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‘ Dear members, I WONDER how many of you watched the TV interview with President Obama before the G20 recently, when he responded to a question about who was to blame for the current economic crisis by using a quote that went something like this: ‘someone may be to blame, but everyone is responsible’. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of health and health services. A recent Channel 4 series ‘The Hospital’, part of which ‘starred’ some of our staff at City Hospital, gave a very graphic illustration of the way in which life choices made by local people affect vital local services. More widely, it is obvious that the safety and well-being of everyone who uses our services has to be dependent on the actions of everyone else around them – patients, staff and visitors. Since I guess many of you who are members are fairly frequent visitors to our sites, I would ask you to be mindful of this next time you come in. Not just in thinking about your own actions – not smoking on site, washing hands etc – but also in having an eye to the environment around you. If you spot litter or an area in need of cleaning – please mention it to a member of staff so it can be dealt with. And should you encounter a really helpful or considerate member of staff – please just say thank you. You could make their day!

Sue Davis Chair

Infection Control Team Scoop £150,000 Award The Trust’s Infection Control Team has beaten off competition from other trusts in the West Midlands to be recognised as “best in class” and scoop a £150,000 prize at a London awards ceremony. The event recognised and celebrated nominees from across the NHS and industry who over the past 12 months, have made significant contributions towards the development or adoption of healthcare associated infection technologies.

“We are very honoured West Midlands Strategic Health Authority has recognised our efforts and are delighted to receive the prize money that will help the Trust continue its fight against infections.” To find out more about what the Trust does to control the spread of infections effectively and successfully please go to page 10.

Strategic Health Authorities from around the UK were invited to nominate a Trust within their region which they thought had excelled and performed the best in regard to infection prevention. Beryl Oppenheim, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at the Trust, said: “While continuing to highlight the vital importance of good clinical practice and basic hygiene, our Trust has also invested significantly in new technologies over the past year to fight infections successfully and effectively. “We have purchased Sterinis “robots” which use hydrogen peroxide to help to decontaminate ward areas, and are implementing the rollout of rapid MRSA screening technology, which gives a result in less than seventy minutes.”

(From left) Rebecca Evans, Head of Infection Control Nursing Services; Nick Baker, Microbiology Informatics Manager; and Beryl Oppenheim, Director of Infection Prevention and Control.

Your Feedback on Membership We have organised a Calendar of Events for 2009 for all our Foundation Trust members. Many of you may have come along and enjoyed the seminars that have already taken place this year. Feedback on the seminars from our members has been very positive. They have found them to be very informative and interesting presentations. In January Dr Jonathan North gave a presentation about allergies. Foundation Trust member Mrs Hinson from Great Barr attended the seminar and said:

This was a brilliant seminar, I listened to Dr North at the Trust’s AGM as well and he is just so charismatic. These seminars are very interesting and they give members the opportunity to ask questions about the different topics presented.

Anthony commented:

I received wonderful care at the Trust when I suffered two strokes, so I wanted to become a member to give something back.

All of our Foundation members are welcome to come along to presentations and seminars. Please see below details of upcoming events. To book a place for one of these sessions please contact the Foundation Office on 0800 023 4627.

These seminars organised at the Trust are very useful. They explain topics in a way in which you can understand and gives you more knowledge of what goes on in the Trust which is great.” He adds: “This stroke seminar has been particularly interesting to me as I have found out more about the symptoms I suffered, how the strokes were caused and about rehabilitation schemes that can help me further improve my health.

It also makes me feel an important part of the Trust and that my voice will be listened to when it becomes a Foundation Trust. In February 09 members were given tips on life-saving techniques at a workshop. Hospital staff taught members how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults, children and babies and how to save someone who was choking. Joan Roberts, from Great Barr, was among the members who took part.

I found the session extremely useful and enjoyed being able to try out the techniques we had learnt on the dummy. “The workshops are a really good way of getting patients involved and it’s great to be able to learn from the professionals. Anthony McGeoghan attended March’s stroke seminar presented by Dr Sharobeem. Anthony from Oldbury has suffered two strokes in the last four years and was a patient at the Trust.

* Please note events taking place at City Hospital will be held in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre in the Postgraduate Centre. * Events taking place at Sandwell Hospital will be held in the Hennessey Lecture Theatre in the Medical Education Centre.

Young People’s Campaign THE Trust has been seeking young people’s views and thoughts about how we should engage with our foundation members and incorporate their ideas within our plans. Jeannette Howes, Engagement Manager for the Foundation Trust, has been visiting secondary schools in the areas the Trust serves to get fresh ideas from future members. An enthusiastic Jeannette said: “My visits to secondary schools have been very positive and useful. “During my visits I ask students a variety of questions and gain their views as to what would make membership for young people more meaningful. We have discussed in groups what type of events they are interested in attending, their views on the design and content of the young peoples membership form and whether we could use Facebook or Myspace to keep them posted with upcoming events. “I have received fantastic responses from students who have a lot of interesting and different ideas on how the Trust could communicate and engage with its members.”

EARLIER this year, we sent a survey to our members asking if you would like to be involved in the Trust in various ways. We are still going through the responses and will be in touch shortly with those who responded about what happens next, but thought you might like some initial feedback.

an interim group made up of members of the former Patient and Public Involvement Forum. Our idea is to establish the group as a sub-group of the Council of Governors. Everyone who said they were interested will be invited to a meeting early in the new financial year to find out more.

43 members showed a particular 108 people said they would like interest in fundraising activities to help with patient surveys. This and 30 members have said they is fantastic news and we will be would like to get involved in the drawing up plans over the next use of performing arts at our few months. hospitals, some of whom even have professional experience. 96 people said they would like We hope to have some meetings to take part in reading groups to or events to discuss how we help make sure our information can work with our members in is clear and easy to understand. fundraising and performing arts. We are currently reviewing our patient information and 19 members even suggested are about to start work on our different ways members could annual report so there is already get involved, including craft some work this group of people sessions, tea dance, language will soon be asked to help out lessons, religious studies, with. counselling, reading to patients and more…. 84 members said they would like to volunteer and their We are delighted with the information has been passed on overwhelming response from to our volunteers coordinator, our members and would like to Jan Holden, who will be in touch. thank all those who took part. 80 members expressed an interest in joining our patient and public forum. The terms of reference for this forum are currently being planned by

If you would like to get involved and did not receive a questionnaire, please contact the Foundation Office on 0121 507 5883.

FIFTY-NINE members took part in a survey to help us decide how to publish our annual report. Just over half (30) said they had read one of our reports. Five out of every six people thought an annual report was useful. Two thirds said that all foundation members should receive a copy, as should GPs and health centres. Other suggestions were public places such as libraries and only sending reports to those who ask. Future plans and performance were the most popular topics, with around half of those responding also wanting to read success stories, human interest, good news and fundraising. Around 40%

ELECTIONS to the Council of Governors are likely to take place later in the summer after new guidance was issued that means the Trust has to review its financial forecasts before the Department of Health can submit the Trust’s application for Foundation status to Monitor.

wanted to see information on national policy. Other ideas included anti-bacteria signs and collaboration with the council. The survey will also help identify the need to produce the report in audio, large print, other languages and in British Sign Language. Prerecorded voice report on a free telephone line and plasma screens in receptions were other ideas some of our members had for producing our annual report. More responses were coming in as the newsletter went to print. 159 people have now responded and the views held appear broadly similar to those reported in this article. Our annual report will be published in September.

trust regulator, Monitor, issued new guidance about financial forecasts just before the Department of Health reviewed our application. This guidance needs to be incorporated into our plans.

This will involve re-running our long-term financial model to incorporate next year’s The Trust’s application was financial agreements, revised considered by the Department future efficiency requirements, of Health on 20th March. In revised future growth forecasts, common with other trusts new accounting standards putting in applications, we that have just been introduced have been asked to undertake which impact particularly on some further technical financial financial models involving modelling before progressing private finance (PFI), and our to the next stage. end of year financial figures for 2008/09. This is because the foundation

Up the canal with a paddle A CITY HOSPITAL Security guard is beating the credit crunch by paddling his kayak to work and back. Super fit Gary Woodhouse joins the canal network close to his home in Hill Top, West Browmich, and paddles six miles up the canal network getting out at the Soho Loop behind the old boiler house at the back of the hospital. He then changes out of his kit, takes a shower before pulling on his security guard uniform to carry out his patrols. And when Gary isn’t paddling to work he’s either running or cycling. Only occasionally does he bring

his car, usually when the weather is bad or when the canals are blocked with ice. The former Army events and canoe training instructor has been running, cycling or canoeing into work since he joined the Trust in September. Gary said: “My favourite is definitely paddling especially when the weather is nice. By the time you get home you are completely destressed and it helps beat the credit crunch as I’m not using any petrol. It’s also a lot quieter than taking the car at that time of the day – I’ve only passed one canal barge since January.”

Better Care Means Better Quality - The New Care Quality Commission FROM April 1st 2009 a new organisation called the Care Quality Commission (CQC) brought together the work of the Healthcare Commission, Commission for Social Care Inspection and the Mental Health Act Commission. For the first time this created an independent regulator of health, mental health and adult social care in England. The CQC became a legal entity in October 2008 and as a new organisation it will adopt around 2,500 staff within offices in London and across the English regions. The Healthcare Commission was England’s largest independent healthcare watchdog, promoting continual improvement in England’s healthcare services by focussing on what matters to the public. The CQC promises to continue and build on the work of the Healthcare Commission and have tough powers to act on the public’s behalf if services are unacceptably poor. Over the last decade the needs of people who use social care, health services, carers and their families has considerably come together. Integrating health and social care under a single regulator means that the CQC can bring together the very best inspection and regulation methods. Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust was formerly regulated by the Healthcare Commission. As the Healthcare Commission ceased to exist as of March 31st 2009, the Trust was registered under the new Care Quality Commission. This means that as part of the practices of the new regulatory body, there will be changes in the way certain issues such as complaints are dealt with from 1st April 2009.

NEW arrangements for surgery have been introduced in phases during February and March 09, to improve the quality of the service we provide. The main features are: • A&E and Surgical/Emergency Assessment Units at both City and Sandwell Hospitals will be available 24 hours a day to provide high quality initial assessment, observation and treatment; • A single Inpatient Emergency General Surgical Unit for the Trust based at Sandwell Hospital on Lyndon 2 Ward. Adults arriving at City needing an inpatient stay of longer than 24 hours, or an operation requiring a general anaesthetic will be transferred by the Trust in a dedicated ambulance to the unit at Sandwell; • Adult patients arriving at City who require investigations or observations of less than 24 hours will be admitted to the newly refurbished Surgical Assessment Unit now based above the Medical Assessment Unit at City Hospital; • Urgent, life-saving work can still be carried out at City if necessary; • Where patients do not need immediate surgery and it is appropriate, they are discharged and booked as urgent elective patients. They then come in on the day of their operation (often as a day case procedure) with a guaranteed theatre slot. This saves them waiting unnecessarily on an inpatient ward; • Planned (elective) operations requiring an inpatient stay in breast surgery, vascular surgery and urology are now concentrated at City Hospital. Day surgery in these specialities continues to be undertaken at both City and Sandwell.

From May, changes will take place to the trauma and orthopaedics service when trauma services will be concentrated at Sandwell and elective Orthopaedics at City. You may have heard about these plans two years ago when we talked to community groups and organisations about our ideas to improve the quality of our services. These moves are designed to allow bigger clinical teams to work together which will mean they can offer a wider range of specialist treatments and better training opportunities for junior staff.

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Dramatic Fall in Infection Rates at heart of performance A DRAMATIC fall in infection rates was one of the main features of the Trust’s performance figures for 2008/9. Despite winter pressures which caused problems across the NHS this year, with more people needing to be admitted to hospital, the Trust was pleased to have hit its target for at least 98% of patients spending four hours or less in Accident & Emergency from arrival to admission, transfer or discharge. The main performance figures were: (Data is for 12 months) C Diff – 207 cases compared with 355 cases for entire year 2007/08. MRSA – 15 cases compared with 43 cases for entire year 2007/08.

(Data is for 12 months) 98.14% of patients spent 4 hours or less from arrival to admission, transfer or discharge.

(Data is for the first 10 months of the year) 99.3% of patients were seen by a specialist within two weeks when urgently referred by their GP. 100% of patients commenced treatment within a month of diagnosis of cancer. 99% of patients commenced treatment within two months of urgent referral.

(Data is for the first 11 months of the year) 1% of elective operations were cancelled by the hospital on the day of admission for nonclinical reasons. All of these patients were offered another binding date within 28 days of cancellation.

(Data is for the first 11 months of the year) 98.1% of patients were offered an appointment within 48 hours of contacting the Genito Urinary Medicine Service. 80.6% of patients were seen within 48 hours of contacting the Genito Urinary Medicine Service. (Based upon end of February waiting list report) Less than 5% patients were waiting more than 10 weeks for hospital admission. None were waiting more than 17 weeks.

(Based upon end of February waiting list report) 95% of patients were waiting less than 8 weeks for an initial outpatient appointment from referral.

(Data is for the first 11 months of the year) 93.4% of patients needing admission were treated within 18 weeks of referral 96.3% of patients not needing admission were treated within 18 weeks of referral

IN its Annual Plan the Trust has set itself 32 objectives to achieve during 2009/10.There is a strong focus on quality of care and improving the patient experience.The Trust is also continuing to move forward with longer term plans such as new hospital. The priorities are grouped under the Trust’s six strategic objectives.

Accessible and Responsive Care • Ensure we continue to achieve national access targets (A&E, cancer, inpatient, outpatient and diagnostics and GUM). • Deliver commitments in Single Equality Scheme for 2009/10. This includes assessing equality impact on services, policies and employment. • Improve patient privacy and dignity by improving single sex accommodation standards. This will involve both physical works and a move towards single sex wards where necessary. • Improve patient experience by continuing to improve communication. • Work with Sandwell and HoBt PCTs to identify key hospital actions that will contribute to improvements in public health.

High Quality Care • Ensure we continue to improve infection control and achieve national and local targets. • Complete surgical reconfiguration. • Deliver significant improvements in quality of care for patients with stroke. • Deliver significant improvements in the Trust’s maternity services. • Deliver our “Optimal Wards” programme. • Develop our approach to measuring and managing clinical quality, including mortality rates. • Deliver CQUIN (Quality) targets. CQUIN is a new national system which rewards Trusts for achieving a set of specific quality standards agreed with local PCTs. For 09/10 ours are: - time to surgery for fractured neck of femur; - access to CT scan for stroke patients; - reduced caesarean section rate; - improved outpatient data quality (referral source); - introduction of patient surveys; - referral of patients to smoking cessation services. • Achieve NHSLA [Risk Management] standards Level 2 (general) by December 2009 and new Level 1 (maternity) by March 2010. • Improve the quality of care to vulnerable adults (e.g. patients with mental health difficulties or learning disabilities). • Ensure the Trust fully meets the European Union Working Time standards for junior doctors by August 2009. Junior doctors’ hours must be reduced to a maximum of 48 hours per week.

Care Closer to Home • Ensure full Trust participation in delivery of Right Care, Right Here (Towards 2010) Programme exemplar projects. • Make full use of outpatient facilities at Aston Health Centre and Rowley Regis Hospital. • Deliver a successful community ophthalmology service for South Birmingham PCT.

• Delivery of a planned surplus of £2.3m. • Delivery of a Cost Improvement Programme of £15m. • Develop our approach to service improvement concentrating on theatres, outpatients and bed management. • Introduce routine service line reporting to support development of clinical management structure.

• Continue to deliver the New Hospital Project as planned. • Continue to improve current facilities through the delivery of the capital programme including: - replacement MRI scanner at City; - upgrade of accommodation at City (MAU and D16); - new facilities for Post Coronary Care Unit at Sandwell. • Fully engage with PCTs in the design of major community facilities (Aston, BTC, Rowley Regis and Sandwell).

• Achieve NHS Foundation Trust status. • Continue to achieve Annual Healthcheck Core Standards. • Ensure we improve the numbers of staff doing mandatory training and implement the Listening into Action Time to Learn Project. • Continue to spread staff engagement through Listening into Action, including delivering of the LiA “Enabling Our People” projects. • Establish the next stages of the Trust’s clinical research strategy. • Improve the Trust’s approach to leadership development. • Become more environmentally friendly by responding to the national carbon reduction strategy.

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Maternity services in the spotlight SUBSTANTIAL changes have been taking place in our maternity services that have been successful in improving the experience of local pregnant women.

Experts at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have recommended we reconfigure our services, but any decision to do so would be subject to external review and public consultation. Our main concern is to ensure we continue to improve our services, and staff are working hard to provide a safe and high quality service for local women and their babies.

We brought in external advice which we responded to immediately, and appointed a new clinical director to look at the service very honestly and in great detail. A lot of attention and resources have gone into improving the quality of care we provide for pregnant women and their babies and we have For more information contact the seen substantial reductions in serious Foundation Office, or log onto the incidents, post partum haemorrhages Trust’s website – and in caesarean section rates which are now lower than the national average. Our long term plans for maternity involve the creation of a single, stateof-the-art, consultant led maternity unit and midwifery led birthing centre within the new hospital we plan to open in 2015. However, our current priority is to continue our efforts to ensure a safe and high quality service for local women and their babies before the new hospital opens. In order to make sure we can continue making improvements at both our hospitals, we need to consider a number of options which include where and how we provide our services over the next few years. We are asking our Trust Board to begin a review of the current arrangements and the options that might be available.

THE THIRD major community event as part of the ‘Right Care, Right Here’ (Towards 2010) New Acute Hospital Project’ was held at the beginning of March at the Conference Suite in West Bromwich. The aim of the event was to provide the opportunity for members of the public to find out more about the acute hospital project, the Towards 2010 programme, now renamed ‘Right Care, Right Here’ and the plans for the existing trust sites at Sandwell and Rowley Regis Hospitals. Those who attended the event had the chance to meet the team who are involved in the project and were updated on where the project has got to and what will be happening in the near future. Members who came along also took part in an interactive workshop where they had the chance to have their say on topics such as transport and access to the new hospital. The Trust had a lot of positive feedback about the event, with those who attended finding it very informative. The important themes that were discussed in the workshop will be integrated into the design of the new acute hospital project. In addition important issues will be fed back to the relevant project leads on the ‘Right Care, Right Here’ programme. Feedback about this event is currently being collated and analysed and will be published in a future edition of a members’ newsletter. As this newsletter went to press the Department of Health was considering the Outline Business Case for the New Hospital. If it is approved, the Trust will ask the Department of Health for permission to use NHS powers to launch a Compulsory Purchase Order process to set a framework for buying the land in Grove Lane.

Improving Customer Care Following feedback from patients we have introduced the use of a Nintendo Wii to help rehabilitate stroke patients.

Staff have been signing up to 9 customer care promises devised as the result of the ‘Enabling Our People Listening Into Action Project’ and this has recieved overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients, carers and local people.

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Paediatric Patient Feedback THE parents of more than 700 children have told us what they think of our children’s services in the biggest response the Trust has ever had to a patient survey.

cent of families said they had been transferred between the sites and most of those said the transfer had gone smoothly and they were provided with the information they needed.

Over half of the 718 responses related to children under four years old with Tipton being the most popular postcode of our patients. Most of the responses were very positive, with around 90% rating their experience and the environment positively.

Communication, staff attitude and information were the subjects praised most by relatives by a significant margin. Two thirds made special mention of the staff, including nurses and doctors, frequently describing them as ‘helpful,’ ‘friendly,’ ‘caring’ and ‘welcoming. ’

The survey was particularly timely as it looked at the experiences of patients after the service went through a major reconfiguration to improve the quality of patient care. Inpatient services have been concentrated at Sandwell hospital with 24 hour paediatric assessment and outpatients at both City and Sandwell hospitals. Less than ten per

Patients have their say on emergency care THE 2008 national A&E survey has given the Trust food for thought when it comes to patient experiences in A&E. The survey shows that the Trust is in the top 20% of Trusts when it comes to staff explaining clearly the purpose of medications patients are to take home. But the Trust didn’t do so well when it came to patients’ perceptions of waiting times (despite having some of the shortest waiting times in the region), the information given to patients in A&E about their condition, doctors or nurses talking in front of patients as if they weren’t there, and patients feeling bothered by other patients. The managers and clinicians in charge of both A&E departments at City and Sandwell Hospitals will be using the findings from the survey to help them improve their services.

What we’re doing to improve… Although the Trust received a lot of positive feedback from this survey it is committed to improving its paediatric services. In response to comments patients made,

A PIONEERING drop-in centre for people concerned about their levels of cholesterol has been officially opened at Sandwell Hospital. Mayor of Sandwell Councillor Robert Price launched the UK’s second HEART UK Family Support Centre (FSC) on January 29. The service, which has been running since September, provides one-to-one support for people affected by cholesterol and it has now been extended to the wider community across the West Midlands. Led by Dr Liz Hughes and Dr Inessa Tracey, the FSC is intended to raise awareness of cholesterolrelated conditions, such as familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH), and educate people

we are reviewing the parents’ accommodation and beds for mums and dads to stay with their children; we’re continuing to bring down waiting times and make sure we’re seeing children as quickly as we can, keeping parents informed; and are working with Sandwell and

about how to cut their levels of cholesterol. Suzanne Sumara, a nurse advisor who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the facility, said: “It doesn’t hurt to get checked and it is vital that people who have a family history of FH are tested. I am screening children as young as four years old.

Heart of Birmingham Primary Care Trusts to run urgent care centres adjacent to our A&E departments to respond more quickly to minor injuries and illnesses.

there are people, particularly in Sandwell, who are dying far too young. “The centre offers a warm, friendly environment and we want to support people to get the advice they need to live long and healthy lives.”

Feel free to call the centre on 0121 507 3275 or phone the “The heartbreaking thing about 24 hour helpline for advice it is that so many people die on 07814 547 754 for more when it is preventable and information.

Community ear care clinics launched A NEW ear care community clinic has been launched which will mark the transformation of patient care as we know it. The pilot scheme plans to bring health care to the community by establishing clinics managed by specialist nurses, to offer a patient-led service away from a hospital setting.

The service, which is part of the Right Care, Right Here programme and is facilitated by the Trust, requires GP’s to refer patients to the clinics, where they will be seen by a specialist ENT nurse at their own convenience.

However if successful it is envisaged that that this service will become increasingly primary care led and will be delivered from more community locations.

The clinics are run at Aston Health Centre on Mondays and Rowley Regis Hospital on Fridays.

Martin Whitehouse, one of the specialist nurses running the clinic, said: “The new clinics will The six month pilot, which be better for patients as they are began in March, aims to treat able to access a service closer to ENT patients with conditions home and be seen sooner.” which cannot be treated in The specialist nurses at the GP surgeries, such as chronic clinics will receive clinical external ear infections, persistent supervision from ENT ear wax removals and ear Consultant Mr Uday Kale. dressings.

Sarah to trek in the Himalayas for Diabetes UK CITY Hospital Nurse Sarah Peyton will be taking on the dizzying heights and battling the extreme altitudes of the Himalayas later this year to raise money and awareness for the charity Diabetes UK.

happens to be one of the tallest hills (mountain ranges) in the world.” You can visit to make a donation and help raise money for Diabetes UK.

Sarah will be walking seven to ten hours a day for a week up a mountain range that reaches five miles above sea level to raise funds for a cause very close to her heart. After completing the Adidas 5K Run and Race for Life last year, she wanted to go one step further and complete the Charity Challenge Trek to help fund research and educate newly diagnosed diabetics. She was inspired to raise funds for the charity due to her father receiving advice and support at City Hospital. Determined to complete the trek, Sarah is training three to four times a week, by using a treadmill at her local gym, complete with her fully loaded rucksack on her back much to everyone’s surprise! Sarah, who has worked on the medical wards at City Hospital for seven years, said: “I know the trek is going to be very challenging, especially as I have never camped before in my life so it will be even more interesting for me. “But raising money for Diabetes UK and people like my dad will push me up the hill, which Page 9

Trust introduces quick MRSA tests for all MAU patients AFTER intensive testing the Trust has now introduced a rapid MRSA test for all Medical Assessment patients before they are admitted to the wards.

admissions ward by specially trained Health Care Assistants.

The Trust plans to combat infections caused by MRSA by testing all patients in the Medical Assessment Units at City and Sandwell, where patients are assessed from A&E before they are transferred to a ward.

We are screening all patients for MRSA, finding whether they are positive or negative within 72 minutes.

Trained Healthcare Assistants will test all patients who will be in hospital for more than 24 hours. This new test is done in the

Stella Oteng, Healthcare Assistant at City Hospital, said:

“The test takes only seconds to carry out, with a double ended swab being inserted into both nostrils,

before being placed in a special machine on the admissions unit. “This will help prevent the spread of MRSA as all patients who test positive for the disease will be given special treatment to reduce carriage and in some cases transferred to an isolation room

From 1st April 2009 all patients attending our hospitals for elective surgery or other invasive procedures have also been screened for MRSA either at booking or at a pre-operative assessment clinic, with the result being available before the surgery or procedure.

Healthcare workers call for hard hitting campaign to prevent infections FOR the last three years there has been a nationwide campaign to urge both healthcare workers and the public to ‘Clean Your Hands’ especially in a healthcare environment. Supporting this initiative Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Infection Control team established a team of staff to be Hand Hygiene Champions, and constantly reinforce the importance of hand cleanliness. Infection Control Advisor, Imre Agoston explained: “Although we’ve seen great improvements in public awareness of the ‘Clean Your Hands’ initiative, there is always more to achieve, and in our latest hand hygiene audit conducted in December 2008, overall compliance was over 80%. Unfortunately visitors compliance was just over 70%, so there is still an important message to get out

there. “Our staff believe that we need to employ a harder hitting campaign, and ensure that no one enters or leaves a

Dispense 1 dose of soap on wet hands or alcohol gel/rub on visibly clean hands

Rub fingers backwards & forwards

hospital ward without cleaning on the right) make a their hands. significant difference to hand hygiene compliance, so visitors “It has been proved that visual and patients will be seeing a materials reminding people to lot more signs at our three clean their hands (like the one hospitals.”

Rub palm to palm

Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm. Change hands & repeat

Interlace fingers of right hand over left & vice versa

Rotational rubbing, backwards & forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm. Change hands & repeat

Right palm over back of left hand & vice versa

Grasp left wrist with right hand and work cleanser into skin, then vice versa Allow alcohol to dry

Infection Control Services

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The Trust is making a substantial investment in recruiting ward support Volunteer mealtime assistants help patients to eat their meal and have a drink and they support the red tray scheme, which enables staff to see the patients who need help with their meals.

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Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust is introducing the roles as part of a drive to improve patients’ experiences on the wards. officers across all sites to increase staffing to the wards but is still keen for volunteers to help at meal times, giving extra support to the patients who need it most.

Communications Department, City Hospital, Birmingham, B18 7QH Page 11

VOLUNTEER mealtime and ward assistants are being recruited at City and Sandwell Hospitals.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Foundation Office,

� Yes, I would like to be a member � Yes, I would likeName: to be _________________________________________________________________________ a member _____________________________________________________________ Yes, I would be a member �Name: Yes,�I _________________________________________________________________________ would like tolike be to a member Name: _________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________ Postcode: ____________________ Address: 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Join Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Join Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust NHS and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust �Join Yes,Join I Sandwell wouldSandwell like to be a member be a member

Recruit aa friend or aafamily familymember member a friend or a family member Recruit friend or RecruitRecruit aRecruit friendaor a family member a friend or a family member friend or a family member Join Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust l and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

Call for volunteers to help in hospital They also meet and greet visitors and answer the telephone, freeing up nurses to spend their time with patients.

The minimum age for volunteering on NHS hospital wards is 17, with no upper age limit. All potential volunteers will be required to attend a short discussion and provide references and will have to undertake a criminal records bureau check before going on to the wards.

Full training is given and it is hoped that individuals can commit to at least six months volunteering, with regular weekly shifts of three to four hours, at times to suit. The ideal volunteer should be able to work on his or her own initiative, possess good interpersonal skills and be a team player.

To find out more about volunteering please contact Jan Holden on 0121 507 6881 or email

If you would like to receive this information in large print, audio, or any other language, please contact the membership office

Did you know…? You can buy 10 car parking tokens for £10 at City and Sandwell Hospitals, the Birmingham Treatment Centre and Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre. That means if you are a regular visitor, parking will cost you just £1 per visit. The tokens have no expiry date. If you are on certain benefits you may also be entitled to claim back some or all of the cost of your travel to hospital. Visit for more information or call 0121 507 6425.

Contact Details For further information please use the following contact details:Telephone - 0800 023 4627 Email - Post FREEPOST RRSR – TAJJ – EYGG Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust Foundation Office Communications Department City Hospital Birmingham B18 7QH

Spring 2010 Newsletter  

Spring 2010 Newsletter

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