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from: S. Kalyanaraman date: Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 3:40 PM subject: AAP files. AAP as a security threat, an ongoing longterm CIA op to infiltrate and destabilize India: A compendium

AAP FILES. AAP AS A SECURITY THREAT, AN ONGOING LONGTERM CIA OP TO INFILTRATE AND DESTABILIZE INDIA: A COMPENDIUM Many of the idealist/celebrity supporters of Kejri/AAP may not know that Kejri and AAP apex leadership are implementing CIA's anti-NaMo destabilisation project. A compendium on Kejri/AAP CIA op is presented. This includes links to articles by Col RSN Singh (Canarytrap), Shelley Kasli, Ohri, Arvind Lavakare, Radha Rajan, Sandhya Jain, Berkley Univ project on contingency plans to handle riots in India, Gautam Sen's aricles on Patna Blasts. etc. Read on... Start with the blogpost of March 3, 2014 as a curtain-raiser: US Berkeley group targets India for armed conflict. PM should tell Obama: rein-in the perpetrators of sedition from American soil.

What is the REAL face of AAP. They are people who will stop at NOTHING. They will try abuse, intimidation, threats, vile insinuation, anything to silence the dissenting voice!


As this incident amply proves, AAP is like Tejpal, truly, the beast in our midst! And THESE are the guys who talk of change? Really? March 30, 2014 The day AAP tried to intimidate me! by @shefvaidya #AAK49 gang supports Rapist Tarun Tejpal Yesterday, March 30th, 2014, was the last day of the year according to the Indian almanac. It was also the day the Aam Aadmi party’s Goa unit tried its best to muzzle my voice and to intimidate me. In the morning, when someone forwarded a newspaper clipping to me on twitter. It was followed by two links, one from AAJ TAK, and another from the Business Standard. They all said the same thing, that the AAP LS candidate from South Goa, Ms. Swati Kerkar had allegedly commented that the Goa CM, Manohar Parrikar had gone ‘overboard’ in ‘chasing’ Tejpal. Media reports also clearly stated that the Tejpal has found ‘sahanoobhooti’ (sympathy) from AAP - all highlighted terms used by the media! Naturally, I was shocked. Tejpal, as we all know, is currently rotting in a Goa jail and is charged with rape. He represents the worst of the criminals, those who flout the laws with impunity and then expect their contacts, their position in the society to bail them out. Lurid details what he did are already in the public domain, so I will not dwell on them. But I was outraged. As a woman, I couldn’t comprehend why a woman candidate would even want to talk about Tejpal in a talk about mining. What is the connection between Tejpal and mining. Why was he mentioned at all? The media reports were clear and unambiguous in the words they used. It was obvious from the media reports at least that Ms. Kerkar had appeared to treat Tejpal as a’victim’, rather than a ‘perpetrator’ of the crime he is accused of. As a citizen, I felt concerned and wanted to raise this issue in a public forum. So I made a post on Goa +, the largest and most active Goan cyber forum. I reproduce my post verbatim here. 'So the Aam Aadmi party Candidate for South Goa, Swati Kerkar actually supports rapist Tejpal? I cannot believe that a woman would support a beast like Tejpal just for petty political gains. And she claims to be an activist for women's rights? Shame on Swati Kerkar! As a woman, I am outraged!’ To anyone with a modicum of intelligence, it would be obvious that I had based my post on the media reports and I had used a question mark. It was a post meant to raise a question. As an independent citizen who is NOT affiliated with any political party, I was asking a question to the AAP candidate. I repeatedly asked the AAP guys to either produce the video of the speech or get Ms. Kelkar to make a statement on the forum to clear the matter, which would have been the most sensible thing to do. 2

Instead, what I got was abuse, personal attacks and language that would make any street thug hang his head in shame. Miki Naik, one of the functionaries of the AAP in Goa made a public post using the words ' Is this how low BJP will stoop? Use a woman to make baseless accusations?’ thereby implying that the BJP had asked me to make a post. His sidekick, one Mujahid Hussain Rizwi, went one step further and made a comment ‘Papi pet ka sawaal hai. Shefali has to earn a living’, thereby clearly accusing me of getting paid by the BJP to make a post. I challenged both of them to provide the proof. Meanwhile, this Miki Naik, made a separate post on his forum, the official AAM AADMI PARTY FORUM in Goa, accusing me of wilfully maligning his candidate and implying again that the BJP had put me up to it. And that’s where all the abuse started. My intelligence was questioned, my character was questioned, my family, my marriage, my profession, everything was mentioned. There was a person, who I regret to say, I had once made the mistake of inviting into my house. A person who had sat on my couch, ate food that I had cooked, a person who called me Didi, older sister! That same person now posted vile stuff that my dignity does not permit me to reproduce here. Also, the person has since tendered an unconditional apology, so I will not mention his name. But the people on the AAP forum behaved like hyenas, cackling at the insensitive jokes, liking those tasteless pictures that were put up and accusing me repeatedly of making a statement in vested interests, when it is clear that my post was phrased as a QUESTION! While I have been a vocal supporter of Modi, and I have never tried to hide that fact, I am no way affiliated with the BJP. I am acting on Facebook in my own capacity as an individual. I am entitled to express my views, as long as I do not abuse anyone. My post was meant to seek a clarification from the AAP candidate. Instead, what I got was abuse after vile abuse, from people who are officially associated with the party. I reproduce some of the choice comments here for all to see, even though the vilest ones seem to have been deleted. Miki Naik -' Is this how low BJP will stoop? Use a woman to make baseless accusations?’ Prashant Parab - That doggy's shower will really wash her brain (comment on a pic of a dog peeing) Mangi Singbal- ak khok khok post gets 200 likes from so called smart intellectual individuals...unbelievable.. i usually have a look at the names of these great minds. ..shefali just enjoys this popularity.. Binoy Hoskote - WOMEN ARE ENEMIES OF WOMEN has been an old saying, which some women are bent on PROING AGAIN and AGAIN...right Shefali?….Shefali U


shame the entire gender image & values of high ESTEEM ASSIGNED TO WOMEN. Wonder who has made you stoop to such disgusting levels one wonders. Yash Naik - it is shefali who is supporting protector of vasco rapist. Rizwan Shaikh Nabi - Your taking away thier income AAP, this kind of attacks will continue Is this what AAP is all about? Is this how they uphold the freedom of expression? Is this how they tolerate contrary opinions? Is this how they will deal with opposition if, God forbid, they ever come to power? If AAP cannot deal with a single post made by a private individual on a cyber forum with dignity and maturity, how are they going to deal with opposition in future? The very thought makes me shudder!! Ms. Kerkar was the candidate, not me. She is the one answerable to the electorate not me. According to media reports, she had made the controversial statement, not me. The clarification, if any, should have come from her, not me. I acted in good faith, based on media reports. I expected AAP to deal with my post with dignity and maturity. Instead, I was harassed repeatedly for my phone number, my post was deliberately twisted to appear as a statement, when it was CLEARLY phrased as a question. This is the REAL face of AAP. They are people who will stop at NOTHING. They will try abuse, intimidation, threats, vile insinuation, anything to silence the dissenting voice! As this incident amply proves, AAP is like Tejpal, truly, the beast in our midst! And THESE are the guys who talk of change? Really? Š Shefali Vaidya ------------------------------

Blogposts from December 24, 2013 (Click on each blogpost to get to contents): Khaas aadmis prop up the aam aadmi party -- Sandhya Jain If it’s bizarre, it must be Aam Aadmi Party -- Arvind Lavakare Kejriwal to muddy waters in Varanasi -- Sandhya Jain Caution: Violence Ahead The Kejri files: anarchist or anti-national? -- Ram Ohri, IPS (R) Krantikari Kejriwal, made in TV studio AAP: anti-Modi stalking horse -- Sandhya Jain Grisly political gangsterism and goondaism of Arvind Kejriwal -- V. Sundaram, IAS (R) Kejriwal's incompetence -- Arvind Lavakare. AAP ke paap: dishonesty, fraud -- Arun agrawal. Kejriwal flies chartered flights, travels in mercedes benz cars. He is only 4

a Magsasay awardee. Arvind Kejriwal's anti-national revolution -- Mayank Jain Congress Party 'grand plan' with AAP explained - Kejriwal fans please watch Anti-nationals parading as anti-corruption, gram-sabha activists: Stop AAP AAP has CIA links -- AAP founding member Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay ALL SoniaG family ghotala: Next Govt. should probe. Next court hearing March 6, 2014 Courage and Conviction: Kunal Verma talks about Gen. VK Singh US Berkeley group targets India for armed conflict. PM should tell Obama: rein-in the perpetrators of sedition from American soil. Gen. VK Singh Vs. Lt. Gen. Kadyan: the battle of Jhunjhunu, Kurukshetra G20, OECD aim to end tax havens. Really? Many officials and their associates in India would welcome this move. AAP’s plan: Unstable government, snap polls -- MD Nalapat A History of the Congress plunder of India -- Gautam Sen Arvind Kejriwal should answer these questions Dear Mr. Kejriwal, grow up -- open letter by R. Jagannathan How media let guilty Kejriwal off the hook -- Arvind Lavakare AAP are naxals -- Dr. Subramanian Swamy AAP, voters should learn from Mithun: remember girlfriend test -- Kunal Sarkar AAP's topi moment. India will miss a joker on the TV shows Race for 7 Race Course Road -- M.G.Devasahayam Wendy Doniger's book withdrawn from India by Penguin Group: Out of court settlementHindu So, Kejriwal doesn't have to topple himself. He should simply, GO, if he respects the Rule of Law. Third Front mirage: Minhaz Merchant. All parties should demand: revert to paper ballot to prevent EVM tampering. 5

Sonia Gandhi keeps poker face -- Paki view. Keeps a card up her sleeve: Priyanka to cobble a coalition - Inquirer's oath administered by the guru Corruption and CIA $ sucking using anti-corruption agenda. This is called double-dipping, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia, Arvind Kejriwal. Come clean. Not dharna, here’s 5 ways police reform can actually be done -Shining.path.notperu 2G kickback: Karuna tried to save Kani. Now in CBI net. Political AAP always hid behind apolitical IAC? -- S. Gurumurthy India's worst journalists - 2014 Does AAP's media obsession lead to anarchism? -- K. Srinivasan Why did Prannoy sponsor Rs 1 crore holiday for small-time NDTV anchor? -- Gurumurthy Foreign powers behind AAP -- Ashok Singhal, VHP. Kejriwal proxy for RahulG as PM? - V Sundaram Is India safe with so many anti-nationals around? -- Navnith What the criminal politicians of India do not understand! -- V Sundaram IAS AAP as Nehru era. Modimatics: Minimum 240, target 300 -- Madhav Nalapat. Let us attain true Swaraj, ridding the nation of SoniaG chamchas. When will Arvind Kejriwal name Sonia Gandhi instead of Sheila Dixit as a supreme embodiment of Himalayan corruption? -- V Sundaram IAS BJP set to win 188 seats: Survey -- Reuters. Time to wind up SoniaG Congi -- fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's wish. Decade of demonising majority community -- A Surya Prakash Give a Sevak 60 months: Shri Narendra Modi at Vijay Shankhnad rally in Gorakhpur Anarchist Arvind Kejriwal's constitution of no authority other than his own dictatorial authority! - V. Sundaram IAS vēḍa mukhyamantri Kejriwal -- Shinde says it all and owns up the possible sources of a prosperous madcap 6

Sar pe topi lal. India's topi moment. Cheating moment. Dead duck SoniaG UPA uses AAP Norodniks as shield -- Chandan Mitra. Cops on leave, Arvind leaves into apron strings behaving like a true chamcha. A brilliant report by JP Yadav. How to conduct a membership drive for a bogus chamcha party Anarchy in action: Day 2 AAP vigilantism - Kalavai Venkat. Dangerous deceptions: Punch Drunk Harrys -- Ravinar Kejriwal intends to disrupt Republic day, AAP has no shame using R-day to make money in Singapore AAP more comfortable on the streets -- Arun Jaitley Anarchy in action in Delhi: Live update of AAP natak Making a Kolkata of Delhi. Kejriwal's antics, desperately trying for martyrdom 'Casteist, elitist' Cong doesn't want to pit Rahul against 'tea boy': Modi A letter to Mr. Aiyar -- Bindu Krishnan CIA's Trojan horse enters the heart of India -- Shelley Kasli. India's topi moment: AAP and CIA 'American agenda connections'. India will support the chaiwallah on the battlefield -- NaMo Congress will soon regret supporting us -- Kejriwal. Is RahulG listening? 10 Janpath jitters of 2G's. Palpable from the precise reports of Sandhya Jain. Too little, too late -- Madhav Nalapat Countdown for AAP’s implosion has begun -- Sandhya Jain Dangerous deceptions -- Ravinar: 1.The book of love (Commie) 2. Password, Anti-Hindu 3. Multiplicity (AAP fraud) How AAP operatives collected funds from Uncle Sam - already under investigation India's topi moment. BJP should announce nation as ideology. India's Topi rally? No. 2nd freedom struggle, Vishwas tells Amethi -Mohammad Hamza Khan India's Topi moment. Visionaries: Addl Solicitor Gen. Indira Jaising gets 7

$1.24 m.(Rs.7.7 crores); other 13 get Rs. 60 crores Vishwas' topi rally in Amethi Ramleela maidan The Admiral Ramdas team on a global mission with a focus on India Manmohan Singh's last tango -- Ram Jethmalani. MMS is a sardar,he won't resign, Ram ji. Sharad Pawar may have to wait. My vote is not for AAP -- Tavleen Singh. Agreed, not for nakshals. AAP nakshal team born out of Congi ashes? It is the topi. Disturbing patterns of links of Ford Foundation (CIA operatives) with AAP operatives AAP’s muddled horizons. The euphoria around AAP may turn into despair if it doesn’t change its course. -- LiveMint Prashant Bhushan's tryst with treachery -- V. Sundaram, IAS (R) A foreigner's report after internship at Kabir (started by Kejriwal): Full text of report - Shimrit Lee Anyone but Modi - Congress strategy. Voter says, its the economy, stupid. AAP not so aam -- Madhav Nalapat Manmohan fulfills Mahatma's wish -- MD Nalapat. The best thing that has happened to India -- Decimation of Congress party. AAP? Communist agenda -- Karat AAP Delhi water formula full of leaks -- Vivek Khitan, Money Life. Weakest sections ignored -- Arun Jaitley. Fake secularism -- Ravinar AAP link with Rahul G exposed: Dr. Subramanian Swamy In Con's Modi fight, can AAP come to rescue? -- MJ Akbar AAP the likely proxy spoiler in 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Many constituencies may get their topi moments. Stopping Modi at all costs -- Gautam Sen. Infiltration of USA, blackmail, psecularatti... BJP top brass must rethink strategies urgently -- Jay Bhattacharjee AAP, how will Gram Sabhas get back the looted wealth stashed in tax havens? -- Kalavai Venkat


Devyani row. Disastrous bungling by US authorities -- Attorney Daniel Arshack Prospects of daily dharnas in front of 10 Janpath? Rumblings in Congress... AAP's testament of treacherous faithlessness -- V. Sundaram IAS (R). Topi exchange moment? Cong. may withdraw support to AAP: Flash news Delhi's Topi moment -- Kanchan Gupta Youth, graduate, white-collar workers spelt the difference in Delhi polls: Bayesian networks, Adnan Darwiche team AAP Road to governance -S. Kalyanaraman



Many of the idealist/celebrity supporters of Kejri/AAP may not know that Kejri and AAP apex leadership are implementing CIA's anti-NaMo dest...

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