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Aston Villa players with Paula and Paul Rastrick.

Yoga, pilates & physio all in one place?

Too good to be true?


his is not an advert! I want to highlight an excellent new enterprise that will be a benefit to many. We all need exercise. It’s fact. Our body functions most efficiently when we’re working it. But there’s exercise that’s hard and makes you go red in the face or there’s the kind that stretches and strengthens, in a gentler more harmonious way.

Just arrived in Knowle is an enterprise that will bring just pinkness and health to your cheeks. A husband and wife team have combined forces and opened a studio and clinic offering Yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy and other services. Paul Rastrick worked at Aston Villa FC for 14 years as a physiotherapist. Paula began working there too and for 7 years was the Pilates and Yoga instructor. Martin O’Neill, the team’s then manager, understood the benefits of these disciplines to strengthen and condition the players. Whilst there Paula carried out her own research using a goalkeeper as a guinea pig to prove that yoga was able to improve movement efficiency. Ten weeks later, the evidence was


obvious. Word spread and her Yoga classes grew more popular with 65 footballers of all ages taking daily instruction. Paula has created a unique programme for children aged 9 -18yrs old which includes positive psychology combined with yoga but her focus is particularly on women’s health and wellbeing. One on one time with a customer is important to her as she gains understanding of their psychology and demands of what is needed. Much of the time it’s about de-stressing for which yoga is known to be a benefit. It also helps back pain, postoperative breast cancer and sleeping issues amongst many other things. Paula and Paul have poured their hearts into creating a perfect space in Knowle. Classes benefit all ages and abilities, body and mind. Our lives can be stressful…which takes an enormous toll on the functioning of the immune system and general health. What could be better than to treat yourself to some downtime at Paul & Paula’s Physiyolates Centre. Written by Julia Parsons


01564 781696 Physiyolates Unit 1 The Corn Exchange 14 Station Road Knowle Solihull B93 0HT

October 2017 - My Knowle & Dorridge  
October 2017 - My Knowle & Dorridge