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Written by Lindsay Davis, Business Development Coordinator, Sustainable Water.

The WaterHub® – A New Paradigm in Sustainable Water Management.

How Higher Education Set the Bar for Water Reclamation and Reuse Emory University, a top-tier research institution in Atlanta, Georgia, is most notably recognized for its medical school and various professional programs. Recently, however, the University has garnered additional attention for their revolutionary approach to water management by recycling nearly 40% of their total water footprint. Trading in tradition for innovation, Emory University has catapulted higher education into a new paradigm of sustainable water management.

The WaterHub provides a number of environmental, social, and economic benefits to the University and broader community.


Together, Emory University and Sustainable Water of Richmond, Virginia, tackled regional water challenges through an innovative new model for urban, campus-scale water reclamation and reuse with a facility known as the WaterHub. Highly recognized for its contribution to the campus and community, the WaterHub at Emory University has already won five awards. Among these accolades is the 2015 Innovative Project of the Year presented by the WaterReuse Association (WRA) – the water industry’s leading research institution for water reclamation and reuse. CHALLENGES THAT AFFLICT A COMMUNITY The University has witnessed the perfect storm of water-related challenges. Consistent seasonal drought is exacerbated by the City’s location in one of the smallest watersheds for a metropolitan area of its size. Regional water stress is further compounded by a 25-year political dispute over rights to water supply between Georgia and the neighboring states of Florida and Alabama. Unfortunately, these challenges are only part of the story when discussing the region’s many water stresses. Aging infrastructure threatens the overall reliability of the municipal water supply in select

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