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I’m sure you’ve already conjured images resembling the typical

friends (especially when you need them the most) was a commonality

movie scene that depicts a never satisfied and hard-nosed drill

both civilians and troops had to endure. My job (as with many other

sergeant barking out vulgar encouragements to get his troops through

civilians working in various roles) was to try and ease some of the

morning training. It seems this high-intensity-at-all-costs regime is the

tensions of war with support services.

only way to condition his troops for battle. Although militant command still has its place, it may surprise you

I’ll always be indebted to the CF, for both the professional and personal life experiences they afforded me; I still carry them forward

that these tactics are fairly outdated. The military has endured a

in my Train Like a Soldier Bootcamp (TLSB) program. First launched

forward shift since the charter of human rights was introduced in the

in March 2010 at Goodlife Fitness Union Station Toronto, the TLSB

1980s. Regarding physical training, this evolution includes a safer, more

program is unique because it is genuinely based on my training

standardized, and progressive approach to its fitness programs. With

experiences with the military. Now, however, instead of my day being

five years of experience as a military fitness instructor, I can attest that

filled with stressed soldiers wearing Kevlar and armed with artillery,

physical training is done with a higher standard of diligence in today’s

it’s with stressed executives wearing business suits and armed with

Canadian Forces (CF). Military Basic Training in the CF is a physically

rapidly firing blackberries! Everything is relative I guess.

demanding experience whose sole purpose is to prepare soldiers for

My “Train Like a Soldier” marketing is purposefully tongue and cheek,

battle with “fit-to-fight” standards. These “fit-to-fight” standards and

as I play off the Hollywood connotations that somehow successfully

my military experience comprise the foundation for my current role as

lure participants into bootcamp programs. Although playing the

a Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor with Goodlife Fitness.

hard-nosed drill sergeant would be more entertaining, I don’t. To me

As a trainer with the CF, my duties ranged from leading platoons

this approach is not only outdated but counterproductive. Considering

through the fitness components of basic training to Special Forces

most people who join such programs are new to fitness, the “no pain,

training and testing. The peak of my career came in 2007, with my

no gain” philosophy is the last thing they need. Anyone can blow a

six-month deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan. Aside from the

whistle and yell to make someone tired. “Firm but fair” is the axiom we

tremendous life experience (thankfully I returned in one piece), it was

ran our platoons by, and it’s something I bring to the TLSB program.

the most demanding six months of my life. Being away from family and

This scenario is especially true for clients dealing with weight issues



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