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Society of Women Engineers Orange County January 2016 Edition


Happy New Year! Dear Reader, In SWE-OC quarterly newsletter you will find upcoming events, spotlight, dinner, training, and much more. The issue will cover events from October to December 2015. SWE-OC is a not-for-profit educational and service organization that empowers women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering.

Member Spotlight Rajani Bansal is a recent graduate in Chemical Engineering from UCLA and is currently working as an entry-level Environmental Engineer at AECOM. She was very active in the SWE-UCLA section while in school and is excited to continue making a difference as a part of the organization in the Orange County section. While at SWE-UCLA, Rajani hosted Evening with Industry (their annual networking event) and was President. Before leaving, she is proud to have began the diversity movement within the chapter by adding events like "Engineers for Professional Equality" and the "Women in Engineering Stayover Program" as well as encouraging the formation of the Advocacy chair whose primary focus is to host more of these types of diversity events. Currently, she is the Historian and Professional Development Conference Chair within SWE-OC. As a new professional, she is grateful to the chapter for welcoming her with open arms and is happy to be helping with hosting a conference that gives advice to women engineers in OC to help them succeed in their careers. Rajani is happy to continue being a part of SWE in their mission towards equality within the engineering field and is looking forward to working with the OC section to do so.

Last Quarter SWE-OC Events New Member Involvement Dinner By Malinda Miller We were joined by seven new members at Panera Bread in Irvine. Throughout the night questions were answered and socializing occurred. It was a good time to relax and get to know fellow new members while enjoying good food and company.

Member Spotlight New Member Inv. Dinner FY16 Fall Collegiate Training WE15 OC Meet Up WE15 Dessert Debrief Ice Cream Social Girl Scout Eng. Day Tech Tour: Nutrilite

Wine & Webinar: Invisibility only Works for Superheros!

October Events Fall Collegiate Training

WE15 Dessert Debrief

By Paola G Chavira Once again the collegiates from the SWE OC schools attended the Fall Collegiate training and learned about the different resources available to them. It was a fun day full of energy. Even though it was a Saturday morning all the attendees were eager to learn and excited to gain some more in depth knowledge about their leadership style and how to plan their section activities strategically. The attendees from this event included students from CSULB, UCR, UCI, CSUF and SAC, as well as the Collegiate Relations Director, Paola Chavira and the LCC presenter Susie Kirkland. Special thanks to Heather Salvador, UCR counselor, who helped coordinate local logistics with the host UCR collegiate section. The Spring Collegiate training is set for May 2016!

By Tasha Kamegai-Karadi, P.E. WE15 was an amazing and exciting conference in Nashville, Tennessee. After OC members returned from the conference they gathered at the Melting Pot in Irvine to share their takeaways. This is an annual event that the section hosts to bring members together to exchange fresh ideas. Tasha Kamegai-Karadi, Cynthia Carter, and new SWE-OC member Sandy Do, shared a few of their biggest highlights. Tasha was inspired by hearing executive leaders share "how they do it all", the struggles they have had along the way, and mistakes that they learned from. The speakers reminder her that you should always be pushing yourself just beyond your comfort zone, be resilient, reach back to help younger engineers, and seek out mentors along the way.

WE15 OC Meet Up

Sandy and Cynthia enjoyed exchanging their take-aways with OC members. Sandy really appreciated the sessions on communication and being assertive when leading teams. Cynthia enjoyed several professional sessions and the technical tours. For long time members Amanda, Kathleen, Lauren, and Rajani, hearing ideas learned at the conference was a great way of connecting since they weren't able to make it this year. For new members Nidaa and Tayloria, it was inspiring to hear and excited them for next year.

By Tasha Kamegai-Karadi, P.E. This year's annual conference was held in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. We traveled over 2,000 miles to "Reach Out and Reach Up." On the first day of the conference, Orange County members met for lunch at Kitchen Notes just across the street from the main conference center. It was an exciting lunch for members to meet each other for the first time and to catch up with old friends.


November Events Technical Tour: Nutrilite

Ice Cream Social

By Annemarie Fata The ice cream social was held to bring collegiate and professional members together to meet one another in a more fun and friendly environment. Sixteen people attended and chatted while enjoying bowls and cones of ice-cream. Several enthusiastic engineering students from Santa Ana College and Cal State Fullerton were present. The vibrant conversations between the collegiate and professional members was delightful to see. Thank you to all who attended the event.

By Tasha Kamegai-Karadi, P.E. SWE-OC was invited for an exclusive behind the scenes technical tour of the impressive Nutrilite facility in Buena Park. This facility houses state of the art technology for R&D of high quality and innovative supplements and manufacturing. Members learned about the rich history behind this company and were inspired by the founder, Carl Rehnborg, who was a tenacious and resilient inventor and how technology in the supplement industry has evolved. During the tour, members saw how supplements are concentrated, tested, measured, blended, compressed, and sealed.

Girl Scout Engineering Day

After the tour, members met with women engineers and scientists at Nutrilite to discuss opportunities for collaboration and advancing women in STEM.

By Rachael Lomax During the SWE-OC semi-annual Girl Scout Engineering Day hosted at CSULB, 100 students participated in 6 different activities where they learned hands on about the different disciplines of engineering. The activities that were available were Lava Lamps for Chemical Engineering, Water Filters for Environmental Engineering, Rotor Motors for Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Highways for Electrical Engineering, Grabber Arms for Mechanical Engineering and Paper Bridges for Civil Engineering. The participants were enthused with our completely new lineup of activities and were very inquisitive and excited to learn more about engineering!


December Events Wine and Webinar: Invisibility Only Works for Superheros!

ABOUT SWE-OC: President:

By Roxana Carrillo SWE-OC hosted a "Wine and Webinar" on December 12, 2015, at Geosyntec Consultants in Huntington Beach California, where attendees enjoyed some wine while networking with fellow members. Then attendees watched a recorded SWE webinar titled "Invisibility Only Works for Superheros! Helping Others to Notice and Value Your Contributions." There are three things that are critical to success: performance, image, and exposure. During and after the webinar, attendees had a group discussion on how we can each improve one of these areas that can help further our career. The webinar was a great way to learn how to strengthen our performance, define our image, and get more exposure so we can be seen in the professional world.

Tasha KamegaiKaradi Vice President: Rachael Lomax Treasure: Kathleen Monk Secretary: Julia Diaz Newsletter Editor:

Professional Development Conference 2016 Blurb SWE-OC's annual PDC is around the corner! The event will be held on April 16, 2016 starting at 7:30am at UC Irvine. We will be hosting speakers from Boeing, the Air Force, Fluor, just to name a few. This is a terrific opportunity to learn about topics such as delegating effectively from experienced professionals. Buy your tickets now before earlybird pricing ends on March 16 from our Eventbrite page: Please contact Rajani Bansal at with any questions.

Maribel Mu単oz B.

UPCOMING EVENTS Jan 12th EC Meeting Jan 24th Holiday Potluck Feb 18-21st ABJ Conference May 2016


Collegiate Training

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