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Midsummer table delicacies

Part of every smörgåsbord and at midsummer more than just an appetizer: sillen, the herring dishes. The herring is much more than the opener for the traditional smörgåsbord. Eaten with new potatoes, sour cream and dill and followed by a couple ice-cold snaps, marinated herring or inlagd sill, herring is often the main dish when Swedes celebrate the summer solstice at Midsummer. In recent years some Midsummer revelers stick to the readily available Matjes herring filets, which can be found at most Scandinavian specialty stores of German or Dutch origin. As a true American with Scandinavian blood you may want to try your hand at making your own. Opinions do vary when it comes to herring, however, as you’ll find out in our section on how the smörgåsbord was first received by some international travelers. / Pages 14-17 and 27

There is so much going on Swedes in San Francisco In the late 1800s Swedish immigrants in San Franin Swedish America There are many locations in Swedish America that boast all the things we want to know about – throughout the pages of every issue are ads from wonderful businesses and organizations who cater to the demographic that is our readership. In this issue specifically, it’s also clear there are many other kinds of Scandinavian and Swedish destinations in America – from the old and new dining establishments to the many museums and parks that are the sites of all the Midsummer celebrations. And there’s so much more, after all, whenever at least two or three Swedish Americans are gathered together and celebrating their heritage, it’s an event. Nordstjernan reports on all of it. And given the increase in letters and comments we receive (p12), you’re still noticing – even after 145 years!

cisco dreamed of a community site that would bring together all the Swedes scattered about the city, and the Swedish American Hall Building Committee was created. In 1906 the earthquake shook San Francisco to its foundations, but the Swedes were already mobilized, and shortly after the quake they located the perfect location for their new hall on upper Market Street. Swedish-born architect and society member August Nordin would design it, a masterpiece among several other Swedish buildings in the immediate vicinity. More than 100 years later, the Swedish American Hall is still cherished and used regularly by the Swedish community and greater San Francisco as well, and was recently recognized for its historic significance and celebrated its new landmark status in the city. / Page 6 After a couple lean years, 2017 is shaping up to have a bumper crop of Sweden’s favorite fruit, just in time for Midsommar / p27 While Swedes are known for being resourceful, even in wedding planning, it may have been a WWII bride who started it all / p25 The NFL is realizing it may have a fairly deep pool of smart and valuable football players in Swedish athletes / p28

Find our extensive listing for Midsummer events inside, but remember the summer is long and full of other events as well. Above, Stockholm and New York educated singer Tippan is entertaining at Scandinavia House on July 6 during the Summer Jazz series. / Page 11

dashboard | june 15, 2017 SCANDINAVIAN QUIZ


What is the world’s northernmost city? a) Umeå b) Hammerfest c) Rovaniemi d) Kiruna

6 What’s the name of the main street in Oslo? a) Karl Anders b) Karl Johann c) Carl Philip d) Dronnings gate

3 What beautiful park is located outside Oslo? a) Vigeland Park b) Oslo City Park c) Grieg’s Park d) Holmenkollen

8 How long is Öresundsbron, connecting Sweden with Denmark? a) 5 miles b) 15.55 miles c) 7.66 miles d) 9.88 miles

2 What is the name of the largest airport in Göteborg? a) Arlanda b) Säve c) Landvetter d) Kallax Kyrkbyn, the old church town in Luleå, Norrbotten’s largest city and a site on the World Heritage List. Photo: Pär Domeij

The northernmost province in Sweden is Norrbotten, which borders south to Västerbotten, west to Swedish Lappland and east to Finland. Norrbotten is a fairly young province; it didn’t receive its coat of arms until 1995, after decades of controversy (the idea of Norrbotten as a province evidently took some getting used to). During the Middle Ages, Norrbotten was a no man’s land, sparsely populated by the Samis who lived on hunting, fishing and reindeer herding. But since then, Swedish kings did their utmost in trying to colonize and Christianize the area. Settlers from Finland controlled the trade and even the taxing on the area, which wasn’t tied firmly to Sweden until the mid 16th century. Today, Finnish and Sami minorities live in Norrbotten and have kept their culture and language alive. Since it is as north as you can get in Sweden, let’s take a look at the temperatures: Summers can be surprisingly warm, with an all-time high record of 37C (98F), winters see temperatures drop to -20C (-3F) and below. Name’s Days of the Swedish Calendar Namnsdagar i juni månad.

June 15 June 16 June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20 June 21 June 22 June 23 June 24 June 25 June 26 June 27 June 28 June 29 June 30 June 15

New York Chicago Stockholm Kiruna Lund Los Angeles 2 NORDSTJERNAN

Margit/Margot Axel/Axelina Torborg/Torvald Björn/Bjarne Germund/Görel Linda Alf/Alvar Paulina/Paula Adolf/Alice Johannes Döparens dag David/Salomon Rakel/Lea Selma/Fingal Leo Peter/Petra Elof/Leif |

Sunrise & Sunset

5.24 am 8.28 pm 5.14 am 8.27 pm 3.31 am 10.05 pm above horizon 4.22 am 9.53 pm 5.41 am 8.06 pm

4 What Danish author won the 1944 Nobel Prize in Literature? a) Halldór Laxness b) Bo Carpelan c) Henning Mankell d) Johannes Jensen e) Pär Lagerkvist 5 Who painted “Summer Evening on the Skagen Southern Beach with Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer?” a) Carl Larsson b) Michael Ancher c) P.S. Krøyer d) Karl Madsen CULTURE


7 What Greek god sits on the top of Avenyn in Göteborg? a) Eros b) Zeus c) Poseidon d) Apollo

9 What is the name of the Danish flag (the oldest state flag in the world still in use by an independent nation)? a) Margretelund b) Dannebrog c) Ambrosius Bogbinder d) Danneman

10 Who painted “The Scream?” a) Edvard Munch b) August Strindberg c) P.S. Krøyer Answers: 1:B, 2:C, 3:A, 4:D, 5:C, 6:B, 7:C, 8:D, 9:B, 10:A

norrbotten, north but not that cold


June 19 Görel is an Old Norse name made up of two Old Icelandic words for “spear” and “fight” and may mean “sheltering spear.” Since the 16th century, Görel has been used in noble families and has retained a touch of nobility. It has never been a common name. June 27 The female name Selma is a Celtic name, originating in the town of Shemla, which means “beautiful view.” Selma became common in Sweden at the end of the 18th century after Frans Michael Franzén used it in one of his romantic poems about a woman by the name of Selma. Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940) was a Swedish author, and the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature (in 1909). Born at the Mårbacka estate in Värmland, Lagerlöf worked as a country schoolteacher in Landskrona for nearly 10 years while honing her storytelling skills, focusing on the legends she heard as a child. Well-know work: Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige (“The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”).

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this week…

Midsommarnatten är inte lång, men … Blir aldrig riktigt av “hemma” i Sverige. Istället blir dagen desto längre. Värmen har kommit och nätterna är långa och ljusa. Av Europas länder är det numera bara Sverige och Finland som firar midsommar så grundligt att det motiverar en extra helgdag att ta igen sig på efter nattvaket. Det är dessutom bara i Sverige och i de svensktalande bygderna i sydvästra Finland som man reser en midsommarstång eller majstång. Firandet har blivit en viktig del av den svenska nationalkaraktären och är något vi ska vara stolta och glada över. Traditionen är så starkt närvarande hos alla svenskar att den tradition som inleddes av Generalkonsul Dag Sebastian Ahlander i New York 1996 vuxit till att bli bland de största Midsommarfesterna i världen. Missa inte ett besök i Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park i Battery City om du är i New York den 23 juni. På Nordstjernan går vi nu in i en lite lugnare period. Nästa utgåva, med datum 15 juli, kommer att postas i månadsskiftet juni/juli och därefter kommer vårt traditionsenliga tryckuppehåll över juli-augusti. En av de saker vi kommer jobba på i sommar är att erbjuda lite mer innehåll på “ärans och hjältarnas språk” och då på ett sådant sätt att det blir möjligt för alla våra icke svensk-språkiga att följa med i texterna. I’m making an exception from my usual communicating in English this time since I’d like to include one of my absolute favorite poems about midsummer, never translated, by the Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson—if you’re English speaking and made the effort of go-

ing through the above text, the poem by the twentieth century author about Swedish nights in June is worth another effort. Nu går solen knappast ner, bländar bara av sitt sken. Skymningsbård blir gryningstimme varken tidig eller sen.

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Insjön håller kvällens ljus glidande på vattenspegeln eller vacklande på vågor som långt innan de ha mörknat spegla morgonsolens lågor.

Dashboard, p4-5

SAS brings Scandinavian design to airplane food / Sweden’s new tourism campaign / Volvo safety features win again / Swedish film wins big at Cannes / Crown Bakery changes hands / Gudrun brings color to fashion / Ikea brings solar power to refugees

Juni natt blir aldrig av, liknar mest en daggig dag. Slöjlikt lyfter sig dess skymning och bärs bort på ljusa hav. “Juninatten” Av Harry Martinson

Ulf Barslund Mårtensson Editor & Publisher

This is the creature all the fuss is about ... mostly belonging to the family Clupeidae, better known in Swedish as sill (herring).

Your next issue, dated July 15, 2017, will be mailed in early July.

Midsummer events, p6-11

Local listings for Swedish America’s biggest summer holiday celebrations


Art & Culture, p9-11

Learning to folk dance, just in time for Midsummer / Rockford’s annual Midsummer event celebrates vintage Volvos and a revitalized property in the historic district

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Swedish Inge

nuity It seems as if every week we vancements in technology, learn about new adscience and in Sweden. ingenuity And this week is no exceptio examples of an innovative n with wrinkle clothing, Volvo’s plan for producin in a new kind of a supportive g electric vehicles resource for , helping people unique ideas, promote and got elite athletes a powerful new sports drink that’s hopping. / Pages 20-21


er, Mids


ldbyrån Swedes take their days off seriously special word and for the one that’s “pinched even have a in between two holidays ” . / p4 More than 150 years later Academy of Music is making the Royal Swedish sure Jenny a household LInd remains name, even in the U.S. / p9 An athlete from Maryland American football is helping Sweden build an league worth its salt in herring. /p22

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Volume 145 No.

More DNA tests among readers in Swedish America reveal some surprises

Travelers visiting the north of ago, particul arly foreigners Sweden 200 years with sensitiv spoke from e noses, time stink that blanket to time of the extraor dinary ed the country One 18th-ce side. ntury mercha nt plaining that on these journey wrote home comto abstain from s, it was necessa kissing the otherwi ry local women se attractive on account of the smell of that envelop sour fish ed them. He did not realize was simply the odor a by-product of one oldest culinary traditions: ferment of Sweden’s Once homely ed fish. served fish dishes surviva l food, pungen t preming have evolvedsuch as gravlax and surström into present — for Swedes -day delicac , anyway, if ies not foreign Continued on guests. / page 14

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Swedish News.

InBox, p12

Secrets of the Swedish Sm örgåsbord

Photo: Niklas

Page 14

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ommar … No matter how we spell it we weekend celebrat love this special weekend) closest ed in Sweden on the Friday (and We spend weeks to June 21, the summer solstice. preparing for it -- is there anything it and prettier or more anticipating the Midsommar Swedish than celebration with maypole, food all the flowers, and music? In the the U.S. we try the festivities to mimic as much as possible reports of some American celebrat(and we’ve heard more Swedish ions being even than some in Sweden), and all here in our they are comprehensive listing celebrations throughout Swedish of Midsommar America / Page 6

Our Swedish Honorary Consuls, who are they really? We decided to take a look. /p18

Swedish News, p24-25

Business travel trends / Astrid Lindgren’s real life Bullerbyn for sale / Doctors may make house calls / Sweden ice hockey team world champs / Sun loving Swedes at risk for skin cancer / Pope Francis names the first Swedish cardinal / Gotland officially a must-see / Girls outrank boys in kindness The Exchange Rate:

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JUNE 15, 2017 3

dashboard | june 15, 2017

New Nordic by SAS Scandinavian Airlines, SAS has stepped up its game when it comes to providing the ultimate Scandinavian experience to their customers. Traditionally, airlines haven’t been known for having the best dining experience but SAS has changed that with their new food and drink concept called The Cube. Inspired by nature and the unique Nordic heritage, travelers who fly SAS will be delighted when they open their meals and experience a delight to the senses. The new food and drinks concept has so far been launched on all its domestic, Scandinavian and European flights. With ingredients such as Norwegian fjord salmon, Swedish lamb and Danish veal with locally grown vegetables, transatlantic flights are hopefully next in line.

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There are certain things that are so Swedish, they could be symbols for the country. And now another is being shared with all of us. #freedomtoroam

Wish you were here, love Sweden In a first-of-a-kind collaboration, Visit Sweden teamed up with Airbnb in early May to promote tourism in Sweden to Americans: They’ve listed the entire country on Airbnb. After their huge success with The Swedish Number campaign (were you among the many thousands of people around the world who called a random Swede last year?) and their 2012 @ Sweden Twitter account that’s still going strong — by a different Swede every week — the innovative country continues to come up with creative ways to promote tourism. In this campaign aimed specifically at the U.S. market, Visit Sweden has put the entire country on an Airbnb listing, highlighting the fact that everyone is welcome to enjoy the country’s tens of thousands of miles of forests, and thousands of lakes and many other outdoor amenities, thanks to a unique law that Finland, Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Sweden each have: “Allemansrätten.” Allemansrätten is the freedom to roam, the

right of public access, a law that allows anyone to roam the country and enjoy its natural wonders without any disturbance. Being in nature is an important part of the Nordic lifestyle, and Sweden wants Americans to share that with them. While you’re in Sweden, you’re free to stay in anywhere in nature and use all its amenities completely free of charge—of course visitors must do as Swedes have been doing all along and be mindful of the nature and neighbors. ... “The things you leave behind are your footsteps, and the things you take with you are memories.” People normally lease or rent short-term lodging through Airbnb, but Sweden’s ad is a notice that rent is free in Sweden—in a tent, perhaps, on a mountaintop, in the woods, near a lake, along the entire coastline. You can also row a boat, pick berries, mushrooms and wildflowers—all completely free of charge. The only thing you have to pay, is respect for nature and the animals living there. For more info, see

Volvo wins safety award Volvo has done it again by winning the Euro NCAP award for safety. The V90 and S90 won the highest marks possible for Volvo thanks to the development of technology that keeps drivers safe, especially when driving in the dark. This award-winning safety system isn’t just for drivers, though. Volvo has created extra precautions for both pedestrians and cyclists, too, when sharing the road with Volvo vehicles. Euro NCAP, The European New Car Assessment Program, Every Swede’s dream car? ... the successor to the XC70 cross country models, the larger V90 Cross Country.

dashboard | june 15, 2017

Director and scriptwriter Ruben Östlund with actors Claes Bang, Terry Notary and Elisabeth Moss from The Square (left to right). Photo: Anna Serner, Swedish Film Institute

Swede wins Palme d’Or

Ruben Östlund’s satirical drama The Square, starring Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss, Dominic West and Christopher Læssø, created quite an impressive festival buzz following its initial screenings at the start of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. The Square, Östlund’s fourth feature film to compete at Cannes, is preceded by Force Majeure (2014), Play (2011) and Involuntary (2008) but is the first to compete for the most prestigious prize of all: the Palme d’Or. As announced at the ceremony on May 28, The Square was awarded the Palme d’Or at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. “Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! I am so happy for Ruben and his team. Ruben’s films are a mix of social experimentation and a tradition of literary ideas, and at the point where these two converge he is an extraordinary talent, not just in Sweden but the world over. Moreover, his films inspire discomfort in the audience — in the best possible way.” Pia Lundberg, head of the International Department at the Swedish Film Institute said. The Square is produced by Erik Hemmendorff for Plattform Produktion, and received funding from the Film Institute’s former feature-film commissioner Magdalena Jangard. Coproduction Office is handling international sales, and the film has already been sold to over 50 countries around the world, including the U.S., the UK, France, Brazil, China and Russia.

Renewable energy for refugees

Lights were switched on in Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp thanks to the generous funding from the Ikea Foundation’s program, Brighter Lives for Refugees. In partnership with the UNHCR, a solar plant was created that will bring more than 20,000 Syrian refugees reliable access to electricity. The first solar plant in the world to be placed in a refugee camp, this new venture will reduce both the financial costs of providing electricity – currently running $1.5 million a year – and cut CO2 emissions by 2,370 tons per year. 2017 is a record year for Ikea’s foundation. CEO of the foundation, Per Heggenes, says they will be giving away 4.4 million kronor each day. This record growth will see Ikea giving the equivalent of 1.6 billion SEK this year.

Jon Lundstrom (right) is retiring, and Jen LaPointe, a long time coworker at Crown Bakery and Café and her husband Ed will continue the successful bakery, which has been a fixture in Worcester, Mass. since the early 1960s.


Changing of the guard at Crown Bakery

Jon Lundstrom took over the bakery from his father in 1994 and looks forward to less stress with more time for his family. “It’s been 50 years in the Lundstrom regime, so to speak,” said Lundstrom. “Now Jen’s taking over and she’s Swedish too. The Swedish blood is still flowing.” While the LaPointes plan on adding some new items and making some tweaks to the layout of the building, both they and Lundstrom say customers will be in good hands under the new ownership. “The plan is to continue with the traditional Swedish pastries,” Jen LaPointe said. “That has worked for over 50 years, I don’t think that’s something we should change.” Definitely sweet news for aficionados of princesstårta, coffee rings, chokladbiskvier and mazariner (such as us at Nordstjernan). “It’s very nostalgic and sentimental for me in a sense, says Jen. “I used to come here with my mom as a little girl and pick up coffee rings to bring to church. My dad was an usher in our church with Jon’s dad.” For more info, see FASHION

Gudrun’s colorful women

Equality, strong women and feminism in fashion are getting hotter spotlights. Gudrun Sjödèn, who opened her U.S. flagship store in Manhattan’s SoHo district in 2013, has been an advocate for strong independent women since she started her brand in Sweden in the 1970s. "We women have to be colorful inside as well as outside … a colorful woman is a woman who’s standing on her own feet – independently. Color can even change people’s personalities,” the fashion designer told an audience of local writers, editors, photographers and fashionistas in May at 600 Park Avenue, the NYC residence of the Swedish Consul General. And colorful it got as row after row of strong women modeled two seaAll models donned Gudrun wigs after the show and the sons of styles from the popular Swedish social media comment by the hosting consulate became fashion designer. The highlight was tongue “there can never be ennough Gudruns.” We agree. in cheek and saved for last when all the Photo: Catarina Lundgren Astrom models lined up wearing Gudrun wigs for a photo op with Consul General Leif Pagrotsky. Visit the store in NYC on Greene Street (between Grand and Broome) or see JUNE 15, 2017 5

local events

Midsummer Events 2017 California

House of Sweden, San Diego 25 June, 10 AM– 5 PM Midsummer celebration. Swedish food, folk dancing, singing, family fun and dance around the Maypole. 619.758.0532 / www.houseofsweden. us / / Los Angeles 23 Jun 2017 SWEA Los Angeles Midsummer celebration. More info www.losangeles. Email: Petaluma 24 June, 11 AM - 3 PM Linnea Lodge #504 2017 Midsommar Fest with maypole and potluck. 415.990.3882 / www.linnealodge. / Rolling Hills Estates, Los Angeles 24 June, 5-10 PM Annual Midsummer Shrimp Feast at Nansen Field. All you can eat you-peel shrimp and other delicious food. Dance around the maypole. Reservations 310.546.6680 / www.nansenfield. org / / Saratoga Springs, Saratoga 24 June, 10:30 AM–3:30 PM Swedish American Patriotic League’s 123th Midsummer Celebration. Maypole, dancing, music and dinner. 408.779.2854 / 415.407.0095 / www. / midsummertickets@ Vasa Park Agoura 25 June, 8:30 AM –6 PM The Swedish American Central Association Annual Midsummer

Glad Midsommar!

Happy Midsummer!

No real Midsummer without a Midsommarstång, Majstång—a Maypole dressed with flowers.Photo: George Katsekes Jr Festival. Maypole, dancing, singing, youth activities, Spelmanslag and folk dancing. 563.923.5828 / www. / /


Estes Park 24 & 25 June, 9:30 AM – 5 PM Scandinavian Midsummer celebration with Maypole, Scandinavian music, dance, crafts and food vendors, Viking re-enactors and Scandinavian auto show. 303.449.9596 / EstesMidsummerFestival /


Fairfield 24 June, Noon-3 PM Annual Midsummer Fest at The Scandinavian Club. Maypole, music and dance. 203.259.1571 / / www. / /

Vasa Park, South Meriden 25 June, 11 AM – 5 PM Traditional Swedish Midsommarfest. Maypole, music, dance, entertainment and food. 860.563.0040 / www. /


Davie 3 June, 2-7 PM Svenska kyrkan, Svenska Konsulatet, SWEA, SACC och Svenska Skolan i Florida’s Sommarfest. The end of Svenska Skolan year, Sweden’s National Day and Midsummer all at once with a big festival! 954.604.0605 / www. / florida@


Douglasville, Atlanta 24 June, 1 PM Nordic Lodge 708 Midsummer potluck


358 Main St. Meriden, CT Park Opens 11:00 Opening ceremonies 12:00 Traditional Swedish Meatball Dinner served 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. $10

Jeanne Widman-Andersen & Family 6 NORDSTJERNAN

Games, Crafts and Sale of Swedish foods Scholarship Presentation 3:30 Raffle and drawing for Major Prizes, 20 Week Club Music and Dancing with Wivan

and celebration. Bring a dish and beverage. 770.596.8869 /


Sioux City 24 Jun 2017 11:30 PM - 2:00 PM The Vasa Lodge in Sioux City will celebrate Midsummer! More info email:


Andersonville 9 June, 5-10 PM 10 & 11 June, 11 AM-10 PM 52nd Annual Midsommarfest. Maypole, Swedish music, dancing, kids’ entertainment, delicious food, ethnic dance troupes and cutting-edge bands. midsommarfest Bishop Hill 24 June, 11AM –8 PM Music Festival and Midsommar Celebration for the whole family. Procession to the Colony School, decoration and dancing around the Maypole, barn dance. 309.927.3899 / / www.bishophill. com Chicago 10 June, 11 AM – 2 PM Celebrate Midsommar with the Swedish American Museum. Traditional Swedish music and dancing around the Maypole! 773.728.8111 / www. / Chicago 24 June, 2-5 PM SWEA Chicago Midsummer Celebration. Dancing around the maypole, games and smörgåsbord. sweachicagoprogram@ / events/midsommar-3

local events

sweden in the park

Learn folk dancing at Sweden in the Park – a Nordic folk dance class on Sunday, June 18. A one hour-dance class is followed by a social dance, led by Linda Brooks and Ross Schipper of Scandia DC, a Scandinavian Folk Dance Group serving the metro DC area. They teach a large variety of folk dances to the accompaniment of fiddlers Andrea Hoag and Loretta Kelley. Beginners are welcome and partners aren’t required. The Embassy of Sweden in collaboration with Glenn Echo Park and the local folkdance community are offering this event for free at 3-6 p.m. at Glenn Echo Park, 7300 Macarthur Blvd NW, Glen Echo, MD. Other dates are July 28, August 25 and September 10. You must register to participate: Good Templar Park, Geneva 18 June, 9 AM –5 PM Swedish Days, Geneva’s 107th Midsommar Festival. arts & crafts fair, folk dancers, Maypole celebration, live Scandinavian music and dances, children’s choir, Viking encampment and Swedish food. 847.845.2640 / / SwedishDay@ /

The Draken Harald Hårfagre, with her unique red, square silk sail, sails into Chicago with a crew of 32 men and women during her tour of the Great Lakes in 2016.

The Vikings’ Announcement

We thought it might be the announcement that we could see the Vikings sail the eastern seaboard this summer, but it’s the next best thing: assurance that we can step aboard the world’s largest Viking “Great Ship” and tour it. The crew of the Draken Harald Hårfagre announced on May 31 that it will host guided tours June 30-September 4 of the Draken at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, where the replica longship is docked until next spring, which is when the crew plans a tour up and down the U.S. East Coast. A year ago, the authentically reconstructed Viking longship was sailing from Norway to North America to explore and relive one of the most mythological sea voyages, the first transatlantic crossing and the Viking discovery of the New World more than 1,000 years ago. Get your tour tickets and more information at

Geneva 20-25 June Annual Midsummer Festival - Swedish Days. Singing and dancing around the Maypole, parade, great food, lutfisk tasting, carnival rides, live music, crafts, Swedish entertainment and many children’s games. 630.232.6060 / Lake Forest 24 June, 2-5 PM SWEA Chicago Midsummer Celebration.

Dancing around the maypole, games and smörgåsbord. www.chicago.swea. org / Rockford 16 June, 6-10 PM 17 June, 7 AM –4 PM Swedish Historical Society hosts Midsommar Festival at the Erlander Museum. Maypole, folk dancers and entertainment, Swedish food & market, kids’ activities. 815.963.5559 / museum@swedishhistorical. org / / www. Vasa Park, South Elgin 17 June, 3:30-10:30 PM 12th Annual Scandinavian Midsummer Celebration. Maypole, dancing, kids’ activities, picnic - bring dish, bonfire and music. 847.695.6720 / / jackiemo7@ /

For more local events in Swedish America see our online calendar at or download the free app Nordic in America-Events from App Store or Google Play -

Keep your heritage “afloat”

with our handpainted buoys. Made to order with the flag of your choice. Makes a great gift!

10 year anniversary 20% discount 908.295.3831 • JUNE 15, 2017 7

local events Iowa

Willow Creek Park, Iowa City 18 June, 4-7 PM Iowa City Swedish Club Midsommar Fest with Majstång, games and a potluck dinner. 319.351.2595 / / Swedesburg 24 June, 6-9 PM Swedish Heritage Society Midsummer Fest. Majstång with dancing and Scandinavian music. 319.254.2317 /

SwedesburgSwedishAmericanMuseum /


Lindsborg 17 June, 9 AM–12 PM Midsummer’s Festival. Maypole, music, Scandinavian food, kubb, folk dancers, fun run, crafts. 888.227.2227 / / / cvbdir@


New Sweden 16 –18 June New Sweden Historical Society Midsommar Celebration. Maypole, dancing, fun and food. 207.896.7909 / 207.896.3416 / www.facebook. com/NewSwedenHistoricalSociety /

Maryland Our office is open Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 3 pm. The mobile passport station will be in Fort Lauderdale September 12-14th. Please contact us for more information.


Consulate of Sweden Tower 101, 101 NE 3rd Avenue, Suite 1700B Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone: +1 954 467 3507 Fax:+1 954 467 1731 Like us on Facebook

Carderock Park, Potomac 25 June, 3-6 PM Midsummer Celebration hosted by ASA, Drott Lodge, and SWEA DC. Maypole, dancing, activities for children and potluck. / / www. / gerry@schueman. com /


Scandinavian Cultural Center, Newton 17 June,12:30– 4:30 PM Midsummer Picnic hosted by SACCNE. Maypole, dancing, flower wreaths, traditional games. Bring your own picnic. 617.795.1914 / 760.799.6333 / / / / / South Deerfield 24 June, 2 PM Viking Lodge 756 VOA’s annual Midsummer celebration. Maypole decorations and dancing, bring a dish for potluck. 413.221.4184 / Shrewsbury 25 Jun 2017 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Scandinavian Midsummer Festival. For

Glad Midsommar! 8 NORDSTJERNAN

Annual Midsummer Shrimp Fest 2017

SCAN, Scandinavian Center at Nansen Field, on the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula at in Rolling Hills Estates, CA hosts their 17th annual event celebrating a Swedish Midsommar under the stars on Saturday, June 24 at 5 p.m. Enjoy all-you-can-eat shrimp and other delicious Nordic food, beer and wine, live music and dancing. Shrimp dinner $35/advance, $40/door, $10/ children. Make your reservations by June 21 by calling (310) 869-4337. more info SwedishNationalFederationOfWorcester/

Sankthansaften. Bonfire and Viking Walk.



Farmington Hills 17 June, 9 AM – 2 PM Swedish Club of Metropolitan Detroit’s Midsummer Celebration. Swedish pancake breakfast and lunch. Dancing around the maypole, music. 248.478.2563 / /

Duluth 28 June, 1-3 PM Swedish Cultural Society of Duluth’s Midsommar Fest! swedishculturalsociety

Caledonia 24 June, 11 AM – 4 PM SAHS/WM Midsummer Fest. Dancing around the Maypole, music, food, games, raffle and more. / 616.530.1842 / 616.458.0420 / / / cairener@

Farmington Hills 23 June, 6 PM Sons of Norway’s Nordkap Lodge’s

Library Park, Bemidji 18 June, 1-3 PM Bemidji A.S.I. Affilate 40th anniversary and celebration of Midsommar Fest! Decorating the Majstang. Procession, Scandinavian singing and dancing. Bring picnic lunch. 218.785.2368 /

American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis 17 June, 10 AM – 5 PM Midsommar Celebration. Sing and dance around the Maypole, traditional Midsummer fare, handcrafts, flower

local events

From Vikings to Volvos

The Midsommar celebration in Rockford, Illinois is shaping up to be the biggest Swedish Historical Midsommar celebration to date and includes a vintage Volvo car show! This year the celebration will spread across two days, Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17. Come Friday night and enjoy food and drinks while listening to live music featuring headliner, ABBA Salute of Chicago. Gates open at 4:30 p.m., tickets available onsite for $10/Swedish Historical Society members and $20/non-members or search Swedish Historical Society at Midsommar continues on Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m. with free admission. Enjoy artisan shops and vendors, Swedish foods, strawberries and ice cream, kids’ crafts and games, kubb, tours of the Erlander Home Museum and historical Haight Village, flower crown making, a Viking encampment, Svea Soner Swedish singers, a Swedish pancake eating contest, Mormor's attic antique sale and of course singing and dancing around the maypole, led by the Nordic Dancers of Chicago.

65th Midsommar Festival

For 65 consecutive years, the third weekend in June has been a time to celebrate Swedish roots in Stromsburg, the “Swede Capital of Nebraska.” Founded in 1872, Stromsburg was settled predominately by Swedish immigrants. An official Swedish Midsommar Festival was established in 1952, growing every year with its variety of events and community involvement. The 3-day weekend, June 16-18, 2017, includes something for all ages. Free entertainment includes dancing around a Maypole plus a variety of other talents. The annual crowning of a new king and queen, a parade, local Swedish dancers, car show, carnival, craft show and several athletic contests are just some of the events. The Skjaldborg Vikings reenact life during the Viking Age through demonstrations of weaponry and period costumes. Local cooks provide plenty of good food, including Swedish delicacies. For more information, see wreath making. Swedish/New York jazz musician and female folk trio. 612.871.4907 / Minnehaha Falls Park, Minneapolis 25 June, 10 AM–5 PM Scandinavian summer fest celebration by Svenskarnas Dag and Norway Day. Midsommar Loppet. Entertainment, folk dancing, choruses, Maypole, singing, food. 612.825.8808 / www. / Moorhead 23– 24 June, 10 AM–5 PM 40th Annual Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Annual Midwest Viking Festivals. Music, food, crafts & dance, Scandinavian entertainment, Viking Village, children’s activities. 218.299.5452 / www.NordicCultureClubs. org / /

Nisswa 9 June, 6-10 PM 10 June, 10 AM–12 PM 18th Annual Nisswa-stämman Scandinavian Folk Music Festival. 150 folk musicians performing, day-long dancing, dance instruction, a cultural children’s activity/performance tent, and great Scandinavian food. 218.764.2994 / www.nisswastamman. org / / Gammelgården, Scandia 24 June, 10 AM–4 PM Midsommar Dag Celebration. Majstång, Swedish music and dances, flower crowns & smörgåsbord, $12. 651.433.5053 / / Vining 24 Jun, 2-7 PM A Nordic Midsummer Celebration: Appreciate the long days of light and sun, a parade with all Nordic flags,

Inger Wästberg, second from left, with four of the designers. Photo: Catarina Lundgren Astrom

“Breakthrough: Swedish Art Jewelry Today,” which opened in May is showing at the Reinstein|Ross Gallery, 30 Gansevoort Street, NYC until June 25. Five contemporary Swedish art jewelers who are redefining the field in Sweden have been curated for the exhibition by Swedish collector, author, and scholar Inger Wästberg. Each of the artists’ work is grounded in traditional metal smithing, inspired by historical jewelry, yet their creations include a wide range of materials, techniques and ideas. While linked to the rich heritage of traditional Swedish jewelry, the majority of their work is far from the silver jewelry that is perceived as being typically Swedish. Their jewelry is beautiful, unconventional, and always wearable. For more info, see JUNE 15, 2017 9

local events

Viking Age Food Swedish American Central Association of Southern California

97th Midsummer Festival

Sunday June 25, 2017 Park opens at 8:30 a.m.

Breakfast available 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Raising of the Maypole, ring dancing at 12:00 noon. Food, games, swimming, stage program, folk dancing, Scandinavian vendors. Dance to the music of Västkustens Spelmanslag. $5.00 per person includes parking $2.00 Children 5 – 12 years Vasa Park 2854 Triunfo Canyon Road Exit 101 freeway at Kanan Road turn west Agoura Hills, CA No animals and No Barbecues 10 NORDSTJERNAN

Have you ever wondered how the Vikings cooked and what they ate? Here's your chance to learn about Viking food history, prepare a Viking meal, then eat it! Under the tutelage of Daniel Serra, a Swedish archaeologist who works with ancient food and will soon hold a doctorate in Viking cuisine, you can cook a menu from the Viking Age, get involved in presentations and discuss the process, while preparing the food in a communal atmosphere. On June 27 at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. musicians leading and everyone following from the stabbur to the barn. Dancing around the Majstång, music and Swedish dance games. Bring a potluck dish for dinner at 5 p.m. Leif Erikson, Sons of Norway, 218.769.4296 /

New York


Battery Park City, New York 23 June, 5-8 PM Swedish Midsummer Festival at Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park in Battery Park. Swedish delicacies, traditional music, folk dancing, decorating of Maypole and wreath making. /

Oakland 2-4 June Swedish Heritage Center’s Swedish Heritage festival. 402.380.9458 / Facebook Omaha 11 June, 1-4 PM Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Omaha Committee. Annual celebration with Maypole, crafts, Scandinavian foods, sweets, products, handicrafts, traditional Swedish music and dance. 402.830.6679 / 402.830.6678 / www. / Stromsburg 16 June, 1 PM –midnight 17 June, 7 AM –midnight 18 June, 7 AM – 6:30 PM 65th Swedish Midsummer Festival. Traditional Swedish cuisine, games, Viking Festival, Swedish dancers and entertainment. 402.764.5265 / / /

New Jersey

Vasa Park, Budd Lake, Hackettstown 17 June, 10 AM – 6 PM Swedish Midsummer Celebration by Vasa NJ District 6. Maypole, folkdancing. musical entertainment, Scandinavian food and crafts vendors, children’s activities. / www.vasaparknj. com / /

Throggs Neck, Bronx 24 June, 11AM – 6 PM 76th Annual Sweden Day – Midsommar celebration at Manhem Club. 516.565.2091 / /

Jamestown 10 June, 10 AM American Scandinavian Heritage Foundation celebration includes fika, Swedish folk dancers, Swedish Spelmän and a fiddle group. 716-6650883 / / Jamestown 21 July, 1-9 PM 22 July, 10 AM – 9 PM 23 July, 10 AM – 4 PM 16th Annual Scandinavian Folk festival – Swedish folk dancers, Nordic foods and fika. Midsommar celebration on Saturday with maypole and ring dances. 716.665.0883 / / www.

North Dakota

Buckstop Junction, Bismarck 20 June, 6-8 PM Three Crowns Swedish-American Association’s Midsummer celebration. Smorgåsbord, folk dancing, tours of an old Swedish homestead and games for kids. 701.516.2979 / 3crownsswedish@

local events

Summer Jazz at ASI

Jazz returns to Scandinavia House, 58 Park Avenue, NY on June 29 with Klabbes Bank, a Swedish six-piece ensemble led keyboardist Klas-Henrik Hörngren. Founded in 2002 as a jazz band, the group’s sound has evolved into a blissful mix of rock, pop, electronica, jazz and free improvisational music. This is one of six summer Thursday evening performances from some of Scandinavia’s most talented young musicians, composers, and singers. Purchase a series pass to all six concerts for just $60 ($40 ASF Members). All concerts feature a pre-concert reception on the Scandinavia House terrace starting at 6 PM. events/summer-jazz-klabbes-bank/

Alum Creek, Lewis Center 17 Jun, 5 PM Scandinavian Club of Columbus, Ohio Nordic Midsummer fest. www. / ScandiClubInfo@


Oaks Park, Portland 10 June, 11 AM –6 PM Scandinavian Heritage Foundation and the League of Swedish Societies’ Midsummer festival. Maypole, Scandinavian food and crafts, flower wreath making, music, dancing and children’s activities. 503.977.0275 / / shf@ Astoria 16 June, 2 –10:30 PM 17 June, 7 AM –10 PM 17 June, 7 AM –5 PM 50th year of the Scandinavian Midsummer Festivals. Scandinavian music, Maypole, dance and theater groups, Scandinavian traditional handcrafts and food. 503.325.6136

Washington, DC

Carderock Park, MD 25 June, 3-6 PM Midsummer Celebration hosted by ASA, Drott Lodge, and SWEA DC. Maypole, dancing, activities for children and potluck dinner. www. / / /


Vasa Park Resort, Bellevue 11 June, 9 AM– 8 PM Midsummer Festival with Swedish pancake breakfast, children’s games, dancing and old fashioned recreation, Swedish. 425.746.3260 / www. / sawink@

/ /

Saint Edward State Park, Kenmore 25 June, 11 AM– 6 PM Midsommar Fest by Skandia Folkdance Society, Majstång and långdans, music, dancing, Hemslöjdsmarknad, food, crafts and kids activities. 425.954.5262 / /



Philadelphia 24 Jun, 4-7 PM Midsommar Fest with food, drinks, homemade Swedish pastries, music and dancing around the maypole, crafts and games for kids. American Swedish Historical Museum, 215.389.1776 / / www.

South Dakota

Vermillion 23 June, 2-9 PM Dalesburg Scandinavian Association Midsommar celebration. Scandinavian smorgåsbord, entertainment, arts and crafts, games, music, Vikings, Maypole and ring dances. / 605.253.2575 /


Landgrove Inn, Landgrove 24 June, 2-5 PM Nordic Harmoni’s annual Midsummer Festival. Wreath making, decorating

Old World Wisconsin, Eagle 18 June, 10 AM– 5 PM Midsummer celebration. Decorating and raising the Maypole, wreath

making, Scandinavian folk dancers and musicians. Bring a picnic or purchase Scandinavian buffet lunch at 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. 414.352.7890 / 262.781.6113 / / / swedishamericanhistoricalwisc@ Old World Wisconsin, Eagle 24 June, 6-9 PM Midsummer Magic: Music, food, drinks, dancing and more. 262.594.2922 / /


16 June All-you-can-eat traditional Swedish Midsummer smorgåsbord in different stores across the U.S. Call your local store for details and seating times.

No celebration listed close to you? For continuous info from all the U.S., see events at Also, find your local SWEA chapter by going to - almost every SWEA organization will celebrate this day.

Happy Midsummer!


the Maypole, songs by the chorus. 802.824.6673 / 802.824.6578 /

Ellen Lindstrom & The Swedish Meatballs (917) 968-2926 www.The

JUNE 15, 2017 11

readers forum


Dear Editor, My husband and I had DNA testing done through Three of my grandparents were born in Sweden and came to America in the 1880s. My maternal grandmother had several Forest Finns among her ancestors. (Forest Finns were invited by the King of Sweden to leave Finland and establish farms in the dense forests in central Sweden in the 1600s; they had a unique way of farming forest land.) One Finnish couple appears in my family tree five times, and several of their descendants appear two and three times. My one non-Swedish grandfather is descended from English immigrants who came to Maryland and Virginia in the 1600s. They married other descendants of English immigrants up until my grandfather married my Swedish grandmother in the early 1900s. My DNA test said I was 75% Scandinavian and 4% Finnish — no surprise there. What was surprising was I am only 6% British, 5% Irish and the rest is European. My husband’s maternal grandparents were born in England and came to America in the early 1900s. His father is descended from Irish immigrants who came to America in the mid 1800s. His DNA test said he was 51% Irish — again no surprise. But he was surprised to find out he is 19% Scandinavian, 16% British and 6% Western European. He even looks

Scandinavian and was once mistaken as a Norwegian sailor in Baltimore. Of course the Vikings made numerous raids in Ireland and Great Britain, took slaves back to Scandinavia with them, and some Vikings even settled in the British Isles. The Normans who came from France to England were descended from the Vikings (think “Norse men” or ”North men”). If you decide to have DNA testing done, be prepared for some surprises, but also be prepared to meet some living relatives. I have enjoyed meeting many cousins through genealogy and my DNA matches. Christine Nelson, AZ Innovation at SAS: Dear Editor, The nice white planes are back in southern California. At LAX airport there is a plaque on a rock that states how SAS first started flights to Los Angeles in 1954. The SAS return was welcome. Daniel Goss, CA

Life made Sweder: NORDSTJERNAN Call 1.800.827.9333 ext. 10 for your own subscription.

Dear Editor, Your recent article online seems to imply that Musk ox in Europe are only in Sweden. Do not forget Norway’s Dovrefjell National Park. Wetlandstom, Internet The knowledge of our readers never fails to amaze. You are correct of course and the myskoxen, the musk ox in Sweden are actually from the tribe that was originally introduced in Norway. Our online update merely wanted to note the news of a new baby musk ox in Härjedalen in western Sweden, next to the Norwegian border. The Arctic mammal, primarily at home in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland, more closely related to sheep and goats than to oxen, seems to be doing well in Sweden. /Ed.

Konditori in Philadelphia: Swedish Espresso bar Konditori opened its first coffee shop in Philadelphia in the spring. Just off Chestnut on 17 Street in Center City you will find a little bit of Sweden. This undemanding store is full of flavors, from exquisite pastries to great bagels and of course Konditori’s own coffee beans. Konditori has already seven Espresso bars in New York, the city where Konditori was established in 2010. So the next time you’re in the Rittenhouse area of town and craving an iced coffee on a warm summer day, Konditori is a great place to visit. SACC Philadelphia, PA

Augusta’s Daughter Ever wonder what made so many emigrate from Sweden in the nineteenth century? Judit Martin’s novel, “Augusta’s Daughter,” about 19th century Swedish peasant life made such an impression on us, we decided to offer it to the Nordstjernan readership. call 1.800.827.9333 for your own copy ($24.90 incl. S&H to cont. U.S.). Mail to: Nordstjernan, P.O. Box 1710, New Canaan CT 06840


Recent image of the musk ox Naessa with her yet to be named calf. Image source: Eriksson, Funäsdalen

Please send me ____ book(s) x $24.90 = _______

Incl. S&H (in continental U.S.)

Total: _________

Name Address City State Zip Tel. m Check enclosed payable to Nordstjernan m Please charge my credit card: Card# Signature

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readers forum

introducing a swedish honorary consul At a recent meeting of The Swedish Cultural Society of Cleveland, Ohio held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Monago, we were treated to a program entitled “Fika” by Anna Rietsch who deftly explained its concept, both as noun and verb, its historical evolution and with a visual array of seven tempting småkakor. In short, her excellent performance left all with a longing to "let the kafferep begin!" And so it was. Well, not quite yet. Cleveland had, for 40 years, an honorary Swedish Consul, Michael Miller, who had announced his retirement. Who would be named to carry on the job was the subject of much speculation in the Swedish community. Maybe you know exactly what an honorary counsel does. Never thought much about it? Neither had I. Nordstjernan happens to be publishing information about all the Swedish honorary consuls in America right now (see p.16 of this issue), but for the purposes of this article, I'll add that Swedish honorary counsels are officials (both of Sweden and the U.S.)

and are provided many of the immunities of standard consular positions. They may serve the economic interests of Swedish-American businesses, aid Swedish citizens who need some sort of assistance, etc. Anyway, upon the conclusion of Anna Rietsch’s mouth-watering presentation and before our anticipated seven cookie delight, Mr. Miller spoke kindly of someone present who had been born in Stockholm, held two law degrees — in Sweden and the U.S. — was an officer at the Cleveland Foundation and a vice president at the Fifth-Third Bank. We didn’t have a clue who he was talking about until he told us her current employment was vice president of Institutional Advancement for the Cleveland Institute of Art, and is married to a certain gentleman by the name of Fred Monago. To cheers and applause he happily introduced our hostess, Marie “Malou” Monago, as the newly appointed Swedish Honorary Consul. Congratulations Malou, let the kafferep begin! Art Lustig

National archives and library for Swedish-American historical research Publishers of Swedish American Genealogist 639 38th Street Rock Island, IL | 61201-2296 309-794-7204 swenson

Augusta’s Daughter Ever wonder what made so many emigrate from Sweden in the nineteenth century?

(Left) The evening’s presenter Anna Rietsch, left, with Marie “Malou” Monago, who’s been appointed new Swedish Consul in Cleveland. // (Above) The popular outgoing Swedish Honorary Consul Michael Miller, who served in the position for over 40 years

Judit Martin’s novel, “Augusta’s Daughter,” about 19th century Swedish peasant life made such an impression on us, we decided to offer it to the Nordstjernan readership. call 1.800.827.9333 for your own copy ($24.90 incl. S&H to continental U.S.).

mer Sum ring! e Ord

In Stoc k!

body. mind. sole.

Every decent kafferep has to offer seven kinds of cookies, not too few and not too many … Photos: Ingemar Svala 1.800.380.5977 JUNE 15, 2017 13


Secrets of the Swedish Smörgåsbord

No other country tastes quite like Sweden. From cold dishes such as pickled herring or gravlax, crayfish to steamy pea soup and poached cod with egg, shrimp and horseradish. From delicately prepared beef dishes such as Wallenbergare or Biff á la Lindström we introduced earlier this year to the world-renowned Swedish meatball. In this issue we share the unique flavors of the part of the smörgåsbord that’s become much more than the an appetizer or beginning plate from the opulent table at Christmas. 14 NORDSTJERNAN

Zorn’s three plates with herring and löjrom anders zorn’s three favorite plates Here are two recipes with quite a bit of history you can prepare for your own family and guests, along with a plate of löjrom, the whitefish roe that goes so well with herring on the Midsummer table (and if it’s not homemade, herring and löjrom are available at most Scandinavian stores in the U.S., many of which you’ll find advertised in this issue).

Löjrom/Whitefish roe 4 tablespoons löjrom 1 red onion

A classic starter that suits most occasions 4 servings

To serve: Crispbread and Västerbotten, or a similar aged cheese, are essential accompaniments to herring and löjrom.

Pickled herring – basic recipe 8 salt herring filets 2 small red onions 1 carrot 1/2 leek Brine 1/3 cup (1 dl) 12% vinegar (you will only find this in Scandinavian specialty stores) 2/3 (2 dl) cup sugar 1 cup (3 dl) water 1 tablespoon allspice berries 1 tablespoon cloves Soak the herring to remove most of the salt. That can take up to 6 hours. (Many a Swede will only rinse the herring well prior to putting it into brine.) While the herring is soaking, make the brine. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and heat to boiling, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Remove from heat. Peel and slice the vegetables. Add to the warm brine and let cool. Layer herring and vegetables in a jar and pour over the brine. Refrigerate for at least 5 days before serving. Remove the herring from the brine to serve and use half the filets for the next dish. Cut into 3/4 inch slices and serve on small plates. Herring with fresh herbs Half the herring from above recipe Herb sauce 1 tablespoon chives 1 tablespoon flat-leaf parsley 1 tablespoon fresh basil 1 tablespoon fresh tarragon 2 tablespoons crème fraiche or sour cream 2 tablespoons mayonnaise Chop the herbs and place them in a blender. Add the crème fraiche (sour cream). Blend until finely chopped. Fold in the mayonnaise. Remove half the herring from the brine, cut into 3/4 inch slices and stir into the herb sauce. Serve on small plates.

Place a tablespoon of roe on each plate. Cut the onion into thin slices and place on the caviar. Serve with a spoonful of the herb-créme fraiche mixture (or just sour cream. The löjrom is sometimes also served on a thin slice of toast)

Bring water and sugar to a boil, and stir until sugar has dissolved. Rinse the herring in cold water and dry with paper towels. Cut in pieces. Peel and cut the ginger in thin slices. Put the herring in a jar and mix the wasabi and ginger and add. Let sit in the fridge for two hours. Pour the liquid over and put back in the fridge for 48 hours.

Recipes from “A Taste of Dalarna,” a culinary journey in words, images and recipes through the region by ICA Bokförlag of Sweden, ISBN 978-91534-3775-8 Photo: Bruno Ehrs Of course there are other, exotic recipes to try out after you’ve had your fill of the regular herring. The variations are truly endless. Here are three: Mustard herring 420 g salt herring filets 1/2 cup sour cream 1/4 cup mustard (a sweeter, grainier kind) 1 teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoons dill Drain the herring and cut them in pieces. Mix the other ingredients in a bowl and carefully add the herring pieces. Let sit in the fridge at least a few hours. Mango herring 840 g salt herring filets 100 g mango (frozen) 3/4 cup crème fraîche 1/8 cup mayonnaise 1-1/2 tablespoons mango balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons chopped chives Drain the herring, and dry it with paper towels. Then cut it in pieces (of about half an inch in length). Defrost the mango and mix it using a hand blender. Add crème fraîche, mayo, vinegar, and chives. And lastly the herring. Let it sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours before serving. Wasabi herring A herring with bite. A spicy liquid with wasabi and fresh ginger. 420 g salt herring filets 3/4 cup water 1-1/8 cups sugar 1/3 cup vinegar essence 1 piece of ginger wasabi (about 45g from a tube)

“Självporträtt i rött” (“Self-portrait in red”) by Zorn, painted in 1915. Part of the permanent collection, Zornsamlingarna, Mora.

Swedish master painter Anders Zorn, mostly known in the U.S. for his portraits of presidents and dignitaries had a keen interest in Swedish culture and Sweden’s culinary traditions. He organized one of the first national meetings for musicians of traditional Swedish folk music. When Den Gyldene Freden, one of the classic restaurants in Stockholm’s Old Town, was about to close in the early 20th century, Zorn stepped in as owner. He later gave the establishment to the Swedish Academy, which to this day owns it; it’s known for good, traditional Swedish cuisine, personal service and centuries of ambience after being the center of the universe for every author, artist or musician you ever heard of from the 18th through 20th centuries Sweden. Later in the summer, a few warm dishes may very well accompany the herring to the table. More about these in our next issue. Do you have a favorite herring? Or … not a herring fan? Have a special tip on where, how and what to get? Let us know. Email us at editor@ JUNE 15, 2017 15


Photo: Niklas Larsson

Blackwell was not alone in rejecting the smörgåsbord. The renowned feminist Mary Wollstonecraft (mother-in-law to the poet Shelley and thus, as you might say, grandmother to Frankenstein’s monster) reported from a visit to Sweden in the 1790s that “these idiotic Swedes attempt to improve their appetite before dinner by eating bread and butter, cheese, smoked salmon and anchovies and drinking aquavit, while the main dish cools on the table.”

The Smörgåsbord Abroad “These idiotic Swedes …” One of the few early Swedes to attain true international eminence during his lifetime was the naturalist Carl von Linné (Linnaeus). And virtually only one Swedish culinary specialty can boast a fame comparable with that of Linnaeus—namely, the smörgåsbord. Strangely enough, there is a link between these two Swedish notables. Perhaps the first international judgment passed on the Swedish tradition concerned 16 NORDSTJERNAN

the smörgåsbord Linnaeus himself served to a visiting English colleague, Thomas Blackwell, in 1765. Blackwell’s verdict was short, concise and devastating: “Catsmeat!” He reported back to the Royal Society that he had firmly refused to even taste the rubbish. The well-meaning Linnaeus had evidently produced the tiny salted, pickled or smoked Baltic herring with which Swedes start their orgies at the smörgåsbord to this day.

the evolution of tradition What these outside observers don’t appear to have understood was that the “snaps table,” as it was called in those days, performed a sociopsychological function that was probably much needed among the not-very-spontaneously sociable Swedes. A dinner or supper in good society began with the guests dividing into two groups—male and female—in the dining room. The ladies gathered in one corner and entertained themselves with the gossip of the day, while the gentlemen flocked around a side table set with all kinds of cold salted dishes (including herring) and a couple decanters of aquavit. First they downed a brimming dram of snaps, dubbed helan (“the whole”) for that reason, using it to wash down a small selection of delicacies from the table. After that, it was comme il faut to fill the glass only half full, and for this reason the second glass was known as halvan (“the half”). Those still in need of help might take a few more drops in the bottom of the cone-shaped glass —a portion known as klacken (“the heel”). Thus fortified, the gentlemen were ready to turn their attention to the ladies and sociable conversation—the ladies, of course, were perfectly capable of holding forth without this kind of inspiration. During the course of the 19th century the snaps table swelled to become the opulent smörgåsbord, These days, it is still possible to find a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord in Swedish country inns on weekends and in restaurants during the weeks running up to Christmas. As part of their holiday celebrations, the staffs of firms large and small sally forth together to eat their way through a “Christmas table” (julbord), which may consist of as many as a hundred dishes. It is easy to imagine an outburst of joy over the smörgåsbord experienced by newly prosperous Swedes in olden times when they were at last able to eat their fill. UBM based on research by Jan-Öjvind Swahn

alternatives for the midsummer table:

swedish summer mixes

Gubbhyllan’s old man’s mix (Gubbröra) 3 eggs 3 small potatoes 3 matjes herring fillets (available at your local Scandinavian store or IKEA Foods) 1 tart apple 1 small red onion 3 1/2 tablespoons (1/2 dl) finely chopped chives 3 1/2 tablespoons (1/2 dl) finely chopped dill Hard boil the egg (around 8 minutes) and boil the potatoes. Refrigerate. Chop all ingredients into fine dice and combine. There are many classic variations of this mix, and many use Swedish spiced anchovies instead of matjes herring. For some, apples and potatoes are not traditional ingredients, but we think they work beautifully and that the tart apple adds the perfect touch. Reindeer mix with suovas 7 ounces (200 g) suovas (smoked reindeer is hard to find but can be replaced with cold-smoked salted beef or even lean air dried ham such as Jamon Serrano) Scant 1/2 cup (1 dl) parsley 1 red onion 1/3 cup (3/4 dl) mayonnaise 2 tablespoons (1/4 dl) creme fraiche or sour cream 1 tablespoon whole grain mustard Salt and pepper

For those of us who haven’t yet been able to stomach the unique taste of traditional Swedish herring dishes here are a few alternatives. Deliciously fresh Swedish summer mixes with seafood or smoked meat: Skagen, Old Man’s Mix and Suovas. Perfect for a late snack, a light lunch, the midsummer table or any steamy afternoon in the summer of 2017. Skagen mixture gets its name from Toast Skagen, a dish that did not originate in Denmark, in spite of its name. It was invented during the 1950s by legendary Swedish restaurateur Tore Wretman. Old man’s mix (herring-egg salad) makes Swedes think of summer inns and local hotels with white tablecloths, where people enjoyed a lunch of herring, cheese and butter chased by flavored spirits (snaps). Most people who ordered this lunch were men, which is also true of the herring-egg salad known as “old man’s mix”. Souvas means smoked in the Sami language and is in this case cold-smoked reindeer meat. In earlier times, lightly salted meat was hung up by the smoke hole in the tent where the Sami lived. Now there are special tents for smoking. Skagen mix 14 ounces (400 g) fresh shrimp in their shells (7-8 ounces/200 g without shells) 1/2 inch (1 cm) fresh horseradish 3 1/2 tablespoons (1/2 dl) chopped dill 1/3 cup (3/4 dl) mayonnaise 2 tablespoons (1/4 dl) creme fraiche or sour cream Salt and pepper 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard Shell and coarsely chop the shrimp. Grate the horseradish, chop the dill and combine with the mayonnaise, creme fraiche and shrimp. Season with salt, pepper and Dijon mustard.

Cut the smoked reindeer into fine dice, chop the onion and parsley, and combine with the mayonnaise and crème fraiche. Season to taste with mustard, salt and pepper. Suovas, which means smoked in the Sami language, is salted and smoked reindeer meat. Suovas is one of the oldest means of food preservation in Sweden. The meat is salted for a few days before it is smoked. Recipes: KG Wallberg / Photography: Bruno Ehrs Recipes are from the recipe book “Wonderful Sweden” – a culinary journey through Sweden, from Skåne in the south to Lappland, covering provincial specialties, points of interest and traditions.

Just in case you’re not in the mood to cook and happen to be in the Northeast, we may have found the best Skagen east of Hudson. (West of Göteborg?) Charlotte’s restaurant in Milbrook, NY offered a pleasant surprise as Chef Michael Möller brought out a perfectly balanced Toast Skagen to the table, above. Whether American, continental or European/ Swedish fare is your taste the chef’s impressive background has him prepared for just about any palate. Two hours by train from Manhattan or 1.5 by car, Charlotte’s and Milbrook offer a nice day trip. More info, see JUNE 15, 2017 17


Sweden’s Honorary Consuls in the U.S. Who are they? In an effort to find out more about the Swedish consuls in America, the work they do and the people they represent, contributor Helen Teike interviewed each of them,published here throughout the year.


Honorary Consul: Cecilia Hahn, Salt Lake City How long have you been the Swedish consul? I was appointed by King Carl XVI Gustaf in August of 2011, as Honorary Swedish Consul of Salt Lake City representing the district: Utah, Idaho and Montana. I was thereafter licensed with the United States Department of State in November of 2011. What is your full-time occupation? I am a chief regulatory officer in both FDA and banking regulations, registered lobbyist with the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office, and founder of HAHN Business Consulting, a consulting firm with projects in USA and EU. How much time do you spend on consular matters? Do you have help? Consular matters generally do not exceed 20 hours per week. I am the only person in this district representing the Swedish Embassy. How many Swedish citizens are in your area? 2600+ How many Swedes visit the consulate? For what purpose? Several hundred Swedes visit this consulate each year, with almost 900+ inbound calls tended to. This consulate is also very active in economic development matters and foreign

representation. It facilitates temporary passports, serves as a pickup for long-term passports and drivers licenses, certifies certificates of birth, life and death, registers applications for citizenship, conducts paternity investigations, submits applications for coordination number and registration of name, facilitates missionary permits, facilitates surrogacy birth certificates on behalf of Swedish citizens (pending parents), visits prisoners in the district when applicable, conducts formal residence permit interviews, and produces certificates of non-impediment to marry. Are there other local Swedish institutions or organizations you cooperate with? This district has a cultural organization called the Swedish Heritage Society. It is the main cultural organization for Swedish citizens and produces ongoing Swedish events on Swedish holidays. This consulate is also a member with the Utah Consular Corp, representing 38 nations. It is also partnering with the Utah World Trade Center and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Does your district or area differ in any way from the other Swedish honorary consulates? It covers a very large area (Utah, Idaho and Montana) rather than a city alone. It also has a large amount of missionary permits processed on behalf of the Mormon Church, Salt Lake City being the heart About Swedish food: Come December, I might start my day with a glass of non-alcholic glögg.... But I don’t eat lutfisk every Thursday; my father loved it, but it’s too salty for me. Sweden’s biggest achievement in history: Promoting peace, spiritual openness and awareness, innovation, being able develop partnerships across the world. Most admired Swedes: The royal family, the King and Queen Explaining Sweden to others: I share that it is a Nordic country and part of Scandinavia (people confuse it with Switzerland), the size of California, with a population of almost ten million people. It is


of its religion with MTC language training facilities. It facilitates surrogacy birth certificates for pending Swedish parents. How much are you guided by directions from the embassy in Washington, DC? In the event of an emergency, I contact the embassy to reach a timely solution. The Washington Embassy has done a fantastic job providing yearly training in all consular matters and emergency issues that may arise. What is your personal connection with Sweden? I was born and raised in Sweden. I absolutely love the Northern Lights and every season. I love the people and what we stand for. I am a dual citizen. What made you choose to accept this position? I have always wanted to be a consul. This provides me the opportunity to serve my country from the United States and be close to the culture. Honorary Consul Cecilia Hahn Consulate of Sweden World Trade Center at City Creek 60 East South Temple, 3rd Floor Salt Lake City, UT 84111 801.937.9093 a beautiful land with many large naturally occurring lakes, rivers, and forests. Sweden is one of the original locations of the Vikings, but is today a very diverse country welcoming people from various parts of the world. I explain special holidays like Santa Lucia and Midsummer. I also explain the relationship between Sweden and US in terms of import, export, and current economic development efforts. On being Swedish: We value family, equality, and invest in what life is really about. We care about the health of our planet with much respect for nature and animals. We are highly intellectual and world travelled, understanding technology and strides within medical research. We appreciate music, art, fashion, and history. We strive for international solutions and world peace.


Honorary Consul: Johan Segerdahl, Milwaukee How long have you been the Swedish consul? Since 1994 What is your full-time occupation? I am the CEO/ founder of an investment firm in Milwaukee. How much time do you spend on consular matters? Do you have help? It is 20 percent of my workweek. I have two assistants who spend more time than I on consular matters. How many Swedish citizens are in your area? There are 260 registered Swedes and 5000 Swedish Americans who have ties to Sweden and are actively involved in events that we organize. How many Swedes visit the consulate? For what purpose? We had 60-80 visits in 2016. They came for voting, picking up passports, driver licenses, legal issues, probates for deaths. Are there other local Swedish institutions or organizations you cooperate with? SACC, Vasa ordern, Swedish American Historical Society, universities with academic activities Does your district or area differ in any way from the other Swedish honorary consulates? Each state has its own unique profile, but here in Wisconsin is a big deepset of Swedish immigration. It’s an older original immigration in the upper Midwest and there are a lot of historical reasons to think or feel the Swedish kinship here. It was an agricultural economy that has shifted, and Scandinavian ethnic groups have continued to grow and prosper here. We continue to develop those relationships with several thousand people with heritage in Sweden and protect the interest of the Swedes living here as we grow and stabilize the Swedish-American population. How much are you guided by directions from the embassy in Washington DC? We are in close communication, there’s a centralization of documents and passports, security, and guidance we follow carefully. What is your personal connection with Sweden? I was born in Jönköping, Sweden, and moved to the USA when I was 4 years old. I grew up in Sweden during the summers and early college years. In my first job with Citibank I was sent to Stockholm to open the first branch in Sweden. I still have investments and do a little business in Sweden. I’m a U.S. citizen married to an American. What made you choose to accept this position? It was an honor, first of all. I love Sweden, and to represent the country is an amazing honor. It brought

me closer to Sweden again, allowed me to have closer contact with the Swedish community here, too. I can help people and meet really interesting people in my own community. My two assistants are amazingly talented – and from Sweden – they immigrated 15-20 years ago and have developed close ties with the community. What is the Swedish Consulate’s most important job for the American community in your area / for the Swedish American Community? Historically, we were the issuer of documents but due to security concerns it has changed. Now we are a business support and rally point, especially if something terrible happens, a point of contact for the community. It’s a circle, maybe what consuls had to be during WWII. We have and are being trained to handle crises in the changing world. I must keep a close line of communication with the Swedish community in our area. If you had more funds what would you do in your region to spread the word about Sweden? More events. But next year IKEA is coming to southeastern Wisconsin – that’s a big deal for us and will be an amazing cultural event. Honorary Consul Johan Segerdahl Assistant: Lena Carlstedt Consulate of Sweden 825 North Jefferson Street, suite 300 Milwaukee, WI 53202 414.291.7835

Sweden recognized the United States on April 3, 1783, when the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States and Sweden was signed in Paris. The Kingdom became the first country not formally engaged in the conflict to recognize the United States of America before the Treaty of Paris. Sweden appointed its first consul to the United States, Charles Hellstedt, on September 22, 1783, who was accredited on December 3, 1784. The Swedish minister in Paris approached Franklin in 1782 with the suggestion of concluding a treaty between the two entities, remarking that he hoped it would be remembered that “Sweden was the first power in Europe which had voluntarily and without solicitation offered its friendship to the United States.” Franklin informed Congress of this initiative and was then empowered to negotiate with Sweden. Diplomatic relations were established in 1818 when the United States named David Erskine as the first Consul to Stockholm on May 22. On September 20, 1947, H. Freeman Matthews was appointed to be the first U.S. Ambassador to Sweden. Mathews presented his credentials on December 5, 1947.

About Swedish food: I drink coffee and still enjoy sill och nubbe! Most admired Swede: Raoul Wallenberg The biggest misconception about Sweden: People think it’s a socialistic country. And there’s a stereotype that Swedes have a formality about them, a little bit of distance and coldness until you get to know them. On being Swedish: It means trying to be humanitarian, tolerant, working in ways to protect the rights of the poor and the disadvantaged, like Raoul Wallenberg.

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JUNE 15, 2017 19

local events

Swedish Landmark in San Francisco

California Senator Scott Wiener accepts the birthday salutes of the SwedishAmericans at the unveiling of the city’s landmark plaque for their hall. (L-R) Scott Wiener, Ted Olsson, Nina Webber, Christer Lindquist, Dwayne Ericsson, Linda Zalko, Bridget-Stromberg Brink, Karin Sadegh. Photo Victor Ruiz-Cornejo

The Swedish American Hall in San Francisco was officially designated City Landmark No.267 in 2015, but passersby had no idea — until May 11, 2017, when the first of the city’s new landmark plaques was unveiled. A small ceremony was held in front of the hall before the Swedish Society of San Francisco, owner of the building, held its annual meeting inside. Attending the ceremony were many of those who played a prominent role in this achievement. Ted Olsson, whose grandfathers were both involved in the building and early life of the Swedish American Hall, convened the small ceremony in front of the hall, leaving space for pedestrians, who wondered what celebration they were passing through. He thanked the early mem20 NORDSTJERNAN

bers, not merely for founding this association, but who, immediately following the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed almost half the city, bought this property and erected this building, the masterpiece of Swedish-born, San Francisco master architect August Nordin.

Remarkable location

The hall’s very location is remarkable in San Francisco history. On this single block in the city are examples of the three types of meeting halls constructed after the catastrophes of 1906. Recovering from the earthquake and fire, San Francisco still intended to host the world’s fair of 1915, celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal. To rebuild the city in preparation for welcoming visitors from

around the world, the city took over all municipal transit, built many hotels to accommodate guests, and built many meeting halls, where fraternal, ethnic, and beneficial societies could meet. During this period many, if not most, San Franciscans were living in tent cities and were standing in long bread/soup lines. On this block, what is now the Lucky 13 bar was then a small, streetlevel gathering hall. Across Market Street on the same block was another type of meeting hall — a two-story building, with commercial space on the ground floor and one or more halls on the second story; it is another of the 400 local buildings designed by August Nordin. An example of the third type of building is the Swedish Society’s Swedish American Hall, also designed by Nordin, who thus had two buildings, across the street from each other on this same block. The Swedish American Hall had two retail units at street level (now combined into a single restaurant) and one of San Francisco’s oldest bars beneath the sidewalk level, as well as multiple meeting rooms and halls above. Also included was a private dining room and kitchen on the mezzanine, and board- and reading rooms on the third floor. The reading room is where many immigrants would gather to read books and periodicals in Swedish as well as to converse with other immigrants in their native language.

Returning dignitaries

At the ceremony were California State Senator Scott Wiener, who carried the legislation for this building in his district and California Assemblyman David Chiu, former president of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors. Both of these state legislators had been present when we celebrated the landmarking itself a couple years ago. Senator Wiener recognized Olsson’s passion and civic leadership, and spoke of his own memories in the Swedish American Hall, including the celebration of his senatorial election victory. Assemblyman Chiu thanked Wiener for leading the designating of the hall as a landmark, then revealed that it was Wiener’s birthday. Well, that

August Nordin’s architectural drawing of his masterpiece, the Swedish American Hall.

was opportunity for everyone to break into song, singing Happy Birthday — in both English and Swedish. When Swedish Consul General Barbro Osher was called upon to speak, she congratulated the Society for building the hall, which has hosted so many significant Scandinavian events. Originally a men’s society, she reflected that the hall is equally, if not more indebted to the Swedish Ladies Society of San Francisco, the women’s auxiliary and complementary organization, that contributed so much to the building, to hosting events at the hall, and to its mission. Nina Webber, president of the Swedish Society of San Francisco (now fully integrated), also spoke, thanking all past and current members and board members who have made the hall historic and home to so many organizations. With that, Enrique Landa and Dylan MacNiven, the Upper Market Vikings, were called upon. As the master tenant of the hall, their business acumen and investment made it possible for the Society to renovate the hall and retain its reputation as a beloved city nightspot, now for concerts in the main hall as well as for more intimate concerts in Café Du Nord. Finally, Consul General Osher and President Webber unveiled the landmark plaque, while she read the plaque’s inscription: San Francisco Landmark No.267, Swedish American Hall, 2174 Market Street Built in 1907, Swedish American Hall is home to the Swedish Society of San Francisco, founded in 1875.

local events

Society members gather beside their hall’s landmark plaque. (L-R) Lisa Wiborg, David Chiu Scott Wiener, Barbro Osher, Karin Sayegh Ted Olsson, Nina Webber, Bengt Sandberg, Christine Olson, Fred Bianucci. Photo Linda Zalko

At the turn of the 20th century, this neighborhood was a large Scandinavian enclave. The hall housed businesses serving the community, including Café du Nord, opened in 1908, which today is among San Francisco’s oldest saloons and restaurants. Designed by Master Architect

August Nordin in the Arts and Crafts style, the architectural finishes demonstrate a superior level of craftsmanship in a rich palate of materials and ornament. Interior lodge rooms named after Norse gods feature soaring truss work and intricate wood detailing.

Designated May 8, 2015 [seal of the City and County of San Francisco], Historic Preservation Commission Everyone was invited inside for a Swedish skål to toast the occasion and more than three dozen members sat down to an enjoyable meal prepared

by local Chef Pelle. The unhurried meal lasted a couple of hours with many toasts, snapsvisor, and other singing. For more info, see Ted Olsson

Swedish Day at the Races

On May 20, 2017, a crowd of happy Vasa members and friends enjoyed live thoroughbred horse racing at Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley, California. The spectacular day featured the pageantry of the 142nd running of the Preakness Stakes telecast live from Pimlico in Baltimore, Maryland. Guests were treated like royalty, with valet parking and reserved seating in the luxurious Golden Gate Fields Turf Club with a panoramic view of the paddock and race course. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful buffet that included roasted prime rib and ham, baked cod and fried chicken, salads, vegetables and French desserts, all elegantly

served in the club dining room. Black-Eyed Susans, the official drink of the Preakness consisting of orange and pineapple juice, light rum, orange liqueur and Swedish Absolut Vodka, complemented the wonderful cuisine and camaraderie among Vasa brothers and sisters. Unequivocally, this was a beautiful day to remember, filled with luck for some and excitement and fun for all! If you're close and missed out, mark your calendar and join next year's event, which is on Saturday, May 19, 2018: A Day At The Races at Golden Gate Fields with VOA District #12. Jim Melin

A group of Vasa members and friends enjoy a day as VIPs at the Golden Gate fields in Berkeley, Cal. JUNE 15, 2017 21


Ris och Ros Det tycks ligga i den mänskliga naturen att vi reagerar olika inför händelser omkring oss. Ibland ställer vi oss kritiska till vad som händer. I varje fall gäller den omständigheten mitt eget tyckande inför olika händelser. Dessemellan är vi - eller i varje fall jag - beredda att hålla med. Eller rent av berömma vad som sker. Inte minst gäller det den omväxlande inställningen många har betträffande Trump. Hans agerande och tvärsäkra uttalanden finner jag det ofta svårt att hålla med honom om. Han gör ofta obetänksamma och direkt sårande utfall mot såväl grupper, som mexikaner och muslimer, som enskilda personer av typ Hillary Clinton. Inte sällan påstår han vissa saker för att sekunden efteråt benhårt hålla på motsatsen. Jag har ibland i mina krönikor personligen ifrågasatt och kritiserat hans beteende. Men i ett försök att vara rättvis och ”fair” finner jag det nödvändigt att nu medge, att det är nödvändigt att ibland också berömma honom. Framför allt när han enligt min åsikt, agerar beundransvärt och modigt. Rätt bör vara rätt. Kritik är alltid berättigat att framföra när någon uppför sig klumpigt. I rättvisans namn bör det dock också basuneras ut, när man tycker att densamme gjort lyckade insatser. Detta har president Trump enligt min mening åstadkommit - eller i varje fall velat åstadkomma - under sina besök i Saudiara-

bien och Israel och vid sina möten med de politiska ledarna där. Inför en samlad grupp av presidenter för muslimska länder både bannade och bad han dem att hjälpa till. Många av er skyddar terrorister och stöder den verksamhet som Islamiska staten (IS) står för, påstod Trump. ”Drive them out!” dundrade han vidare. Alla måste hjälpas åt att bekämpa terrorism. Terror kan aldrig leda till något gott. Även om goda ord sällan kan förändra ett tillstånd hoppas jag att det bestämda och samtidigt vädjande budskapet Trump gjorde hade inverkan på den samlade gruppen av hövdingar från muslimska länder. President Reagan mötte, som en del erinrar sig, Rysslands ledare Michael Gorbatjov i Berlin för många år sedan. De bevittnade den mur som Ryssland byggt i Staden för att hindra invånarna i öst- Berlin att ta sig in i väst-Berlin. Reagan anmodade kraftfullt och till mångas glädje:

gelser Amerikanska presidenter och andra har under decennier försökt finna lösningar på tvisten. Ofta förhandlingsvägen med mjuka formuleringar och tänkbara vägar. Nu försökte även Trump. Så vitt jag kunnat läsa ut av hans ansträngningar använde han sig av en kärvare ton och uppriktighet. Han försökte med bestämdhet få dem att träffas, se varann i ögonen och inse, att de helt enkelt nästan måste finna kompromisser. Fortsatt strid leder endast till fortsatt elände. Genom sitt klara, uppriktiga och burdusa budskap hoppas jag han hade inverkan. Jag kan bara hoppas att mitt omedelbara intryck stämmer, att Trumps agerande medverkar till sämja. Han gjorde i varje fall ett modigt och uppriktigt försök att agera som en gentleman. Det ger mig en glädje och borde ge oss alla en glädje att konstatera detta.

”Mr Gorbatjov, Take down this wall”! Den uppmaningen tillsamman med mycket annat bidrog förmodligen till att muren senare försvann. På samma sätt tror jag Trumps bestämda ord till de muslimska ledare kan ge effekt. Ett stort bekymmer i världen just nu gäller givetvis relationerna mellan judar och palestinier. Ständiga fejder. Strid om bosättningar och områden. Anklagelser och motankla-

Olle Wijkströms nyutkomna och rikt illustrerade bok Min Historia - handlar om hans minnen och möten med alla slags folk från tre kontinenter. Boken innehåller stämningar och möten. Stamhövdingar, presidenter och vanligt folk. Boken kan beställas och betalas via Nordstjernan”

not my time to die Titanic and the Swedes on Board by Lilly Setterdahl The 123 Swedes on board made up the third largest ethnic group on the Titanic after the American and the British. The book profiles each of the Swedish passengers; including the 34 survivors... Perfect bound, large size paperback, 296 pages. Richly illustrated.

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news in brief

Swedish News Millionaires flock together

Where do the wealthiest Swedes live? If you guessed in the capital city of Stockholm, you’re correct. The municipalities located directly around this popular city have the highest concentration of millionaires whereas 12 other cities in Sweden don’t have even a single resident earning at least 1 million kronor.

Business travel trends

Resia, the winner of Sweden’s Best Travel Awards for 2017, predicts three trends to watch for when in the Swedish travel business. Smartdigital services, personal concierge services, and health-workout services top the list of what business travelers are looking for. The hotels who can balance all three aspects are expected to corner the lucrative business traveler market.

Bullerby dream for sale

A chance to own a piece of Astrid Lindgren history is now possible. Her father’s childhood home, featured as the middle red house in her books and movies set in Bullerbyn, is for sale in Sevedstorp, Småland, which isn’t far from the Astrid Lindgren Museum in Vimmerby. Less than one million SEK will earn you the perfect chance to own this piece of classic Swedish nostalgia.

Diver finds 200-year-old ship

A shipwreck was found in an inlet near Karlskrona in southern Sweden, when a diver, who spends his time looking for deep sea wrecks, happened upon what is believed to be a vessel that was deliberately sunk almost 200 ago. The practice of sinking ships to avoid enemy detection has turned up surprising finds and may help historians explain how maritime defense was conducted centuries ago.

Sun-loving Swedes at risk

Just in time for summer, the National Board of Health reports that cases of skin cancer are on the rise. Specifically, malignant melanoma is being diagnosed at an alarming rate with the number of cases almost doubling in less than a decade. It’s suspected that Swedes, who turn out in droves when the sun shines, fail to take precautions to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun.

More technology in healthcare

Digital healthcare in Sweden is set to increase. With the advent of digitization in areas like Xrays and operations, the cost of healthcare is expected to fall while the use of technology to assist healthcare professionals is expected to continue to increase. And instead of lengthy waits in long queues, Swedish patients will see many of their appointments taking place in their own homes instead of their local doctor’s office.

Swedish pregnancy app

Bonnie Roupé’s app, Bonzun, gives women the information they need to carry out safe and informed pregnancies. Citing itself as the “first complete e-health app for pregnant women worldwide”, Bonzun has made it a company mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality. For mroe info, see

Sweden wins ice hockey worlds

In a very close and exciting game, Sweden dethroned two-time defending champion Canada to win the world hockey championship 2-1 on May 21. Two shootout goals helped the Tre Kronor win their first International Ice Hockey Federation title since 2013 and prevent Canada from a three-peat. It was Sweden’s 10th world championship win since 1953.

Pope names Swedish cardinal

The first Swede ever to be named a cardinal in the Catholic faith was appointed on May 21, when Pope Francis called for the creation of five new cardinals from different parts of the world. Bishop Anders Arborelius, Bishop of Stockholm since 1998, will serve to advise the Pope. This honorable, historic papal appointment will be formalized at a ceremony at the Vatican on June 28. Arborelius, right, who is 67, became Sweden’s first Catholic bishop of Swedish origin since the times of the Reformation. Cardinal Arborelius

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news in brief

Summer travel itinerary: Gotland

The travel site Lonely Planet has rated Gotland as a must-see place in Europe for summer travelers. Describing Gotland’s well-preserved natural beaches and forests and its ease for cyclists, press officer Lena Thorn with Inspiration Gotland hopes it brings even bigger growth to the Gotland tourism industry. www.

Swedish-American "war bride" Kerstin Kahlow whose unique parachute wedding dress has once again crossed the Atlantic and is exhibited at the army museum in Halmstad. The pilot Pete Petersson, USAAF, of SwedishAmerican descent, and his B-17 Flying Fortress are in 1944 hit hard by air defense over Germany, but the pilot manages to Girls outrank boys miraculously save his plane and For a country that prides itself on equality, the crew to Sweden. Pete becomes results of the latest series of tests regarding stuhead of a group traveling around dent performance is causing concern. Both in Sweden to repair the emergency curriculum and in the softer skills like “kindlanded U.S. planes that can be ness”, girls outperform boys. Some say that salvaged. During one of the trips this has nothing to do with actual intellectual he meets young Kerstin Kahlow ability and more to do with girls knowing how from Halmstad. They fall deeply to adapt to the school environment in ways that in love and are about to get marbenefit them with their teachers than boys do. ried. But there is textile rationing in Sweden, so how does a young Gothenburg goes boom! bride get enough rationing couBusinesses in Gothenburg report an uptick that pons for a wedding dress? has them looking to increase profit and new Kerstin comes up with the employees. On a scale of -100 to +100, a rating amazing idea of using her husof 40+ is considered a “boom,” and the 1,000 band-to-be's parachute for the businesses surveyed had a result of 43+. That dress. In the evenings and nights means Gothenburg is thriving along with the she sews a marvelous wedding rest of Sweden, and if the trend stays stable the dress of a material so nice that no economy points to a strong future. one in Sweden has seen anything like it, and a glorious wedding is New Swedish craft at Sofiero held at Sperlingsholms Chapel in an exhibit with Swedish artists described as a Halmstad. combination of the Arts and Crafts movement The film’s director, Jan-Olof with a bit of Swedish ingenuity added is howNilsson was truly amazed: “I ing at Sofiero Castle outside Helsingborg this was so impressed by Kerstin's summer. For more info, see story that I simply had to travel Wartime wedding at Sperlingsholms Chapel, Halmstad. to America to film this 94-yearold wonderful woman. It was an unforgettable meeting. When the staff at the museum in Halmstad watched my movie on TV they SWEDISH DVD WITH ENGLISH SUBTITELS were excited and asked me to 1200 AMERICAN AIRMEN contact her to ask if it was possible to borrow the dress for SUCCEEDED IN REACHING a special show about the war y lsson b SECURITY IN SWEDEN lm Ni a fi -Olof years.” e g a l vil Jan DURING THE END OF WW II ur oo Kerstin and her wedding dress et m a c ans ric MAIL YOUR ORDER TO: are really the main attraction. ame e h nt Please send check whe So now, this beautiful bridal payable to: Jan Mark, 102 Fireside Lane dress has once again crossed the Holden, MA 01520 Atlantic—truly a wedding dress + $4 SH, TOTAL $23.95 More info: with an extraordinary SwedishAmerican history. For more info on the movie, see The dress made from Pete Petersson’s NORDSTJERNAN parachute is now on display at the museum and the Halmstad museum at in Halmstad, Call 1.800.827.9333 ext. 10 for your own subscription.

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The Swedish war bride’s dress

Just over a year ago we covered the U.S. premiere of the documentary film Lucky Strike — When the Americans arrived, about the American flight crews that landed in central Sweden during WWII. One of the film's main characters was a



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Summer and strawberries

The year’s first “jordgubbar” have arrived and Swedes are stocking up on this delicious berry as they plan their summer holidays. Considered the most popular berry in Sweden, sales spike during Midsommar and remain strong for those long, lazy weekends and summer holidays. After a challenging winter and a short season last year, this year’s crop of strawberries is predicted to last well into August. Few things are more summery and Swedish for dessert than strawberries. Here’s a variation on the serving of the mandatory strawberries that will make everyone happy. Our first encounter with the variation of the Pinoccio torte was at the former Swedish Consul General to Michigan’s residence where the Consul’s spouse Karin Johansson added some delicious details to this traditional cake.

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swedish dvd releases Order Swedish language movies on DVD. All videos are in the original language with English subtitles.

Strawberry cake á la Karin (AKA Pinocchio Torte) Line a 12” x 16 “ sheet cake pan with baking parchment. Grease well and add flour. Sponge cake: 3 egg yolks 1/2 cup (1 dl) sugar 5 tablespoons Half & Half 2/3 cup (1-1/2 dl) melted butter 2/3 cup (1-1/2 dl) all purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder Mix flour and baking powder in a separate bowl. In another bowl, beat the egg yolks and the sugar well until light and fluffy. Add the Half & Half and the cooled butter to room temperature, a little of each at a time with the combined flour and baking powder. Pour into the prepared pan, spreading the batter with a spatula. Meringue: 3 egg whites 3/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 1/2 cup sliced almonds Beat the egg whites until stiff. Fold in the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat for a few more minutes. Spread the meringue, slightly unevenly over the cake batter. Sprinkle with almonds. Bake on the lowest oven rack on 400F for 5 minutes. Lower the oven temperature to 350F for another 20 – 30 minutes until the meringue is golden. Let the cake cool slightly. Carefully remove the cake from the parchment paper and cut in half. Filling: 1 1/3 cup whipping cream 1 ½ liter strawberries (1.5 quart—you don’t have to be picky here… experiment!) Whip the cream and combine with mashed strawberries (leave some for decoration). Spread the filling on one of the cake half and top with the other half, meringue side up. Decorate with Strawberries. Enjoy! (Anyone who’s tried Swedish strawberries will agree they’re simply better than others. Sweeter, less water and more flavor. Endast Sverige svenska krusbär har. [Only Sweden has Swedish gooseberries] From “Om svenska rim” 1838 - praise for Scandinavia and Sweden by Swedish author Carl Jonas Love Almqvist (1793 - 1866). So true about strawberries, and some other things, too.

Sweden’s selection for the Oscar’s

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sports “Second, you have to have the Swedish American Football League on TV. The third thing is to keep this first generation that has grown up with American football and get them involved. When we started, we might have had three parents who could help coach kids’ teams. Now, most of our coaches are Swedish.” Finally, Sundberg said, “We need to get a Swedish player in the NFL, whether it is Sebastian or (Northwestern University graduate) David Hedeby or someone else.”

Calling the plays

Bildbyrån photo

The NFL is realizing the wealth of talent that could be available to teams as it casts its eyes on Europe.

NFL could mine talent pool in Sweden, Europe

The Carlstad Crusaders fell short in their bid for a second European title in three years, but the seventime Swedish champions in American football still accomplished an even bigger goal: They got the attention of the National Football League, and it may not be long before the NFL turns to Sweden in the search for new talent. Mark Waller, the NFL vice president of international marketing, was very pointed in his assessment: “The biggest growth for the NFL in the future will have to happen outside the United States.” It is exactly what Carlstad general manager Robert Sundberg wants to hear. “Our goal is to get a Swedish-born and –trained player into the NFL,” Sundberg said. “And I think that day is coming much sooner than some people expect.” Sebastian Johansson, the Crusaders’ strength and conditioning coach, is a 2016 Marshall University graduate and one of a small but growing number of Swedish and other European players who grew up playing American football, albeit in a non-traditional way. “A lot of these guys were not exposed to high school football, but they are so talented. It’s unheard of, but I think the trend will continue,” said Chris Weinke, a former NFL quarterback who now directs 28 NORDSTJERNAN

the IMG Football Academy. “There are athletes all over the world and there’s a greater interest in American football than ever before.”

Technology helps raise players

Sundberg credited much of the growing interest in the NFL to television and internet coverage, which has put the American sport in the homes of many Europeans. “It is on a lot of Swedish TV now,” Sundberg said. “It’s just cool to watch and we are getting more and more interest.” The growing interest in watching the NFL has begun to generate interest in playing American football, and Sundberg and the Crusaders have mapped out what they believe is a winning game plan for developing the sport in Sweden. “We have Under-19, -17, -15, -13, and -11 teams. There are more than 200 players in the club and now we are doing flag football teams. Junior football is growing and now I think there is an understanding among the Swedish clubs that you have to grow it from the ground up.” Sundberg said he sees “four parts” to the sport’s success in Sweden: “First, you have the NFL on TV and you have to keep having it on TV,” he said.

Right now, the main path for Swedes to get close to the NFL is to play for an American university. That, however, could change; Waller said the league now realizes the depth of talent available in Europe and is looking to improve on how it finds that talent. “The honest answer [for how we follow leagues overseas] is on a very ad hoc basis and, at the moment, with no real formal process for tracking and measuring it,” Waller said. “It’s probably an area where we could really get better, because where you have these leagues starting up and these teams playing, it would be incredibly useful for us to know what the standards are and potentially scouting players.” A number of NFL teams have connections to international football teams. The Oakland Raiders have something of a sister team in Austria, called the Swarco Raiders, a relationship that has included hosting coaches at training camp in Napa and running Swarco’s game recaps online. The London Warriors’ defensive coordinator, Aden Durde, spent last summer as an intern for the Dallas Cowboys; this year the Cowboys signed one of Durde’s players. The Crusaders beat the Warriors to reach the NEFL final. Germany is the top international country with 11 players in the NFL, nine of whom have been drafted since 2008. A record 12 foreign born players were selected in the 2016 draft. “There are definitely some good players here,” said Crusaders “import” running back/strong safety Alpha Jalloh. The Liberty University grad went to Sweden specifically to prepare for NFL summer camps and said the level of play surprised him. “About the only big difference is the game speed. It isn’t as fast as it is in the States, but there are a lot of good players here,” Jalloh said. “The London Warriors were a good team. There are lot of guys here who could easily play college ball back home.” Jalloh is exactly the type of player Sundberg said he wants to bring to Sweden. “We used to look at Division 2 or Division 3 players but now we want the guys who are right on the edge of making the NFL,” Sundberg said. “We want to give them the chance to prepare for NFL camps and we want them to teach us and make us better.” In the next issue, find out about a young athlete and an example of a Swede who grew up in the American football environment in Sweden and now plays for a college in the United States. /ed.

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Dance, music and fun for Midsummer / 'Midsommar' in Swedish America / Swedish delicacies for the Midsummer table / Unveiling at the Swedish...

Nordstjernan 1709  

Dance, music and fun for Midsummer / 'Midsommar' in Swedish America / Swedish delicacies for the Midsummer table / Unveiling at the Swedish...