons Murray and Douglas, his first wife Sonja, grandchildren Jesse and Cara, sister Carol Patterson, Mavis’s children Cathy, Linda and Dave, as well as many extended family members and friends. Rudy enjoyed travel, golf, swimming and

page 38

cards. He was an Honorary Life Member 1963. She was a very active member. Her of Local Lodge Skandia No. 549 in Ed- daughter Candice joined in January 1983, monton, having joined on October 3, 1954. and grandson Adam plans to join soon; Joe-Harbor will have had three generations of Conleys. Vasa forever! GEORGIA MARGARETA HAMMARSTRÖM, 92, died June 18, 2018 in Marietta. She was a charter member of Nordic Lodge 708 in Atlanta. She was born in Väderstad, Östergötland, Sweden. In 1956 she accepted a position at Emory Hospital as a technical specialist and retired in 1990. Margareta loved the outdoors and owned a cabin in Blue Ridge. She went skiing in Colorado and even rafted the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. She also sailed as a crewmember with friends in the Caribbean. Margareta was an accomplished bowler and bowled until she was 91. She is survived by two nephews, Anders and Torsten Hammarström, and a niece, Ewa Skeppstedt, in Sweden. MICHIGAN

FRANCES MARY VICTORIA CONLEY, June 13, 1929 - September 17, 2018. Fran was born in LaPorte, IN. She joined Joe-Harbor Lodge No. 534 in December

FRANCES M. CONLEY (nee Johnson), 89, died September 17, 2018, at Masonic Pathways in Alma. She lived in Harbert, MI for 63 years until her move in 2017 to Masonic Pathway where she was lovingly cared for by the staff after having a stroke. She was a member of Joe-Harbor No. 534 for 55 years. Frances will be missed by her son Robert Conley (JoNeil), daughters Candice Conley, Suzanne Kohs (Ken), and Diane Innes (Cameron), seven grandchildren and two great-grandsons. She was preceded in death by her husband Robert Conley, who died in 1997, her parents Alfred and Vendla Johnson, and her brother Kenneth Johnson. Fran will be remembered for her beautiful smile and love of her Swedish heritage. She enjoyed every reason to celebrate her family and will be missed so much. OHIO

NANCY FAYMON (nee Jacobson) 85, died September 10, 2018. She joined

Nobel-Monitor in Cleveland, Ohio on December 14, 2011. ELNA FRAVEL (nee Freeburg) 90, died September 28, 2018. She was an active Nobel-Monitor member since December 10, 1985. OREGON

KRISTI KIENBERGER, age 58, died with her family by her side August 18, 2018 in Astoria. Kristi joined Nobel Lodge No. 184 June 21, 2014. Though with us for a short time, her warmth, willingness and smile are truly missed. TEXAS

Dr. Vera Littlejohn died October 31, 2018. She was a former president of Carl Gustaf XVI No. 716, and also participated in lodges in California and Illinois. Vera, our Viking history woman, will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Sov i ro kära vän!


Fall 2018 / THE VASA STAR

Bessemer No. 203

At the ballgame - the Lipperts family.

An evening game at the Chicago Windy City Thunderbolts ballgame with the Kilstrom family of Bessemer Lodge No. 203.

At the ball game - the Gershon family.

submitted by chris kilstrom

Bessemer members enjoyed a summer afternoon on Vice Chairman Susan Nilsson’s boat on Lake Michigan: Front (L-R) Ray, Amy and Ruth Lippert, Barb Olson; Back (L-R) Susan Nilsson, Pat Pelzman, Hailey and Layla Gershon, Jim Pelzman

Brahe No. 245 Brahe’s corn boil in August with (clockwise from bottom left): Dave Tollin, Roy Ylitalo, Don Erickson, Angie Erickson, Gary Johnson, Vivian Anderson and Will Rottman.

rockford, il

/ We held our annual corn boil in August. Fall plans include a visit to the Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, a trip to the apple orchard, and a visit to Bishop Hill with members of Linde Lodge. submitted by gary johnson

Svenska Kids Music Club No. 211 kingsburg, ca

/ Nestled in central California is the small city of Kingsburg, AKA “Little Sweden.” It is home to the annual Kingsburg Swedish Festival, in which Norden Lodge #684 members are very involved and visitors enjoy a Swedish pancake breakfast, parade, decorating the Maypole, Swedish dancing and so much more! Norden member June Hess, who carries a huge selection of Swedish goods at Svensk Butik Gift Shop, works tirelessly to ensure the festival is a success every May. If you would like to experience Sweden culture, plan on traveling to Kingsburg - we would love to see you any time of year. You will not be disappointed! www.kingsburgchamber.com submitted by jaylene morgan


The Svenska Kids Musik Club dancers.

Carole Sell and Monica Shipley of Norden Lodge #684.

page 39

THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018

Linde No. 492 milwaukee, wi / Fall meetings kicked

off with a traditional kräftskiva at Ekstrand’s house, sporting about 50 guests. Members from other lodges came for the event, as did some family members and friends. Ikea’s kräftor were unavailable, so that was disappointing, but the baked crayfish cookies became a new favorite. A wonderful trip to Bishop Hill in September was a lot of fun, with culture and fellowship, and then in October we had our most successful Scandinavian Festival in at least 12 years! Everyone is welcome to Linde’s Christmas Brunch on December 2 and Lucia Celebration on December 9. We have a business/installation meeting on January 19 but will take a break in February. Call/email Liza for additional info at 262.366.9152 or lekstrand@wi.rr.com. Now we are trying to secure a location for the DL 8 Convention that Linde 492 & Brahe 245 will co-host in 2021. submitted by liza ekstrand

Phoenix No. 677 phoenix, az / October was outstanding this year - usually one of the driest months, we were blessed with generous amounts of rain and cooler temperatures than anticipated. Our bakers were in full swing for our cookie walk and Jul Bazaar on December 10 at which our lodge also offered authentic Swedish yellow pea soup for an enjoyable lunch. Our Lucia Pageant is on December 8, at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church.

At Wisconsin’s indoor Scandinavian Festival this fall, Linde served the most popular food plates: Swedish meatballs and pancakes.

Crayfish cookies were the memorable favorite at Linde’s 2018 kräftskiva. Linde’s trip to Bishop Hill included dinner together.

Young people are always welcome to be part of the pageant ... Star Boys and Tomte add to the procession and stage presence. Also featured will be a Christmas tree with shaker treats, glögg, a delicious smörgåsbord and even Jultomten. Guests are welcome. Contact Judy Ahlberg for more information and reservations at 2ahlberg2@gmail.com. Thanks to all members who volunteered to steer our lodge through 2019. To all we wish happy holidays and a healthy 2019.

Russell and Svea Peterson on Åland, where Svea was born and raised. Åland is an island in the Baltic archipelago which has a Swedish/ Finnish history and is now governed independently.

submitted by romy solomonson

Vinland No. 703 cape cod, ma

Our special openfaced sandwiches for our anniversary party by Sharyl Bales, Marylin Johnson and June Ostrom.

page 40

/ In September, Cultural Leader Kajsa Brimdyr shared information about “Scandinavian Sundays,” a series of music and dance workshops. We were also introduced to the book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson, and Dorothy Kean presented “A Systematic Recording of Scandinavian Recollections,” after which members were encouraged to use file cards to write about their families, social

events, foods and many other topics. In October, Svea and Russell Peterson shared the experiences of their summer trip to Sweden, and an election of officers was conducted in November. Our annual Luciafest is 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 9 at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Harwich, MA. The Lucia program will be followed by traditional music, dancing and refreshments of Swedish coffee bread and cookies. submitted by dorothy ann ellner kean



Fall 2018 / THE VASA STAR

Norden No. 684

fresno, ca / Our 50th anniversary dinner in September was a great success with great company and good food. The October meeting was exciting with the company and dancing of our new members of the “Svenska Kids Musik Club.” Afterward we had a pizza party with salads and desserts, and we discussed our December Lucia Program.

submitted by clyda dehn Above right: Norden No. 684 group photo from fall 2018. Sven-Ove Westberg, our District Master of Golden Gate No. 12 from Sveaborg Lodge, attended with his wife Rose-Marie. Right: Svenska Kids Musik Club

Oak Leaf Lodge No. 685 thousand oaks, ca

/ We celebrated Oak Leaf’s 50th anniversary with a buffet dinner at the Palm Garden Hotel in September. Seventy Vasa members from Southern California lodges and members’ guests attended this event. DL No. 15 DM Bertil Winther gave an encouraging speech about Vasa and the lodge. Charter members Maryann Kenyon, Lorraine Olsson and Aina Dackow were presented with their 50-year membership pins.

submitted by ken kenyon jr.

Göran Rygert (left) and GM Art Björkner DL No. 15 DM Bertil Winther giving an encouraging speech about Vasa and Oak Leaf Lodge No. 685 at its 50th anniversary.

/ September’s annual Scandinavian Fest in Budd Lake, NJ is the largest Nordic event in the East. The allday celebration includes Nordic customs and history (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Estonia) with folk dancing, music, lectures, games, and food. Another meeting in September began with a pizza, then we played bingo Stenland No. 727, standing (L to R): Ingrid Allison, Ken Olson, Karen Snowberg, Betty Langberg, George Langberg, Beatrice Rasmussen, Robert Rasmussen, Susan Olson, Anna which is fun for Maria Olsson, Ingrid Anderson. Seated (L to R): Ben Mazer, Martha Torres, Lori Senner. everyone and

Stenland No. 727


central nyack , ny

Nordic No. 708

atlanta, ga

/ The Nordic Lodge celebrated its 44th anniversary with distinguished guests Grand Master Art Björkner and first lady Nancy. This was their first visit to a local lodge – just as it was four years ago for Art’s predecessor Tore Kellgren. Professor Jay Lutz spoke about his experience as a delegate to the summer’s Grand Lodge convention in Sacramento, California. He shared information about the activities of lodges across the U.S, Canada and Sweden; he told about the group of new delegates, including himself, who were initiated into the Grand Lodge for the first time and about chairing the Membership Committee. The Grand Master added to Jay’s comments about getting new members and plans for the future. submitted by göran rygert

had a report from Karen Snowberg about the Grand Lodge Convention in California. In October was a potluck dinner, and our November agenda includes making special treats for the children who attend our Lucia. Last year we had 34 children participating. This year our Lucia program takes place at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Pearl River, NY at 2 p.m. on December 2. Refreshments will be served, $10/adults, free/under age 16. We invite everyone to join us for this special cultural event. submitted by ingrid allison

page 41


THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018

Nordikids Children’s Club No. 208

munster, in / Vasa Children’s Club has been busy with rehearsals for our Luciafest on December 2. This year, there are 18 members who range in age from 3 to 21. The Lucia Queen is Ashlyn Sinwelski, who is turning 10 in December. Her mother, Lynnea is the musical director for the group. The group will also be performing in Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry annual Christmas Around the the World exhibit on November 24 (Thanksgiving weekend) at 12:25 p.m. The museum hosts trees from over 40 different countries, and thousands of visitors come each year to see them and hear the performances from many countries; Nordikids will be representing Sweden as they sing songs of Lucia and the holiday season.

submitted by lynda smith

The 2018 Nordic Kids group.

Nordik Folk No. 761

December 17 is a glögg making party at the home of Chairman Herb Smith. And the highlight of the season will be our annual Luciafest, held jointly with the Nordikids with a performance by the Children’s Club, as well as a Family Style (Swedish inspired) luncheon with craft sales, raffles for adults and children, and dancing around the tree! This event is held at Wicker Park Social Center

in Highland, Indiana (conveniently located one mile south of I-80/94 near the IN/IL state line). Reservations are required: Please RSVP to Lynda Smith 219-741-8875 or LAMSMITH@HOTMAIL.COM..

GOD JUL OCH GOTT NYTT ÅR to all our Vasa friends from Local Lodge SVEA No. 296

GOD JUL OCH GOTT NYTT ÅR önskar vi er alla Linde Lodge No. 492 Milwaukee, WI

munster, in / We are busy gearing up to host the 2019 District No. 8 convention in May of 2019. Fundraising is already in full force as lodge members cooked and sold food at the Apples/Apples fest.

Logen Nobel No. 184 Önskar alla God Jul och Gott Nytt År

GOD JUL OCH GOTT NYTT ÅR To all our VASA friends from District Lodge Golden Gate No. 12

God Jul och Gott Nytt År

From Bessemer Lodge No. 203 Oak Lawn, Illinois To all our Vasa friends and family

God Jul och Gott Nytt År Greetings from District Lodge Arizona No. 21

Gayle Anderson – District Master Mia Ackley – Vice District Master Lillian More – District Secretary Nancy Anderson – Asst. District Secretary June Ostrom - District Treasurer Anne Levig – District Cultural Leader Sandra Fogarty – District Historian Carl Bender - District Chaplain

page 42

James Pelzman, Chairman Susan Nilsson, Vice Chairman Christine Kilstrom, Recording Secretary Pat Pelzman, Asst. Rec. Secretary Barbara Olson, Financial Secretary Linda Tylk, Treasurer Svea Agner, Guard Britt Nilsson, Past Chairman Brian Anderson, Trustee Ruth Lippert, Auditor

submitted by lynda smith

Celebrating 97 Years And wishing all our Vasa Friends God Jul och Gott Nytt År from Framåt Lodge No. 405 El Cerrito, California

God Jul

och Gott Nytt År Norden Lodge No. 1 CT District No. 1 Where it all began


Fall 2018 / THE VASA STAR


God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar Ulf och Ingegerd Alderlöf SLD/FÖM DL 20 LL Ronneby # 630

VASA National Archives Bill Lundquist, President Bruce Elfvin, Vice President Karen Snowberg, Secretary Keith Hanlon, Treasurer Tore Kellgren, Board Member Art Björkner, Board Member Tom Cleveland, Board Member Jack Hanright, Board Member Charlotte Börjesson, Board Member Sten Hult, Board Member Emeritus Kathy Cuff, Archivist

God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar från Tom & Susan Cleveland Members of Viljan No 349 & DL 8

God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar Berit och Hans Bogren LL Höganäs # 634

Merry Christmas & Gott Nytt År from Mary Ann Nichelini and family Members of Tegner No. 149

God Jul och Gott Nytt År tillönskas alla Vasasyskon Agneta och Bo Västerstjärna DS - DL Nr 20 LL Skåne #570

God Jul och Gott Nytt År Till alla Vasa Vänner Lynda & Herb Smith - Munster, IN Members of Nordik Folk No. 761

God Jul och Gott Nytt År tillönskas alla Vasasyskon Göran och Catherine Bringselius Nilsson DHM DL 20, LL Carl von Linné #678

God Jul och Gott Nytt År Hans & Ingrid Rytterdahl MDER DL 20 Södra Sverige LL Ronneby # 630

God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar Knut Rosenkvist DHM DL 20 & LL Höganäs # 634

God Jul och Gott Nytt År tillönskas alla Vasasyskon Logen Höganäs # 634

God Jul och Gott Nytt VasaÅr tillönskas alla Vasavänner Ann-Margreth Ericsson, Björn Ericsson, Mikael Arborelius LL Ronneby # 630

God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar Mats & Heidi Holmberg VDM DL 20 & KP

God Jul och Gott Nytt År tillönskas alla Vasasyskon Logen Filbyter # 714

God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar Claes & Karin Johansson VDS DL 20/PS och LL Nybyggarna # 698

God jul och Gott Nytt VasaÅr tillönskas alla Vasasyskon DL Norra Sverige #19

Logen Tomelilla # 631 Önskar alla GOD JUL OCH GOTT NYTT


page 43

THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS God Jul och Gott Nytt År to all our Vasa friends from

District Lodge Pennsylvania No. 9 Julie Lynn Olson – District Master Darlene Nelson – Vice District Master Pat Bellingham – District Secretary Lisa Jacobson – Assistant District Secretary Richard Erickson – District Treasurer Bo Carlsson – Member Executive Board Arne Dunhem – Member Executive Board Marit Knollmueller – District Cultural Leader Karen Chilcote – District Historian Berit Benacci – District Chaplain Nobel-Monitor Lodge No. 130 - Cleveland, OH Drott Lodge No. 168 - Washington, DC/Maryland Svea Lodge No. 296 - Erie, PA

God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar Maureen och Göte Bengtsson SLKL-Sverige / KL och LL Småland # 618


Wishes to all Vasa Friends from District Lodge Lake Michigan No. 8 DM Lynda Smith • VDM Gene Kiesel DS Lois Klubens • DT Linda Christensen ADS Ashley LeBlanc • HFS Linda Tylk DCL Sue Cleveland • DLYS Michael Pearson Jr. EBM’s Timothy Ogrentz • Katie Westlund DH Marianne Ekstrand PDM Nancy Hult

God Jul och Gott Nytt År From Cape Cod Vinland Lodge 703

God Jul och Gott Nytt År tillönskas alla Vasasyskon Bo & Heléne Ljungklint DKL DL 20 LL Tomelilla # 631

GOD JUL och GOTT NYTT ÅR FRIHET LODGE No. 401 Ballard, Washington

GOD JUL To all our Vasa friends from Thule Lodge No. 127 Jamestown, NY

God Jul from Tegner Lodge No. 149 Celebrating 110 years in Oakland, Ca

God jul och Gott Nytt VasaÅr tillönskas alla Vasavänner Olle o Marie Wickström DM DL 20 / LL Skåne # 570

page 44

Logen Kärnan # 608, Helsingborg önskar GOD JUL OCH GOTT NYTT ÅR

Logen Ronneby # 630

önskar sina Vasasyskon och vänloger En God Vasa Jul och ett Gott Nytt Vasa År

God Jul och Gott Nytt År to all our Vasa friends from Phoenix Lodge No. 677

GOD JUL & GOTT NYTT ÅR Alla Underbara VASA Vänner Liza and Ekstrand Family Milwaukee WI Members of Linde No. 492

God Jul och Gott Nytt År Linnea Lodge No. 504 Petaluma, CA


Fall 2018 / THE VASA STAR

SWEDISH NEWS Göteborg No. 452

Skåne No. 570

göteborg, sweden / This is an early notice that Göteborg No. 452 will celebrate its 95th anniversary on September 7, 2019 in Göteborg. Welcome! The first lodge in Sweden was established in Göteborg in September 1924. From the Grand Lodge participated Johannes and Helga Hoving. They travelled over the Atlantic onboard M/S Drottningholm. Visit www. vasaorden.com for more information.

malmö, sweden /Logemöte i september med efterkapitlet Räk- och Kräftafton, eller vad du vill äta. Det har blivit en uppskattad tradition att göra så på septembermötet. Stämningen var på topp och vishäften fanns till hands för alla. Sedvanliga dragningar gjordes i gruppens lotteri och medlemslotteriet. På tal om kräftskiva, så såg jag ett facebookinlägg från en släkting i Minnesota som var på kräftskiva på American Swedish Institute i Minneapolis. De hade jättetrevligt och sjöng visor på svenska, men visste inte vad de sjöng. Får se om jag får tillfälle att översätta till henne en gång. Detta inlägg kommer i julutgåvan, så Glad Jul till er alla!

submitted by torsten olsson

submitted by bo västerstjärna

Tre glada systrar lärde oss hur en snapsvisa ska sjungas. Till vänster: Skånelogens kräftafton.

Emigranternas Hus (The House of Emigrants) in Gothenburg. From this building 1,000,000 emigrants began their journey to America 1860-1920.

Lidköping No. 636 lidköping, sweden / Logen har arrangerat en temakväll om musik och kultur i den amerikanska Södern. Syftet var att värva nya medlemmar. Ett 100-tal personer hälsades välkomna av br. Einar, som också nämnde något om Vasaorden. Därefter presenterade br. Jan-Erik foton och filmer från sin rundresa i den amerikanska Södern. Det första stoppet gjordes i countryns hemstad Nashville. Där besökte man Grand Ole Opry och lyssnade till flera artister. Country Music Hall of Fame innehåller samlingar inom countrymusiken. Memphis var nästa stopp. Där ligger Graceland, ett nationellt minnesmärke över Elvis Presley och hans musik. Man gjorde också ett besök vid Sun Records. Det är ett klassiskt skivbolag där många berömda artister som Johnny Cash har spelat in musik. Husbandet spelade därefter några rocklåtar. Br. JanErik avslutade rundresan i New Orleans. I staden pågick French Quarter


Festival. På gator och torg spelades olika slags musik, främst jazz. Flera berömda jazzmusiker kommer från staden, bl.a. Louis Armstrong. Sedan avslutade husbandet sin musikaliska resa med att spela några traditionella jazzlåtar. Den unika temakvällen har genomförts med bidrag från Distriktslogen, Dina Försäkringar och Vuxenskolan. Storlogen har inte lämnat något bidrag. submitted by jan-erik björk

Jan-Erik Björk presenterar Musik och Kultur i den Amerikanska Södern. Husbandet “Step by Step” spelade country, rock and roll och jazz.

page 45

THE VASA STAR / Fall 2018

SWEDISH NEWS Höganäs No. 634 höganäs, sweden / Efter ett förhållandevis kort logemöte var det dags för Brödernas efterkapitel 20 oktober. Ett efterkapitel = kräftskiva. Lokalen hade dekorerats med girlanger, lyktor i taket och färgglatt dukade bord. Bröderna, utklädda till fiskargubbar serverade fantastiska kräftor och välsmakande räkor från en skottkärra. I ljudet av smaskandet från kräftätandet och sång från snapsvisor steg stämningen snabbt. När kräftor och räkor var uppätna var det dags för nästa överraskning. Till kaffet var bjöds det på en variant av Pomp and Circumstance. Till musiken av ”Land of Hope and Glory” kom Bröderna in med flaggor och ballonger. Brödernas entré och musiken lockade alla att stå upp, sjunga, vifta med flaggor och smälla ballonger. Stämningen var som vid Last Night of the Proms i Royal Albert Hall. Bröderna belönades med långa och varma applåder. Därefter var det dags för dans och lottdragning. Även de som inte vann något vid lottdragningen gick hem med ett leende på läpparna efter ett mycket uppskattat Brödernas afton Nästa möte blir Högtidsmöte 17 november. Med dessa rader vill jag och logen Höganäs önska alla Vasa-vänner GOD JUL och ett GOTT NYTT ÅR.

submitted by ola sandberg

Br. Åke Sennström och Br. Berne Jönsson.

Glada kräftätare: Br. Ola Sandberg, Sy. Eva-Marie Carlsson och Br. Leif Larsson.

Knallen No. 745 borås, sweden

Fyra nya medlemmar här tillsammans med CM Helge Karlsson, Göran och Elisabet Hedblom, Ordf Kristina Dahlberg-Andersson, Monica Johansson, Barbro Perlerot, CM Bengt Wingborn.


Jag hoppas att alla har haft en härlig sommar och höst. Nancy och jag hade ett trevligt första officiellt besök på Nordic #708 i Atlanta. Vi möttes av en makalös gästfrihet. Medlemmarna är mycket entusiastiska och vi uppskattade att bli inbjudna för vårt besök. Därefter deltog vi i Distriktsmötet Pennsylvania District #9 i Erie. Många medlemmar deltog och det hölls ett mycket framgångsrikt distriktsmöte. Vi deltog också i ett möte med NY District #4’s medlemmar som organiserades av Lodge Lindbergh #505. Ovanstående är utöver logemöten och aktiviteter på hemmaplan, i New Jersey. Vid det här laget har du nog sett vår nya hemsida. Nu måste alla granska informationen om era loger, verifiera att allt är korrekt och tjänstemän och aktiviteter upp-

page 46

daterade. Lägg upp er kalender för 2019 på er webbsida. Medlemmar och potentiella medlemmar tittar på informationen här för att planera. En icke uppdaterad kalender är en missad möjlighet! Om du behöver hjälp på webben, fråga. Kom också ihåg att vara ENTUSIASTISK och TV, TV, TV (Tala Vasa). En stor nyhet är att NJ District #6 har erbjudit sig att vara värd för nästa Grand Lodge Konvention. Den kommer att hållas i Philadelphia, PA, Staden om Broderlig Kärlek, som först befolkades av svenskar (stadens färger är fortfarande blått och gult) och Förenta Staternas vagga. Detta kommer att bli en mycket spännande konvention; börja planera ditt deltagande (juli 2022)! Ansökningsformulär för stipendierna är online. Och förfallodatumet närmar sig ... I februari kommer Nancy & jag att delta i Distriktsmötet för #15, i april Distriktsmötet för #3, i maj Distriktsmötet för

#6, följt av Distriktsmöten för #19 & 20 i Sverige och District #18 i Alberta, Kanada i juni. En hektisk tid, och vi ser fram emot att representera vår Vasa Orden. Medan helgerna kommer närmare är det viktigt för oss att bli påminda om den sanna meningen med de firanden vi njuter av. Vi kan bli så överväldigade av kaoset av förberedelser, att vi glömmer hur viktigt det är att bara njuta av de speciella stunder vi spenderar tillsammans med familj och vänner. Det glädjer mig att önska var och en av er en glad och hälsosam jul och ett gott nytt år framöver. Glöm inte att njuta av de lokala basarerna, Tomtarna, Luciafiranden och Julgransplundring. God Jul och Gott Nytt År! i sanning och enighet, art bjorkner, grand master

/ Verksamheten under året har varit framgångsrik. Vi har behållit vårt medlemsantal runt 100, några har fallit ifrån, andra har kommit till. Årets vårutflykt i maj gick till Hornborgasjön och trakterna däromkring och avslutades hos logemedlemmarna familjen Wingborn på Ågården, där en helstekt gris med tillbehör väntade. Hösten har börjat och vid första logemötet efter sommaren kunde vi hälsa fyra nya medlemmar välkomna till vår krets. Kontakterna med vår vänloge Diana/Birger Jarl Nr 3 fortsätter och vi utbyter regelbundet information om våra verksamheter. Vi har berättat om Birger Jarl, vem han var, när han levde och vad han uträttade för Sverige, vilket blev mycket uppskattat. En kokbok med recept på gamla svenska maträtter har skickats över. De flesta rätterna kan man laga, problemet är bara att få fram råvaror till björnstek! Under året har vår egen Knallekör åter blivit aktiv och förhöjt stämningen vid våra sammankomster. I dagarna har vi haft vårt oktobermöte, där stadsarkitekt Rickard Mattsson talade om Borås utbyggnad på både längden och höjden. Det finns en viss likhet med Manhattan, även om våra skyskrapor stannar på beskedliga 15-20 våningar. Nu återstår två sammankomster: ThanksGiving med kalkon och presidentens proklamation och så kommer julsammankomsten med Lucia. submitted by hans holmqvist



The CITY barware collection from Orrefors consists of crystal glass barware and stainless steel accessories that embodies modern Scandinavian design. Inspired by city lights, the cuts on the surface create a bold and masculine, yet elegant and refined feeling. Event ends 12/24/2018. Visit our website www.orrefors.us for more details and store listings.

THE EXPERIENCE BEGINS IN SWEDEN VOLVO OVERSE AS DELIVERY Personalize the Volvo of your choice and receive two round-trip plane tickets to Volvo’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Pick up your car from the country that inspired its design and then set off on an unforgettable adventure. The land of Volvo – and beyond – is yours to explore. For more information, visit your local Volvo dealer or call (800) 631–1667. Check out volvocars.com/us/mybagsarepacked

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