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Canada’s Agriculture Industry:

Growing more than food The most exciting aspects of the Canadian agricultural industry is its continued dedication to innovation. Some of the most recent developments within the industry continue to defy expectations and find additional sources of revenue.


Canada’s agri-food and agriculture industry grows more than just food to feed its people, it grows a stronger, more sustainable economy. SBM takes an in depth look at how. By Liam Kelleher. As the 5th largest agricultural exporter in the world, Canada’s agricultural and agri-food industry contributes $100 Billion a year to Canada’s gross domestic product. That’s more than the total GDP of two thirds of the world’s countries. Canada can lay claim to being the world’s largest producer of canola, pulses, durum wheat, and flax seed, as well as being the producer of 85% of the world’s maple syrup. AGRICULTURE AND AGRI-FOOD CANADA (AAFC) The government department charged with leading and developing a competitive, innovative, and sustainable Canadian agri-food and agriculture industry is the AAFC (Agricultural and Agri-Food Canada). Their goal to create programs that can help farmers to maximize long term profitability and competitiveness in markets within

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