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as well as a huge Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project with New Fortress Energy out of the U.S. They are going to become a joint venture partner with JPS to supply LNG for power to our national grid and to the region. Logistical development will open up so many possibilities and so we aim to become more than just a transshipment location - we will become a hive of logistical activity.” NATION IN MOTION As JAMPRO works across sectors to provide a holistic drive towards environmental and economic sustainability, Mr. Duncan reiterates the importance of working with local SMEs and how they are key to development. “Support is offered to SMEs through matchmaking with potential investors and institutional strengthening programmes such as Export Max. Through

this initiative, JAMPRO works one-on-one with small businesses over a three year period to provide in-depth assistance, from writing plans, to packaging workshops and access to international markets/buyers. On the investment side, JAMPRO is constantly reaching out to the local business community to learn of available investment projects. These projects are stored in a database and then showcased selectively through various channels to potential national and international investors.” Jamaica is set to become a site of international importance, being a logistical hub for the Caribbean region and embedding itself as a player within the global community. JAMPRO recognizes that none of this is possible without the energy industry at its foundation and that future sustainable generation means diversifying sources

to both power the island and to power the upward mobility of skills and knowledge for people on the island. JAMPRO is key to facilitating these advances, which are set out in Vision 2030. “The Government is embarking on a huge business environment reform agenda,” says Ms. Edwards. “What that does is improve the business climate, making it easier for people to do business here. Business opportunities for entrepreneurs are being stimulated, alongside the growth of investment by local and foreign investors. During the last fiscal year, JAMPRO facilitated investment worth JAM$27 billion and contributed to the creation of 8261 jobs. That is already a pretty clear contribution to the development of the country and we will continue to produce similar achievements in the coming years.” c SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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Sustainable Business Magazine 02/16  
Sustainable Business Magazine 02/16