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Sweets from SWE Written by Sojin Ahn Last Tuesday, SWE had a Krispy Kreme fundraiser near the Belltower. It was from 10 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon with 1 donut for 1$ and a dozen for 10$. SWE hopes the Krispy Kreme donuts helped you relax and be happy from the stress of finals. Yes, SWE takes care of you! To sell as many donuts as possible, SWE officers, including me, yelled and lost their voices and most of the donuts were sold. Many people were willing to support women engineering and many fellow SWE members came out and supported it. We appreciate your help and support for SWE and good luck with your finals!


Navy Recruiters Written by Tasnia Qazi The Navy Recruiters joined us for our last general meeting of the fall quarter! Not only were members informed about all of the wonderful opportunities and benefits offered by the Navy, but they also had the chance to indulge in some preThanksgiving munchies. Hot wings, pizza and pumpkin pie especially, managed to get us all prepared for the upcoming holiday season.


Member of the Week

Name: Danielle Bacon Major: BioEngineering Year: Junior

Why did you join SWE?: To strengthen my academic career as an engineer, as well as to make some great connections. It is so nice to meet some other engineers, especially female ones. What do you like most about SWE?: I feel welcome. I have not had much success with clubs in the past, but the current president and set of officers made it very easy to be a part of the SWE family. Of course, SWE is an amazing organization, but it is the people that keep me interested in the club. Other Activities: Apart from SWE, I participate in the Riverside chapter of BMES. I do not have a job; rather, I volunteer in a research lab and have done so for over a year. The research I conduct is in the fabrication of nanoparticles that serve in drug delivery. Fun Fact: I am an aunt for seven kids.


Upcoming Events Connect with SWE@UCR, LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE LAN PARTY 12/6/13, 6- ???pm, WCH 226

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A SWE member poses with our bee at the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

SWEekly Volume 2, Issue 9