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Second General Meeting Written by Cristal Gonzalez The second general meeting for the Society of Women Engineers was filled with balloons. The members were divided into groups that needed to create a balloon powered vehicle. Each team had to assemble their car with only the household objects available. Once the time was up, the vehicles were tested to figure out which car would run the furthest. The outcome of this activity produced vehicles with different numbers of wheels and surprisingly wings as well. Outreach had a great presence in this meeting. The process of the biggest outreach event of the year has already begun and committees are beginning to form. The first meeting for those who wish to become involved with Bourns Engineering Day will be Wednesday the 23rd at 1 pm in the SWE clubroom. Important information on membership was also given. Section membership can be declared for free through UCR’s HighlanderLink. National membership does come with a price, but a lot of benefits and resources as well. Sign up for your membership and come join us for our next general meeting on October 29 in Winston Chang Hall 205/206 for some Halloween fun!


SWE-OC Engineering Day Written by Odalys Garau On Saturday, we attended the SWE-OC Engineering Day at the Southern California Gas Facilities in Anaheim. For several hours we taught more than 70 Girl Scouts from the OC and LA about different kinds of engineering. This event was focused on structural and chemical engineering so the activities including making gumdrop towers and non-newtonian fluid. The highlight of the day was teaching the girls about chemical engineering by making ice cream using dry ice. They were fascinated by the dry ice and happy to eat ice cream that they watched being made. At the end of the day the girls received a SWE event patch. SWE-OC is hosting a similar event again in March.

Girl Scouts and Volunteers pose at the SWE-OC Engineering Day.


Woman of the Week

Apart from Mark Zuckerberg, not many people know the other top employees of Facebook. Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook, and although she herself is not an engineer, she has had many impressive opportunities in her lifetime. Read more about Sheryl on CNNMoney.


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UCR’s engineering students pose at last year’s nerd-themed bowling night

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