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winter challenges for construction. A lot of our competitors don’t understand the challenges we have in the winter when you work north of the border. There have been a lot of issues in the industry with frost heave, and a lot of those are based on the design or the install quality. That’s something we’ve managed to overcome in all our projects.”

“Our big plans right now are expanding our solar capacity across Canada, the US, and the Caribbean,” says Mr. Moles. “We have a special focus on Western Canada, where we’re expanding in the wind market, as well as solar and energy storage. And we continue to utilize the capabilities of our manufacturing facilities to increase offsite WINDSOR.

manufacturing. The benefit of clients and consultants adopting this agile mindset is integral to the growth of the industry.” c For more information please contact Mr Andrew Moles, Manager of Renewable Energy at PCL: P. 780-733-5000 M: 416.275.5557 • E: BEAMLIGHT.



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Sustainable Business Magazine 02/17  

Sustainable Business Magazine 02/17