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and it’s very sensitive, we’ll use vegetable instead of hydraulic oil in the equipment, which is biodegradable. It’s measures like this which ensure we’re maintaining the natural environment here.” SPACE TO SUCCEED The Mosko Group has taken the lead in training and advancing promising employees, and entrusting key people with responsibility. “I make sure I’ve got people that are smarter than me around me, because it makes my life a lot easier,” says Mr. Mosko. “Nobody’s ever the smartest guy in the room, and I want people who can point out my mistakes. That means surrounding yourself with young, aggressive people. Our father made myself and my brothers work from an early age and we were the first generation in the family to go to college. Now we have some really bright young people working with us, so we give them a lot of rope. They have to make mistakes and learn from them, so we let them make small mistakes and try to make sure they don’t make big ones. Because it’s easier to pull someone back than push them forward.” The Group ensures that educational disadvantages don’t hold employees back. “We try to move people up the ranks and train local Bahamians to do things,” says Mr. Mosko. “That’s probably the proudest thing we’ve done, moving people forward. We’ve got a lot of very smart Bahamians who didn’t go to school. They came up as greasers to operators to superintendents, and now they’re foremen on the job. Or the mechanics’ helpers are now the mechanics. If you can create good jobs, and make people happy with their stage in life, then you’ve done well. My dad never got out of high school, and in 2001 he got an OBE for service to the construction industry.”

FOREVER MOVING FORWARD As the companies under the Mosko Group umbrella keep growing, more responsibility will be passed down. “It’s going to be up to the younger generation to figure out what to do next,” says Mr. Mosko. “We’re in new businesses now, some of which are a complete departure. For example, we now operate three restaurants; two are at the Baha Mar development which is about to open shortly. But we’re very fortunate to be in a place like the Bahamas. The government is consistently friendly towards business. It’s a country that’s got great potential. We’re in a beautiful place; the proximity to the US is fantastic. And we’ve

got a small population, so we’ve got a whole lot going for us. Now for the country to grow, the middle class has to grow. I was lucky enough to get a very good start from my father, which makes it easy, because the banks will work with you. I want to look for business opportunities with people who want to get a small business going, particularly people who didn’t go to university.” c In Memoriam of George James Mosko Sr. 1925 - 2017 Founder of Mosko’s United Construction Co.


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