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ty of work stays good, they’ll get the work; if not, that’s fine. But it has to be that way.” SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS The Mosko Group is looking at a lot of work in the Exumas. Mr. Mosko was on the board of directors for the Arawak Cay Port Development Company, the first private-public partnership Mosko Group did with the government of the Bahamas, developing the new Nassau Container Port. “It’s very sustainable because it’s an integral part of bringing freight into the Bahamas,” explains Mr. Mosko. “We worked closely with the Prime Minister at the time, Hubert Ingraham, to deliver a project which benefited

the whole Bahamian community. We’re now looking into exporting through the port. The government is our partner, and we’re shareholders in it, as are 12,000 other Bahamians. The port is good for the local Bahamians because they’re making dividends every year. We have a great CEO there, Michael Maura, and it’s a very efficient port.” SAFETY AND RESPONSIBILITY At the start of every construction project, the Mosko Group mandates safety meetings. “We’re very, very careful,” says Mr. Mosko. “We’re using big pieces of equipment, so it’s necessary. We have a safety manual we go through. If somebody isn’t

wearing their belt, they get warned. If they do it a second time, they get let go. It’s just too important.” As for environmental protection, the Mosko Group work closely with the Bahamas Environment, Science and Technology (BEST) Commission to ensure they comply with all appropriate regulations. “The BEST Commission is very, very strict,” says Mr. Mosko. “We have pristine waters here in the Bahamas. We’re very fortunate. You can see the bottom of the water in the commercial port, which is unheard of. So we’re very conscious that our environment is a big part of selling the Bahamas. Sometimes, if a job involves working in the water

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