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Halloween Event & Día de los Muertos

Written by Danielle Caponpon On October 29th, SWE and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at University of California, Riverside celebrated Halloween and Día de los Muertos. Together, we brought a stress relieving evening for our members with treats and competitions. This event allowed us to bond with our SHPE collegiate chapter and celebrate a cultural tradition. To celebrate Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, we provided pan de muertos and pan dulce for our members to experience. As an ice breaker, we had everyone group into 5-6 people and participate in our annual mummy wrap competition. Together, 4-5 people worked together to wrap one student as best they could in


toilet paper. As engineers, we had to test the durability of their work by making each of the mummies dance for 5 seconds. In tradition of Halloween, we had a costume contest where we saw everything from a Pokémon master, to a duo of cereal and milk and El Chapulin Colorado. The winner was chosen by our members with the loudest applause. Our last event is one that is always successful at any meeting. With almost all of our attendees, we played musical chairs. This lasted the longest but was great fun for everyone playing and watching. The winner of this game won a traditional sugar skull! Overall, the event was greatly successful. All of our members were able to experience a bit of Día de los Muertos and bond with new people from different majors and cultural backgrounds.


Woman of the Week

Meet Alicia Boler-Davis, the first woman manager for a General Motors plant for Chevrolet. Even though she has moved on to another job, she describes the difficulty she had at first integrating into the work environment. Read more about Alicia and other female engineers in the automotive industry on USA Today.


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Halloween Event & DĂ­a de los Muertos Event

SWEekly Vol. 2 Issue 5  
SWEekly Vol. 2 Issue 5