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some of the most special. This is thanks to technology that allows the CO2 produced by the DRI plant to be recycled for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). That project, based in Abu Dhabi, was put into operation last year.” Reaching out across the world has cemented Tenova HYL’s position, not only as successful in life after Hylsa, but also as an important name in the wider iron and steel market. Due to the difficulty of engineering and operating the technology there are only two companies offering DRI plants and Tenova HYL, together with its partner Danieli, are one of these. Commitment to commercial development and technological advancement places them in a uniquely strong position.

IRON FOR THE FUTURE Blast furnaces – the traditional method of making iron ready for steel – are a technology on their way out. As demands for more sustainable practices continue to grow across all sectors, the steel market will begin looking towards more economically and environmentally sustainable ways of obtaining iron. Ways such as DRI. Tenova HYL are confident that they are already perfectly placed for the market’s rising expectations. “We see the future is with DRI, especially with the higher availability of natural gas,” says Mr. Maggiolino. “Production will be decarbonized much more and carried out with the use of natural gas. Another

nice thing is that, once the hydrogen is more available, the process will become a lot cheaper. It is expensive at present to produce but once it is less costly our technology is a perfect fit. We already use hydrogen for reduction and it will be a no-brainer to use hydrogen for reforming. That will mean at the end of the process, where blast furnaces create CO2, our technology will create water.” “We have the highest quality of DRI on the market in terms of metalization and carbon content. We are proud to think that the future will definitely have more DRI use and that this will mean more HYL technology because we have the right technology for a future of sustainable steel making.” c SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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