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BFP: The New Nazis

Unite Against Fascism Wales Conference

'British Freedom Party' is the British Fascist Party

'United We Stand' Unite Against Fascism Wales Newsletter

Fighting Fascism in 2012:



Winter 2012 tel: 07704 356894

May elections - Keeping the Fascists Out Defend Multiculturalism - Reject Islamophobia

Election Report: Saturday 11th February 2012 Transport House, Cathedral Rd, Cardiff 10.30am - 4.30pm Register at: - registration from 10.00am

Confirmed speakers include: Peter Hain MP; Andy Richards, President of Wales TUC; Zita Holbourne Black Activists Rising Against Cuts; Luke Young, President NUS Wales; Weyman Bennet, Secretary UAF; Derek Vaughan MEP; Zahid Raja, NUS Wales Black Students Officer; Amarjite Singh VP Wales TUC.

Supported by: Wales TUC, CWU, NUT, NASUWT, USDAW, UNITE, PCS , UCU Cost £5 and £3 concessions

Register in advance and free lunch provided

NUS Wales launch

Love Music Hate Racism Cymru For a moment think about what the word ‘racism’ means to you. It defines how some people react, or say things. It defines how some of us think and what we base our everyday decisions on. It could be a simple choice to avoid sitting next to someone on a bus; maybe it’s irrationally blaming a group of people because of their skin colour; or simply pre-judging a person’s ability because they have a different accent to you. Racism happens in all walks of life. Those who use racism as a premise in politics do it in order to divide and weaken us. Racism isn’t p2 something that’s confined to the seventies. It’s just as real and lethal today— only recently, on the early morning of Boxing Day, twenty-three year old Anuj Bidve (a postgraduate student at Lancaster

University) was shot dead in front of his friends because of his skin colour.

humanity. Every beat drums in how far we have come as people and how much our multicultural and multiracial society truly has to offer.

Research by the National Union of Students reveals that one in six Black and Minority Ethnic students experiences racism on In Wales, the National Union of Students campus—and almost one third don’t have launched Love Music Hate Racism Cymru the confidence to report it to their institution. over the summer. Its steering team is made up of student leaders from across Wales and But when you think about Stereophonics, they are ready to help Student Unions Feeder or Super Furry Animals you don’t across Wales put together amazing events, think of hate. Welsh bands, singers and sending a clear message to racists who seek artists — the people on our radios, in our to divide communities on campus. clubs and on our Spotify playlists — they’re In the UK, Love Music Hate Racism has living proof that cultures can and do mix., been going strong, with hundreds of events Wherever you are, whatever your taste, from the huge to the local, some music unites us and reminds us of our featuring huge names such as Ms

2 unite against fascism wales continued from front page page

If this sounds like you, get involved with Love Music Hate Racism Cymru! E-mail us at or follow us on twitter: . Zahid Raja.


The Labour movement and opposing the Nazis The labour movement has a long and proud history of fighting the scourge of fascism, both abroad and within our own country. On the Continent we were united in fighting Franco in Spain, and Hitler during World War 2. In Britain the labour movement fought Mosley’s Blackshirts at Cable Street, and opposed the National Front in the East End of London in the 1970s.

Dynamite, Hard-Fi, Babyshambles, Akala, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly, Estelle, The View, Lethal Bizzle, Roll Deep and Basement Jaxx. But just as important are the local bands, the DJs, the MCs, the fans who put together their own nights. They keep the whole movement going, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

unite against fascism wales

After the devastation and misery that fascism caused during the last century the labour movement is still fighting the fascists, now in the guise of the BNP, the BFP and the English Defence League. The Wales TUC has supported our affiliates, and other action groups such as Unite Against Fascism, in the fight against these fascist organisations for many years, and the fight must continue.

The trade union movement is mobilising with every sinew to fight back against the Con-Dem cuts. In Cardiff last year thousands of people marched to show their opposition to cuts, and hundreds of thousands marched in London. These are cuts which seek to make the citizens of Wales and the rest of the UK pay for the ‘snouts in the t r o u g h ’ mentality of the Tories’ mates, the heads of the financial institutions, who created the mess we are now in. The cuts are designed to complete the job that Thatcher began—to destroy the Welfare State and sell off any valuable assets to their pals, whilst driving down wages by dint of the deliberate creation of mass unemployment.

One common factor in the modest upsurge of support for the far right movements in Britain during the 1930s and the 1970s was the grave economic backdrop. In times of economic hardship the fascists can sometimes seem more palatable to people who, in more prosperous times, would never give them a second thought. If this association of economic hardship and fascist support is correct, then, in the present economic climate, where unemployment edges towards 3 million, we have to be vigilant and on The fascists are already using the effects of the Conour guard. Anti-fascists must do everything they can to Dem Coalition’s savage cuts to try to make scapegoats get the message across that the BNP, the BFP and the of minority ethnic groups and migrant workers. Lies about migrant workers. Lies about massive benefits EDL are no friends of the ordinary citizen

and free cars for immigrants. Lies about migrant whose families will have benefitted from the support of workers stealing Welsh workers’ jobs. Lies upon more trade unions over the years. lies. Their message can be boiled down to one fourletter word—HATE. We must work to dispel the argument that ignoring the fascists is the best way to defeat them. It is only by face The Wales TUC is to face steadfast opposition, such as we have engaged determined to expose in across Wales, that we will achieve this. We all have the BNP, the BFP and a duty to play our part. We have a duty to our the EDL for what they movement, to our country and to our families to keep a r e — r e a c t i o n a r y Wales as the tolerant welcoming country it has always racists who would make strived to be. To do nothing is not an option. We must the destruction of the all act—shoulder to shoulder. trade union movement and our campaigns for The BNP, the BFP and the EDL are no different from social justice as their top the hate-filled, bigoted skinheads of yesteryear, and it priority, if they ever is our job to expose them as such. In the fight against achieved political the fascists we should draw inspiration from those power. In their Mickey brave comrades who knew all about direct action. Mouse political Those hundreds of Welsh socialists who left their philosophy they portray homes and families to fight fascism in Spain in the trade unionists as “reds” and “commies”. This 1930s, who endured miserable conditions on the front ideological hatred of the labour movement is not based line, who died for a cause that was international. on any rational thought process. Like Hitler and Mussolini, their political idols, they have an innate As Wales TUC President I applaud the National Union hatred of any organisation that sticks up for ordinary of Students, not only for taking an early lead in the fight working people. Their hatred of our movement is, by against the cuts and showing us the way, but for joining association, an inbuilt hatred of the working class with Unite Against Fascism Wales, and taking up the people of our country. This is somewhat ironic when fight against the purveyors of hatred and intolerance. one considers that many of their grass roots activists will be from a working class background, many of Andy Richards.

BNP = BFP: the British Fascist Party 2011 was a year of mixed news for anti-fascists. On the up side we saw the continuing decline of the BNP and the defeat of the EDL in their attempt to invade Tower Hamlets. On the down side there was Cameron joining the attack on multi-culturalism and then the link up between the EDL and the British Freedom Party to provide a new electoral voice for British fascism. The BNP continued its decline throughout 2011. Only 70 people turned up for the AGM. These were not delegates but individual members out of a claimed total of over 10,000. Debts continued to mount as exemployees won tribunal cases and legal expenses increased. At the Feltham by-election on December 15th their vote was, 540 [2.3%] down from the 2010 general election result of 1714 [3.5%]. But still Griffin hangs on and still draws his MEP salary and expenses.

for BNP chairman by 11 votes also hangs on – waiting in the wings. He got around 150 to his ‘BNP Ideas’ conference in October which decided to form a ‘parallel structure’ within the BNP, ready to take over, but they have no means of forcing Griffin out. Some fascists have criticised Brons for not splitting but he argues that adding to the number of ex-BNP splinter parties will not help. But at the New Year he did announce the formation of a Centre for Democratic Nationalists intended to be an umbrella group aimed at building unity NOT another party. However a very tiny party the Democratic Nationalists has affiliated and offers to let other fascists stand under its label if they have no other ‘home’.

The good news continued when the fascists’ street-fighting wing, the EDL, failed in its attempt to invade Tower Hamlets in September. UAF Wales sent a coach to support the very successful demonstration organised by UAF, East End United Their other MEP Andrew Brons who lost the contest and other local groups which kept the fascists out and

held a victory march. This was despite the fact that former UKIP candidate Paul Weston as chairman. both the UAF and EDL marches had been banned by Since then the EDL organisers such as Tim Ablitt the Home Secretary. [South-west England] have moved over to become BFP organisers and there is a ‘special offer’ for EDL November saw the first determined police action supporters to join BFP for half-price. One result of this against the EDL when on Remembrance Day they is that we now know more about the people arrested 170 EDL members who had gathered near orchestrating these moves and their international the Cenotaph to prevent a planned attack on the LSX connections. Occupation Camp, at St Pauls. Unfortunately all but four were later released without charge. The other result is that we have a new bid to replace the BNP, one that has the classic fascist line up of a The EDL/BFP link up. Throughout 2011 the EDL ‘suits and boots’ – an electoral front and a street increasingly showed itself to be the street-fighting fighting gang. It was the strategy used by both wing of fascism. They continued their attempts to Mussolini and Hitler. Today Islamophobia takes the invade towns throughout the country, to terrorise role of anti-semitism. Muslim communities and attack mosques. They also stepped up intimidation and attacks on trade union, Will they be successful? The seven years of misery left-wing and antifascist events. Then in November and rising unemployment promised by George they announced a link up with the British Freedom Osborne – so reminiscent of the 1930s - will certainly Party. In preparation for this the ex-BNP leadership of help them. So will Cameron’s attack on multithe BNP was asked to stand down to make way for culturalism and promises to reduce immigration – as

if that had anything to do with the current slump. But like the NF and BNP they will be beaten provided we maintain a united and unrelenting opposition that makes no concessions to their propaganda, allows them no platform and seeks to mobilise a mass movement. The first test will be in the May local elections. In Wales? We know they plan to stand in parts of England but as yet the BFP have made no showing in Wales. The Welsh Defence League disappeared, as an organisation, following our successes against them in Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. In Wales we can expect candidates from the remnants of the BNP and the National People’s Party [NPP] which is the label that the ex-BNP people in Britain First are likely to use. A few may appear as ‘Independents’ so we need to be vigilant. Jeff Hurford

Unite Against Fascism Wales Winter Bulletin  

In this issue: NUS Wales Launch Love Music Hate Racism Wales - Zahid Raja, The Labourmovement and opposing the Nazis - Andy Richards, BNP =...

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