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Ben and Lyndsi Hussey, 32 and 30 ‘The way you do one thing is the way you do everything’ we’d learned that gigs are going to come and go. So we just created our own busien and Lyndsi Hussey are folks people ness where we knew we would constantly be working.” know well. His wife Lyndsi is the daughter of Sherri Ben’s originally from Fort Worth, but has been in Stephenville since he was and Mark Littlejohn who own iconic Littlejohn’s Produce and The Feed Mill restaurant. 18. He’s probably best known as a baseRaised in Gustine, she graduated high guitarist from his days when Six Market school there then headed to Stephenville to Blvd was still together. attend Tarleton State University, where Ben “I’m a professional touring musician also was a student. with the band American Aquarium and I “Neither of us graduated,” Lyndsi co-own Melody Mountain Studio with Josh explained. “Other things called us and we Serrato,” Ben said. “When (Six Market) went in those directions.” split up, we needed to find a way to solidify In her case it was to Mary Kay and her position as a sales director. our careers in the music business because By Michael Ross


“We’re all independent, however, my job as sales director is to lead a unit of consultants,” she said. “I’m not necessarily their boss, I just teach them and train them to be as successful as they want to be in their own businesses.” The couple has twin boys, Cooper and Everett. “We’re working as hard as we can so when the boys are older and are in football or showing or whatever they choose, we’ll be able to devote as much time and attention to them and those things as they need us to,” Ben said. With little spare time, Lyndsi has recently taken up leather working and Ben does

Ben and Lyndsi Hussey have successful careers about as different as one can imagine: He’s a professional musician and recording studio owner, and she’s a Mary Kay sales director. woodworking and has a rustic furniture business on the side. We ended the interview with a quote Lyndsi pointed to that’s been attributed to various people including the late Green Bay Packers Football Head Coach Vince Lombardi. But regardless of who said it first, it speaks eloquently to the way this dynamic duo approaches life: “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.” 5

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2018 SET 40 Under 40  

2018 SET 40 Under 40