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The Hare Krishna Revolution - Issue 3

Since his Western disciples were not allowed to enter the Jagannätha temple in Puri, Prabhupäda said he would not enter either. More than 95% of Prabhupada’s disciples were Americans and Europeans. Non-Hindus are denied entry into the temple of Lord Jagannatha, another name of Krishna, which means the Lord of the Universe (and not just the Hindus)

A devotee of Krishna has no caste and one who discriminates against him on the basis of caste or nationality is a resident of hell.


WHEN A DOG-EATER BECOMES BETTER THAN A BRAHMIN His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


vapaca, in Sanskrit means dog -eaters. Çva means ‘dog’, and pacati means ‘one who cooks for eating purpose’. They are also called caëòälas. In the Assam side of India, there are still dog-eaters. They make a kind of cake by burning a dog. We have received report from our Hong Kong center that there are regular dog-eaters in the city. The dog-eaters are considered to be the most abominable. Dog-eaters were there even millions of years ago. All kinds of people are always present. It is not that now somebody has developed. No. Everything is perpetually existing. We don't believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. Sometimes the dog-eaters are very less, and sometimes they are very great. Sometimes the cow-eaters are very great, and sometimes less. But everything is there. First-class, second-class, thirdclass men, asura (demons) and devata (demigods) are always existing. Once, when I was coming via Philippines, where we have got a center, I found that they are actually dog-eaters. These Philippines, they're dog-eaters. In those parts of the world, the Koreans, the Philippines, even the Chinese and some of the Japanese, they're dog-eaters. But even though they are dog-eaters,

they attended our meeting and chanted “Hare Krishna” with us so nicely; even better than a so-called Vaiñëava in India. Yes. They were so nice. It is practically seen. That is also confirmed in the Bhagavatam. Çvädo 'pi sadyaù savanäya kalpate (SB 3.33.6). Even dog-eaters, or persons born in the family of dogeaters, become glorious provided they chant offenselessly the Hare Krishna mantra. Aho bat çvapaco 'to garéyän yaj-jihvägre näma tubhyäà (SB 3.33.7). Prahlada Maharaj says that "If a brähmaëa, even though he is qualified with all the twelve qualities, but is not a devotee, then better than him is a dog-eater, who is a devotee. Such a devotee, although from a dog eater’s family, is glorious." That is the opinion of all great sages. The twelve brahminical qualifications are: He is religious; he is truthful; he controls his senses; he controls his mind; he is not envious; he is very intelligent; he is very tolerant, he is a learned scholar; he engages himself always in sacrificing, he is charitable; he has full determination; and he has very powerful memory. Thus, generally, those who are very highly qualified brähmaëa, they are very proud, and they do not become a devotee. They criticize, "Oh, devotion, chanting and dancing - this is for a poor man. This is for those who are not highly educated." But actually that is not the fact. Devotees like Jiva Gosvami and Rupa Gosvami

were the most learned scholars. Even Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Himself, was the most learned scholar. Why is it that a devotee dog-eater is considered better than a nondevotee Brahmin? "Because his mind and attention is always engaged in the service of the Lord." That is his qualification. That is making him purified at every moment. Not only is he purified, but he purifies the whole family, whereas a qualified brähmaëa, who is not a devotee, cannot purify himself, what to speak of purifying the family. So if one becomes Vaiñëava (devotee of Krishna) in a family, he is giving the best service to the family. Unfortunately, if somebody comes within our society, the father and mother become disturbed, "Oh, he is going to be a Vaiñëava. Let him become a Naxalite, that's all right. But why he should become a Vaiñëava?" They become disturbed immediately. We have got experience. But they do not know that any boy who becomes a Vaiñëava, who is strictly following the Vaiñëava principles, is giving the best service to his family. A brähmaëa is a qualified person with all good qualities. Now, at the present moment, everyone is highly educated to the material standard, but they have no knowledge of God. So even if they become a brähmaëa, because they are lacking this knowledge, a dog-eater, who has God consciousness, is better than them. „



ne time in India, two of Srila Prabhupada’s Western-born sannyäsés visited a temple and heard an odd comment from a pujari (priest). While Srila Prabhupada’s men were taking darshan of the Deities, the pujari seemed to appreciate their reverence and demeanor. “Continue to render devotional service,” the püjäré brähmaëa advised them, “and maybe in your next life you will be born as a brähmaëa.” The westerners are regarded as mlecchas, or lower than the fourth class, by the caste brahmins of India since they are generally born in meat-eating families. Since Brahmins belong to the highest order, the pujari prayed that they may become brahmins. The disciples later went to Prabhupada and told him of the incident. Prabhupada smiled and told a story. Once there was an old lady who lived in a remote village. One day the British district magistrate visited her town. This old lady had been entangled in a quarrel regarding possession of land, which some of her relatives were trying to take from her. Friends advised that she see the magistrate and present the matter to him for a settlement. When she did so, the magistrate immediately ruled in her favor and made sure the land was put in her name. Delighted, the old lady attempted to bless the magistrate. “I bless you,” she said, “that in your next life you will become a police constable.” In the old lady’s mind, Prabhupada explained, the office of police constable was the highest thing she could imagine. “Similarly,” said Prabhupada, “these caste brähmaëas do not know that pure devotional service is much higher than being born as a brähmaëa.” „


His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

rishna is giving protection to all living entities, even in their rebellious condition (eko bahünäà yo vidadhäti kämän). Without Krishna's protection, we cannot live for a second. When we admit and recognize Krishna's kindness, we become happy. Krishna is protecting us at every moment, but we do not realize this, because we have taken life at our own risk. Krishna gives us a certain amount of freedom, saying, "All right, do whatever you like. As far as possible, I will give you protection." However, when the living entity is fully surrendered to Krishna , Krishna takes total charge and gives special protection. If a child grows up and doesn't care for his father and acts freely, what can his father do? He can only say, "Do whatever you like." But

“The calf on the side of Krishna is trying to lick up the body of Krishna and Krishna is embracing immediately. The animal has got no qualification, no education, no strength, no beauty. Simply it has got the feeling of love: "My Lord, I love You." That's all. So this is the universal form of spiritualism, the chanting of Hare Krishna. Anyone can engage in it. It is open for everyone, including animals.”, says Prabhupada.

ATM leads to ATH Sanjay Sabnis


oday we live in a technologically advanced world where practically we can have anything, anytime and anywhere. The ATM machine which most banks provide is an excellent tool which gives all of us a sense of security where we can withdraw money whenever we need it. Money does provide us a sense of security but is limited to few things; it cannot help us buy peace of mind, sleep, satisfaction, good health, relationships and a host of other such things. If we carefully contemplate, all our efforts, whether

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Putting KRISHNA in the Centre


- Padma Purana



Edited by Niraj Bidawatka

on personal or professional front, are only meant to make us feel happy. The Bhagavad Gita states that we are part and parcel of God and God’s nature is to be eternally happy and blissful. Like the sun cannot know what darkness is, God cannot know what unhappiness is. Being part and parcel of God (Krishna), we too are always meant to be eternally happy and blissful. But then why is it that we are at times put into unhappy and undesirable circumstances? Or putting it differently can there be a machine like the ATM that can dispense happiness whenever we feel unhappy? An ATH –

Any Time Happiness! Any chemistry student, who wants to produce water in a laboratory, should know the theory of “how to produce water”. He must know that two units of hydrogen and one unit of oxygen are required to produce water. Else he will keep on trying different chemical combinations and will still be frustrated at the end of the day. Similarly in order to be happy, one needs to know the basic theory of “how to be happy”. This formula is clearly defined in the Bhagavad Gita (2.66), “One who is not in transcendental consciousness can have neither a controlled mind nor steady intelligence, without which there is no possibility of peace. And how can there be any happiness without peace?”

when a son puts himself fully under his father's protection, he receives more care. As Krishna states in the Ninth Chapter of Bhagavad-gita (9.29), samo 'haà sarvabhüteñu, na me dveñyo 'sti na priyaù/ ye bhajanti tu mäà bhaktyä, mayi te teñu cäpy aham: "I envy no one, nor am I partial to anyone. I am equal to all. But whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend, is in Me, and I am also a friend to him." How can Krishna be envious of anyone? Everyone is Krishna's son. Similarly, how can Krishna be an enemy toward anyone? Since all living entities are Krishna’s sons, He is everyone's friend. Unfortunately, we are not taking advantage of His friendship, and that is our disease. Once we recognize Krishna as our eternal father and friend, we can understand that He is always protecting us, and in this way we can be happy. „ The Vedic scriptures such as the Kali-Santaran Upanishad proclaim that the best, the most sublime and practical method of attainment of happiness in this age of Kali (quarrel and hypocrisy) is to meditatively chant the holy names of the God – “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” It is just like an ATM machine; we can call it the ‘Any Time Meditation’ machine, an effective meditation technique which can be used anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances. It does not cost us anything but offers immense benefit in return. And this ATM machine can indeed lead us to ATH (All Time Happiness)! Try it, it works! The taste of the pudding is in its eating!„


CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


hakti-yoga means connecting ourselves with Krishna, or God, and becoming His eternal associates. Bhakti-yoga cannot be applied to any other objective; therefore in Buddhism, for instance, there is no bhakti-yoga, because they do not recognize the Supreme Lord existing as the supreme objective. Christians, however, practice bhakti-yoga when they worship Jesus Christ, because they are accepting him as the son of God and are therefore accepting God. Unless one accepts God, there is no question of bhakti-yoga. Christianity, therefore, is also a form of Vaishnavism, because God is recognized. Nonetheless, there are different stages of God realization. Mainly, Christianity says, "God is great," and that is a very good assertion, but the actual greatness of God can be understood from Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. Accepting the greatness of God is the beginning of bhakti. Bhakti-yoga also exists among the Muhammadans, because God is the target in the Muslim religion. However, where there is no recognition of a personal God—in other words, where there is only impersonalism—there is no question of bhakti-yoga. Bhakti-yoga must include three items: the servitor, the served, and service. One must be present to accept service, and one must be present to render service. The via media is the process of service itself, bhakti-yoga. Now, if there is no one to accept that service, how is bhakti-yoga possible? Therefore, if a philosophy or religion does not accept God as the Supreme Person, there is no possibility of bhakti-yoga being appliedy


The Hare Krishna Revolution - Issue 3

Editorial KARMIS SHOULD BECOME DEVOTEES There are four classes of men, namely karmis, jnanis (mental speculators), yogis (mystics) and bhaktas (devotees). Out of these four groups, only the karmi is not interested in self-realisation or understanding matters related to God. The karmi is an ordinary person whose aim is to enjoy his senses by working hard. He is simply not interested in understanding the science of God. Such karmis make a show of being pious and God -fearing because such an image helps them in amassing more and more money. They give donations to religious institutions and even help build schools and hospitals, Niraj Bidawatka but such activities are in no way connected to selfrealisation. Therefore karmis are compared to asses in the Srimad Bhagavatam because they do not know anything about their real identity in spite of working very hard. Giving donations to religious institutions and activities such as building schools and colleges are indeed good acts, (albeit not the best) and we are not condemning such activities. Such activities, if done with humility and compassion, will help one in making spiritual progress. But if they are done out of conceit with the sole aim of building a reputation for oneself, then such generosity will not help one in self- realisation. The first sign of intelligence is that one should seek to know his real self. “Who am I?”, “Where do I come from?”, “Where am I going?”, “Why am I forced to die when I don’t want to die?”, “Who is controlling the sun, the moon, the seasons?” When one enquires about such subject matters, then one is considered to be intelligent. Such enquiries are known as brahma-jijnasa, or enquiries about the Supreme Absolute Truth. On the contrary, we find that the karmis are inquiring “How can I earn more money?”, “Which is the most lucrative business?”, “Where can I find pretty women?”, “How can I become famous?” Such enquiries are akin to the enquiries of an ass, who is also thinking of ways and means to get some green grass and a nice female companion. The only difference between the asses and the karmis is that the karmis are a little refined and polished, but nonetheless they are like asses. Some karmis, or gross sense enjoyers sometimes pose themselves as karmayogis, which means that their ultimate aim is to attain God by engaging in their occupation. Undoubtedly, one can attain Krishna by karma-yoga, as explained in the Bhagavad-gita, but karma-yoga means to work for Krishna, the Supreme Lord and not for one’s own sense-enjoyment. A real karma-yogi renounces all the results of his work in favour of Krishna; all the money that he earns, he gives it to God as a gift. But we don’t find any of the self-proclaimed karmayogis doing that. They want to keep the money for themselves and their families with no regard to Krishna. In fact, karma-yoga is impractical to execute. Therefore Krishna, inspite of preaching about karma-yoga in the beginning of the Bhagavad-gita, ultimately refrains Arjuna from being attached to other processes of spiritual upliftment (such as karma-yoga). He instead advises Arjuna, at the end of the Bhagavadgita to exclusively surrender unto Him (unto Krishna) because that is the most exalted and prudent path (Bg 18.66). Thus, bhakti-yoga is the only practical path by which we can understand God. The Srimad Bhagavatam (10.84.13) says that one who thinks himself to be the body and considers his wife and children to be his own, is just like an ass or a cow. The fact is that “I am not the body; I am the spirit soul, who is occupying the body just as the driver occupies a car.” The wife, the children, the house and the bank balance, which one considers to be his own, will be snatched away at the time of death. Therefore they cannot be called our own. Anything that remains with us permanently can be called our own. Everything belongs to Krishna and if we act as caretakers of all that is given to us, then we are in the right consciousness. Only Krishna belongs to us, because He stays eternally within our hearts as the Supersoul. He will accompany us even after death, when we give up this body to occupy another one. He never leaves us but we never pay any attention to Him. We are busy amassing properties and befriending people who will desert us. If we just turn ourselves to Krishna, we will attain eternal bliss and freedom from all miseries. Prahlada Maharaj, the great devotee says (SB 7.7.38), “What is the difficulty in serving Krishna? He is just staying within your heart as the Supersoul.” We don’t have to go to the Himalayas to search God because He is always staying with us. If we chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra then He will reveal Himself to us. From the above discussion, we can safely conclude that modern educational institutions are churning out asses because they are not teaching the science of the soul and therefore the burnout ratio in the industry is very high. Our proposition is: why should we continue to remain asses when Krishna is giving the highest knowledge? Why not become a devotee of Krishna? After all, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says that one who serves Krishna is very wise. „ The Hare Krishna Revolution : Owned, published and printed by Niraj Bidawatka

Dr. Swati Kapish Gupta

DAMODARA Once Krishna broke a pot of butter. Mother Yasoda got angry due to Krishna’s mischief and tied him to a grinding mortar with a rope around his stomach. Hence He is known as Damodara. Däma means a rope and udara means stomach.

Letters to the Editor

KILLING COWS IS VERY SINFUL AKIN TO KILLING ONE’S OWN MOTHER I read the inaugural issue of HKR. I would like to congratulate you. It is worth publishing, especially, "Are You Going To The Kumbh Mela." but I do not totally agree with another article "Don’t Kill Cows" wherein you mentioned that "eat dogs, as in Korea they are eating dogs". First of all, we should not be biased with dogs or other lower animals because all souls are of equal importance, irrelevant of their physical entity (and religious values) of that particular birth... Eating a goat or a dog would still put these people in the category of "demons" and still prohibit them from reaching the foremost level of the spiritual planet... I am looking ahead for the other editions. Satswaroop Negi The editor replies: We do not encourage and sanction the killing of any animal. This is clearly mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in the concerned article. We cannot expect that everyone will stop eating animal flesh. There will be a section of society that will continue to remain as meat-eaters. For such people, who cannot give up eating meat, Prabhupada is conveying the idea of the Vedic scriptures, which do not prohibit the eating of less important animals like dogs and goats. However, the killing of cows is not allowed under any circumstances. This is not due to some religious sentiment, but purely based on practical and rational thinking.

The cow is considered very important because it supplies milk for human consumption. Cow’s milk gives nourishment to anyone who consumes it, notwithstanding what religion one may belong to. Therefore, the cow is considered as the mother of the entire human society because everyone, whether one is a Hindu or a Christian, a black or a white, is consuming her milk. Of course, other animals such as buffaloes and goats also supply milk, but the milk of the cow is especially recommended for human consumption. Cow’s milk sharpens the finer tissues of the human brain and increases the duration of human life. Presently, the demoniac civilization wants to squeeze out the milk from the cow as long as she gives it, and then kill her when she becomes dry. Once the cow stops giving milk, it is a financial burden to supply fodder with no returns. Therefore, they sell the cows to the butchers, who are willing to pay a good sum because there is a big demand for beef (cows’ flesh). Thus killing a cow when she is no longer able to give milk is like killing our mother when she is no longer able to serve us in old age. Since meat-eaters will not stop killing innocent animals, we are advising them to, at least, not kill cows because it is an extremely sinful act. It is akin to killing one’s own mother. Killing other animals is also sinful but it is comparatively a lesser sin than killing cows. „


The Hare Krishna Revolution - Issue 3


(PhD, M.Phil)

veryone is alone in this world and rightly so. But more than that – everyone feels lonely in this life; and some are more lonesome than others. Isn’t it surprising that inspite of living in this rapid Hitech Global Universe of Social Networking, where everyone is connected at the touch of a button, we are increasingly getting isolated. Stress and insecurity are entrenched deeply in each person’s psyche. In this ever shrinking world of Facebook and Instant Messaging, we are surrounded by our Frenemies (friend + enemy) whom one cannot trust, but have to humor them – just to be “in the league”. Breach of trust is common. Failed friendships/ relationships, fragmented families are the norm of the day. Each soul is pining away for That Someone, in whom all the secrets can be confided and all the cares can be entrusted; That Someone, who is intelligent enough to walk with us through the meandering alleys of life and who is strong enough to shield us in times of crushing despair. We are all on the lookout for that perfect lover who will love us so much that everything enticing will lose its charm forever. We all want that perfect buddy who will always be with us even when the entire world is going to dogs…It’s true. Isn’t it? An elusive trail of Maya deludes everyone in this eternal quest for That Someone Perfect. Unknown to us, this intense longing for that perfect relationship is our ongoing eternal voyage to come closer to the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna – our true father, friend and beloved. The entire suffering of our collective as well as individual entity lies in the sole fact

Letters to the Editor I have read both the issues of HKR. It is a very inspiring effort on your part to promote Krishna Consciousness. I wish to present my views on your articles ‘Are Modern Scientists Just Like Asses?’ and ‘Ungrateful Scientists’. I think that you have expressed your view very sharply on modern scientists. Not all scientists are atheists. Science does not necessarily advocate atheism. On the contrary, science fields such as medicine have made human life longer and safer to understand God. Great scientists such as Sushruta and Charakha, who invented the system of medical operation, never said that they are God, or that they have created life or that God does not exist ...even Aryabhatta was a follower of religion. Talking about modern scientists, APJ Abdul Kalam writes in his autobiography, “I do not understand why people think that science takes one away from religion. I have come closer to God by knowing the marvels He has created in various forms”. Sir Isaac Newton believed strongly in the existence of God and


Krishna is waiting to embrace us like this when we reach his Supreme Abode, Goloka Vrindavan. Here He is embracing Gopa Kumar when he reached Krishna’s planet

that we are disconnected with Krishna and we have forgotten our true relationship of unalloyed love with Him. We are mired in the petty affairs of the base material world. Each time we try to find solace arising from this prakriti, we are strangled anew with different throes of woes. For those who are not aware of Krishna’s glory, a natural question arises, “Why should we adore Lord Krishna?” The answer to this is revealed in the reams of Srimad Bhagavatam and in the erudite commentaries of Gaudiya parampara acharyas like Madhvacharya and Prabhupada. But in the layman’s lingo, who would not want a friend who saves you from all the perils of day to day life without compromising on the fun

part – like Krishna did with His cowherd pals. Who would like to be bereft of such a selfless friend who goes all out to coronate you and remains humbly in the background – like Krishna did with the Pandavas. Who in their right senses would not like to be associated with a Persona who is unparalleled in the universe in strength, beauty, wealth, fame and intellect? The Supreme Lord is easily attainable in spite of possessing entire opulence of the universe. He Himself says in the Bhagavad-gita (9.29), “Whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend and I am also a friend to him.” Lord Shri Krishna is love incarnate and it does not require much to melt His butter-like heart. He Himself is delivering us from the

material dilemma by proclaiming, “If one offers Me with love and devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or a little water, I will accept it.” (Bg.9.26) Our Supreme Lord and Beloved is waiting for us, hands outstretched to take us to our spiritual position, near Him. How long it takes us to return to our spiritual home to Sri Krishna simply depends on how we allow ourselves to be influenced or controlled by the material impulses and desires which bind us to this material existence. Lord Krishna is Love Incarnate and to be conscious of His beatific presence in our lives and perform all our daily chores befitting His pleasure, all through our living moments is what Krishna consciousness is all about. „

“SCIENTISTS ARE ATHEISTS” JUST AS “POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT” that nothing pops out on its own, everything has a creator. Yes, it is true that a section of the modern scientists says that God is a myth. Umang Khetan The editor replies: How many scientists are akin to those you have mentioned? You could hardly name four or five scientists and among them Aryabhatta, Charaka and Sushruta do not fall in the category of modern scientists. We have specifically mentioned modern scientists in our article. So in effect, you could name only two modern scientists who acknowledge the existence of God, or Krishna. When we target the modern scientists as atheists, we are talking in general terms. Just as everyone talks about politicians being a corrupt lot; one may find a dozen or two politicians who have a track-record of honesty and uprightness, but still their group as a whole is termed as opportunistic and corrupt by the general public. Similarly, when we call the modern scientists as fools and rascals, we do not deny the fact that there could be a few scientists, who

may be devotees of God. Modern science, as a branch of knowledge, does not formally accept the existence of God, and therefore we have termed the modern scientists as fools. For example, in the government of a country like India, there may be ministers who may personally follow a particular religion, but the State does not follow any particular religion. Similarly, there may be a few scientists who may believe in the existence of God on a personal level, but their group, as a whole, does not formally endorse the existence of God.

Always Chant Hare Krishna and be happy The devotees of Lord Krishna are the real scientists because the Bhagavad-gita (7.2) mentions that knowing Krishna, in truth, is the supreme science. If one understands this science, then one can easily stop repeated birth and death. The so-called

scientists may claim that they have prolonged the life of humans, as you have also mentioned, but they cannot stop the cycle of birth and death. What is the value of prolonging human life? It is not a blessing, as you have tried to project it. It is a curse. Prolonging human life means prolonging old age, which means increased suffering and sickness. An old man is suffering from various diseases and the scientist suddenly comes and increases his life span. That means the old man will suffer more. This is what the doctors are doing now. They put a suffering man on life-support system to extract money from a rich man. They do not cure the ailing person from his disease but simply put him in a position where he suffers more. In the natural course, i.e. without the intervention of the rogues (read doctors), he would have died with comparatively less misery. I wonder why they do not put a poor man on life support systems. If the scientists can invent a pill that can stop death and at the same time, keep a man in his youthful condition, free from any sickness and suffering, then we shall give them credit. „

The Hare Krishna Revolution:  

The Hare Krishna Revolution: Issue 3: Article by Dr. Swati K Gupta

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