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Club Social BBQ Written by Susana Jaimes On Thursday, April 10th, Tau Beta Pi, SWE, BMES and IEEE hosted a joint BBQ social on the patio outside Bytes. There were burgers, hot dogs, salads, drinks, chips, cookies and many other little snacks available for the participants of these clubs. The social was meant to have students of different majors come together to meet each other and share a meal. Although, at the beginning, people went with their own major groups, it seemed like some org leaders tried to introduce their club participants to other organization representatives. There were many people who showed up and had a great time. Thank you to Louis and the TBP, SWE, BMES and IEEE representatives who made the BBQ possible. Hopefully, we can continue having these awesome club socials!

IEEE Merit Badge Day Written by Christine Hawley and Samuel Hong This past Saturday, the IEEE chapter on our campus hosted Merit Badge Day. This day helps Boy Scouts within the surrounding area obtain badges in the subjects of robotics, engineering and energy. Student volunteers arrived at 7 am to begin the day where we were served breakfast and briefed for the day. There were multiple stations and volunteers were assigned to a particular station. The scouts traveled in groups of about fifteen and visited every station for half an hour. The entire event had over a hundred boy scouts and was oodles of fun for both the boys scouts and the dozens of volunteers. This was a fun learning experience and we hope to participate next year.

USEPA on Campus Written by Stephanie Eatinger The last career fair for the year was held this past Thursday. We were lucky enough to have the USEPA at this fair and even luckier to have them join SWE, SHPE and NSBE for a special talk. A representative from the Region 9 office for USEPA spoke about her 12 year experience working for the EPA. She gave advice to all of the students who asked questions about what to do as undergrads and how they can get to work for the USEPA. UCR has a special connection with Region 9 which allows many students to eventually work for the EPA. Particularly, she stressed the importance of the Pathways program for recent graduates and volunteer opportunities for current undergraduates.

What’s in a Major? April 15th, 6pm - 7pm WCH 205/6 Sorenson Company Tour April 18th, 8am -11am Yucaipa, CA IEEE@UCR: S-PAC Competition April 16th, 6:30pm - 9pm UCI SHPE@UCR: Job Searching April 16th, 4pm - 6pm WCH 205/6 AIChE@UCR: Mock Interviews April 16th, 6pm - 7pm WCH 205/6

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SWE@UCR: General Meeting April 14th, 6pm - 7pm WCH 205/6

SWEekly Volume 4 Issue 2  
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