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style shallow bury approach, Stanford was able to avoid existing legacy sewer pipe, duct backs, telecommunications cable, and other necessary services. “There were several factors which were considered by Stanford Engineers when they chose Logstor piping,” says Mr. Vreugde. “The strict EN standards were important to them, and the long history of successful hot water district heating in Europe. Thinner-walled steel pipe, which results in reduced overall stress, allows

unique laying methods which save on expansion loops and welds. Shallow-buried piping allowed for extremely fast installation on relatively long runs – we installed 10 miles of pipe from June 2012 to June 2013. Direct-buried valves, so no need for vaults or manholes. Reliable joints and contractor-friendly installation. Simple, effective central surveillance (leak detection) which constantly monitors the pipe network for faults or leaks in precise locations. And a 30-year service life.”

POST-INSTALLATION Since the system’s installation three years ago, it has run faultlessly. “Once an EN253 district heating system is properly installed, it can run almost maintenance-free,” says Mr. Lorenzen. “With proper water treatment, it can operate for the next thirty plus years. We have been in contact with Stanford, and they’re very happy with it. They have had a lot of visits from all over the U.S. from people who have come to see the system, and a lot of universities right now are considering

Spectacular energy savings with Alfa Laval Maxi ETS Plenty USA universities have chosen to install the Alfa Laval Maxi Energy Transfer Stations (ETS) on their campus. These high-quality standardized district heating substations offer preconfigured solutions for all heating and domestic hot water requirements, saving a lot of energy costs. Each Maxi ETS unit is built according to customer’s need, whether it’s a residence hall or research facility we have a solution.


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