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Tiger golf tees off TYE CHANDLER

Tiger golf lost its biggest guns from 2013, but the program could take a step forward. For the boys, defending district champion Kiley Word transferred out of Glen Rose. Still, the Tigers are poised to cope with the loss. “I think with a year of experience that guys like Jadon (Morris) and Jared (Brandt) have gained, I expect our scores to improve,” coach Wayne Roberts said. “We may not have the exceptionally low rounds Kiley gave us, but I think our top four are solid and that could mean a better team score – possibly by quite a bit.” A regional qualifier like Word, Peyton Lytle returns for his junior season. “Peyton has been busy with basketball, but he’s a very talented young man who can hit the ball extremely long,” Roberts said. “He will look to develop a more reliable short game and in his putting, because he can make some unbelievable shots. If he can develop more patience on the course, he’s very capable of shooting in the 70s, and I wouldn’t rule out the 60s.” Jared Brandt and Jadon Morris return to the team. “Jared may be our hardest worker,” the coach said. “He’s always playing at the golf course, spending a lot of time on the driving range and the putting green. His game has become more consistent, and

I think he will get into the 70s this spring. “Jadon is another very dedicated player. He spends a lot of time on the course and I’m excited about his season. “He drives the ball well and will work for more consistency in his short game. I look for him to consistently shoot in the low 80s, and maybe the 70s.” Koda Duren returns to the program. “Koda is going to spend a lot more time at the golf course, and we’ll see a lot of improvement,” Roberts said. “He played with us in the fall, and I think he’ll become consistent because he has a nice swing.” Dylan Morris will be the lone senior on the team. “Dylan is our senior and he has great potential,” the coach said. “Consistent work will

help build his confidence. We need the depth he provides and he’s very capable of being in our top five.” Joseph Sandlin arrives as a transfer. “I’m anxious to see where Joseph is at after joining our program,” Roberts said. “He gives us needed depth, because injury or illness can come up at any time. I’m excited that we’re creating some more interest and I’m glad to have Joseph on the team. Maybe he’s a diamond in the rough and we can get it shining a little brighter.” Dylan Cunningham is also a new addition as a freshman. “Dylan was a great surprise in the fall,” Roberts said. “He played as our No. 1 at times as a freshman. He hits the ball extremely long and can hit some spectacular shots. “If he becomes more

consistent with his putting, he’s very capable of shooting in the 70s. He shows a lot of resolve and knowledge of the game.” Roberts expects the district tournament to be tough. “Alvarado will probably have the best golfer in the district returning,” he said. “Stephenville probably has the most depth, but their best golfer moved away and I think we can be part of a three-team race. Hopefully, it’s our depth that pays off.” Roberts is optimistic the days of turning in scores in the 90s are over. “Getting the whole team in the high 70s and low 80s means we’ll have a solid team,” he said. “Most of the guys have been practicing a lot and that should pay off.” The Lady Tigers are in similar situation. Gone is re-

Participation numbers rising for program

gional qualifier Jacqui Condy. “We’re not going to be able to replace Jacqui this year, as far as having a girl who will shoot in the 80s,” Roberts said. “That doesn’t mean we can’t have a good team. In fact, I think we’ll be much improved. We have so many sophomores with a year of experience and it will be wide-open competition for our girls’ lineup. “They’ve been practicing and that’s good to know. I don’t think you’ll see girls shooting in the 120s and higher like last year.” The spots in the Lady Tiger lineup are up for grabs, and Bailey Brown could emerge as the No. 1 player. “I know Bailey has been out on the course working,” Roberts said. “She really hits the ball long, and if we can get her short game more

consistent it will be big. Her putting has really improved. I think she will break 100 this season.” Ashley Daniels could challenge for the top spot, while Devan Elliott was the most successful player at district of the returnees. “Ashley may be our most improved player,” Roberts said. “She worked in the fall, and her swing is a lot better. She’s more confident and has worked hard on her putting. “Devan has really improved after playing some in the fall. We tweaked her swing and she was hitting well, so hopefully she picks up where she left off.” Hailey Allen returns. “Hailey has been busy with other activities this year, but I think the past work she and all the girls have done on putting could mean a big improvement,” Roberts said. “She has a great swing and can hit the ball long, so developing consistency in her short game is key.” Brittan Grace and Madison Wooten round out the bevy of sophomore returnees. “Brittan said her game needs some work, so we’ll head out to the driving range,” Roberts said. “She really hits her irons well and with the putting work she’s done, if we get her driving distance up it will really help. “Madison started playing last year, and she has a great swing. We just need her to keep playing and become more consistent.” SEE CHIP, C10


Dylan Cunningham

Among returning boys, Jared Brandt delivered the second-best district performance in 2013.

Ashley Daniels

Dylan Morris

Jadon Morris

Jared Brandt

Bailey Brown

Brittan Grace

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Joseph Sandlin

Koda Duren

Peyton Lytle

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Madison Wooten

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