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FULL STEAM AHEAD Sustainable Business Magazine speaks to Karl Siegel Jr., Director of Marketing at MBHE Group, about evolving a company, new opportunities in renewable energy, and turning the lights on for Africa.

MBHE Group is a renewable energy company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded as MBH Energy in 1996 by Karl Siegel Sr. as a boiler design and manufacturing company, MBHE spent several years acquiring a track record of success in the Southern African sugar and paper sector before they received a project from the Central Energy Fund for a 8.4 megawatt (MW) biomass power plant – a turning point in the history of the company. “When the order came through for the biomass plant, that was the moment that really opened our eyes to renewable energy and its potential,” says Karl Siegel 18 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

Jr., Director at MBHE Group and son of its founder. Having spent years perfecting a complete turnkey package for all types of medium pressure water tube boilers, this expansion into renewables gave rise to sister company MBHE African Power. African Power’s focus has been primarily in renewable energy project development, focusing on the design, implementation, and ownership of operational energy assets that lead to sustainability and cleaner production. These projects include technologies in biomass, biogas, and solar, and the company is now adding waste energy to its portfolio. Today, following a recent restructuring, MBHE Group consists not only of the origi-

nal boiler design company and MBHE African Power for renewables, but also MBHE Operations & Maintenance (O&M), which is an arm dedicated to handling small scale operations and maintenance of renewable energy assets as well as providing technical and administrative management services on behalf of the shareholders within the various project companies. In addition MBHE O&M offers energy audits, installation of energy monitoring systems, and billing reconciliation for their clients RENEW AND IMPROVE In 2013, MBHE was awarded the contract from Namibian state utility NamPower to

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Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16