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SWMCOL themselves and manage it themselves, so we don’t have to always depend on foreign counterparts coming in and providing these services for us. Our people are going to be there as the project is implemented, learning and training so they can carry on the project long after it’s complete.” Mr. Roach hopes that this initial wetland will serve to inspire more projects of the same nature. “It’s the first project of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean, and I know that across the various island states they also have challenges with leachate treatment,” says Mr. Roach. “We hope once this project is completed it’ll serve as a good example of what can be done on a Caribbean island with a very limited budget, and that other islands will begin trying to implement the same kind of system.” PROPER MANAGEMENT To ensure that waste collection and disposal are as efficient as they can be, SWMCOL has invested in technology which allows them to better manage their services. “It’s about proper management,” says Mr. Roach. “We always look closely at our operations; look for opportunities to do things better, and

keep an eye on the progression of technology and what we can employ. That’s our job as management. When new technology appears, we research it, do a cost-benefit analysis, and often the benefits outweigh the costs, so we go ahead with the project. For example, our trucks have a GPS system, which allows us to manage where they are and ensure all the clients have been covered. We have also recently invested in RFID systems installed on our bins, so we can get real-time communications when they interact with our services and so forth. We’re currently looking at similar technology for the management of fires on the landfills, so

we can get real-time responses and be able to deal with fires in the incipient stages.” EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS In addition to managing Trinidad and Tobago’s waste responsibly, SWMCOL’s remit extends to educating the populace about waste management. “Our task is to close the loop,” explains David Manswell, General Manager for Communications, Sales, and Marketing at SWMCOL. “We’ve established a program called CYOP, which stands for Community Youth Outreach Program. Through this program, we visit schools and educate them on waste. We

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