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Web Designing As the New Marketing Weapon Marketing has turned from billboards and advertisements on TV to websites on the internet. Nowadays whenever anyone wants a product, they look at the internet first. They sit and browse for the information they want and in the process end up browsing several other websites as well. It is this ability of the search engine that internet marketing seeks to tap. Web designing is done by professionals who are trained for it. If you live in Dallas, you can try Dallas web designers to design your web site for you. You will sit with them and explain what you want and how you want your website to look. Some web sites can look traditional and solid while others opt to look funky and cool. The image of your web site should be in keeping with the image of the company. Inside links and external links to other websites should be planned and implemented well in advance. It is wise ton use wireframes to build a good website. Wireframes are a good aid to trouble shooting. Y SEO centered content helps build rank of the website which in turn attracts more views. Interlinking also includes interactive user interface which encourages client reviews on the site. Web marketing is also done to attract adverts from other companies on your website. The more popular your website is, the more you can charge for putting up other adverts. So, all these exercises of SEO, web designing, and interlinking are aimed at raising the popularity of the website by attracting more page views. Page views can be compared to the TRP ratings on a TV program to see how popular it is. Internet marketing works fast and once your website is ready, can change your fortunes from anonymity to fame in a couple of months.

Web Designing As the New Marketing Weapon