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Dr. Lauren Adams, 37 Local vet loves her furry clients By Autumn Owens


tephenville veterinarian Dr. Lauren Adams loves her furry clients just as much as their human parents and has taken the reins from her father, Sam Adams, as the new owner of Cornerstone Animal Hospital. Lauren knew she wanted to become a


vet when she was a little girl helping around her father’s practice in Fort Worth where she grew up. “I grew up in the clinic as much as at home. I would find any excuse I could to go up and help,” she said. “Since I was under the legal age of working he would find odd jobs for me like pulling weeds. Stuff that wasn’t technically working. I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian.” Lauren got her bachelor’s degree in biology at Tarleton State University in 2004, then attended Texas A&M University where she earned a veterinarian degree

in 2008. She did her first three years out of vet school at the Bandera Veterinary Clinic and then moved to Stephenville after her father purchased Cornerstone Animal Hospital in 2010. “The cool thing about veterinary medicine is that it combines people and animals,” she said. “The majority of veterinarians have to work with people just as much as they do with animals. It definitely keeps you on your toes.” At Cornerstone, Lauren cares for primarily small animals — dogs and cats — but also helps some large animals like horses. She purchased the hospital from her father in April 2017. “The best part is the relationships you form. My staff becomes my family and being able to serve and do something for

Dr. Lauren Adams is the owner of Cornerstone Animal Hospital in Stephenville. other people if I can — and of course the animals, that’s a given,” she said. After Hurricane Harvey, Lauren and her staff took in 29 dogs that had lost their homes and owners and in partnership with P.A.W.S. was able to reunite two with their owners and adopt out almost all of the others. “I’ve always wanted to do something with disaster relief,” she said. “So the Harvey dogs, being able to foster them, was a little bit of a dream come true in being able to help and do my part.” Lauren and her fiancee Austin Reese have one little boy, Gabe, who’s a little over one year, and of course pets of her own — three dogs, two cats and a couple of horses.

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