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of which often stemmed from the lack of a maintenance culture in the first place. Mr. Ampong illustrates one such circumstance: “There was and is a lack of experienced professionals or managers for the retail management sector. It is very difficult for us to get experienced and wellskilled people to take over when we acquire new retail properties so we have to make sure they have gone through training before they take up their appointment.” This training is achieved through the assistance of Broll South Africa, either by sending the individuals to South Africa for training or by bringing trainers up to Ghana. In this way Broll Ghana can ensure their staff meet the best possible standards in the retail management sector. Once trained, though, there emerges a second issue. “The difficulty has been to find, train, motivate, and maintain customer service staff,” says Mr. Ampong. “We happen to be the first formalized property service provider in the country so we’re turning into a training ground for the whole sector. Other property management companies have tried to pinch/poach our staff, so attraction and retention of good staff has been an ongoing challenge for us.”

Broll Ghana have developed a good personnel development scheme including attractive wages to tackle this problem. Coupled with the prestige of working for Ghana’s market leader, this has been successful in ensuring the company retains a skilled workforce. There are also other key challenges relating to the work of Broll Ghana and their relationship with clients at both ends of the business. Negotiating between the needs of the landlord and the desires of the tenant is particularly important as this comprises a bulk of the company’s work. Central to this balance is protection of the landlord’s needs


include all seven Western-style shopping malls in the country such as West Hills Mall, Accra Mall, Achimota Retail Centre, Junction Mall, and Marina Mall, almost all buildings owned by telecommunications giant MTN, and numerous other properties such as the World Trade Center, Accra Financial Center, and International Financial Corporation. The formidable rate of expansion that Broll Ghana has undergone is testament to their success in pursuing their original objective. Today the company proceeds as the pioneer of a proliferating marketing sector. BALANCING ACT Maintaining this market-leading position has required a lot of infrastructural building and overcoming challenges, the sources SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

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Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16  

Sustainable Business Magazine EMEA 02/16