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FRONT COVER: Nick King in quest of chamois in the St Arnaud Range. Image: Davey Hughes INSIDE FRONT COVER: Davey and Taygen Hughes rest up on the Hell Roaring Trail, Colorado, during their elk hunt. Image: Dave Abbott


3 NEW FOR 201

TAHR XP New storm closure with waterproof zip

Large handwarmer pockets for gear and keeping hands out of the weather

Internal cuffs as well as touch tape outer cuffs

Scalloped tail provides quicker water shedding

For years hunters and outdoorsmen have relied on the SWAZI® Tahr Anorak to keep them warm and dry, no matter what the weather, no matter where on the planet they adventure. This year we’re super excited about introducing the all new Tahr XP. Every inch of the XP reflects the same pedigree as its predecessor, yet its revolutionary pocket design and scalloped water-shedding tail put it in a class of its own. Outdoor experts and writers have long acknowledged the Tahr was a breakthrough in waterproof protection, now the XP lifts the bar and sets a totally new level in equipment for the serious hunter. Code: RTX Colours: Tussock

Size: S - 2XL $NZ 599.99 3XL $NZ 649.99

SWAZI ® World Headquarters are based in Levin, in the North Island of New Zealand.



It never ceases to amaze me what people get up to while wearing their SWAZI® gear. Each year we receive dozens of stories and literally hundreds of photos of customers who push boundaries, venture forth on crazy exploits and escapades. In fact, virtually every single day Jaime B., our Communication Manager, shows me a picture or a written document of quests and deeds. I usually look at them in awe and drop a comment like, “Crazy bastards... you have got to be kidding!” It’s all part of the reason why we started up the SWAZI® Clan. If you haven’t joined yet, you really should. In fact, do it right now because it only takes one minute, hell, it only takes half a minute! Go on, get online to and click on the Join the Clan icon, you’ll never regret it. There’s plenty of benefits and always exclusive extra special deals on the Clan site. I sincerely hope 2013 is going to be a great year for you, I know it will be for us. Thanks ever so much for being a


SWAZI® customer. We still make all our gear right here in New Zealand - thanks to our amazing and incredibly talented staff, each and every one of whom ensure the SWAZI® brand of quality is very real, very tangible. Catch you in the bush sometime! DAVEY HUGHES Levin, New Zealand

Keep an eye out for the Isuzu D-Max SWAZI® Limited Edition. Sat Nav, leather seats, grunty tyres... it’s a real beast! Get to the Isuzu website, find your local dealer, then book a test drive and see for yourself.

Driving through Levin? Stop in to the SWAZI® shop and have a look at the latest weird thing Davey found on his travels abroad. Meet Bruce the Moose and see if you can get your hands on a free pack of Moose Poose for the kids!  While you’re there, you could always have a look through our spy-hole to see exactly where SWAZI® garments are made – heck you could even try on one or two.  Who knows, you may even leave the shop with more than you came in with…… even if it is only a bag of Moose Poose!


Everyone knows if you want the very best in garments to keep you dry, then SWAZI® is the answer. Our wet weather gear is legendary. Our big challenge was how do we make it even better?

The next generation of wet weather fabric from SWAZI®. Developed by SWAZI® and tested in the New Zealand mountain environment, it is a quantum leap forward in providing comfort and safety to outdoorsmen.

What is


A windproof, waterproof and breathable membrane made from PTFE. It is the most breathable membrane we have ever incorporated in SWAZI® garments. We use the AEGIS® membrane in both our Watershield (wet weather) and Windshield (windproof) fabrics.

Why is

better ?

The fabrics we spent two years developing have proven in trials to be every bit as waterproof and windproof as our old fabrics. What these product trials also showed was enhanced breathability, a vital factor for determining the comfort of any waterproof garment. It is important to use fabrics that perform. What is actually even more important is to design garments which utilise those performance fabrics so customers can benefit from them. SWAZI® implicitly understands the design process, enabling us to design and craft the very best in wind and rainwear in the world.

How does

work ?

Three-layered AEGIS® provides you with absolute protection from rain, snow and the wind, at the same time allowing your moisture vapour to pass through the unique Watershield membrane. This process gives you incredible protection from the elements, allowing you to operate at the highest levels of outdoor performance

Wind is deflected from the membrane

Escaping Moisture vapour (perspiration)

Durable face fabric

AEGIS® membrane Rain, sleet and snow can’t pass through the AEGIS® membrane

Trico mesh lining

Your body perspiration passes through the mesh lining, AEGIS® membrane and outer face fabric






SWAZI® garments are legendary around the entire world for being, well quite honestly, for being the best there is. We know weather and we know how to build crafted garments. At the end of the day, you are always going to get what you pay for.









The layer you wear next to your skin. It is important this layer can wick away moisture vapour to ensure your micro-climate (the thin layer of air next to your skin) remains at a constant temperature, around 32-33˚C.

Also known as the insulating layer, these garments are worn over your base layer. The key to comfort and warmth is to stay dry, trapping warm air within your clothing system.

The outer layer, or shell as it is sometimes known, has a big job to do. It is your best form of defence against wind, rain and snow. Choose a garment that will do all of the above, not just by fabric, but by DESIGN!










TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL MEASURING • Keep tape measure firm but not tight. Sometimes it’s easier if another person helps you. • Chest/Bust – with arms out at sides, measure around your upper body, under your armpits and over the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades, keeping tape measure parallel to the floor.



• Use your exact measurements when selecting your size.




CHEST 37” 39.5” 42” 46” 94cm 100cm 106cm 116cm SM M L



50” 126cm

54” 136cm



WAIST 33” 35” 37” 41” 45” 84cm 89cm 94cm 104cm 114cm

49” 125cm





12–14 16–18 20–22

30” 76cm

32” 35” 81cm 90cm 10

39” 43” 99cm 109cm




24” 26” 29” 33” 37” 62cm 67cm 74cm 84cm 94cm



NZ/AU/UK 3-4 EU 35-36

12–14 16–18 20–22

To find the correct size glove please measure around your hand at its widest point, excluding the thumb.



5-7 8-12 37-39 41-45

HAND 20cm 23cm 27cm







6yrs 8yrs 10yrs 12yrs




CHEST 25” 27” 29” 31” 63cm 68cm 73cm 78cm

EU 36-38 39-41

8-10.5 11-13.5 42-45 46-49

US Men



9-11.5 12-14.5




8-10.5 11-13.5

21” 23” 25” 27” WAIST 53cm 58cm 63cm 68cm AVERAGE 47” 51” 55” 60” HEIGHT 120cm 130cm 140cm 150cm




Ensuring your body’s micro climate (next to your skin) is at a constant temperature! MICRO SINGLET

CLIMBMAX ® SHIRT A lightweight base layer made from our legendary Climbmax® fabric. The unique Climbmax® fibres will wick away moisture vapour and protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping your comfort levels high and performance at peak.

The best of both worlds. A thermal top that not only keeps you warm, but doesn’t overheat when worn under another top. The Micro Singlet has an extra long back so when you bend over it won’t ride up. Combine this with an action fit, next-to-the-skin pure soft comfort and the legendary SWAZI® durability... Mate, it’s a must!

Code: OJS Colours: Olive Fabric: Climbmax® Size: S - 2XL $NZ 69.99 3XL $NZ 74.99

Code: BMS Colours: Black, Snow Fabric: 140gsm Microfleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 39.99 3XL $NZ 44.99

MICRO PANTS A little bit ‘Men in Tights’ perhaps? Nonetheless, if you’re after a light pair of thermal pants that are great for tramping or wearing around camp, then our Micro Pants can’t be beaten. Of course, there are those who enjoy the feel of bush lawyer and stinging nettle on their bare legs... Code: PMP Colours: Black, Olive Fabric: 140gsm Microfleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 59.99


One for the pot, Kahn Adam.

LAYERS Shown in Olive

MICRO TOP If you are concerned about performance, weight and bulk, the SWAZI® Micro Top will fit the bill. Made from our super-soft 140gsm microfleece it packs down extra small. The long cut means it won’t ride up while you travel, plus it delivers amazing comfort and warmth. A real SWAZI® “Must Have”.


Thumb loop on sleeve keeps hands warm on frosty mornings.

The Micro Shirt is a terrific winter top. A high polo-type collar with a lightweight zip allows you to control upper body temperature when things start to get steamy. We’ve cut the back extra long, so it won’t ride up under your pack. A thumb loop on the sleeve helps keep hands warm Code: BSH Colours: Black, Olive, Tussock on those extra frosty mornings. Fabric: 140gsm Microfleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 89.99

During book week at Dunsandel School, Tom Wills decided to dress as... Davey Hughes. Need to work on the beard Tom!

Code: BTP Colours: Navy, Olive, Tussock Fabric: 140gsm Microfleece

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 49.99 3XL $NZ 54.99

JEWEL BAGS When it’s wet, it’s cold and… well, when certain parts of our anatomy get cold... hang, we’re sure you know the feeling! Enter our amazing Jewel Bags! They are extremely comfortable in all temperatures, dry incredibly quickly and offer great support. Code: BJB Colours: Assorted Fabric:

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 24.99 each

140gsm Microfleece

Davey loves his Micro Shirt, especially on the tops.



Providing insulation to keep you comfortable by trapping warm NEW air within.


BUSHSHIRT Available also in

High collar zips right up

Handy internal zip pocket

A SWAZI® Original just got even better! It’s by far the toughest shirt in its class and we’ve added a zip pocket to stash all your stashables. How many do you need? Code: MBTZ Colours: Navy, Olive, Black, Tussock Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece

Size: S - 3XL $NZ 59.99


Long back to cover your date

Shown in Olive

Definitely one of our customers most favourite tops! Made from a 280gsm polar fleece fabric it is durable, practical and unquestionably one of those tops everyone, including you, should own!


Code: MMT Colours: Black Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 49.99

Code: MBZ Colours: Navy, Olive, Black, Tussock Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 89.99 3XL $NZ 99.99

We took the SWAZI® Original Bushman’s Tee and created it in a mid-weight microfleece – light, warm and durable. Things simply couldn’t get better really.

Tahr hunting is the Sport of Kings. So says Gareth Hall.

Jono Groters never takes off his SWAZI® gear... not even for a shower!

MOLEY SHORTS Made from 100% cotton moleskin, Moleys are the most comfortable, hardwearing shorts you will ever own. Bar none. Double stitched pockets that refuse to hole, bar tacked side seams and vents for extra strength, plus a cut which gives you awesome freedom of movement to climb hills or straddle your 4-wheeler.

Code: Colours: Fabric: Size:

PMS Tundra, Black 100% Cotton Moleskin S - 2XL $NZ 74.99

MICRO DRIBACK® SHORTS What are you after in a pair of shorts? Comfort, ease of movement, long lasting fabric, good deep pockets... These 210gsm Micro Driback® Shorts are all of the above, plus they dry exceptionally quickly for river crossings or surf casting at the beach. Includes an AEGIS® liner – to keep your backside dry.

Code: Colours: Fabric: Size:

PDS Olive 210gsm Microfleece S – 2XL $NZ 89.99

“I bought my first SWAZI® gear back when I’d just

turned 16, in fact it was this very Bush Shirt - and I’m still wearing it! As a hunter and outfitter you can be sure I’ve given the shirt hell, but it just keeps bouncing back. Just one of the reasons why I trust the SWAZI® brand.

Billy Sandulak, Trophy Stone Outfitting, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.


These are the very best pants you’ll ever wear. From their innovative designs and the very best fabric available to the finest New Zealand craftsmanship, we stand behind every pair. That’s what makes SWAZI® so fundamentally different. STEEVOS

These pants have been put through the ringer... seriously. We tried to kill them over months of indiscriminate testing on the farm but they just didn’t want to die. Probably something to do with the warm, tough microfleece we use in their construction, or the special reinforced backside, or the straight legs with reinforced knees… Short of hanging them from a tree and using them as shotty practice we reckon these pants will last generations. Check ‘em out.


Loops on both sides of waist allow knife to attach on belt Deep comfortable pockets for keeping hands warm and stashing gear Waist belt with lock buckle to ensure pants stay up under load Made from quality, quick drying super comfortable 210gsm micro fleece Attention to every detail in design and manufacture promises you receive the finest pants you have ever worn. Made here in New Zealand.

Code: PST Colours: Black, Olive Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: M – 2XL $NZ 139.99

BUSH PANTS We call them Bush Pants because that’s where we designed them to be worn, but they are so comfortable we bet you end up living in them! Made from 280gsm fleece, they’re quick to dry, so don’t worry about getting wet in river crossings. Easy to move in, silent to sneak about in, made to take the knocks and scrapes. Code: PBP Colours: Olive, Black Fabric:


280gsm Polar Fleece

S – 2XL $NZ 89.99

DRIBACKS ® Righto! We all know the feeling of sitting on wet ground. As a rule, the most comfortable place to stop for a rest is usually the most damp. Soft, spongy moss... mmmm. The AEGIS® fabric sewn to the seat of the Driback® pants is seam sealed, so it stops water completely! Now you can sit down on damp ground, snow, wet motorbike or tractor seats... in fact anywhere that looks comfortable!

Shown in Olive.

Code: PDP Colours: Olive, Black Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 129.99 3XL $NZ 149.99

MICRO DRIBACKS® If ever there was a garment bound for “Classic Glory”, it would be the Micro Dribacks®. The 210gsm microfleece is just right for all but the coldest winter. The AEGIS® liner is seam sealed to provide a waterproof seat. Plus the in-built webbing belt has loops placed to enable you to attach your knife pouch directly onto the pants - so no need for a separate belt. SWAZI® Micro Dribacks® are made for the outdoorsman who is serious about moving fast, moving light and moving in comfort. Code: PMD Colours: Olive, Tussock Fabric:


Nigel Sexton keeps a watchful eye from his lookout.

210gsm Microfleece

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 129.99 3XL $NZ 149.99

Available also in


These outer layers provide vital insulation with our quality SWAZI® fabric, ensuring they will last for many seasons. NAHANNI Crafted out of SWAZI’S® legendary warm polar fleece with a windproof front torso, back and hand warmer pockets, the Nahanni is the new go-to garment for cold conditions. Not only is the Nahanni extremely comfortable and warm, now it is available in Tussock Green! The superb natural tone of Tussock Green provides a neutral colour, whether you are using it for hunting, fishing or just being outdoors! Dunno who is hairier.... the musk ox or Broc Simoneau.

BACK-40 SHIRT With its heavy polar fleece fabric the Back-40 is a fantastic mid layer. Large pockets, great length and superb cut mean your Back-40 will give you years of hard-wearing service. Code: OBF

Shown in Olive.

Colours: Olive, Black, Mocha, Tussock Fabric: 350gsm Polar Fleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 139.99 3 XL $NZ 154.99

Code: ONS Colours: Tussock, Olive Fabric: 350gsm Polar Fleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 299.99

CARIBOU JACKET How come those Caribou look so damn warm, even when Arctic weather conditions turn so cool? For sure, the SWAZI® Caribou Jacket will keep you just as warm and comfortable as its namesake. Made from a heavy 350gsm polar fleece, with two large hand pockets and a large chest pocket to keep all your money well hidden... The Caribou is a practical no-nonsense jacket that will quickly become your favourite.

Code: OCJ Colours: Black Fabric: 350gsm Polar Fleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 199.99


WINDSHIELD OUTER LAYERS Total all-round wind protection with extra warmth and comfort when it comes in hard and cold! MOLESWORTH JACKET High collar to keep out cold winds

YKK Zips Chest pocket 3-Layer windproof fleece Scalloped tail to keep your backside warm!

SEVERN TOP Designed while hunting on a day when the wind was creating the most spectacular spindrifts. Glassing for animals became almost unbearable. Very frustrating with so much animal sign everywhere. It’s light, compact and totally windproof – and has become a favourite with Hunting Guides worldwide. Features include a creative bino pocket plus a large kangaroo pocket for holding heaps of gear and keeping hands warm. Made from 320gsm AEGIS® Windshield Code: JST Colours: Olive fleece, the Severn is designed for moving.

Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Swift Size: S – 2XL $NZ 279.99 3 XL $NZ 329.99

Blackbeard himself (well, Rob Beard) with a pile of Hawkes Bay pari.

We had good, heated discussions (well, argy-bargy actually) on whether the Molesworth was actually more for leisure than function. All said and done the Molesworth is one very functional jacket. Made from 320gsm AEGIS® Windshield fleece, it has a low cut back, high collar and deep secure pockets. With its modern, stylistic cut, wear it to town and once you’ve got it worn in….well, hang it, you’ll just have to wear it on the farm, won’t you?


Size: S – 2XL Code: JMJ $NZ 349.99 Colours: Navy, Black Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Swift

The sun sets on another day in the back country. Davey hunting moose in the Yukon.



Using AEGIS® Windshield fleece, we’ve created the most breathable and completely windproof jacket available. Features include amazing deep pockets for your stash, plus a domed and touch-taped chest pocket. The hood, based on our original Tahr hood, has a wired peak and excellent peripheral vision. And it’s detachable. When you need that extra leg movement on hills, side vents are zippered to open. The main zip is a big chunky YKK10 Vision two-way. The Windriver is the best garment you will own, whether on the farm, in the bush or downtown.

YKK zip

Handy chest pocket Water resistant fabric fends off showers and light rain

DAVEY’S NOTE: I travel the world hunting, often in extreme climates. The Windriver Jacket is the very first garment I pack. Every trip.

It’s lightweight, yet totally windproof. Water repellant, though extremely breathable. We’ve engineered the Assegai for all-round weather protection provided by the ripstop AEGIS® Windshield fabric. Sum it all up? Totally functional, extremely classy. Code: JAJ Colours: Black, Navy Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Chinook

Code: JWR Colours: Black, Olive Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Swift Size: S – 2XL $NZ 449.99 3XL $NZ 499.99

There’s a nice touch with the logo embroidery on the sleeve.

Size: M – 2XL $NZ 349.99


Scott Jordan from the USA with his first tahr.

Code: JWD Colours: Olive Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Swift Size: S – 2XL $NZ 259.99 3XL $NZ 289.99

Made from AEGIS® Windshield Fleece, 4WD Pants are built for exceptional comfort. They breathe brilliantly, even in temperate conditions. An attached webbing belt and a zipper fly makes them easy to get on and off, with zippered cuffs to make it easy to get in and out of boots. Plus, we’ve put a taped durable dome at the bottom to hold fast on to your boot top. So, when the wind comes in hard and the snow’s on the ground and push comes to shove….the 4WD Pant is a pretty sure-fire bet.


WATERSHIELD OUTER LAYERS No matter what the weather, SWAZI® outer watershield shells have set the new benchmark in high performance wet weather gear. They’re simply in a class of their own! KLONDYKE JACKET

NARWHAL ® ANORAK® YKK Wet The Narwhal® Anorak is a real weather doozey. A lightweight rain jacket, it zip to fight off winters packs away into its own hood, but worst when you need it most the Narwhal® Anorak will perform amazingly well. Long enough to cover your butt, great pockets for maps, radios or GPS and of course, that legendary SWAZI® hood design. Made from AEGIS® it is totally waterproof, very breathable and blocks out all the wind Mother Nature can throw at you. If you need to travel light and be confident that whatever the weather you’ll be fine, then our Narwhal® Anorak certainly fits the bill.

Legendary SWAZI® hood design for great protection

Lightweight AEGIS® fabric

Two large chest pockets strategically placed

Size: S -2XL Code: RNA $NZ 449.99 Colours: Sage/Black Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Hurricane

Nick King reckons the colder the day, the better the fishing.

Code: RAP Colours: Sage/Black, Black/Charcoal Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Hurricane Size: S -2XL $NZ 449.99 3XL $NZ 499.99


Shown in Sage/Black

Dreamed up while Davey was starting his 2nd day of the Coast to Coast on Klondyke Corner, this usually scenic location was pouring down with torrential rain. Davey decided to design a new leisure rain jacket for casual wear, with all the protection and style you’d expect from SWAZI®. Perfect for watching the rugby or kids playing sports, it’s the no-nonsense lightweight jacket with plenty of horsepower to shed the elements should you require.

Zane Cameron, sambar hunting in the Victoria high country.


TAHR ANORAK® XP For over 15 years the Tahr Anorak has been recognised around the world as the very height of excellence in wet weather jackets. We’ve taken all those features that made the Tahr a standout winner and added handwarmer pockets, a scalloped tail and a new storm closure, complete with waterproof zips. The Tahr XP is in a class of its own. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better - it did! The Tahr XP lifts the bar and sets a totally new level in weather protection for the serious hunter. Internal cuffs as well as touch tape outer cuffs PLEASE NOTE: These lightweight jackets are designed for recreational use and are not designed for extended alpine wear (climbing/ abseiling) or heavy farm use.

NEW Code: RTX Colours: Tussock Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Whisper Size: S – 2XL $NZ 599.99 3XL $NZ 649.99 New storm closure with waterproof zip

Large handwarmer pockets for gear and keeping hands out of the weather Scalloped tail provides quicker water shedding

Wild Deer Man, Daniel Burke, with a handful of elk burgers. The Tahr Anorak® is made from a three-layer AEGIS® fabric which is soft, light, very quiet and of course, very waterproof. Features include a radical new upper body design that gives amazing freedom of movement, a large bino pocket with elasticated bullet loops plus a modified, two tier, high peripheral vision hood. The inner conforms to the contours of your face, while the outer protrudes into an adjustable peak, stiffened with both a durable liner and hood wire. Another excellent feature is the AEGIS® Code: RTA Colours: Tussock, Olive stretch cuff design, developed especially for folk who hate cold, icy water running Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Whisper Size: S – 2XL $NZ 549.99 down their elbows! 3XL $NZ 599.99




Great hood with excellent peripheral vision Reflective piping on arms

Waterproof inside pocket for cell phones, notebooks

Designed and built for excellent freedom of movement

For the outdoors person wanting a little extra refinement in highperformance rainwear, we’ve produced the Wapiti Coat from a soft, three layered AEGIS® fabric. Features include extra strong full length, twoway YKK® sliders. Bellowed cargo pockets (you can fit a box of shells in each) are backed by toasty handwarmers. There’s an inner map pocket, plus the famous SWAZI® hood. Sleeves and upper body are constructed to allow maximum freedom of movement. The adjustable stretch AEGIS® cuffs provide the most comfortable wrist closures you will ever encounter – bar none! The Wapiti is just as at home in the top of the Landsborough as it is watching the footy.

The One Tough Mutha® is built for a purpose. Made from a highly abrasionresistant AEGIS® fabric, we designed the OTM for people who need a rugged no-compromise raincoat. Of course, we added in practical SWAZI® features that enhance the One Inner wet Tough Mutha’s allweather round performance. pocket for dry gear The hood is based on our all time favourite design – high vision with fantastic water shedding Wet pockets capability. The large for gear or hand pockets are wet gloves pockets. Made to carry gear, or keep your hands out of the wind, they drain quickly when it’s wet. The inner dry pocket is there for notebooks, cellphones, Over sleeve cuff with Large cargo wet pocket Side vents for ease of movement with handwarmers behind baccy…One Tough Mutha®. Made stretch inner cuff Code: RWC tough. Made to keep you dry. Colours: Tussock, Olive Made in New Zealand. Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Code: RMJ Colours: Navy/Black Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Combat Size: M – 2XL $NZ 699.99


Waist belt with lock buckle Made from a soft quiet AEGIS® fabric, to ensure pants stay up under our Overpants have all the features you load

Articulated knee for great freedom of movement

could want for an awesome lightweight set of wet weather pants. The waist has a webbing belt incorporated to prevent the pants from slipping when under loading from your pack. Cuffs are protected with Kevlar® reinforced pads and the gussets provide an awesome waterproof closure for quick hops through streams. Code: ROP Colours: Tussock, Olive Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Whisper

Sizes: S - 2XL $NZ 349.99 Inner gusset seam sealed


The hood enables excellent peripheral vision along with exceptional water shedding capability

Kevlar® scuff pads to prolong cuff life

Whisper Size: S – 2XL $NZ 699.99 3XL $NZ 749.99

Blending in... Tussock Green - another first to market by SWAZI®.

Technologically, Sustainably & Environmentally Superior

STAY WARM! STAY INSULATED! SWAZI WOOLOFT ™ jackets and vests are sensational! These garments will change the way you think about wool. Using a crossbred wool we have created a high loft insulation that gives this traditional fibre a very modern twist.

MEN’S CROFTER Cozy, warm microfleece lined collar

MEN’S THORSO Totally windproof, incredibly breathable outer fabric

“Go ahead and blow ya bastard!” (it’s a blokey thing). That’ll be your reaction to any windy day that dares to come along. The Thorso is a magnificent companion, designed for icy cold days, cutting out all the wind with the use of AEGIS® Windshield outer fabric. Code: JMV Colours: Black Fabric: Aegis® 2 Layer Wooloft™ Size: M - 2XL $NZ 299.99

WOOLOFT ™- NEW ZEALAND WOOL FROM SWAZI®. NATURALLY. Large micro fleece hand warmer pockets and extra large internal pockets

After the wool has passed through several innovative processes, it is then finished into “bats”. It is now ready to be cut into garment pieces and crafted into an amazing product. A traditional fibre with a very modern twist!

Snug fitting polar fleece cuffs providing extra warmth and comfort

Great lines mean an extremely comfortable fit with a long tail to keep the cold off your backside. Our WOOLOFT™ insulation and AEGIS® Windshield fabric combine to make the Crofter not just an awesome looker, but an outstanding performer. Code: JJM Colours: Black Fabric:

Aegis® 2 Layer Wooloft™

Size: M – 2XL $NZ 479.99

RIGHT: Dave Abbott checks out the Doomsday Vault in Svalbard.


WOMEN’S BASE LAYERS The women’s base layer garments are specifically designed to keep you girls comfortable and warm. Cut to flatter the finer figure with lightweight SWAZI® microfleece fabric, our craftsmanship has been tried and tested, time and time again, for performance and durability.


Code: BLS Colours: Black, Well-Red,Fuschia Fabric: 140gsm Microfleece Size: 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 64.99

Shown in Fuschia

YKK zip

SWAZI’s legendary super soft super warm microfleece

Cut to fit women

Without a doubt these are the finest farm socks EVER produced! Made from Merino, SWAZI® Farm Socks are at the very premium end of sock design and craftsmanship. We were so excited by how good these socks performed that we also made them in a Women’s version – but wait, there’s more! The Women’s Farm Sock has a superfine band of possum/ merino for enhanced comfort and luxury. WOMEN’S: Code: AWFS Colours: Wheat top Fabric: Merino Size: 3-4, 5-7, 8-12 $NZ 24.99



Perfect length for added warmth

You’re out there. Working hard. Putting in long days no matter the weather. Thank goodness for your Leithen Skivvy. There’s simply no better lightweight gear to wear than our SWAZI® microfleece. It’s light, handles the rough jobs while keeping you warm and comfortable. The Leithen Skivvy also has the added feature of a lined zip for comfort and control... bring it on!

Julie Gordon with the whole family, shifting crop breaks.



This superb range of women’s outdoor wear is made really tough with added performance and crafted for a great fit. Known as our Insulating Layer, they are worn over your base layer, trapping warm air within your clothing system.



Shown in Tangerine/ Charcoal

Our luxurious Twin Peaks Top is colourful and so cosy! It’s the sort of fabric you want to snuggle into. The side seams are slightly shaped to follow your natural curves and the hemline is just the right length, creating a very flattering silhouette.

Code: MTP Colours: French Blue/ Charcoal, Tangerine/Charcoal, Currant/Black Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 89.99

QUEEN BEE PANTS Life is short. Why be a drone when you can be Queen? Slip into our luxurious Queen Bee microfleece pants and immerse yourself in comfort. Cut to give you freedom. Built to feel great. Queen Bees are made for performance and warmth. Ideal for when you want to throw on something comfortable to dash outside or lounge about on a cold rainy day.

Size: 10,12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 69.99

Code: PQB Colours: Black Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece

When space is a premium and you can only take the essentials... take me! Made from a super soft, super snug 210gsm microfleece, the Toi Toi is a superb lightweight top to throw on for warmth as the sun goes down. A true travel essential. Code: MWC Colours: Charcoal, Currant, French Blue Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: 8, 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 89.99

MARGOS Maggie, She-Who-Must-BeObeyed, is responsible for this pant! Made out of a soft yet rugged microfleece they are reinforced in the knees and derrière (is that a flash name for backside or what?) with a poly-webbing belt and good deep pockets. The Margos are without a doubt the best working pants you’ll ever find.

Code: PMG Colours: Black Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: 8, 10, 2–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 139.99


WOMEN’S OUTER LAYERS Functionally designed to give you girls the very best all-round protection. Snugness and warmth in the coldest, windiest conditions. Very breathable, totally windproof and tough.

HUIA JACKET Simply stunning. The Huia is one very classy jacket, beautifully cut to wrap itself around you. The amazingly silky handle of this specially knitted 300 gsm microfleece will keep you snug and warm throughout the long winter months. A full length antique zip subtly sets off the style, while cosy deep pockets are tucked away just out of sight. Super light, super luxurious, super you girl. Size: 8, 10, 12–14, Code: OHJ 16–18, 20–22 Colours: Black $NZ 159.99 Fabric: 300gsm Microfleece

STRAIT JACKET OK. So, it’s cold. And the wind is whistling. Somewhat out of tune. All your friends are saying how cold they are. Should you tell them about the marvellous comfort and warmth you get from your Strait Jacket? Well, maybe... The Windshield fabric we use in our Strait Jacket keeps you snug even in the strongest wind, yet because the fabric breathes so well you’ll never feel like you’re too hot. All this and it looks just terrific. Of course you deserve one. Size: 10, 12–14, Code: JSJ 16–18, 20–22 Colours: Black, $NZ 279.99 Navy Fabric: Aegis® 3 Layer Chinook


AMUR JACKET This is the one. The one you’ve been waiting for. Our design team listened closely to what customers really wanted in a jacket for work and play. The Amur is a hard­working, awesome-looking and exceptionally practical outer shell. Great lines. Totally windproof. Light and long. The AEGIS® Windshield fabric not only keeps all the wind out, it breathes, so you stay comfortable no matter how hard it blows. The new Amur technical jacket made for the outdoor woman. Very comfortable. Very warm. Code: JWS Size: 10, 12–14, Colours: Black 16–18, 20–22 Fabric: Aegis® 3 $NZ 249.99 Layer Swift

Dana on Macquarie Island.


Georgia Bright looking very bright.

Technologically, Sustainably & Environmentally Superior

STAY DRY! STAY INSULATED! WOOLOFT ™ KEEPS YOU SNUG AND COMFORTABLE. TRAPS IN WARMTH! WOMEN’S DASH Some would say the mad dash! Cut to flatter and built to perform (hey, aren’t we all…) The Dash is a blend of fashion, style and cutting edge technology. Outer shell is AEGIS® Windshield so you know you’ll be warm and cosy.

WOMEN’S SVELTE An offset zipper gives this vest panache, while the outer AEGIS® Windshield protects you from the lightest zephyr to the strongest gale. Code: JWV Colours: Black Fabric: Aegis® 2 Layer Wooloft™ Size: 10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22 $NZ 279.99


Size: 10, 12-14, Code: JJW 16-18, 20-22 Colours: Black $NZ 399.99 Fabric: Aegis® 2 Layer Wooloft™

Amy Smith heads for the Uruweras on her hunting adventure.

After the wool has passed through several innovative processes, it is then finished into “bats”. It is now ready to be cut into garment pieces and crafted into an amazing product. A traditional fibre with a very modern twist!

Helen Powdrill is a bit of a pig whisperer.


Keep your kids snug, warm and safe in their very own SWAZI®, cos they get cold too. These awesome garments are built tough to last and take all the knocks that come their way.


KID’S LONG SLEEVE MICRO Wow. If you really care about your child being warm and safe this winter get them one of these really awesome Long Sleeve Micros. They’ll love you for it! Code: KLS Colours: Tussock, Black, Fuschia Fabric: 160gsm Microfleece Size: 6, 8, 10, 12 $NZ 34.99


For kids that can’t be seen… just heard! Now they can look just like Dad in this great wee camo bush shirt. Made from a quality Code: KCS Colours: Camo 210gsm weight microfleece, Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece it’s good and warm for on Size: 6, 8,10,12 $NZ 34.99 the farm or in the hills.

These base layers are life savers – literally. Made to wear next to the skin they’ll keep active kids happy, snug and safe. Built to take the knocks, wear them on their own or under a Bush Shirt or rain jacket.

To top it off, our ‘Famous Even in Cairo’ HasBeanie will keep their heads warm so they’ll remember to be home in time for tea… and take their boots off at the door.

Code: KMT Size: 6, 8,10,12 Colours: Tussock, $NZ 29.99 Kaka Fabric: 160gsm Microfleece

Code: Colours: Fabric: Size:


KBE Black, Kaka, Tussock, 280gsm Polar Fleece One size fits most $NZ 19.99

The house is 300 yrs old, the Landrover 60 yrs - the Bonitis only buy gear that lasts!


Shown in Tussock.

Henderson Hunter.



KID’S BUSH PANTS Cosy, comfortable and practical. Plus long-lasting of course! Our SWAZI® Pants are made to take the knocks and scrapes. Code: KBP Colours: Black, Kaka Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece Size: 6, 8,10,12 $NZ 49.99

Shown in Kaka.

The Bushshirt is an ideal rough and tumble shirt for outdoors, made from a quality midweight polar fleece. Crafted with the same care, attention and skill that all our SWAZI® garments are made with. Code: KBS Colours: Tussock Kaka Fabric: 250gsm Polar Fleece Size: 6, 8,10,12 $NZ 49.99

Breanna Dickson choosing Xmas pressies.

Shown in Kaka.

KID’S BUSHMAN’S TEE Now we’re talking! Styled on the world famous SWAZI® Bushman’s Tee, these rugged shirts will last and last and last. And last. One for the wash and one on is the best rule. Code: KBT Colours: Black, Kaka Fabric: 250gsm Polar Fleece

Size: 6, 8,10,12 $NZ 29.99

No matter what the challenge a SWAZI® comes in handy. Sophie and Jack from Mataroa School.



Blending in with Realtree® Camo is hard to beat in a huge variety of natural settings. Printed on 210gsm microfleece in 11 natural colours, providing warmth and comfort on the hunt. MICRO DRIBACKS ® The original SWAZI® Micro Dribacks® in Realtree Hardwoods Green. Made from the same awesome 210gsm microfleece as the Pro-Hunter Shirt, these pants offer good wind resistance, great warmth and amazingly quick drying times. Code: CDB Colours: Camo Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 149.99 3XL $NZ 169.99


83 yr old Brian Hall is a wily old bugger who reckons you have to be to catch wily Westland bush-stream Browns.


Lightweight, warm, camo. Code: CBV Colours: Camo Rolls up into a beanie. What Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: One size fits most more could you want?

$NZ 39.99

CAMO FINGERPRINTS Our Camo Fingerprints are great. Snug, easy fit that lets you pull triggers and pick your nose but nobody can tell, cos you’re invisible! Code: Colours: Fabric: Size:

CGL Camo 210gsm Microfleece M - L NZ 39.99

CAMO HASBEANIE Here’s a little beauty to stop your noggin floggin’ all your body warmth.


Code: CBE Colours: Camo Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: Med, Lge $NZ 24.99

One of our most simple, yet most popular designs, now in Realtree camo. Plus an added internal chest pocket! Size: S - 2XL $NZ 99.99 Code: CBSZ 3XL $NZ 109.99 Colours: Camo Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece


When you need to be seen, for safety’s sake, for peace of mind… SWAZI® Hi Visibility clothing will do the job. Made from rugged fabric and outstanding workmanship, our range not only performs well, it outperforms the competition in durability and practical design.


Mama Mia! Paul Thompson cycling in Northern Italy. Thompson? Very Italian name actually...

So you want to be seen in all the right places? Better to get yourself a hold of one of our Bushshirt HV’s then. Made from 280gsm polar fleece, this shirt can be worn on its own on all but the warmest, or all but the coolest of days – which is kind of what you want out of a High-Visibility top don’t you think?


Code: HVB Colours: Blaze Orange/Olive Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 99.99 3XL $NZ 104.99

Our Climb-Max® HV Tops protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays while at the same time its unique fibres wick away perspiration, keeping you cool even on the warm days. Plus, we’ve added a full chest zip, so now you can cool down even quicker. Code: HCC Colours: Blaze Orange/Olive Fabric: Climbmax®

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 89.99 3XL $NZ 99.99

HASBEANIE Keep your nut warm and stand out from the crowd in this Hi Vis SWAZI® HasBeanie. Code: HBE Size: Med, Lge Colour: Blaze Orange NZ$ 24.99 Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece

BUSHMAN’S TEE HV How do you stay warm and be seen at the same time? Our High Visibility Bushman’s Tee, made from a 280gsm polar fleece, solves the problem. For outdoor workers, this garment offers freedom of movement, durability, warmth and complies with all current safety regulations. The High Visibility Tee is made to International Standard: AS/ NZS 1906.4:1997 for NZFOA (New Zealand Forest Owners Assoc. Inc.) Code: HBT Colours: Black/Yellow Black/Orange Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece Size: S – 2XL $NZ 69.99 3XL $NZ 74.99

MICRO TOP HV The performance of SWAZI® microfleece is legendary. Perhaps it is the added silk, or maybe the yarn quality – our competitors would love to know! One thing is for sure, when combined with the cut and function of our SWAZI® designs you can be assured of total satisfaction. Code: HMT Colours: Blaze Orange/Olive Fabric: 140gsm Microfleece Size: S – 2XL NZ 69.99 3XL $NZ 74.99


IT’S THE LITTLE THI When you’re stuck up on a mountain or in some godforsaken gully getting beaten up by the weather, it really is the little things that matter. That’s why we put just as much care and attention into our accessories as our main range. So when you need it to work – it’s gonna work! BALACLAVA


Lightweight and warm sums up this little beauty. Rolls up into a beanie.

There’s gloves and there’s SWAZI® gloves. We invested a lot of time in making sure these microfleece gloves fitted just right, so they keep your mitts warm but also allow you to use your fingers, pull triggers, pick your nose – you get our drift!

Code: ABV Colours: Black, Tussock Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece Size: One size fits most $NZ 29.99

Size: S,M,L. Code: AGL $NZ 39.99 Colours: Black, Olive, Camo Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece

HASBEANIES We assure you that no “live” beans have been hurt in the making of this beanie. Keep your nut warm and feel good in our environmentally friendly SWAZI® HasBeanie. Code: HBE Code: ABE Colours: Black, Camo, Olive, Navy, Tussock Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece

Colour: Blaze Fabric: 280gsm Polar Fleece Size: Med, Lge $NZ 24.99


Stretch gusset for calf comfort

Kevlar® impregnated fabric

It always amazed us how the majority of snow gaiters were big, wide and cumbersome – like bulldozers for the snow. The SWAZI® AliGaiters® are snug fitting, so you actually cut through the snow. At the end Elasticated of the day that makes a huge hook and difference to your level of fatigue. loop As your calf muscles expand Lace hook and contract so too does the Kevlar® prevents impregnated stretch polyester of the gaiter. snow migration You won’t even notice you’re wearing gaiters! We’ve made our boot ties from steel cable – Steel cable so no more broken gaiter ties after one trip! gives long life Ali-Gaiters® dry extremely quickly and roll up to a small ball the size of your fist. Gaiter ties come in size Med and Lge.


Size: Med, Lge $NZ 19.99

Code: Colours: Size:

AGB Black Med, Lge $NZ 149.99

SCARVES Yeah, it’s so darn simple, but WOW! It’s just so darn amazingly warm too. Size: One size Code: AST fits most Colours: Black, $NZ 19.99 Charcoal, Red Fabric: 210gsm Microfleece


Get around on Shanks’ Pony? Showing a little respect and consideration is going to get you a long way then! SWAZI® Merino Socks are made here in New Zealand. With the hard wearing Hunter Sock, the super soft luxury of our Cabin Sock and the grunty little performer in our Adventure Sock, we have your feet covered.

Incredibly warm, incredibly cosy. The SWAZI® Cabin Sock is a luxurious blend of Silk, Possum fur and fine Merino wool. After a hard day even the toughest feet deserve to be pampered! Code: ACS Colours: Wheat Size: S - XL $NZ 29.99 Fabric: Silk, Possum & Merino See Men’s size chart for sizing

HUNTER SOCK The SWAZI® Hunter Sock features a full Terry lining for improved comfort and reduced fatigue. Merino wool gives great warmth and moisture absorbtion, with added nylon for durability, while the acrylic adds extra loft. Size: S - XL Code: AHS $NZ 24.99 Colours: Green Fabric: Merino & Nylon See Men’s size chart for sizing


ADVENTURE SOCK The SWAZI® Adventure Sock is a lightweight hiking sock that provides extra comfort and warmth during winter. Ideal for either women’s or men’s hiking and casual footwear.


Without a doubt these are the finest farm socks EVER produced! Made from Merino, SWAZI® Farm Socks are at the very premium end of sock design and craftsmanship. We were so excited by how good these socks performed that we also made them in a Women’s version – but wait, there’s more! The Women’s Farm Sock has a superfine band of possum/ merino for enhanced comfort and luxury. WOMEN’S: Code: AWFS MEN’S: Code: AMFS Colours: Rust top Fabric: Merino Size: S - XL $NZ 24.99

Code: AAS Colours: Black Fabric: Merino Size: S - XL $NZ 19.99 See Men’s size chart for sizing

Colours: Wheat top Fabric: Merino Size: 3-4, 5-7, 8-12 $NZ 24.99

“Gidday Davey, Hope all is well with you and your Family. Been cold down here lately so splashed out and bought some of your gloves, bloody good too I might add. Also I bought these mitts, can you tell the girls in the factory to make the slot for the thumb a bit bigger next time please.

Anyway take it easy. Cheers Murray Barkman.



This well travelled bag has been to Chile, Argentina, Peru and now Arrowtown with Nathaniel Stringer.

BUFFALO BAG Heavy polyester polar fleece for silent stalking

Swazi label guarantee of quality Designed for comfort when carrying heavy loads

Carry/hang handle

Ultra strong 10 vision YKK zip

Top folds down into bumbag

All seams sewn in bonded polyester for rot proofing and strength

Shoulder straps reinforced plus pass through ten stitch lines

Chest strap to prevent rolling under heavy loads

Pouch lined with Milar to aid waterproofing Base in Pikau Canvas to prevent blood seepage


Ladder locks and belt locks also supported by Tri glides to prevent slippage

Top pouch for torch etc Back made from extra tough Duradon horsecover canvas to take scrapes & bumps



If you are going to name a product after a tough customer like the Cape Buffalo – well, you’d better make pretty darned sure that product is tough enough! Our SWAZI® Buffalo Bag is just that. Bonded polyester thread, reinforced shoulders, top grade webbing – every stitch, every feature designed to ensure you get the toughest bag on the market. The bumbag is separated from the main pikau by an ingenious one-piece canvas wall to prevent seepage from meat or capes into the lower bag. Unfolded, the Buffalo Bag zips out to make a large and comfortable daybag. Belt locks have independent locking systems and the ergonomic design aids with heavy carries, adding balance and control.

The Buffalo bumbag zips out to make the daybag. Capacity: Upper 25 Litre Lower 8 Litre / Total 33 Litre Code: Colours: Size:

ABB Olive One size $NZ 179.99

STAG BAG We really do listen to our customers. So when Glen Hartstone came to us with his design for a flexible carry system that will sit snug on your back and out of the way, but then be able to fold out into a massive meat sack, we followed his advice. The lightweight canvas liner is perfect for carrying meat and keeping it clean and tidy. This ultra light bag is perfect for throwing in your main pack while travelling and pulling out for those day hunts. The Stag Bag is shaped so Code: ASB Colours: Tussock, Olive $NZ 129.99


Code: CSB Colours: Camo $NZ 139.99

when walking through heavy bush it’s conveniently tucked out of the way to reduce the risk of getting snagged.

Strategically placed back straps give added strength and extra comfort under heavy load.

Side zips unzip to expand the volume of the bag to a massive 30 litre capacity.

Charlie Dawson, Canterbury LandSAR.

Robyn Harper in her “Go Anywhere” Twin Peaks, Campbell Island, Sub-Antarctic.


Even in a year that has flashed past so quickly there were always highlights which stopped us during our daily routine here at SWAZI® and made us go, “Wow!” SWAZI® people are out there and doing it, making a difference, making us take note, or quite simply making us laugh.

Lindsay from the Wakefield Butchery with his famous SWAZI® sundried tomato and chilli salami.

Davey, along with RD1 Managing Director Jason Minkhorst, presented the Trust with a cheque for over $13,000! It wouldn’t be a year to remember without someone getting married in SWAZI® gear – and so it was when Sarah and Pete tied the knot. What made the story even more of a fairytale was when we put out an SOS in the Clan newsletter for a dressmaker and ended up with a florist as well. On the sports front we sponsored many teams and individuals, among them a crazy bunch of Swazi-ites who raced their car from London to Mongolia in something reminiscent of the Great Race! Davey and Sharee Harper, our SWAZI® GM, joined forces to compete in the Speights Coast to Coast race from one side of New Zealand to the other, and Maggie Hughes jumped on her bike

One project which touched us

to claim gold in the last cycle leg

all as we got in behind it was the

of the same race – awesome!

campaign we ran with RD1 for the Breast Cancer Research Trust. We created an awesome Limited Edition

We continued our support of Team SWAZI® / ISUZU 2013 Coast to Coast race.

pink microfleece top which was sold

Land Search and Rescue, the young Deerstalkers shooting competitions

on the SWAZI® website, as well as in each RD1 store nationwide.

and heaps more across the land. To all of you who got out there

All profit from the shirts went to the BCRT and it was great when

and had a go… good on you!

Terry, Janine and Sarah from Turangi LandSAR check the tracks the day after the Tongariro eruption.

Sarah and Pete tie the knot.



WHAT FIRST IMPRESSION DOES YOUR COMPANY MAKE? The benefits of quality branded apparel are very real. Whether it’s apparel for staff or promotional clothing for customers, the fundamental core of your brand integrity is reflected by the calibre of garment you choose. At SWAZI® we understand branded apparel better than anyone else. We’ll work closely with you to either provide an ‘off the shelf’ solution to your apparel requirements, or our design team can custom build an innovative answer for your company. We design and manufacture at our headquarters in Levin, New Zealand, and are committed to producing only the highest quality garments. For a promotion your customers will value, our online voucher system can be personalised with your logo and allows your customers to choose from the entire SWAZI® range. It’s a simple formula. SWAZI® quality means less money spent over time.

Let’s talk. You’ll like what we have to say. Swazi Apparel Ltd, 94 Oxford St, PO Box 567, Levin 5540, NEW ZEALAND Telephone: +64 6 368 4822, Fax: +64 6 367 9246, Email: For Corporate enquiries please email: For telephone orders please ring: 0800 4SWAZI (0800 4 79294)

Also available at RD1 Stores Nationwide, Haddads of Otorohanga, Hamills Christchurch, Hamills Hastings, Hunting & Fishing Kaikoura and Whakatane, Wilsons Hunting and Outdoors Whanganui.

THANK YOU to all our good mates and friends who appeared in the SWAZI® Cattledog® 2013. This Cattledog® is dedicated to Ben White a good keen SWAZI® man

Swazi 2013 Cattledog  
Swazi 2013 Cattledog  

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