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Swapdom is an exchange platform for the sharing economy. It transforms swapping into an entirely new experience by harnessing the power of the crowd, making swapping more efficient and effective than ever before.


Our special algorithm organizes multi-party swaps for you (e.g. A gives to B, B gives to C, and so on, until X gives to A), so you get what you want without having to negotiate.

Our multi-way swapping system guarantees everyone gets a fair exchange without having to worry about valuations.

Our dedicated mail carrier provides transparency and makes shipping easy.

All swappers pay for shipping before swaps are finalized. Our top-notch swapper rating system adds a second layer of accountability.

Get something you value in exchange for items you love but would like to pass on to someone new.

Add alternate items when making requests and offers to maximize your swap’s success!


Swapdom is a venture-backed startup based in Thessaloniki, Greece and San Francisco, California.

Our founders Petros Georgopoulos, CEO, and George Georgopoulos, CTO, are brothers with a common mission: utilize technology to disrupt the way we think about solving common problems. After using their strong foundation in science to alter many an industry, from winemaking to stock-market analytics, the dynamic duo decided to tackle a topic close to their hearts—the sharing economy. Forever fascinated with the concept of peer-to-peer exchange, Petros and George set out to redefine this market in hopes of making it efficient enough to become a viable means of commerce. The result? Swapdom!

Get an exclusive look at what Swapdom is all about! Sign up at for early access to our site.

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What is Swapdom  

What is Swapdom? How does it work? Read about the revolutionary idea that will change the face of commerce as we know it.

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