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By Erica Leibner, Founder & Owner of So Ripe Social, on behalf of Ungalli Clothing Co.

From Trash to Tees & Trucker Hats:

Recycled Clothing Company

Challenges Fast Fashion Satiating society’s demand for fast fashion comes at a very high price. One which, thanks to insightful documentaries such as Andrew Morgan’s ‘The True Cost’ and educational campaigns such as Fashion Revolution’s ‘Who Made Your Clothes’, more and more people are refusing to accept. The use of massive amounts of water, pesticides and fertilizers, and toxic chemicals is required to create clothing made of cotton, the world’s most commonly used natural fiber. Often worn only a few times before being discarded, such garments generate tons of waste; waste that ends up in landfills (where it takes approximately 6 months to biodegrade) and severely pollutes our rivers, lakes, and oceans. ENTREPRENEURS SEIZE AN OPPORTUNITY Hailey and Bree Hollinsworth, sisters with experience in retail who grew up on a farm in Northern Ontario surrounded by horses and hayfields, were appalled to learn of this. So much so that it com6 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

pelled them to start Ungalli, a recycled clothing company whose goal is to change the way people think about clothes. Ever since its launch at the start of January 2014, the business has been embraced with open arms. Ungalli’s conscientious social media followers and local Thunder Bay community back the brand for what it stands for and are helping spread the message that it’s

Sustainable Business Magazine 03/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine

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