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Written by Kristina Heinze, Partner at ParkerGale.

Is the Internet of Things the Perfect Weapon Against Waste? The world is moving towards a waste crisis. The U.S. alone generates approximately 230 million tons of trash each year. That’s just under five pounds of waste per person each day. And while this

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number is staggering, there’s good news - innovative companies are turning to technology, specifically the Internet of Things, to develop efficient, digital methods to track and manage our waste. Here are some examples of companies that are successfully leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), the network of sensors and interrelated computing devices that transfer data between each other, to drive advancements towards sustainability that will help us to more efficiently manage our waste. DIGITAL MANAGEMENT OF COMMERCIAL WASTE Many corporations rely on regularly scheduled trash pickups to keep garbage from piling up. Yet, while it’s a common practice, it’s often inefficient. If haulers come on a regularly scheduled basis, chances are they’re picking up half-full or partially full containers. This means that they’re making unnecessary trips, which equates to

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Sustainable Business Magazine 03/16  

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