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rguably the most valuable commodity in a gorgeous and relaxing home is natural sunlight. A small or large space can be awakened by a generous splash of daylight, and has been scientifically proven to lift the spirits. Sometimes you can justify having a new window fitted, and sometimes it’s better to find a more economic alternative. Thankfully there are options which do not seek to replicate natural light, but extend it through the house. Here are some exciting ideas we found… Peek-a-boo! It may seem counterintuitive for a door to lack the privacy of opaqueness, but living areas of the home needn’t be cordoned off with such absolution. Closing off parts of the house in this manner can be necessary for bedrooms and bathrooms (to avoid any uncomfortable encounters!)

but downstairs open-plan living is the way forward for functional family life. One easy way to achieve this without going mad with a sledge hammer is installing French doors. They can shut out noise and create a separate space but without entirely shutting it off from the other living spaces. Sledge-hammer time? Not to be attempted by a non-professional (unless you’d like to risk severe structural problems being inflicted on your house) widening out doorways to create a double doorway or feature arch, will dispel the isolation of a room and involve it in family life. This trick not only opens up small rooms to give the illusion of added space, it is also great for when you’re entertaining

guests or hosting parties by continuing the jolly party atmosphere throughout the house. Sliding doors It’s an archway, then it’s a door, what is this witchcraft? If you don’t want to commit to the open-plan living style, sliding doors offer the best of both worlds. They save space, they open up a big wide doorway for parties, and they close up and return the room to an intimate space when the time calls for it. It’s so simple and yet so brilliant. Written by Ruby Watson



October 2017 - My Knowle & Dorridge  
October 2017 - My Knowle & Dorridge