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Review National TUC March & Rally

Step Up for Public Services on May 12th! All workers deserve a great job so everyone has a chance to progress and get on in life. But far too many of us are stuck in zero hours, low paid or dead end jobs. It doesn't have to be this way. National demonstration The TUC has called a national demonstration on Saturday 12 May in London. This is going to be a key moment in the fight for public services and to fight against austerity and the Tories' cuts. Where? London: Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park When? 12 May. We will assemble from 11am and move off at 12pm. The rally in Hyde Park ends at 4pm. We’ll show decision-makers we value the public services we love – and the public are on our side. We won’t take the cuts and pay freezes lying down. This march is set to be a big one. UNISON, the TUC and other trade unions are putting considerable support behind it. You’ll join thousands of like-minded people under the banner, Step up for Public Services. Serious message It’s a march with a serious message but it’ll have a fun, family-friendly feel. Dig out your UNISON colours and let’s turn the streets purple. Plus there will be activities to keep your energy bubbling throughout the day. Make sure you’re there! Public Service Not Private Profit

The demonstration will form part of the TUC Great Jobs Agenda campaign, which sets out the key demands of the movement for how we win a new deal for working people. The transport is free to members, their families and friends of Swansea Council UNISON and Neath Port Talbot Council UNISON Coach leaves Swansea Guildhall 6am / Neath Train Station 6.20am / Briton Ferry 6.30am The Facebook event is here: (you won’t be able to access this from Council computers) and tickets for the coach via Eventbright are here: https:// TUC information is here: Further information from UNISON here: https://

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'Swansea City and County Unison' January 2018



All out for May 12th! Demonstrations and marches have always been effective ways to send a message to politicians and the public about issues that matter to our union and its members, and the people and communities they serve. For those watching from the pavements a big demonstration – 500,000 people marching against austerity for instance – is a massive, colourful family-friendly and noisy event.

For those taking part, a march is inspiring, a way to make your voice heard and to show solidarity with other trade union members. It’s also fun. More guidance on the march and advice for the day can also be found here:

You can also help build the march on social media download Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advert article/2018/03/how-to-get-marching/

UNISON Sports & Social Key to prices - S&S: Sports and Social Members / UM: Unison Member / NUM: Non-Union Member For further details please contact the branch office or

Chepstow Races

Caravan & Motorhome show Birmingham NE

15th May Pick up 1.30pm Brangwyn Hall 1.50pm & Bagle Brook 8.45pm

20th October Pick up 7.30am Brangwyn Hall 7.45 Bagle

Prices from S&S £10.50 - UM £12.00 - NUM £13.50 Coach and entry included

Prices from S&S £10.50 - UM £11.75 - NUM £13 coach o


Wiggley’s Farm 30 May Pick up 9am Brangwyn Hall & Bagle Brook 9.15am 2.30pm th

ReturnPrices from £4.50 - coach only

Folly Farm 28th July Pick up 8.30am Bagle Brook 8.45 Brangwyn Hall 5.30pm



10th November Pick up 6.30am Brangwyn Hall 6.45 Ba 7.00pm return

Prices from S.S£16.50- U.M£18.50 - N.U.M£20 coa

Bath Christmas Market


1st December Pick up 8am Brangwyn Hall 8.15 Bagle B

Prices from S&S £5.75 - UM £6.50 - NUM £8 coach only

Prices from SS £11.50- UM £13.50 - NUM £15 coach only

To mark International Workers' Day, Swansea will play host to a May Day Rally on Tuesday 1st May, bringing everyone together in celebration of the hard-won rights we hold dear and in solidarity with workers in our hospitals, schools and public services. Join us for a rally in Castle Square, a march, and a programme of speakers and films - please get in touch if you would like to get involved! SwanseaMayDay/



AGM 2018 & 2018 Branch Officers / Stewards This was another record turnout year for attendance at our AGM's and we would like to thanks all members for participating. All the motions submitted were passed and we had enough feedback to keep our negotiating officers busy for months. The main topics were:


Car parking at the Guildhall and the Civic, is it over subscribed, is it value for money and is it really managed properly? Advertising possible car parking fees at schools before the schools issue 188 finance cuts with job losses, is the offer of schools retaining the fees too good to be true? The Authority’s wet weather policy, is it really fair to all, is it fit for purpose?


Vehicle tracker management and supervision misuse reported and investigated.

ats here.

A.G.M approved new Environmental Officer for 2019; we are pushing up the pressure on green issues to reduce our carbon footprint.


We have congratulated the Authority on its current fleet of electric vehicles and are urging for more; much more!


e Brook 6.00pm


agle Brook

ach only

Brook 6.00pm


We have asked the Authority’s cabinet to look at the government electrification grants available for roadside charging. We are actively supporting the lagoon tidal project and the electrification of the Cardiff to Swansea rail service. Education: We are continuing to promote our further education grants and this year we are encouraging all our stewards and safety reps to take up courses we are offering through our connection with Gower College

2018 Branch Officers Branch Secretary - Chris Cooze Chairperson - David White Assistant Secretary - Rob Thomas Convenor - Patrick McCormack Treasurer & Education - Scott Berry Equalities - Natasha Perdue International Officer - Norman Mednis Benefits Officer - James Macgregor Communications - Mathew Shepherd Sian Fisher - Administrator

So far... We have started talks with the Authority on car parking allocation and over-subscription. We have highlighted the lack of value for money issues, no spaces, no reduction in payment for non-use such as holidays and sick leave. We have informed the Authorities HR officers we do not feel their inclement weather policy is fair or fit for purpose In January we issued a grievance, raising issue against car parking issues

Branch Senior Stewards and Stewards Ian Alexander

Amanda Humphrey David Phillips

Aled Anthony

Simon Ivey

Alan Pope

John Austin

Ronnie Job

Michelle Pow

Martin Chapman

Simon Jones

Jayne Roper

Alison Davies

Anthony Kneath

Neil Thomas

Angela Davies

Norman Mednis

Joel Thomas

Emma Davies

Heidi Morgan

David Walters

Andrew Dean

Libby Morris

Sarah Waters

Curtis Evans

Keith Morris

Michelle Westwood

Alison Fleming

James Mullin

Ben Roberts

Denise Fresco

Lisa Murphy

Andrew Dean

Janice George

Janet Murray

Diane Perdue

Ruth Hession

John Norman

We offer full UNISON membership in all professions At Unison we do not offer reduced payment/reduced representation membership. Our membership rates are based on fully comprehensive cover with NO gimmicks. We are the recognised union for all professions from trades people to social workers.

Pay 2018 - 20 The Local Government Association (LGA) has made a two-year pay offer from 1 April 2018 – 31 March 2020 for council, school and other members on NJC pay. Key features of the pay offer are: A 16% pay increase for those currently on the lowest NJC scale point (scp) 6 over two years A pay increase of between 15% and 4.3% for those on current NJC scp’s 7 – 28 4.04% over two years for those above current NJC scp 29 – including those above NJC scp 49 A new pay spine from 2019, with new scale points 1-43 and even 2% pay gaps between scp’s 6-28

UNISON’S response to the offer UNISON members very narrowly voted to reject (although Swansea Branch voted to accept) the LGA's pay offer for 2018-20 offer, with 50.44% voting to reject and 48.66% voting to accept it. (The small discrepancy was the result of 0.89% spoilt ballot papers.) However, 62.4% of branches and 8 out of 11 regions voted to accept the offer. Consequently the NJC committee agreed to: reluctantly amend its recommendation to acceptance of the pay offer; consult branches via regions on the revised recommendation to accept the offer; the consultation will be completed by 5 April 2018; branches have been asked : ‘Do you agree with the NJC Committee’s revised decision to accept the 2018-20 NJC pay offer? Yes /No.’

UNISON Labour Link Labour Link works directly within the Labour Party to take UNISON’s policies into the heart of the party. We work at local and national level and have a network of Labour Link officers at local branches, regional and national levels who work together and with other affiliated unions. Lobbying When you join UNISON you are given the opportunity to opt in to what we call the UNISON Labour Link (formerly known as the Affiliated Political Fund or APF). Your contributions to this fund help to facilitate our lobbying within the Labour Party. This enables us to promote members’ views and argue for UNISON policies, which will improve working terms and conditions, help protect public services and create a better society. Accountable In Labour we are accountable and democratic and for this purpose we have Unison members who will be attending Swansea East and Swansea West Labour meetings. However, we need a unison member who has empathy with Labour polices and lives in the Gower constituency, who would be willing to attend meetings. If you wish to learn more about the work of Labour Link or would like to attend Labour meetings in the Gower please contact the branch office.

May 10th at 5pm at the Guildhall Swansea

What does this mean for me? The NJC committee will meet in early to discuss branches feedback and decide next steps. We will keep members updated.


Meeting Dates 2018

September 6th at 5pm at the Guildhall Swansea December 6th at 5pm at the Guildhall Swansea

Contact us: Unison Office, Rm 153-G, The Guildhall, Swansea SA1 4PE

01792 635271 Branch Secretary: Chris Cooze

Unison has many trained union reps throughout the council, schools and FE colleges. We will advise, support and represent you collectively and individually on issues from sickness, disciplinaries to legal matters inside and outside the workplace. If you need advice or representation please contact the Senior Steward(s) or Contact for your department below or go to your workplace steward. Alternatively please contact the branch office.


This newsletter is produced by the City and County of Swansea Unison Branch. Any letters, comments or suggestions for articles should be posted to the branch address or emailed to Correspondence is not guaranteed to be published and contents may not necessarily reflect Unison policy.

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