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Good Graphics Charlie Brown for Trade Show Booths In wrapping up the final chapter in a three part article reviewing tips from Candy Adams on successful exhibiting, we will address graphics. The Booth Mom wrote, “Top Ten Tips for Successful Exhibiting” addressing each of the ten tips in further detail. We will focus on our third and final tip from her article. Tip six of Ms Adams article advises using high-impact graphics that focus on your hottest prospects’ needs and wants. Stating, “The purpose of your graphics is to create an interest in the benefits of your product or service by telling potential prospects what you can do for them in approximately 3 ½ seconds (the time it takes to walk past a 10’ x 10’ booth space),” she ask, “Are your graphics doing their job?” Her tips for eye-popping, effective graphics are: 1. Since graphics convey your key messages, plan them as an integral part of your exhibit design, not as an afterthought. 2. Plan your exhibit graphics at (3) heights: Hanging or tower graphics than can be seen from across the show floor; aisle graphics that can be read from 20-30’ away and in-booth graphics than be read at the 6-8’ level. 3. Create exhibit graphics as large, colorful “visual speed bumps” to attract attendees’ attention and communicate your message. 4. The most effective graphics use (7) words or less. Don’t confuse graphics (billboards) with product signage. 5. Use large, easily readable lettering in bright, contrasting colors for maximum impact. 6. Effective graphics state your unique selling position-what differentiates you from your competitors or why your customers do business with you. 7. Use graphics to qualify who you want to meet (“Dealers Wanted”) and discourage those timewasters you don’t.

Concurring with these tips, holds that often, Trade Show Booths are only the framework for great graphic presentation. If you are familiar with the graphic art world, the offered advice will resonate with you; if not, no concern. Our exploratory process seeks to ensure that your graphic needs are completely understood-even if you are the one in the dark. Our designer will contact you to assess your criteria. Taking the information collected, they will diagnose possibilities- along with any potential constraints -for your situation. Graphic artwork, best suiting your specifications, will be created; and proofs will be delivered for your final approval, prior to production. While most graphic design projects are quite basic in nature; prices can vary depending on size, scope, intricacies and/or unusual processes that might be required to achieve your ultimate objectives. However, rest assured; these costs are quoted up front, so there will be no surprises to clients. For our seasoned clients, when the time of need for graphics arrives, offers a wide range of products and services in that area. In addition to graphics for new Trade Show Booths or replacement graphics for an existing display, we carry large format fabric banners; rigid, roll able pop up graphics; dye sub fabric graphics; vinyl graphics; tension fabric graphics; overhead signs; back-lit graphics and light boxes; outdoor event graphics and signage; backdrops for press conferences; tents, flags and billboards; graphics for retail environments, show rooms and lobbies; and more. (Design quotes include two revisions at no additional costs.) Industry guru, dynamic speaker, humorous trainer and writer, Candy Adams, CTSM, CME, CEM, CMM, CMP, provides strategic and tactical exhibit project management. For consultation on utilizing trade show displays effectively, visit her website, Whenever and wherever you shop for graphics, remember to keep her tips in mind.

Good Graphics Charlie Brown for Trade Show Booths  

Concurring with these tips, holds that often, Trade Show Booths are only the framework for great graphic presentation. If...

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