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WELCOME ONE & ALL TO ISSUE 6 It’s here, it’s here. It may have been distracted along the way spending too much time on & day dreaming about which jumpers to wear now it’s cold enough. But anyway enough of the cold, here’s all the warm lovliness in Issue 6 of SWEAT

Cover Art & Fashion Coverage by Jess Bunyan Photography by Michelle Martins Illustrations by Jaymie O’Callaghan Interview/Art by Cody and Junè

Who are you - what do you do? - and where? J: We are codyjune. Me and Cody are blogging on; we are good friends and we share a love of art, fashion and all beyond. C: On we post about the things we like; art, fashion and life. What do you like the most? J: I love art. Contemporary and abstract. Pasta and Pesto. FMBelfast and Bonaparte. Festivals. Codyjune. Friends. Moleskine. iPod. MacBook. Family. London. C: I love fashion and contemporary art. Risotto al Tortuffo. Toro y moi and Foals. Indie. Friends. Design. Mac. Books. And what not? J: Vegetables, sports, white pants. C: Fast running time, people without opinion, sports. Small town or big city? J: Big city, definitely. It’s my big dream to escape from the small town, where I grew up. Nature is good, a big city is better. In a big city you can be and do what you want - and nobody stares at you like you are from another planet. C: Like Junè said ;)





# Buy something sheer and show off expensive underwear/ big pants (as above) underneath it

# Wear your sheer clothes to the post office and/or school (unless you do fashion)

# Invest in lots of bright colours that are variations on red, blue and yellow

# Be afraid to wear them all in the same outfit, like a sartorial rainbow

# Wear very short shorts (preferably knitted) and make sure they cover ‘enough’ not to look too naked

# Just get someone to walk behind you every time you wear short shorts as a precaution

# Actually screw that fashion is all in the interpretation, wear whatever the hell you like

# Ignore weather forecasts, red and sweaty or cold and goose bumped are never a good look

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Issue 6 of SWEAT zine

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