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MAHARAJADIRAJA DALIT RAJA SPECTRUM FRAUD OUTSHINES AND OUTCLASSES (ASATYAM) RAJU SATYAM FRAUD-III V.SUNDARAM I.A.S. The Spectacular Super Spectrum Fraud of ‘Dalit’ Raja brings to my mind the Watergate Scandal (1972-1974) (or just "Watergate") in U.S.A. This was an American political scandal and constitutional crisis that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. On the evening of June 17, 1972, a security guard called Frank Wills caught a handful of burglars breaking into the Democratic Party Headquarters at the Watergate Complex. Some of the burglars had ties to people in the Nixon Administration, and President Nixon tried to minimize the damage to his administration. The resulting cover-up became known as 'WATERGATE'. Ultimately, the Congressional investigations uncovered numerous unethical and illegal activities by people very close to the President. Due to the mounting scandal and the President's loss of political support, and the implication of the President himself in the coverup, Nixon chose to resign the Presidency rather than face certain impeachment. Today, any public scandal can be identified as such simply by attaching the suffix -gate to the word. Nanny-gate, Iran-contra-gate, and Travel-gate are examples. Based on this internationally accepted journalistic convention I would like to call the Spectacular Spectrum Fraud of Raja as Raja’s SPECTRUM-GATE. The historic significance of Watergate Scandal is that it declared not only to the people of the United States, but also to the entire world that not even the directly elected President of a country --- in that context, President Nixon --- was above the law of that country. But in our battered and shattered Sonia-land of India today, we have a firangi memsahib de-facto Prime Minister who is above the law of the land mainly because a former Chief Justice (from whose ‘judicial’ anti-Hindu communist stranglehold, our sacred Bharat Mata has just been mercifully liberated less than two weeks ago!) considered her patently false affidavit relating to her educational qualifications from Cambridge in England as a “STALE AFFAIR”. By implication he found the firangi memsahib’s escortservice-girl credentials to be inspiring, elevating, unrivalled, unsurpassed and monumental. For that most injudicious and irresponsible judicial mercenary, political survival of the firangi memsahib was more vital and sacred than the survival of India as a nation! In an article I wrote for a newspaper, I called that day on which that disgraceful Chief Justice enunciated his infamous ‘Staleness Doctrine’ as the ‘Darkest Day in our Judicial History’. Then we have a stupidly smiling de-jure Prime Minister nominated by the Italian firangi memsahib and one who is not even an elected Member of the Lok Sabha. The whole country knows how electoral records relating to his alleged domicile in Assam were manufactured and fabricated in order to ease his entry into the Rajya Sabha some years ago. Without worrying about getting himself elected into the Lok Sabha, he has managed to be the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy by avoiding direct election to the Lok Sabha for more than six years. In my view, this cold-


blooded murder of people’s democracy in India has taken place ever since 2004 because of the anti-people collusion between the firangi memsahib and her ever servile Prime Minion. This Prime Minion Prime Minister (Who has thereby enriched mankind’s heritage of vocabulary of politics and political science to boot!) is also above the Rule of Law of the land though he can never hope to be above the Rule of the firangi memsahib without whose benedictions he can never hope to continue even in the degrading ‘Power without Responsibility’ post of surrogate Prime Minister of India today in the firangi memsahib’s kitchen Cabinet (Cabal) of Minions!!! Both these Prime Ministers (excluding the one in-waiting!) --- the firangi memsahib ‘defacto’ Prime Minister and the Prime Minion de-jure Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh --are acting in unison 24/7 to declare with supreme authority that SPECTRUM-GATE Raja is also above the Law of the Land. Thus, the circle is complete and can stand or sit by itself. Archibald Cox, Jr (1912 –2004) was the first Special Prosecutor for the Watergate Scandal in U.S.A. It was he who taught a lesson to President Nixon. In this context I cannot help quoting the immortal words of Archibald Cox, Jr. When Archibald Cox, Jr. was dismissed by President Nixon, Cox said: “Whether ours shall continue to be a government of laws and not of men is now before Congress and ultimately the American people." Our firangi memsahib ‘defacto’ Prime Minister and our neutered de-jure Prime Minister have conspired together to convert the non-governing Government of India into a reprehensible Government of blatantly corrupt men and not a Government of Laws. This operational message has been fully imbibed by the corrupt-to-the-core DMK Union Minister A. Raja. Let me turn to some of the more specific aspects and dimensions of ‘Dalit’ Raja’s SPECTRUM-GATE. In the just concluded 3G Auction, a pan-India 3G license has been auctioned at the rate of Rs 16, 750.58 Crores. With 3 successful bidders in some Circles and with 4 successful bidders in other Circles, India is going to get a total of Rs.67,718.95 crores as 3G Auction money. This includes the payment to be made by MTNL (Rs. 6,564 crores) and BSNL (Rs.10,196.58 crores) If only the 2G Spectrum Fraud of Raja had not been so thoroughly exposed officially by the CBI and the Central Vigilance Commission, the Chief Architect of 2G Spectrum Scam would never have allowed the public 3G Auction to take place in an open and transparent manner yielding so much funds to the Union Government Treasury. The successful bidders have been allocated 3G Frequency in 1900 MHz Band. The bidding amount by each Service Provider is given below: Bharti Airtel Rs. 12,290 crores Vodafone Essar -Rs. 11,617 crores Reliance -Rs. 8,583 crores Aircel Rs. 6,498 crores Tata-Rs. 5,864 crores Idea-Rs. 5,768.59 crores S.Tel -Rs. 337 crores


What are the reasons for the Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Aircel, Tata, Idea and S.Tel etc making a bid for this much of huge money on 3G spectrum? The reasons are very simple: a. The present Telecom Service Providers (the above mentioned companies) have almost exhausted their quota of 2G Spectrum. b. They have a saturation point in the segment of 2G spectrum allotted to them. Without 2G Spectrum they can not provide voice telephony to their customers. c. Everybody knows that 2G Spectrum is used for voice telephony. d. 3G spectrum is used for Value Added Services like Video Conferencing, fast internet service, quick data download, mobile Commerce activities, etc. e. However, very few people seem to be aware of the fact that 3G Spectrum has also got its voice component. Because of larger bandwidth in 3G Spectrum, the voice packets move very fast and with more clarity. f. The existing Service Providers are going to use the 3G Spectrum for voice transfer. Industry sources say, the ratio is 85% for voice telephony and 15% for Value Added Services. g. It is common knowledge that no Service Provider will spend thousands of crores for only providing Value Added Services. h. India is still a Voice Market. It will take another 10 years for India to develop to the level of data using country like USA, UK and other European countries. IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, IT BECOMES VERY CLEAR THAT THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THIS HIGH VALUE BIDDING BY THE EXISTING TELECOM SERVICE OPERATORS IS ONLY TO SOMEHOW AND REGARDLESS OF COST USURP THE 3G SPECTRUM WHICH WILL ULTIMATELY BE USED FOR 2G PURPOSES OF VOICE TRANSFERS BY THESE SERVICE PROVIDERS. Thus all these successful bidders are only interested in getting a share in the voice market. They are not much bothered about the Value Added Services. If 85% of 3G Spectrum is going to be used only for voice telephony by the successful bidders, then the proud and baseless claim of ‘Dalit Raja that poor 2G Spectrum is only equal to Public Distribution System (Ration Shops) rice and 3G Spectrum is equal to Basmati Rice falls to the ground. ‘Dalit’ Raja’s irresponsible and mindless claim seems to stem from the wrong premise or assumption that 90% of 3G Spectrum would be used by the successful bidders for Value Added Services which as we have seen above will be neither feasible nor desirable. It is clear that ‘Dalit’ Raja has nothing but contempt for the honest and upright civil servant who upholds the interests of the common man. He has both contempt and hatred for the decent private operators who want to do straight honest business and who do not want to participate in the contrived and pre-orchestrated Ministerial fraud of Raja. In Part II of this story, I have already referred to some of the very crucial official documents and taped conversations between Ms Nira Radia, Ms Kanimozhi and the Union Communications Minister A Raja. I have also referred to the letters written by Sri Vineet Agrawal, a B Tech from IIT Delhi and an IPS officer of Maharashtra Cadre, 1994 batch to Sri Milap Jain, a very senior IRS officer and currently the Director General of Investigation in New Delhi. Once the CBI arrested some of the conduit pipes of Raja in Goa, Sri Vineet Agrawal was transferred from his post. From the contents of a letter circulating widely on Internet, it seems that the case No RC DAI 2009 A /0045 relates to section 13(2) r/w 13(1)(d) of Prevention of Corruption Act in which allegations as regards criminal conspiracy between certain public authorities and private persons in the grant of UAS licences related with the Ministry of Telecommunications in the year 2007-08 are being investigated. As per this letter dated 16/09/2009, Sri Vineet Agrawal mentions that one


Ms Niira Radia of Noesis Consultancy was actively involved in this criminal conspiracy. The names involved in the case include a Cabinet minister and a State minister and a few bureaucrats. “My case is cleared, na?” said the politician who wanted to be telecom minister to the lobbyist for a telecom major four days before the present Union Cabinet was sworn in last summer. The middle-woman, Ms Niira Radia, was coy and comforting in her first-namebasis response: “Your case was cleared last night only.” What shocks me most is the fact that the names of very well known persons like Mr Ratan Tata, Mr Vir Sanghvi and Ms Barkha Dutt also figure in the taped conversations referred to above. Some Government records show that they were also actively in touch with Ms Niira Radia for advancing their business relations in the Communications Ministry in general and Union Minister A Raja in particular. It has been reported in one of the Government records, “there is a big conversation between Mr Ratan Tata and Mrs Radia which establishes that Mr Tata wanted to prevent Dayanidhi Maran from Telecom Minister at any cost.” These documents in circulation marked as Top Secret ones also indicate that “On Mrs Radia’s and Kanimozhi’s behalf Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi were negotiating for ministerial birth”.


I बरखा दत्त और वीर सांघवी के दामन दागदार Friday, 07 May 2010 00:46 यशवंत िसंह भड़ास 4 मीिडिया - टीवी


बरखा दत्त और वीर संघवी रािडिया राज 1 : मशहूर पत्रकार बरखा दत्त और वीर सांघवी के दामन दागदार

हो गए िदखते है. केद्रीय संचार मंत्री पद पर ए. राजा को कािबज कराने व संचार मंत्रालय से कारपोरे ट घरानो को लाभ िदलाने के मामले मे िजस माडर्नर दलाल

नीरा रािडर्या का नाम उछला है , उसकी फोन टे िपंग से पता चला है िक उसकी तरफ से बरखा दत्त और वीर सांघवी ने भी राजा को मंत्री बनाने के िलए शीष र कांग्रेिसयो के बीच लािबंग की. आयकर

महािनदे शालय के जो गप्ु त दस्तावेज इन िदनो मीिडर्या सिकरल मे घम ू रहे है, उसके पेज 9 पर एक जगह

िलखा है - On Ms. Radia's & Kanirozhi's behalf Barkha Dutt & Vir Sanghvi were negotiating for ministerial birth DMK member especially Raja with Congress members. आगे यह भी िलखा है - Some close associates of Mrs. Radia in relation to this work are, Tarun Das, Vir Sanghavi and Sunil Arora IAS officer Rajasthan Cadre. सबूत के तौर पर यहां आयकर महािनदे शालय के गुप्त दस्तावेज के वे अंश िदए जा रहे है, िजनमे बरखा दत्त और वीर सांघवी के नाम दजर है.

What does it all mean? The firangi memsahib and her “Barkis is willin’, everobliging bearer-in-waiting Prime Minion had from the word START of the UPA II Government had outsourced the consultancy work relating to the selection of Union Cabinet Ministers and Ministers of State to an external public relations agency controlled by Ms Nira Radia. Amongst her operational paratroopers in the media were Mr Vir Sanghvi and Ms Barkha Dutt. This trio seems to have played a clinching role in the final selection of Spectrum Fraud Raja.

Ever Unimpeachable Dr.Manmohan Singh and Ever Impeachable A.Raja

Our most dishonest and most dis-honourable Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh who is an “ever willin Barkis” ever ready to vacate his surrogate Prime Ministerial chair for


the “Yuvaraja”, seems to hold the unshakeable opinion that his Communications Minister ‘Dalit’ Raja is a principled man of unimpeachable integrity. Unfortunately for our supremely corrupt Prime Minister, in a series of investigative reports in The Pioneer during the last one year and more, J. Gopikrishna, a fearless and indefatigable journalist, has brought out the real truth about the monumental personal corruption of A. Raja. He has referred to the money parking methods of this exemplary Minister by floating companies in the name of his close family relatives. He has reported that after becoming the Union Minister in 2004, his close relatives started real estate companies like Green House Promoters, Equaas Estates, Kovai Shelters Promoters. It has been reported that he even put his wife in the Board of Green House and Equaas Estates. God only knows whether he has kept the Prime Minister informed of his wife’s business and whether he has filed a mandatory affidavit to the effect that there is no clash of interest involved in the discharge of his official duties arising from his wife’s private association with the management of two companies Green House and Equaas Estates. The Pioneer’s series of investigative reports became a blow to Raja’s pretention of being innocent and corruption-free. His money parking methods by floating companies in the name of his close relatives were brought into the public arena by ‘The Pioneer’. After becoming the Union Minister in 2004, Raja’s close relatives started real estate companies Green House Promoters, Equaas Estates, Kovai Shelters Promoters. The real estate companies are filled with his brothers, nephews and nieces as Directors of the Board. He even put his wife M.A Parameswari in the board of Green House and Equaas Estates, by violating the service rules and code of conduct of ministers. As a Cabinet Minister, Raja has to inform the Prime Minister on wife’s business and file a mandatory affidavit that there is no clash of interest in the discharge of his duties. In December 2008, when Minister Raja was exposed by The Pioneer, he chose to say that all the entries in the official records of the Registrar of Companies were wrong and that he and his wife were not aware that, she was a director in those companies. The domestic turnover of Equaas Estates in the very first year of functioning showed a figure of Rs.755 crore, and soon after the Pioneer expose of Raja, this company did not hesitate to say that it was a wrong entry which was very much like Satyam Computer Raju’s absurd confession!!! Our Prime Minister could not have been unaware of these glorious deeds of his Communication Minister. The Pioneer also reported that the Green House had even opened a Singapore office, violating the foreign exchange norms. In Kovai Shelters, one director Dr R. Sridhar, nephew of Raja is holding 15 per cent shares, while holding a Class-1 officer post in the Ministry of Environment in violation of Civil Servants Conduct Rules. The Pioneer reported on December 15, 2009, quoting highly placed sources in the Telecom Ministry on the plan of Swan Telecom to acquire 49% shares in Raja’s relative’s Green House. But this move was aborted and the money parking took a different route. The documents filed with Registrar of Companies, Mumbai reveal the mysterious allotment of shares to Tamil Nadu based businessmen in Swan. On December 17, 2008 the Swan had allotted Rs. 380 Cr worth shares to Chennai based Genex Exim Ventures. This company had been floated only four months earlier with a mere Rs 1 Lakh as its capital. At the beginning stages of the Spectrum controversy, Minister


Raja had gumption to proclaim that the Swan and Unitech companies beloned to Maharashtra and Delhi and no person from Tamil Nadu was associated with these companies. According to documents filed with the Registrar of Companies in Chennai, Genex Exim was incorporated in September 17, 2008 with two directors, Mohammed Hassan (58) and Ahamed Shakir (41). The company was represented by Ahmed Syed Salahuddin (32) on the Board of Directors of Swan. All three of them belong to Kilukarai, a small coastal village in Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu link now gets further strengthened. Ahmed Syed Salahuddin is the younger son of Syed Mohammed Salahuddin, the NRI business tycoon heading the Dubai based real estate conglomerate ETA Ascon Star Group, which in turn began its Indian operations in 2006 by floating several real estate firms across the state. Raja was then Union Environment Minister and his party the DMK assumed power in Tamil Nadu in that year. The ETA Group entered into a MoU with the Tamil Nadu Government for setting up an IT Economic Special Zone worth Rs 3750 crore, when A Raja became the Union Telecom Minister in May 2007. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi was present at the much-hyped MoU signing ceremony for the project proposed at Kancheepuram, near Chennai on a nearly 500 acre plot. It is mysterious that a large business group should enter Swan’s Board through a company with a meager one lakh paid up capital. Incidentally, Genex Exim, having acquired more than Rs. 380 Cr of Swan Telecom shares, has not filed any document with the authorities to show their source of income. Raja’s favouritsm towards the Swan was exposed in the unprecedented deal with the state owned BSNL. On September 13, 2008 the BSNL had entered an unprecedented deal with Swan. The Intra Circle Roaming deal signed with the Swan is literally silent on the finance part. When controversies broke out the BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Kuldeep Goyal prefers to coin a new terminology for the deal. ‘The Limited MoU’ described by him is a day light robbery of public assets. Raja shunted out all the senior officials in the BSNL and Wireless Planning Coordination (WPC) wing of Telecom Department who OBJECTED TO THE FAVORITISM shown by him to the SWAN. BSNL had never entered into Intra Circle Roaming deal with any operator till that date. With the conclusion of that corrupt deal, the Swan can use the spectrum, communication towers and the entire network of BSNL, without any cost. Though the BSNL management suggested charging 52 paise per call, it was mysteriously absent in the MoU. THE BSNL WAS FORCED TO SIGN THIS DEAL, JUST 10 DAYS BEFORE THE SALE OF SWAN’S SHARES TO ETISALT FOR 900 MILLION US DOLLARS. THE DEAL LITERALLY HELPED THE SWAN TO POCKET HUGE MONEY, WITHOUT INVESTING ANYTHING. NOTHING HAPPENED TO STOP IT THOUGH THE TOP TELECOM OFFICIALS HAD ALERTED THE PRIME MINISTER. EVEN A CONGRESS MP DHARAM PAL SABHARWAL WROTE TO PRIME MINISTER ON THIS CONTROVERSIAL INCIDENT IN NOVEMBER 2008, NO ACTION WAS TAKEN SIMPLY BECAUSE OUR PRIME MINISTER IS A MAN OF UNIMPEACHABLE INTEGRITY! FIRANGI MEMSAHIB ALSO MAINTAINED HER


ATTITUDE OF COOL CALCULATED SILENCE BECAUSE SHE IS ALSO A GLOBAL STATESMAN OF UNIMPEACHABLE INTEGRITY!!! Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. Regrettably, our eunuch surrogate PM has been tested by the common people of India and found wanting on this touchstone. Nothing can destroy a Government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the Charter of its own existence. Hon’ble Justice Brandeis (1856-1941), one of the greatest of American Judges and makers of American Law, in his famous judgment in Olmstead vs United States, 277 US. 438, 485 in 1928 declared for all time: “Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example….if the Government becomes a Law Breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy”. UPA Government II has become a Law unto itself!! FROM WHAT WE CAN SEE FROM THE FUNCTIONING OF THE UPA GOVERNMENT II IN NEW DELHI TODAY, IT IS A GOVERNMENT OF CRIMINALS, BY CRIMINALS, FOR CRIMINALS!!! THE CONDUCTER OF THIS ORCHESTRA IS THE FIRANGI MEMSAHIB ALIAS KANNAGI FROM ITALY.


Spectrum Raja Fraud-III