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General Meeting Written by Nikita Haridoss On Monday, April 14, 2014, SWE held their first general meeting for the spring quarter. In this meeting, we had special guest speaker Cynthia Carter, UCR alum and former SWE president, talk to us about navigating our careers after college. Carter offered advice on how to move up professionally, such as finding a mentor at the workplace who can sponsor you. She also recommended building your personal brand by dressing to impress and monitoring the information about you that appears on Google searches. Carter also stressed the importance of maintaining professionalism at the workplace by being above any politics or drama, but also advised to not be afraid to speak up if you have any ideas or concerns. Strong people skills and proficiency in public speaking were also mentioned as traits that are key towards becoming a successful professional. Although the workplace will be a major part of our lives, Carter emphasized keeping a balance between personal life and work. Overall, the presentation really shed light on what to expect from the professional life. I know that it not only helped me, but many others at the meeting get a better understanding of how to be the best professionals we can be after college. SWE would like to thank Cynthia Carter for coming to our meeting, and hopes that she will come back soon to share more words of wisdom.

SWE-OC: Professional Development Written by Danielle Bacon Not all conferences thrive due to a bustling career fair: some prosper through the exchange of knowledge, support, and mentorship. The annual SWE Orange County Section’s Professional Development Conference does just this. The four speakers addressed topics such as personal growth, visions of success and problems in the workplace. These topics seem innocent and common enough, but each discussion successfully questioned the thinking of the attendees, challenging them to set goals and evaluate current practices. Aside from the discussion sessions, each speaker hosted interactive activities and encouraged mingling among the attendees. This networking spanned the individual workshops and continued on into the scheduled breaks with ease. Each attendee was appreciated as an individual, not as a company or college representative: genuine connects were formed. Several business cards were exchanged with the intent to offer assistance and care, making this conference an invigorating experience without great input of energy and stress. It was certainly a nice way to spend a Saturday.

What’s in a Major? Panel Written by Sojin Ahn SWE hosted the “What’s in a Major” panel on April 15 at WCH205/6. This event was about learning what engineering majors offered at UCR. Upperclassmen from all engineering majors volunteered to give us information and tips about their majors. This was a good opportunity for lowerclassmen who wanted to know about some advice for their majors and to learn about other engineering majors. In the end, there was a Q&A session for people to ask some questions that they wanted to know. It is very beneficial to hear some experiences from upperclassmen because you can plan ahead for your future. SWE hopes those who attended the event got some good tips and advice and they appreciate all of those that volunteered for the panel. If you’d like to get to know upperclassmen in your major or to have a mentor, feel free to contact the SWE officers to hear more about the SWE Mentorship Program.

AIChE Bowling Competition April 23th, 9:30pm - 12am Brunswick Moreno Valley Girl Rising Film Screening April 24th, 6pm - 8pm WCH 205/6 Link to Flier SWE-OC: Engineering Patch Day April 26th, 8:30am - 12pm UC Irvine ACM@UCR: Hike to the C April 26th, Departing at 6pm ACM Club Room, WCH 226 RSVP Link

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PCB Workshop April 23rd, 4pm - 6pm WCH 125

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