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me 63 Issu e 10

What’s Sizzlin’ Southwest?




Start of school -RECRUITMENT-

Officer Training Conference

Trick-or-Treat for Unicef

Upcoming Dates

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Key Leader

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November 10-12: Fall Rally

Happy Holidays

Winter Board Meeting January 31: International Committee Applications due

February 16-18: KEY Leader

November 17: Prematurity awareness day

Hey Southwest! Happy Valentines Day Dear Key club You truly are the service hub With fun Service in effect That help us all connect We love your helpful guidance It makes us want to stridence Thanks b I know you’ll always love me

Lieutenant Governor Elections Division



Black Canyon

February 24th



February 24th


Copper Estrella

February 10th March 3rd

Silver High School Estrella Community College

Lookout Mountain Undeclared Mohave

March 3rd

Lake Havasu High School


February 17th

Casa Grande Union


February 24th

Farmington High School

Rio Grande

February 24th

Skyline Optimist Park

San Pedro Sandia Mountain

February 24th March 10th

Buena High School Cherry Hills Public Library

Sangre de Cristo

February 9th

Los Alamos (Online)

South Moutain

March 3rd

location unknown


February 24th

Skyline High School

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March 10th When? When?

March 10th, 2018 from 12 - 3 PM


Where? Where? At Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe, Arizona! Contact your club to run a Booth!

Running a Booth!

When a running a booth you have the opportunity to sell food, run a game, or anything along those lines! All the profits you make will go directly towards the Lupus Foundation, in your Club’s name! Click here to sign up for a booth!

On March 10th YOU have the opportunity to contribute to the Lupus Foundation Walk! There will be games, food, and fun! Also there will be a raffle! Which includes items such as a signed photo of Dragan Bender, a 75$ Flo’s gift card, and 4 dugout tickets to any Diamondbacks game! $3 admission, on March 10th from 12-3! In addition Your participation can earn you the Governor’s Project award at District Convention!

Raffle Items Whole Foods Gift Card, Waist Trainer, Bread, PF Changs appetizer certificates, $75 Flo’s Gift card, $40 Pei Wei gift card, 4 Dugout Baseball tickets good for any game, $20 Someburros, $50 chipotle, $15 Dutch, $20 Pizza hut.

Dues Report Clubs: 80 Members: 3,968 New Clubs: 1 You Must Pay Dues to attend DCON 111111

It’s never too late

To pay your dues

It’s never too late to pay your dues! Dues are a vital part of you being a Key Club member! Until dues are paid you will not receive your membership certificates. You also will not be able to attend District or Divisional functions until you do pay your dues.


Division Spotlight Over

60 Key Club members from the Superstition Division gathered this past weekend to pack meals for Children in the Philippines! In addition Chandler’s Young Professional was also in attendance! We packed over 100 meals and had a fun Friday Night! A huge than you to Kiana Russo for organizing and planning this event and a Huge thank you to all that attended!

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District Convention April 13-15, Chandler

Workshops Honey Bunches of Notes Big ‘ol Bowl of SERVICE Raisin Branding How to sell your cereal!

Run for District Board

AND SO MANY MORE Compete in Competitions

Outstanding Club Member

Talent Oratorical Club Poster Click here for all Contest

Run for Lieutenant Governor! AND get pinned at DCON! Run for Executive Board Bulletin Editor Secretary/Treasurer Governor! Represent your school as a delegate!

It’s time to register for the convention of a lifetime. That’s Right Southwest! Begin your fundraising early because registration will be capped at 550 participants. Clubs that have not paid in full from last year will not be able to register for this years convention! Talk to your club and see what you have to do to get to Convention ’18

Elect Executive board Approve Bylaws Compete!

This Year Southwest District Convention will be held April 13-15! The rotation falls on Arizona this year, and will be held at the San Marcos Hotel in Chandler! With the theme…..

Attend leadership workshop Get Your CHILI on!

Snap! Crackle!


Take a Risk

Feb. 17-19

Kamp Kiwanis

$150 Register today

Southwest District


Leader Take The

Kamp Kiwanis


Leader Take a Risk Take the Lead Click HERE! Scroll down to the button that says “Register (Individual)� Enter the information that is requested! Birth date is allowed only in the format of MM-DD-YYY. Prices will be determined by how you are enrolling and will be discounted. Check the box indicating that you agree with the terms and conditions. Notice that this is a registration process only! An email will be generated back to the email address that you provide. Attached to it will be an invoice to pay.

Contact Your Kiwanis Club about Transportation

ICON ’18 CHICAGO Icon is International Convention for Key Club. It is the largest event of the KeyClub year with more than 1,600 Key Clubbers attending from the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. This year ICON is being held in Chicago .You will get the opportunity to meet and vote on international board for next year. You will also get to see amazing speakers and the beautiful city of Chicago. Don't skip on this amazing opportunity to further your education in Key Club!

JULY 2018



Includes: flight, hotel, tour, and convention.


Need more information?

International UPDATES March for Babies

Key Leader

Feb 17-19 Lupus Walk

March 10

The March of Dimes hosted a kickoff webinar for the March for Babies campaign on Monday, January 29 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time/8:00 p.m. Central Time. The March for Babies is a large-scale campaign that raises funding for premature babies and their mothers! To learn more about the March for Babies or to find an event in your city, click Here!

ICON 2018

International Convention will be held in Chicago, Illinois! This will be a thrilling convention and an ecstatic Tour! Chicago is beautiful the time of year and it will only be better with over 1,000 Key Clubbers! The convention will be held 4-8!

International Committee Representative

Halo Movement

Feb 1 DCON

April 13-15

Apply to be on an International Committee! This is an excellent way to get involved at the International Level and can have an impact on YOUR organization! Applications have closed! Here are the committees accepting applications: Service, chaired by Trustee Luke Gilmore Membership Experience, chaired by Trustee Lindsey Banks International Development and Expansion, chaired by Trustee Jack Nannie

Happy Key Clubbing,

Cayenne you Hear me, Southwest?


Cayenne you hear me, southwest? | February Newsletter and Updates  
Cayenne you hear me, southwest? | February Newsletter and Updates