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March 11th - 13th 2011 Get together with local developers, marketers, designers and aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch ideas, form teams and actually

launch a startup company over the weekend!


Important info

Startup Weekend twitter @swCambridge

hashtag #swCamb

Organizers James Digby @digbyj Mauro Ciaccio @camtechnet Chris Measures @MrVisser Bonnie Cotier @bcotier

has arrived! Startup Weekend is no ordinary event. It where like-minded entrepreneurs gather for a weekend of company creation. In 54 hours, you take an initial idea from the Friday night pitches through to a mind spinning startup company on the Sunday night. Just don’t think it’s just developers. Its marketing maestros, design gurus, business development wizards, legal geniuses, and the specialist of startups – the jack of all trades coming together as one, creating a harmony that can only be envied by the corporate world. | #swCamb | STARTUP WEEKEND CAMBRIDGE | 3


Friday 18th:

Saturday 19th

Sunday 20th

5.30pm - Doors open 6pm - Dinner & Networking 6.30pm Kick off & Speakers: * Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam Prof Alan Barrell 7.45pm - Pitches start 9.30pm - Teams form 10.30pm - Get cracking!

8.30am - Breakfast 10.30-6pm - Mentors 12.30 - Speaker & Lunch Billy Boyle 6pm - Dinner

9am - Breakfast 1pm - Lunch 4pm - Tech Check 5pm - Presentations Speaker: Jamie Urquhart 8pm - Panel voting 8.30pm - Awards & Dinner

Work throughout the night 9pm - Networking

contents Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, USA.

survival guide

jury members

p06 A handy guide to keep you on track throughout the weekend.

p12 Take a look at the people of whom you have to impress in the final presentations.

Also included is a guide of how to pitch on the Friday night!

Startup Weekend Cambridge is organized locally by the team in the United Kingdom.

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p04 Take a look at the companies that sponsored the event to allow this to happen!

p08 Experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs that will help guide and advise you through to startup fame and glory.

p14 A sneak peek into who will be imparting their wisdom with the participants throughout the weekend.




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Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization, and we could not put on such a great event without the help from our sponsors. If you pass them some time in the near future - just give them a little thought to remember how awesome they were to help provide a weekend like this...

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Guide to the weekend REAL people

A survival guide for the weekend! On this page is handy guide to help you navigate through the weekend

Are you pitching an idea?

You have 90 seconds to pitch

We do not expect everyone that

your idea to

turns up to have an idea. Lots of

the crowd. This

people attend the weekend in or-

should be a con-

der to provide their services and

cise elevator pitch

to help grow

“You will run out of time. Make sure you plan from the start”

- Describe the problem you want to solve - Describe your vision

to engage with the

– What are the

the ideas

audience into working

being pitched

on your concept. Here are

on the Friday

some things you should consider:


- Introduce yourself & your back-

- What makes your solution dif-


ferent from others out there?

- Title your idea

- What will the solution require to

benefits for your cus-

night What do you expect from the idea

get started? What people are you

pitch? - Who is the audience you are

looking for? Any skills your team

targeting, and what specific con-

is missing? What technology do

cerns do they have?

you want to use?

- Picture your idea, your pitch has to be illustrative and tangiable

As you only have 90 seconds, try

The pitching process can be

this formula:

confusing – not everyone can

- Introduction: 15 seconds

remember all the ideas

ADDITIONAL INFO Once the team is formed

- Problem: 30 seconds - Vision: 30 seconds

On average, we experience that

You will then have a couple of

- Requirements: 15 seconds

around 25-50% of attendees will

hours left in the offices to work

pitch an idea. For Eindhoven that

on the idea. Get down the ba-

would mean 25 – 60 + ideas. We

sics of what you are looking to

suggest that you use your pad to

achieve throughout the week-

We do not force this process

write down any pitches that you

end. What will be possible with

– there is no set limit on the

especially like. This will also allow

the team that you have to have

amount of startups that can be

you to focus your questions to the

completed by the end of the

worked on throughout the week-

startups you want to work with.


ensure that you have enough

Networking time in between

Use the time you spend with

team members to reach your goal

the pitches and company for-

each other carefully – you

at the end of the weekend.

mation is important

should be presenting a proto-

Make sure you use this time

type of your idea by the end of

Someone else may have the

wisely. This is a manic process

the weekend – ensure that you

same idea

with people searching for specific

do not spend all of your time at

If you pitch an idea, and some-

talents to help form the perfect

the start to plan everything, you

one else has the same idea,

team for their startups. You will

will run out of time!

you basically have two options

only have 30 minutes for this.

Not all ideas will make the grade

end, however, we ask that you

Use market research

– either join forces and use the other as a co-founder, or go

The final pitches need to be

Make sure that you do this

head-to-head. Either way, don’t


quickly. Using google form or

sweat about it. This also shows

You are allowed 3 minutes to

that the problem that you have a

present your startup to the jury.

will allow you to gain qualified

solution for is real. Not all ideas

Think of the initial elevator pitch,

market research at very little

are unique – it is however in the

but this time you are allowed

cost. Failing that, hit the streets

execution of that idea that will

media to help you on your way.

to get your answers from the

make your startup unique.

Do not forget the part where

general public!

you show how you will make the If you are not pitching an idea

money in order to entice those

Pick a team that you think you

investors to fund your idea!

If all else fails Keep it fun!

can help most. Think about what

If everything that was planned

problems the pitches are trying to

didnt quite work out- don’t stress

solve – where can your expertise

about it. The weekend is all

help? What startup do you think

about having fun at the same

would be best suited to you?

time as helping you on your startup journey. | #swCamb | STARTUP WEEKEND CAMBRIDGE | 9

Mentors Paul Walsh


EO at CogniDox - a document management

software used by high-tech companies for safe and secure control of their design knowledge assets. He has held software management and CEO roles in a number of start-up companies of varying sizes and outcomes, but all great experiences.

Kevin Coleman


Robin Little


take a look at the mentors that will be arriving throughout the weekend find the ones you like and book some time with them!

Tony Short

obin qualified as a Chartered Accountant and sub-

sequently worked for a number of SME’s with experience of telecoms, software, and the music industry. He has been involved with a technology start-up until a trade sale. Robin has experience of fund raising, financing growing business and working for a company with Venture Capital backing.


ony Short founded Jasper Apps in 2009 in

order to start an iPhone software business. He released the iPhone app My Vacation in March 2010, followed by My Vacation HD for iPad in August. Both were featured by Apple and reached number 2 in Travel on the App Store.

Emmanuel Carraud

evin is a leading marketer with 20+ years of senior

management experience in the interactive entertainment, telecoms and technology sectors. Kevin was head of group marketing at Acorn Computers during the company’s change from an educational supplier to technology innovator.


mmanuel Carraud is CoFounder and CEO of Mag-, Ltd. MagicSolver is a Cambridge based start-up, winner of Cambridge University Entrepreneurs in June 2009, Silicon Valley Comes to Cambridge in 2010 and Cambridge Wireless Discovering Start-ups in 2010.

Jo Vertigan


urrently working on a number of projects ad-

vising on the digital and mobile strategy for companies within the Public Relations, Fashion and MindSports sectors. Prior to this Jo was Head of Digital at England 2018, responsible for leading and implementing the global digital and mobile strategy for England’s bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Alistair Paterson


listair consults and advises across the full spectrum of

‘business development’ – from market research, sizing and business planning, to marketing, cold calling, subsequent sales and relationship management.




onnie shares much more than a name with a com-

edy legend even though he readily admits: ”It’s handy in business

Chris Arnold


because everyone remembers me”. Behind this name is an as-

arallel entrepreneur, lean

tute brain that is constantly craft-

startup fanatic and full-

ing solutions to clients’ software

stack engineer. Microsoft Certi-


fied Professional specialising in C# and ASP.Net MVC. Passionate about turning Software

Ronnie Barker

Development into Software Craftsmanship.

Eric Swain


Steve O’Connor

ric is the Managing Director of the digital agency

Spice, which helps companies connect with their customers through digital marketing and social business strategies. He is an experienced marketing and business development executive with a background in mobile and


urrently a visual designer at Airsource Ltd, Steve

came swinging down from the North West of England and has spent the last 10yrs as a graphic and web designer in and around Cambridge.

Aamir Butt


amir is a serial entrepreneur and working on his

Jeremy Parsons


eremy Parsons taught himself programming at the

library, some years before com-

latest startup - United Lane to

ing face-to-face with actual com-

bring 3D into the real estate

puters. ‘Beebsoft Enterprises,’

world. With over 10 ventures un-

founded with sixth form friends,

der his belt, he has also helped

sold literally several cassettes of

to develop programs such as the

software by mail order. He didn’t

Gazelle Growth within Denmark.

make his fortune, but he did get

technology start-ups and early

hired by one of the pioneers

stage ventures.

of the PC industry to hack out software as the first employee of

Andrew Hatcher


here have been two sides to Andy’s life – one work-

someone else’s startup.

To ensure that we get the best use out of all the mentors, we have placed them in time slots througout the weekend.

ing for Reuters the information company. in Europe and the US in everything from journalism though sales and marketing to

We will get you to book time with them on Saturday - you will not have time as a whole team to see all the mentors.

mentor schedule

saturday: 10am - 6pm

venture. investing, the other back in the UK as a business creator starting with Investing for Good (2003),

We suggest you take the time out to find which ones you would like to approach as a team!

sunday 10am - 12pm




Startup Weekend alumni

ames Digby is your facilitator for the weekend. Whilst not at

Startup Weekend, he specializes in early stage funding, marketing expertise and business development. He is also the co-founder of idea72, a European based consltancy that helps startups get themselves off the ground.

James Digby Mauro Ciaccio

Bonnie Cotier



otier believes that by exploring possibilities we can find

auro is leading the Cambridge organising team and is pas-

sionate about encouraging & sup-

ways to achieve the impossible. Five

porting technology startups. Mauro is

U.S. Presidents have relied on her

an IT professional with over 10 years

creative director skills to craft their

experience delivering software solu-

vision into an engaging and persua-

tions. .

sive message for global events. As a consultant she has provided creative solutions in all media to corporations and non-profits alike.

“Eric quit his job to focus Memolane, short for Memory Lane, has travelled far since its on his project”conception last April, from Startup

and Atomico believed in Memolane so much that they’ve invested $2 million overall to fund

Weekend Copenhagen all the

the startup. Investment deal from

way to becoming based in San

August Capital was led by How-

Francisco. During the Startup

ard Hartenbaum, who, interest-

hris runs his own tech PR

Weekend event, Memolane

ingly, was one of the first inves-

consultancy in Cambridge

emerged as the winner for the

tors of Skype, whose founders,

after spending 15 years working

DKK 10,000 prize – that’s around

Zennström and Janus Friis, is

for large London agencies where

1,725 USD. Seeing the potential

also the founders of Atomico.

he led teams working on big

of a successful startup, founder

brands like Virgin Media Busi-

Eric Lagier quit his job and de-

Memolane is the Startup Week-

ness as well as helping start-ups

cided to focus on his project.

end Copenhagen winner, and

Chris Measures


has top-gun investors backing it

define their proposition and get it out to the right audience.

And Eric Lagier isn’t the only one

up, it’s expected to be a surefire

who sees the potential: invest-

hit. So watch out for Memolane’s

ment firms like August Capital

official launch.

Judging Panel Jack Lang


ack Lang is a serial entrepreneur and business

angel with high-tech and internet companies based in Cambridge. Recent ventures include cofounder of Moviestorm, making 3d Animation, and co-Founder of Artimi (now VeeBeam), which is making the next generation of wireless chips.

here is a look at the jury panel that will decide the winners of the weekend!

Peter Cowley

Neil Davidson


eil Davidson is our lead panelist this weekend, and

is also co-founder and joint CEO


as owned and run technology and construction

businesses for 30 years and

of Red Gate Software. Red Gate

am currently angel investing in

employs some 200 people, has

start-ups in Cambridge, York and

no VC funding and has been in

London. For over a decade, he

the Sunday Times top 100 com-

has been involved in charity and

panies to work 4 years running.

social enterprise governance.


awson King is an entrepreneur who has suc-

cessfully created and sold five ventures and held two C-level positions at leading blue-chip companies. He has provided technology consultancy for organisations


ncluding NASA, Sony, RollsRoyce, Blackberry, the BBC,

Vodafone, Mini and the NHS.

Dawson King


aul Smith is a creative professional of some 25+

years. A designer by training, Paul enjoyed an award-winning career before setting off on a new

Allan Maclean


e was a founder member of Xerox’s European

Research Centre in the 80’s

path in digital marketing. The last

and was a major contributor to

several years Paul has worked

building it into one of the world’s

with and for many startup’s

leading centres of expertise in

around Cambridge. He is current-

the user centred design of inno-

ly working with,

vative technologies. In 2002, he

a free online platform to help

co-founded Image Semantics,

organise your local Club, Group

which he helped lead to become

or Community

a global provider of innovative

Paul Smith

mobile applications and services.


all action. no talk.

Check out who will be coming down for the weekend

find out more @ STARTUPWEEKEND. ORG

Dr. Shailendra Vyakarnam

Billy Boyle

“Startups & the digital economy”

“Growing your startup and Breaking Free”

Director for the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) part of

Since co-founding Owlstone, Billy

University of Cambridge Judge

has been overseeing the develop-

Business School & Chair in En-

ment and implementation of the

terprise at Nottingham Business

detection technology with nano-


technology foundry partners.

Prof Alan Barrell

Jamie Urquhart

“21st Century Digital Healthcare:

“Lessons learnt having made

New Opportunities”

it to the other side”

Alan Barrell has spent almost 30

Jamie Urquhart is a Venture Part-

years in senior executive positions

ner with Pond Ventures. Jamie is

in technology based industries

highly experienced in global tech-

with an emphasis on Healthcare

nology licensing businesses.

and Life Sciences.logical institutes as well as technical universities.

#swCambridge program  

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