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Written by Andy Hehl, Kebony Manager at Pine River Group.

Getting America up to Speed on Sustainable Architecture Contractors and architects are recognizing that green design is no longer just a trend; it is quickly becoming the norm across building sectors around the world. Despite this global movement and the growing number of green-conscious Americans, sustainability efforts in the U.S. remain behind other countries. While American architects are eager to incorporate eco-friendly products and practices into designs, product awareness remains the greatest road block. In a marketplace saturated with conventional materials, architects and contractors can struggle to find green materials that are both recognizable and available. 2 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

AWARENESS Though demand for sustainable products is growing, architects need to be made more aware of green options. Due to impatience and a lack of awareness, Americans are quick to turn to popular building products, especially in the residential and light commercial building sectors. For example, American consumers seeking new hardwood decking are more likely to explore tropical hardwoods than sustainable alternatives, because that has long been the choice product. However, most consumers are unaware that tropical hardwoods, like

Sustainable Business Magazine 01/16  
Sustainable Business Magazine 01/16  

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