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got signed to SwisherHouse so I had my Texas roots mixed with my little Cali swaggin’, ya know? And that’s how I do it, baby.

She sat down for a chat with Swag Magazines’, Ashley Brajae to discuss her music career and new single, Everything, her life, and her future plans to keep us tuned in and swagged out with Hazel E.

Swag: Right! And that’s where you are now and I love that. It’s awesome. So what would you say for the young girls who look up to you who want to get into the industry? What advice would you give them?

Swag: What’s up everybody?! It’s your girl, Ashley Brajae from Swag Magazine CA the People’s Magazine. I’m here with your girl, Hazel E from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. How are you doing girl?

Hazel E: I would have to say first stay in school. I know that sounds like a cliché but it’s not. I can tell you’re an educated woman yourself. I have a bachelor’s degree. That’s the most important thing. I didn’t start off as an Instagram model.

Hazel E: Hey girl, I’m actually doing Gucci. I’m turnt up in the Bay and I’m excited to be here swaggin’ out with Swag Magazine. Swag: And that’s what you’re supposed to do. You look good girl. I love the cat ears, that’s you!

They didn’t even have Instagram when I was in school because I’m grown. (laughs) Or a MySpace model. No diss to the girls who are on their grind like that, but to young girls, I say it’s okay to have a brain. Brains and beauty are a lethal combination. Don’t be scared to use your brain first before using anything else.

Hazel E: (laughs) Yeah girl! “I be swagged up and I’m killin’ it. I be ridin’ round and I’m gettin’ it. It’s that E and aye y’all feelin’ it.” Swag: (laughs) Yes, yes! So let’s talk about that. You have a new song out called “Everything”. So tell me what did that song mean to you when you wrote it?

Swag: Good! I feel you and I am right there with you on that. Absolutely!

Hazel E: With “Everything”, we sampled the Lana Del-Rey song, Without You. It’s saying that everything I want, I have. Money., notoriety and you know I’m working on the Riviera part but I’m definitely going to a lot of places. I’m experiencing new things. I just felt like after the show a lot of good things happened for me, and I wanted to write about it.

Hazel E: Right and you know it might take you a little bit longer. I’m not gonna say that the ride is always going to be easy, but you gotta use your brain. Actually show that you’re smart. It actually might cause problems for you sometimes, but if you’re persistent and you keep going then you’re going to get what you want.

Swag: Well, that’s awesome. I love the song. It’s awesome. I love the video as well.

Swag: Absolutely! I, one hundred percent, agree with you on that. Just listening to you, I’m excited. So what can we expect from you in 2015? What projects do you have coming for us in the Bay?

Hazel E: You like it? Swag: Yeah, I do. And in regards to the music, what are your influences? And who do you look up to when it comes to being in the industry as a rapper?

I went to private school. So I was like how was I gonna rap and not be from the hood or from the streets and not be able to relate? But when they


Hazel E: My favorite rapper is Jay-Z. I have to say that off top. And for influences, I have to go back to Fergie when she had her Fergalicious project, and Gwen Stefani when she had the LoveBabyAngel music project. I did listen like to Da Brat and Lil’ Kim but I couldn’t relate because I was a military brat.


This artist needs no introduction. Her presence alone speaks for itself. The talented Hazel E. You know her from the hit television series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but she’s showing everyone that there’s more to Hazel E than what meets the Eye.


{Gwen and Fergie} came out with the , “I ain’t no hollaback girl” and “I’m fergalicious”, they were just talking about what they were doing so I was like hell, I’m in the 818! I’m a Valley Girl! When I started rapping my first record was “Valley Girl” then I

Hazel E: Well you know, what can I say? I’ma go ahead and shut it down when the time begin at the day job. I gotta do that to show people my growth. You know just because things were shown one way doesn’t mean that’s the way they were. My growth is important. Swag: That’s right and here at Swag Magazine CA are excited about your growth, your career and definitely what you’re bringing to the Bay. Keep doing what you’re doing with your lethal combination of brains and beauty. We support you and wish you continued success.







What’s up everybody I am Courtney Cherry with SWAG Magazine CA – THE PEOPLE’S MAGAZINE where every artist should be. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing with the lovely and talented “Hazel E” from Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. The more I did my research on Hazel E the more I have come to admire her. She is a BOSS on a lot of levels. She have done a lot of things in the industry but from just watching the show people seem to believe that she is just a publicist turned artist but she actually has a lot going in. So lets get right into it and see what’s new with Hazel E baby. Swag: So how’s it going Hazel, how are you, I’m so excited to finally meet you in person? Hazel E: I’m doing good turnt up. It’s been a long day but I’m ready to get out and meet all of my people from the Bay Area tonight. Swag: Yes, definitely. So you rep Houston, you was a public in the industry and you have worked with some major names like Grammy Award winner Gnarls Barkley a.k.a. CeeLo Green, Danger Mouse, Tank, The Game and Meagan Good. Not only that but you are instrumental in taking the cartoon The Boom Docks and actually bringing it to Cartoon Network and making it a show. We are defiantly going to talk about Love & HipHop Hollywood and your contributions there. Now, first thing first, how were you able to penetrate the industry as a publicist on the level that you have been for the past 10 years? Hazel E: Well. I went to college and got a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Mass Communications. I started off as an intern working on the floor for a women name Echo Hattix (Shout out to Echo Hattix, CEO at Echoing Soundz. I mean I started learning the game from the ground up. The first campaign she put me on was Gnarls Barkley so coming out the game having an artist of that magnitude was huge. She taught me a lot. We started online and at that time online wasn’t as popular like it is now. It was still more magazine influence so I kind of mastered that game then online took over, so I was winning.


Swag: Was the transition from public to artist kind of a natural transition for you? Not only that but how in the world did you get fine ass Idris Elba. Idris Elba dropped your first mix tape “Shoe Fetish” in 2008? How did you get that to happen? Hazel E: I mean it was like a blessing. I was doing PR and I got hired to throw a Halloween party. I did big events in L.A. so once Victor Duplaix told him you got to work with this girl hazel she the whole Hollywood on smack. So I threw him this amazing Halloween party and afterward he said, “Hazel, I really like your energy, what would you like to do with yourself?” and I was like, well I just recorded a couple of songs and I rap. He was like, “No way, send them over to me”. He djs over in Europe and he was like, “I love it”. So he took me on as management and put me in the studio and we got to work and did my first mix tape “Shoe Fetish” and launch my first video “Valley Girl” in 2008 and you know it was on and popping from there. Swag: How has the music transition been for you from the single “Valley Girl” to the music that you’re putting out now? How has your music grown, and what direction are you going in? Hazel E: “Valley Girl” was my West Coast to the 818, to the Valley, to all the girls who grew up maybe similar like me. Meaning how I was raised in the private schools in the suburbs. I’m just showing them my lifestyle how I live and where I come from. The transition is that I got signed to SwishaHouse in 2011. I went back to Houston and got that Chopped and screwed, Michael 5000 down south vibe. So fast forwarding to where we are today my music is like that West coast, down south mix. I have been in L.A. for over 10 years now so I’m repping the south and the West coast at the same time. Swag: Ok, ok. Let’s talk about “Girl Code Inc.” because you have your own company. It’s more than just a business. It is a movement. It’s empowerment, its women helping others. Tell us a little more about that? Hazel E: Girl Code Inc. is my new company that I started; right now I’m in my beginning stages of it. I signed Hazel E the artist to Girl Code Inc. As a businesswoman that’s something you want to do because I like to own everything that I do. Due to the fact that I’m on a show like Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood I’m able to fund a lot of my own projects instead of somebody cutting me a check and then I’m owned by them, I own myself. Girl Code Inc. is in its beginning stages. I want to represent industry service providers like hairstylists, makeup artist, and wardrobe consultant. I don’t want to necessarily want be responsible for anyone famous career ever again because it’s a lot of work and I’m responsible for myself now. But when there are bigger events in L.A. like the Grammy Awards, the BET Awards people always say, “I need someone to do my hair. I need make up, I need styling, I need girls to roll out with such and such for the night and pop bottles with.” So it is more so like an agency right now that caters more to the services oppose to individuals talents. It’s also a movement. It’s the Girl Code. It’s the “G Code”. It’s the code that us as women should live by like, don’t sleep with you best friend’s ex-boyfriend. That should be like, rule number one. Number two, don’t be a Misses me. If you see me wearing something on Monday don’t go get the






same thing I’m wearing and act like it’s your thing on Tuesday. There are just certain codes that us women should go by. That was actually the name of my third mixtape, plus I seen it was available, so I went and bought it. Swag: Now I want to transition into what people really associate you with which is Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. What they don’t know is that you are the one that actually brought the whole Ideal of a Hollywood Love & Hip-Hop to Mona Scott. I mean, talk about girl boss power. How did that happen? I know you was involve with the casting a little bit. Explain your role in all of that. Hazel E: I remember when Teairra and I were roommates in the summer. She had just come off of the New York cast. She wasn’t going back and I asked her, if Love & Hip-Hop came to Hollywood, would you do it? She was like, “yea, but how are we going to make that happen?” I hit up a couple people who were on the cast and I asked them, if I could get this to Mona or VH1 would you say that you’re willing to do this. I started assembling a group of names. Mona had already planned on coming to Hollywood but with some assistance we could get the ball rolling. I heard she was going to go to Miami, I heard that she was going to New Orleans, I heard that she was going to all of these other places and I was like man, she cannot overlook Hollywood. I’m thinking if someone takes the initiative and gets it going then maybe it will come here first. Well, look what happened. Swag: How did you feel about the way you were portrayed on the show? Do you think that the relationship you had with Yung Berg was portrayed accurately? Do you wish that there were things that they could have focused on more like your music and maybe the things you had going on behind the scene besides your personal life? Talk about that. Hazel E: Definitely. I mean, I wish they had focused more on the music for sure. I wish they would of had more studio scenes and getting into the business more than me and the Yung Berg drama. We shot for almost 10 months and everything we shot did not make it on camera. Also they had the stories that they were trying to tell. I knew what I was signing up for and going back in for round two I just no better this time. Swag: What are the Reality of Reality shows? Keep it one hundred. If somebody out there watching wants to be apart of a Reality show what would you tell them about the experience? What advice would you give them?


Hazel E: Be aware that your opening your life for the world to judge you and to make assumption about you. Be aware that your private life isn’t your private life anymore. I can’t get on a instagram picture with a guy if I’m not messing with him anymore, like dam, I can’t have homies? It’s like, why every guy I take a picture with I’m sleeping with him or I’m thirsty behind him or what ever they want to say. You have to now that you got to take it with a grain of salt. If you put yourself on front street be prepared to be on front street cause now your letting the world see who you are and their going to have their opinion about it. Swag: What’s the future for you what does Hazel E look like and the next five years? Hazel: I get to live a BOSS like you said. Swag: No really that’s no trying to blow you up. When I was doing my research I was like ok I got to give her props beyond the Reality show. Hazel: The reality show was a platform. It was a way for me to get that exposure to the mask audience. We had 5.9 million viewers during the opening episode. What better way can I show the world who Hazel E is or at least get them to tune in to see what I got going on. I think now it’s about showing them in real life what I’m doing. I just dropped my video, “Everything” which it is just a buzz record I decided to put out around Christmas time and we just drop the video two weeks ago and its already at 3.5 millions views on world star hip hop. Vh1 hit me up and said that I understand you crashing their facebook server. Now that they are tuned in people can see what I have going on. It’s about making the most of it while you watching. Well I got my 5 to 15 minutes. Five minutes I’m going to turn it into an hour and why people are still worried about what Hazel E doing what Hazel E wearing, who Hazel E sleeping with. Swag: Even if they are hating their watching right? Hazel: Exactly and that is what people don’t realize. Swag: Thank you so much. I know you had a long day and we really appreciate you. Shout out to Love & Hip-Hop and Hazel E for dropping by SWAG Magazine CA. I am Courtney Cherry in this is where every artist should be, peace.













Listen In Live 1. "Slide Thru" - Rayven Justice ft. Philthy Rich & Keak Da Sneak 2. "I Don't Know No Algebra" - Jay Tee ft Baby Bash & B-Legit 3. "Authentic" - Outrageous Karina 4. "Whatchu Know?" - Ray Dogg ft. San Quinn, Keak Da Sneak & Suga Free 5. "Play" - Snow Tha Product 6. "One Hunnid" Chilee Powdah ft. Y.A. 100 7. "Only That Real" IamSu ft. 2Chainz & Sage The Gemini VVN

8. "I'm Over It" - Aye Yo Smiley 9. "I Got You" - Malik 10. "Amazing" - Pharaoh Jackson 11. "Never Love Again" - Kid Evo 12. "Price Tag" - Mia Lenay 13. "Smile" - Alexis Santos 14. "What I Do" - Krown Royal ft. Do Or Die & Johnny P 15. "Can't Breathe" - Rob Mar ft. Hannibal Leq 16. "Next Dollar" - Maggs & Yaymee K 17. "Speaking In French" - J-Diggs ft. Bobby V 1. "Slide Thru" - Rayven Justice ft. Philthy Rich & Keak Da Sneak 2. "I Don't Know No Algebra" - Jay Tee ft Baby Bash & B-Legit 3. "Authentic" - Outrageous Karina 4. "Whatchu Know?" - Ray Dogg ft. San Quinn, Keak Da Sneak & Suga Free 5. "Play" - Snow Tha Product 6. "One Hunnid" Chilee Powdah ft. Y.A. 100 7. "Only That Real" IamSu ft. 2Chainz & Sage The Gemini VVN

8. "I'm Over It" - Aye Yo Smiley 9. "I Got You" - Malik 10. "Amazing" - Pharaoh Jackson 11. "Never Love Again" - Kid Evo 12. "Price Tag" - Mia Lenay 13. "Smile" - Alexis Santos 14. "What I Do" - Krown Royal ft. Do Or Die & Johnny P 15. "Can't Breathe" - Rob Mar ft. Hannibal Leq 16. "Next Dollar" - Maggs & Yaymee K 17. "Speaking In French" - J-Diggs ft. Bobby V










E T A M I T N I AN H T I W G N I N E EV T T A Y W E K KE rdin, and special guest L

n Tracy Noel Gou w o ’s a e r A y a he B Young and t Cruz. ERRY CH BY: COURTNEY

The crowd was grown and sexy as they converged upon the Shadow Ultra Lounge in downtown Oakland. The occasion was An Intimate Evening with R&B Diva Keke Wyatt, Noel Gourdin, and special guest L Young and the Bay Area’s own Tracy Cruz. The energy was nothing less than electric, as each artist gave killer performances, with vocals that were definitely on point accompanied by a live band. The event was produced by Tina Brown of Tina Brown Productions. Her San Francisco based company is a full service, multi-faceted organization that provides a variety of services including event management and concert promotions. She’s previously brought other amazing talent to the Bay and this night was no exception. April Mason was the evening’s host who did a fabulous job of keeping everyone entertained between sets. Setting the tone for the night was Tracy Cruz out of San Jose. She sang some of her original music as well as a bit of Jill Scott. Tracy Cruz has a long history in music and has studied under neo soul star Ledisi. More importantly she showed the audience why she’s got next in the R&B soul music game. Swag Magazine CA’s media correspondent Courtney 18  SWAG MAGAZINE CA JULY 2015

One of the most beautiful and blessed voices in the industry today.


Next up was artist, writer, and performer L Young, a Louisville, Kentucky native. Being that this was his first time out in the Bay Area, he showed up, showed out and gave a great performance as expected. His music has received credit on shows such as BET’s The Game, VH1’s Basketball Wives, ABC’s According to Jim and USA Network’s Burn Notice. He definitely left an impression on the crowd, even channelling Prince during his performance.


Cherry was on hand, along with Pharaoh Films camera crew and caught up with Tracy backstage. She got the scoop on what it felt like for Tracy to be opening up for a headliner like Keke Wyatt and why being an independent artist is so important to her.

L Young was a certified crowd favourite and we can’t wait for his return to the Bay Area. Noel Gourdin rounded out the line-up prior to the main event and was no shortage of talent and charisma on stage. He is a Billboard chart-topping artist and released his album City Heart, Southern Soul earlier this year. The title of the album really sums up his sound, as he is a soulful, urban, contemporary blend. By the time Keke Wyatt hit the stage the audience was amped to hear those distinctive pipes that she is so well known for and of course Ms. Wyatt did not disappoint us. Her vocals were backed by incredible local musicians including Kevin Wong on keyboard, Daniel Parenti on bass and Tommie Bradford on drums. She sang all of the hits that we love her for (the Avant duets and the Patti Labelle renditions) and gave us all a dose of that infamous Keke personality, complete with her signature eye roll and hysterical sense of humour. Accompanying her to this lovely event was her husband and partner in crime Michael Ford. Her self-titled EP Keke is out now and features seven original tracks including “Fall in Love” and “Rain” with an appearance by Pusha T. She’s doing her own thing on the independent tip and has plans to release a full length album in the winter. You can also catch her Wednesday nights on the third season of TV One’s R&B Diva’s Atlanta. Because Swag Magazine CA is the place every artist should be, we had to have Courtney Cherry bring fans an exclusive interview with Keke after her dynamic performance. Her candour was more than appreciated as she told us all about her venture as an independent artist and how indie Keke differs from record label Keke. She discusses her adjustment to being a reality star, talks new music and whether or not her and her hubby will add to their brood of six children. Stay tuned to Swag Magazine CA for the answers to that and many more.




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By: Author Untamed Hip-hop is the ultimate music of expression. It bridges gaps between generations, merges the old and the new and spreads love across all nations. DJ N-Fluence has arrived and is ready to leave his mark of hip-hop influence from sea to shining to sea. Hailing from New Zealand, DJ N-Fluence was immersed into the hip hop culture from a young age. With one listen to Nas’ Illmatic CD, he knew that hip hop would be ingrained in his DNA for years to come.

York). And his influence is catching wind. His mixtape was chosen and played at the Mayweather/Pacquiao after party earning him notoriety and positive reviews. With his star on the rise, he’s producing his Mixtape Volume 1 which is strictly a hip-hop mix and he’s slated to release New York and California tribute mixtapes. Despite his skyrocketing success, DJ N-Fluence is not forgetting the basics or his loyalty to hip-hop. He continues to study and grow in the culture by gaining knowledge of the music history, the emcees, the producers, and of course, the deejays. In admiration of his long-time favorite, DJ Premier he’s making his mark by paying homage and understanding the benefit of longevity.

In 2001, he moved to Australia and aims to broaden the scope of hip-hop on the international front and at the same time bring back that golden era of hip-hop that made everyone fall in “I think some of the culture love with the music. today isn’t quite as appreciative as the golden era. The Infusing his style of scratch old school guys were humble. and cut to vinyl with the They were loyal to their craft mash up of old school hip and not the dollar sign and hop and old school R&B, they made music that lasts. DJ N-Fluence is returning That’s what I want to bring to the legendary trend of back to hip hop.” Making muthe live house party atmo- sic that lasts while paying sphere. None of his music homage to the past is the legis preset therefore allow- acy of hip-hop. ing the listeners a fresh and original sound. That is DJ N-Fluence. Be on the lookout for DJ N-Fluence This sound can be heard to bring his musical influences every Wednesday night on to the states in the near future WBMC’s radio show, “The as he not only bridges the gap Wake-Up Show” at 9 p.m. but unites cultures. AEDT or 7 a.m. EST (New


Twitter : @djnfluence Instagram real_djnfluence29 Soundcloud: /dj-n-fluence Facebook: Edmond Hayhurst Runitcrew Radio Blog Link: WBMCradio YouTube link:




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K. PARKER By: Author Untamed

Mix in the sultry sounds of Tank and the swagger of Tyrese and you get the illustrious style that is K. Parker. With his years of singing experience, talent, and charm, this H-Town native is taking off like a Houston Rocket! He’s re-introducing us to the smooth sounds of old school R&B that we all remember and making us want to fall in love again. Swag: K. Parker, before we start, it’s a pleasure to interview with you today and I must say thank you for bringing back that love music! K. Parker: (laughs) thank you very much and you’re welcome. Swag: K. Parker, your music is definitely that feel good music that makes us want to be in love again and it takes a special type of artist to evoke those feelings. So please tell us about yourself. Who is K. Parker, the artist?



K. Parker: Who is K. Parker? I am a person who has a deep passion for music. I love it. I love singing and performing. I am a humble person who just wants to be successful in my career. My music is about life stories. I like to get the attention of my listeners to connect with them about how they are feeling in real life situations. I think that’s very important to be able to give people music that they can pop

Swag: Now you’re from Houston a.k.a H-Town, home of some of the best artists to grace the music scene from the group H-Town to Beyoncé. What was that feeling like seeing H-Town in concert? K. Parker: Man, it was great. They truly inspired me. Dino, in particular, he was my music mentor. The fact that we went through the same struggles played a lot into it. We both went from label to label. We both have been making music ever since we were teenagers. We even share the fact that we both overcome many obstacles and still make great music. I think they are one of the most underrated groups in the game. I understood from them the importance of never giving up on your dreams.

T.V. You have to go through like 4 to 5 panels before you get to the main judges. Of course, there are people with plenty of talent and then there are…let’s just say it this way, it’s a television show and the main point is to be able to get ratings. Swag: Are there any other places you’d like to perform or any upcoming performances that you’d like to share with us? K. Parker: I’d love to go to Atlanta and perform. Atlanta is the hot place to be right now, and I also have a gospel event coming up in August. Swag: Gospel? So you sing gospel too? That’s where that soulful voice comes from. Tell me about that.

Swag: I have to mention that you were a serviceman of the U.S. Navy. First, I commend and thank you for your service to our country. Was serving in the military a part of your dreams?

K. Parker: Yes, I am a God-fearing man and singing gospel music is also a passion of mine. I actually prayed about which genre to go into with my career and R&B won out for now, but I’d still sing gospel. I’d love to sing with Tamela Mann. She is my favorite. Her range, oh my goodness. She’s great.

K. Parker: Thank you. I appreciate that. I served for eight years and honestly, it was the best thing that I ever could’ve done. I love to help people and honestly, I miss it a lot.

Swag: We keep speaking about the music so let’s talk about the music. Your video for your single, Back Seat has over 100,000 views on YouTube. Tell me about the success of that song.

Swag: How did being in the military inspire you as an artist?

K. Parker: Yes, I am happy about the success of it. With this song, I wanted to change it up a bit. My boy Chad J came up with the concept and he and I collaboratively wrote this song together. From there, everyone really liked it and it’s been a big success.

K. Parker: Being in the military brought a lot of inspiration and opportunity. First, traveling to new places and meeting new people helped me to understand different cultures and be able to make music that caters to people of all different walks of life. My first singing group started in the military. It started out as three of us singing in the mess decks, which are like the cafeteria. People really loved us and supported us and even joined us. The group grew from 3 to 9 people. It also led to a lot of opportunity. I started off in a studio in California with my first label, Extreme Records. The owner, G Still took me under his wing and to this day still supports me. Swag: Speaking of enjoying your time in the military and how they rallied around you to support your singing career, would you like to perform for the troops one day? K. Parker: Yes, oh my God, that is something that I would love to do. I am really trying hard to be able to give back. Being in the military, I know firsthand how much that means to those guys. That little bit of entertainment encourages them and lifts their spirits. It keeps them motivated. It is one of my goals that I am passionate about doing. Swag: That is awesome and truly commendable. Let’s talk about two particular performances. You auditioned for The Voice and American Idol. You must tell us about that. What was that like? K. Parker: It was a one of a kind experience. It takes a lot of patience. It’s not just how it is on

Swag: Now you know I have to bring up Baby Bash, who is known for his banging hits and my favorite, in particular, Cyclone. He is featured on your single, Back Seat. How did you hook up with him? K. Parker: Working with Baby Bash was so cool. I appreciate him being on the track. That hook up actually came through my label. They asked me to list a few artists who I’d like to collaborate with and from there it was a done deal for me and Baby Bash. Swag: What is the name of your current label? How did you go about signing with them? K. Parker: My current label is Arrtraxxx Music. And here again is how the military experience helped me. I actually met my rep Martha through a friend of mine from the Navy. My friend introduced us, Martha loved my music and now I’m with Arrtraxxx. Swag: Do you have any other songs that you are currently working on? K. Parker: Yes, I have a few songs: Why It Wasn’t Me, Last Call, Lose My Mind, Perfect Investment and All of You. I’m working on my next video, which will be for my song, All of You. That song is one of the best songs I’ve done. Swag: All right now! So you have to tell me about

All of You. K. Parker: The song itself is on my YouTube channel and I’m working on the video. I heard the track and fell in love with it. I sent the track to my friend Nicole Carter, who is a phenomenal writer. She wrote it and as soon as I got it back I went straight to the studio. The song is about a girl who meets a guy in a club and she’s really going through some things. I don’t want to give it all away, so please listen to it on YouTube. My other favorite song is “Perfect Investment” which is about my relationship with my fiancée, but it relates to a lot of people who are in a relationship. It’s kind of my dedication to her.


in and just let in play as it speaks to them and things they are going through.

Swag: Now that is so sweet. See why you are making us want to fall in love again! And something else that people can fall in love with is your apparel line. I’m checking out the graphics and there are similarities to you and James Harden. Your line is hot. Can you tell us more about it? What all do you offer? K. Parker: Yes, everyone says I look like James Harden. That’s actually how it kind of started. My graphics designer designed a few shirts with my profile and it really was a huge hit. I guess because of the whole similarity to James Harden. People loved them. I’m making t-shirts to sell my brand and bring more awareness to me as an artist. For now, it’s just t-shirts but I will be making wristbands, and I will be creating package deals to sell my single and a wristband. I’m also working on a website to sell my apparel. Swag: Please let us know how the fans can reach out to you for direct sales for your apparel or to hear your music. K. Parker: They can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @IamKParker. I also have a YouTube channel, which is Kendrick Parker. They can also purchase my single, Back Seat on iTunes. Swag: Do you have any advice for aspiring artists? K. Parker: The most important thing is to keep God first. Secondly, you must stay on your grind. I can’t stress that enough. Promote, promote, promote because nobody is going to grind for you like you. And if people have an opinion, tell them to help. Swag: Any shout outs? K. Parker: My fiancée. She has truly been by my side and supports me in every way. I give thanks to everybody who has supported me and continues to support me. Swag: K. Parker, thank you for interviewing with Swag today, and we wish you the very best with your career.



By: Jezne Sosa


EBMag: How are you doing today Liz Menezes? Liz Menezes: I’m super busy and excited these days to be recording vocals for three different projects that will be released in the near future.    EBMag: We are now here personally with you talking about your music. So Liz tell us a little about Liz Menezes? Liz Menezes: I’m a recording artist that lives a life of artistry and the everyday experiences of life. Music is who I am and it is a part of every angle of my life. My goal is to become a well-respected and recognized artist. I love connecting with people through the language of music because music cancels out all prejudice and units races, gender, social status and the list goes on. I realized at a young age that the joy that music brought to my life I could share that feeling with the world!    EBMag: How did you get inspired to do Acoustic music verse doing the normal Latin pop music?   Liz Menezes: My first musical release was exactly that a Latin Pop Rock cd. I found my writing and musical taste to revolve around that genre and sound.  After living in Brazil for two years and experiencing the culture and it’s calm, gentle way of being through its people, I became enamored with the sounds of Bossa Nova. I began recording for Albatroz Music based in Rio de Janiero and I quickly became immersed in the free sounds of the music from Brazil. I went on to do several recordings for the label which were released in Japan and Europe and in 2014 I recorded a full length Bossa Nova cd, RELAXING IN BOSSA. I also released my haunting acoustic Spanish single DEJAME, which became an instant success internationally. I started 2015 in the studio once again and I wanted to have a more intimate relationship with my writing and the production of the music. I didn’t want my fan base to wait too much longer for new music so I decided to give them a surprise and release my first English single NEW CREATION. ‪‬ 30  SWAG MAGAZINE CA JULY 2015

This song called me to write it because I felt people needed to find healing through music. Acoustic music to me is the exposure of my voice and the connection with the sounds of the instrument(s) that accompany my words.    EBMag: Your music tends to bring spiritual texture to your projects. Are you involved in religion and if so what’s your religious faith?   Liz Menezes: I feel that my music is exploring different aspects of my life. I am Christian and God is the center of my faith.   NEW CREATION is a cry from all who need a new beginning


inspiration to create your materials? Liz Menezes: My inspiration comes from life, people and everyday happiness, drama, triumph, and desires. There is so much material in everything your eyes and heart can behold and appreciate.    EBMag: Have any labels approached you? Would you sign to any label if you was offered ?   Liz Menezes: I enjoy being an Indi artist but if the right scenario, fair and appropriate offer were to be presented I would consider my options and make an educated decision. I have cultured my career carefully and I want anyone joining my journey to do the same. 


Liz Menezes: You heard correct hahaha. I’m married to an incredible musician his name is Eli Menezes. We meet working on one of my musical ventures and the rest is well as they say history. Eli is my producer and has been now for many years. He gets me and my craziness, he understands my creative process.   EBMag: Liz Menezes how would you describe your music for those that don’t know of you?   Liz Menezes: Liz Menezes is a non typical mix of pop/rock/jazz and acoustic blends accompanied by a rich sultry yet at times aggressive voice leading the listener to a never before heard storybook of song.    EBMag: Who’s all in the group and what instrument do they play?   Liz Menezes: I have a selective group of rotating musicians, which I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage or studio recording with.   Eli Menezes- electric and acoustic guitar Patrick Andy – bass / Jotan Afanador – drums  Manny Laine – drums / Carlos De Oliveira – percussion  / Bendji Allonce- percussion Tom Barber- horns   EBMag: What are you currently working on now Liz?   Liz Menezes: I’m in the studio working on three very different projects. My first English EP, my second Spanish EP, and a second full length cd in Bossa Nova    EBMag: As a Latin artist that has obtain such high status in the music industry do you find it very difficult as a female to not full into or subject your self to industry way producing music?   Liz Menezes: Good question! As an Indi artist I do not feel that way. I have the freedom of releasing music that is true to me and my point of view. I have the ability to create and blend different sounds and styles without anyone telling not to.    EBMag: Do you have any live tours going on for this year Liz? If so where?   Liz Menezes: The scheduling of shows will begin once I have completed my recordings in the studio and then I will be on a promotional tour. I do however have a show on May 22 at Fontana’s located in NYC, 105 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002. I’m also excited about the discussions to tour in Japan upon the completion of my second Bossa Nova cd this year.     EBMag: For Liz Menezes what gives you that

and that joy is found in the presence of Jesus. Walk in faith and find freedom of life and self.    EBMag: So far Liz you’ve been doing shows and concerts over the past years now. How has music changed your life as an artist and as a person?   Liz Menezes: I wrote my first song at the age of nine and since then I have not stopped and I will not stop. Music is one of the eternal joys of my life; it allows me to express my emotions, truths, my past and present in a poetic way. I wear many different hats as a creative person it ranges anywhere from being a lyricist, poet, storyteller, co-producer and even co-arranger. There is no limit to creativity and originality that is why I do not limit myself to a genre of music. If I can sing in different languages and styles of music why not experience the richness of its sounds?   EBMag: Out of every produced music you’ve created you love to incorporate live band instruments. How important is it to have that type of element in Acoustic music?   Liz Menezes: For me a good live band cannot be compared to programmed instruments. The feel of music is different when the human touch is missing. Acoustic music has an element of longing of emotionally lyric that can only be delivered through the excellence of a seasoned musician.    EBMag: As a Latin recording artist. What makes Liz Menezes different and why?   Liz Menezes: I feel that what makes me different is that I have been submerged in music from a very early age. I was and am like a sponge, I listen and learn, I listen and dance, I listen and write. Music touches me in such a way that just a four bar verse of sound can make me cry! I don’t write the typical and expected lyric I try to reach deep within the surface to draw out the truth. My focus is not on how sexy I will look in my next performance it’s how good the musical content will be and are all the musicians liking what they hear. I’m a journey that will continue to make you feel something even when the music has stopped.    EBMag: So we hear that your happily married. Nice! How supportive is your husband towards your music career and is he your manager as well?

EBMag: Liz is there any artist you would like to work with on a project? If so who and why? Liz Menezes: I would love to work with Banda Magda, John Mayer, Laura Pausini , Shakira, and Mana. Aside from being fantastic and unique artists each of these singers is a master writer and to be able to sit and explore their writing process would be an honor.    EBMag: Liz Menezes thank you for taking out the time to sit with us. Do you have any final words you would like to add?   Liz Menezes: The pleasure was all mine, thank you! I would like to thank all of the fans who have made my musical journey worth the creative process each time I sing or write. I do this for you!   To all who have yet to take a listen to Liz Menezes I invite you to give me space in your musical selection and take a journey with me. Allow me to introduce you to different blends of sounds that will entice your ears and leave yowanting more. Remember nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and go for your dreams! EL BARRIO MAGAZINE Advertising Department #TEAMELBARRIOMAGAZINE @TEAMELBARRIOMAG Thank You



100% Peruvian hair


18 and 20” used. Hair is curled then brushed for a body wave look. Created by Nenatte Gage.

has been established since 2002. We provide a variety of services including Weave Installations, Hair Cutting, UpDo’s, Colors, Relaxers, Braids, Nails, Lashes and much more.

16039 E.14th St. San Leandro, Calif. 510-276-9744 32  SWAG MAGAZINE CA JULY 2015

Supreme Cuts & Styles

Created by Nenatte Gage.


Commercial wet hair. Hair is clippered cut for percision and lightly flat ironed for a smooth finish.


Short European Bob




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Brittany Lov S TAT E :

China: I’m very proud of a recent video I just did directed by Mr. Boomtown. It came out great. Swag: How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a photo shoot? China: Definitely a drink to start out lol I just pretend I’m playing dress up for my sexy husband...maybe one day that’ll be a reality.

Swag: What would you say are some of the best moments of your career? China: The best moments of my career was seeing people that I didn’t even know show me so much love and support. Swag: What are your goals as a model and how do you plan on achieving those goals? China: To make as big of a name for myself as I can, and venture out into music and fashion design.


What are some of your favorite things to do on your down time when you’re not modeling? China: I love to shop. have an obsession with it. I also love to eat and try new restaurants. Swag: What are some of your recent accomplishments that you are very proud of?


Swag: What kind of modeling are you most interested in and why? China: Print and Commercial modeling because I’ve also wanted to act as well and with commercial modeling you can basically do it all. Swag: Who are the most influential people in your life and why? China: I think my daughter is the most influential person in my life because she gives me the motivation everyday to keep chasing my dream to give her a better life than I had. Swag: Who would you like to give recognition to at this time? China: I would love to give recognition to the man upstairs for giving me the strength to keep going and believe in myself. Swag: Tell us what your favorites.

Girl Code Rule #1: Don’t ever be disloyal. Food: Anything spicy Novel: Checkmate by: Nisa Santiago Movie: White House Down Actor: Liam Neeson Actress:Sandra Bullock Clothing Designer: I do not have one...I love a little bit of everything. Genre of music: Everything Artist/ Male: Drake, Female: Rihanna



“J.G.” Tha Man, Tha Muzik, Tha Brand. ........... “Mr. Lemme Talk to ‘Em”






SWAG: You played the drums in college so before the industry you had an ear for music. Would you say that what you learned in college helped you get to where you are Today we are here interviewing with one of Jackson, MS today? If so, how? finest J.G. a*k*a “Mr. Lemme Talk to ‘Em” . J.G. released his second album entitled “No Turnin’ Back” which is avail- J.G: I played drums in middle school and high school as able now on all of your digital retail stores. J.G. wrote and well. Yes playing the drums did play a major role in mouldproduced most of the songs on his new album as well ing me into a producer. It taught me skills that help me as shot photos and videos for his own music. “No Turnin’ develop an ear for different sounds and melodies where Back” chronicles the life of this artist and young entrepre- I could create different genres of music. neur. The album features other Mississippi artists includSWAG: Let’s talk about your label Kaotic Muzik Group ing Prep, Hollywood Luck, K. West, and more. (K.M.G.) created in 2012. How did the label get started? SWAG: How’s it going J.G? First off congratulations on In the beginning, was there a partnership, did you start it your front cover feature for SWAG Magazine SOUF–THE up solo? What’s the story behind it? PEOPLE’S MAGAZINE. It’s definitely a good look for your J.G: KMG got started from me just having a vision of brand and for SWAG. building a business from the ground up where I could J.G. What’s Good Swag Magazine Souf, just blessed to be put artist in place to help build their career as I was learning the game and getting myself out there. I knew that here and to have this opportunity!! eventually it would turn this independent label into a SWAG: You go by, “Mr. Lemme Talk to ‘Em”. Explain your major label and handle clients and artist of a major scale. logic behind that? SWAG: When the label was created what were some of J.G: Mr. Lemme Talk to ‘Em is a personal feeling that I the founding principles that you stood for? What was the have about myself that I feel like I got something to say vision? no matter the situation or topic of conversation. If you wanna talk entertainment, music ventures, opening J.G: The principles of KMG are loyalty, unity, and grind. a restaurant, or brand building, etc. I have no problem talkin to em and I’m pretty sure I will have their full atten- SWAG: You have been putting in a lot of work to get to the label where it is today it didn’t just happen over tion towards the end of the conversation. night. Give us a brief summary of its journey. SWAG: Were you inspired to do music at a young age or is J.G: This journey of mine definitely did not happen overit something you picked up later on in life? night and I still haven’t quite reached my destination but J.G. I have always had a passion for music as kid coming we have progress and as long as we have progress I can up through school. I woke up thinking about it and went stay motivated to keep grinding and pushing towards that mark. This journey has consisted of late nights, wastto sleep dreaming about it. ed money, and a lot of “No’s”. It was days I wanted to quit SWAG: Growing up as a kid, what artist or groups did you and just throw in the towel but that would have been too easy. often listen to?

crime rate, obesity, etc. something positive for a change!!!

J.G: Tupac, Biggie, Mc Hammer, Mc Lyte, Lil Wayne, Mas- I just take it all and look at it as experience, which I gain knowledge from it and come up with better strategic ter P, etc. plans that will gain me more ground in the long run and SWAG: How would you describe the music scene in the help develop and maintain a stable foundation for my brand. SIPP? J.G. In my opinion, the music scene in the SIPP is kinda slow. We have so many talented artist down here and they make it so hard for you to get radio play, booked shows, etc. where you are kind of forced to take your talents somewhere else. Other places show more love to you in the few months you have been grinding than they do in your own state or city where you been here your whole life. So when that happens it makes it difficult for the “SIPP” to create it’s own music market so these talented artist can be recognized and have the spotlight on us for change instead of being recognized for the high FRONT COVER ARTIST

SWAG: So let’s take a second and step away from it all. Who is J.G. when the lights, cameras, action and the studios, do not surround you? J.G: Outside the lights and the cameras etc. I’m still me J.G. cool , stay to myself type of guy who just love to en


In which ways do you feel that move has helped your career out an how are you building on that opportunity?

joy life who tries to avoid all negative vibes as possible. Im a lil goofy at times some may even call me a jokester but I just like to be surrounded by happiness...I can work better that way. SWAG: Let’s touch basis on your album “No Turnin’ Back”. The title alone tells us to prepare for a journey with you through thick and thin. At this point, for you there is no turning back. J.G: My sophomore album “No Turnin’ Back” it’s pretty much self-explanatory, I’m pretty much at a point of my life where I’m going all in 110% with every aspect of my life. Rather it’s building my business, coming up with different marketing strategies for “No Turnin Back”, and networking with different companies and people that I normally wouldn’t deal with. Overall taking more risk just to get myself out there further than where I’m already at so I can build my fan base and continually gain new fans and I’m just talking on a national level. I’m working on being a international brand and name! That’s why you can hear my passion through my music, I just don’t do it for me, I do it for those listeners out there that actually take time to listen to the creativity of a project. SWAG: What are some of your best tracks on the album and why? J.G: I would like to say all of them are my best tracks, lol but I’ll let the fans decide that but I do have a few favs such as N.T.B, Go, Life I Chose, D.F.Y.S, and I Wanna Kno SWAG: How did your fans respond to “Hit The Floor”? J.G: It was an eye opener for them because it’s a track outside the norm, but it gave them a chance to see that you can’t put J.G. in a box. I’m an artist not just a rapper, I can create and write to any genre of music.

J.G: It helped a whole lot because it showed me and my fans that I can operate on major professional level especially coming from a city like Jackson, MS where they don’t expect it. What people don’t know is that I was a part of the creation of that particular episode where I was working with the producers in coming up with ideas and concepts for the episode so you can add a lil producers credit in their as well lol. Of course, I ran some ideas by them as well off set that they were pretty interested in for future shows so stay tuned. SWAG: You have made several beats for many artists. How do you determine which beat you will keep and which beat you will sale? J.G: Well while in the process of making the beat if I come up with a dope hook before I even finish the beat it’s most definitely mine lol. SWAG: After awhile you took a step back from rapping and started producing music, music videos and graphics, which was the extension of your label. What caused you to fall back from the mic? J.G: I never fell back from the mic, I was focused on adding an extension to my company such as music videos, gfx design, cd duplication, etc. because like I said before I have a vision of creating a market for music in the area that I’m in because in the SIPP it’s too much talent not be making any noise. The whole plan is for any upcoming rapper/artist to come to K.M.G.O.P. INC and be able to get every musical need possible when it comes down to that industry, whether it’s distribution, publishing, copyrights etc. we can handle all of that. · Yes K.M.G.O.P. INC SWAG: Around this time you hooked up with Optimo Palace and created K.M.G.O.P. What inspired you to merge with Optimo Palace? J.G: Reginal aka “Dead Wronggg” and myself had a long talk about the business because at the time we were both getting services from each other whether I was buying up studio time myself and my artist or he was getting purchasing music video and gfx for his artist, and we pretty much had the same vision on where we wanted to be and how big we wanted our companies to be so we put collected efforts together and formed K.M.G.O.P. INC where we are the only label in the SIPP where you can handle all your musical needs at one spot!!



SWAG: Who are some of the artist you had done videos for? J.G: So many to name K.West, Hollywood Luck, Mr. 100, Ziggy, Get Em Gutta, Real Noise Ent, Young Caston, Video coverage for Lil Boosie & Plies. SWAG: Was the award for your Jackson alone or was it state wide? Give us some insight on it. J.G: This award show state-wide and this was actually their first award show so I was excited to even be a part of it. SWAG: To receive recognition of that magnitude for doing something that you love to do, for doing something that you put your sweat and time into had to be a very proud moment for you. How did you feel when you won? J.G: It was an overall good feeling because I put so much time effort in filming the artist’s music videos. With me being an artist myself it really take up a lot of my time, but you know, recognitions don’t come too often but when they do it’s a great feeling and motivation booster to continue to strive for greatness. SWAG: You are one of the few artist that understands that to be successful in this business its about being a good businessman as well as a good artist. J.G: I have a restaurant called Outback Barbeque which was family started years ago from my dad, and of course I had to pick and carry the torch from what he started and help boost the brand because things and technology are quite different from when he jumped in the game but with his expertise and my skills put together, we were able to open up multiple chains and continue to build the brand. Also, I’m in business with Mrs. Quia S.E.M.I.N.A.R. and we have a sweet shop called Velvet Bleu Creations where we sale candy apples, edible fruit arrangements, etc. SWAG: What can your supporters expect to hear and see from you in the near future? J.G: What you can expect from J.G. is more music working on my third album “Against All Odds” and my mixtape “ Im Just Sayin’ 3” , more restaurants, just more J.G. period. SWAG: What is your message to the SIPP and all of the supporters that have stood with you throughout your career? J.G: I love my state, the SIPP, Triple Salute to all my fans and supporters out there because without yall I’m nothing. And special shout out to all my haters, just keep doing what you do best because I need more of yall lol.... SWAG: For media interviews, appearances or sponsorships, contact or 769-218-8706. For booking and features, contact, 678-561-0558 Or 601-572-7910.









El’Rida Chick: It’s a club Banger, Fasho! Special shout out to the ladies they killin it. The guys on the other hand love it because it’s something for their eyes. Swag: You have several songs on the radio throughout the Delta and MS featuring other artists. Has it really hit you yet that you are on your way to doing big things?


El’Rida Chick: In away but my main thing is just to stay focus. Swag: Let’s take a second to speak on this “Hood Idol Tour” hosted by Lex Luga. What is it all about and how are you maximizing the full potential of the “Hood Idol Tour”? El’Rida Chick: Hood Idol is a tour which Lex Luga put together to help other artist reach a bigger fan base, experiment different kind of music, gain relationship with other artists as well and give you a great opportunity to get sign or heard by someone major and much more. Swag: Congratulation on that “Wham” track. How did you hook up with T’trotta and Robert Paulson to do the song? El’Rida Chick: I been knowing both of the guys for sometimes now. Actually me and Troota did the original track a few years back Trotta didn’t like the outcome so he waited it out till we found somebody that was going too been the swag he wanted out the song to the table and that’s know other than Robert Paulson, Me and Robert Paulson are classmate both from same town so it wasn’t hard to contact him. So Trotta had the beat remade by a hot produce goes by the name DEFORD... Shout out to Deford one hard working engineer on the rise. In we took it from there. Swag: How did the production process go? Did you send your lyrics in to be mixed down or were you in the studio putting it all together as a team?

Delta 1st Lady


El’Rida Chick: Trotta laid his verse first. Then Robert Paulson and myself were in the studio together both giving each other ideas. In the turnout was amazing. It was more working as a team. Swag: Did you guys expect “Wham” to do as well as its doing?


El’Rida Chick: Yes. We knew that the song speak for itself. “Just something too hot to handle” is a song that can rock at any kind of event.

El’Rida Chick is a Hip Hop rap artist from Belzoni, MS. By popular opinion she is proclaimed to be the hottest female rap artist in the Delta. For her, settling for second best is not an option. It’s either “All or nothing” and she has several rap awards to prove it. “Queen Of The Delta” is the title she has well earned. With multiple hits circulating on the radio stations throughout MS. I wouldn’t recommend that the opposition hold their breath for her to give up her crown anytime soon.

Swag: What about the video shoot to “Wham”, how was it working with them on the set?

Swag: What do it mean to be “The Delta First Lady?” How did the rap community take that? Was it haters in the mist hating or did they show you love?

Swag: Any inspiring words for artists who may be coming for the Queen’s crowd?

El’Rida Chick: It mean a lot when you have other artist and people looking up to you for advice in order to make their life better. I really enjoy been the Delta First Lady it’s something I can look back on in the near future. Yes, plenty hating going on but being an artist or person who is trying to do something positive the hate is going to come, that’s something you have to look over and give them more to talk about. My haters are my motivation. Swag: Let’s talk about you’re mixtape “Queen of the Street”. El’Rida Chick: DJ Big V is putting it together and he’s also hosting it. It will also be featuring a female MC worldwide. Swag: What about your new single “Good P***y” featuring Robert Paulson & Hard head. We know that the single is flooding FM radio right now throughout MS that’s great. How is it doing in the clubs?


El’Rida Chick: It took us a minute because the team wanted the video to be amazing. Trotta knew this was one of his hottest tracks ever. The video is finished but it has not been release yet. We are waiting on perfect time to let it “Wham “ out. Lol…

El’Rida Chick: Bring your A- Game because the Grinding Queen isn’t going nowhere no time soon…#FULLSPEED Swag: Any shout outs at this time” Big shout out to every producer that worked with the first lady ….DEFORD, JSMOOTH, WEST, and DENAILS THE GREAT. MY FAMILY AND FANS. I LOVE YALL FOR SUPPORTING ME FROM DAY 1. LEX LUGA, DELTA CRUNK BOYZ, DRE HOLIDAY, TOP CAT,RICO OWENS, JAMES PURNELL, SEAN PLUG, EURICKA , DJ SUPER SYKES, DJ TOO TALL, DJ DYNAMITE, DJ SUGAR BEAR, BIG V , SHUN MACK, VINO THE OWNER OF VENTURE LOUNGE, CONSTAMEKA WILSON HOT DROP & DUCK ,KERMIT HENDERSON , DJ BLACKICE, DJ HUSTLEMAN, DJIPOD , MY HOME TOWN BELZONI MS and the hold Mississippi Delta … BIG SHOUT TO SWAG MAGAZINE FOR THIS INTERVIEW … I THANK YOU GUYS A LOT ….LETS GO !!! Swag: Thank you for the interview El’Rida Chick. We wish you much success with your career.

In the final installment of the Never Again…No More series, the lives of all the men and women are forever changed as they come to terms with the consequences of their actions. LaMeka and Gavin have a love so pure that it could only be ordained by God, but devilish intentions lurk in the shadows and it’s a lot closer to home than LaMeka thinks. After Aldris’s past interferes with Lucinda and his future, she finds solace in forbidden arms…with Aldris’s best friend, Mike. Despite Lucinda’s betrayal, she isn’t the only one feasting on forbidden fruit. Will they overcome the extreme perils of their sordid love affair or will it prove to be more than either one of them can bear? As Terrence’s life hangs in the balance, Trinity has to face the fear of not only living a life without her Dreads, but also facing a fear better known as Pooch. Charice is living the dream. She has her life with Ryan and her love with Lincoln. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too or can you? As everyone’s life stands in the midst of turmoil, they are all playing serious, and in some cases, even deadly games with their hearts and lives. Who will survive and who will come out unscathed…when the game is over? SWAG MAGAZINE SOUF JULY 2015  47


ing out at the crowd?




Erica Payne: Yes I do remember. I even made my outfit for that show lol. I was 15 and there was a big talent showcase in Norfolk VA. When I looked in the crowd all I could think was “got emmmmmm” lol I loved performing. At that point I just wanted to win and out of almost a 100 people I won every round. I actually won the whole showcase. Swag: So how is Virginia treating you in regards to support? Are they actually getting behind your music and rocking with you?

Today were interviewing with female Hip-Hop artist/songwriter Erica Payne formally known as Chloe VA, out of Portsmouth, Virginia. Be sure to pick up her new single “Pick Up” now available on iTunes. Swag: How’s it going Erica? Thank you for interviewing with SWAG Magazine SOUF – THE PEOPLE’S MAGAZINE. Erica Payne: Everything is great thank you for having me. Swag: For those out there who do not know who you are go ahead and let them know about this “Sexymonsta” that go by name Erica Payne. Erica Payne: Radada, I’m just a girl with a song in my heart lol. I make music hoping that it can change your day, mood or life period. A “sexymonsta” is a powerful woman that would rather use that power for good until you wake up the monster in her. Swag: What was it like for you growing up in Portsmouth? Erica Payne: It was wonderful. It taught me how to handle life. I was accepted and loved and definitely respected for my talent. I even graduated as Most Talented Student. Portsmouth is a tuff spot. You have to make it. Swag: At what point in your life did you realize that music is what you really wanted to do? Erica Payne: Well I picked up a pen when I was ten and it felt right. But one morning I called hot 97 and did the roll call on the Morning Show and they thought I was so cute. I then felt the inspiration to continue on. What really put the nail in the coffin is when “I shot you” came out with Keith Murry and when I heard Foxy go in like that I said, “this is it, I can do it.” Swag: How was it at the beginning of your career, the good and the bad? Erica Payne: It was pretty gutta and definitely gorgeous at times. That’s why I stay screaming P.G.G. for life. It was many nights I spent on the train by myself just for a couple hours of studio time. So many loses, money, friends, and time. Sexual advances, sexual harassment, a lot of drama period. On the flip side it was a lot of love, classic music, new connections, loyal fans and respect was earned. Swag: Do you recall doing your first live performance? Where was it at and what was going through your mind when you hit the stage look-


Erica Payne: Yes. Sometimes it is crazy to me. I really get love from a place where people have hated so much on other artist. At the same time you have artist from here that made it and don’t even rep or come back and do charity work shows or anything. It feels good to walk thru any city and get love. It’s definitely great to have Portsmouth on my back taking this stroll with me. Swag: Tell us about your label P.G.G entertainment. Erica Payne: I am the creator of P.G.G entertainment. I started it as more of a movement at first. A bunch of ladies working together in different fields with out all the drama. I was fortunate enough to finally find someone that believed in me, saw our grind and was willing to help provide me and my best friend with the backing needed to turn it into a independent label. Swag: Let’s talk about your new album you have out titled “Wish Me Well”. What direction are you going in on this album? What are you giving your fans? Erica Payne: I am currently talking with a few people as far as global distribution but it’s definitely going worldwide! I’m giving fans an introduction to a new flame. No Erica Payne, No Gain. Swag: I know you feel very passionate about every song on the album but it’s always those 2-3 songs that you really have a personal connection with. Which ones are they and why do they hit home with you? Erica Payne: “Heads off” is definitely one. There are a few things in my past that I just had to let go. It’s all about music now I’m just ripping these heads off. “So long” ft. Peso Dolla is a very important record to me to because. I have been waiting so long for my moment and have been through some real obstacles. 3rd is “Sexymonsta” produced by my personal producer q mark. Swag: What about the production end of the album? Was it a different experience from the others? If so take us behind the scenes. Erica Payne: Well this one is different because I only used 3 producers. Usually I mix it up heavy but Qmark Papo beats and Andrew Hypes were the men for this job! Swag: Not only are you a talented lyricist and songwriter but you are also doing some acting as well. Was it a big adjustment for you or did it come naturally for you? Erica Payne: It actually came natural. I was the one in school that will knock you down for a lead roll in the school play lol. I love acting. Swag: How did the opportunity to star in “Cash Flow” come about? Erica Payne: I heard about the role thru a friend and went to the call. I played a girl name candy that one of the main characters was sweet on. lol.

Erica Payne: The cast was great it was sort of a comedy so it was a lot of laughing and good times. It was filmed right here in Portsmouth, VA.

Erica Payne: This was my first large role. It was actually written for me. I was “Erica” the main characters girlfriend and mother of his child. He was a street dude trying to make it in the rap game but couldn’t let the streets go. One of the main objectives to my role was to keep him focused and stay by his side even tho I had to smack him up a couple time. The film was shot in Newport News, VA.


Swag: What about “No Plan B 1” directed by Pure Brilliance and written by Jerome Berry. How did the opportunity come about to do the film?


Swag: Oh ok cool. What about the cast? How was it working with them?

Swag: Along with all of your success your single “Behind the wall” was featured in the film “Pain&Music”. How did that opportunity come about? Erica Payne: Shafone Collier the writer of that film and I have been grinding for real. We support each other’s music. Clever Da Don along with Shafone both thought it was fit for the movie. S/O 2 hood legend Swag: I have to commend you on everything you stand for. Who or what really nspires you to go the extra mile? Erica Payne: My mother, my family, my city and definitely my father. He served 17 years in the feds and every hour he spent in there he was waiting to see my face on that screen. He really believed in me since the first time I told him I would make it. And he has never saw me as anything else but Erica Payne his daughter, the one best female mc to ever come about. I have to prove his point lol. Last I inspire me. I’ve been thru the worst behind this music and I haven’t given up once! Swag: What male and female artist would you like to work with in the near future, locally and Internationally? Erica Payne: I have family in London so international features are definitely in my future. I would love to work with Trey Songs, Remy Martin and Rich Homie Quan. I would even look forward to artist like Adam Levine, Crissette Michelle and as crazy as it may sound Johhnnie Blaze from Love & Hip-Hop no matter how crazy she may appear that girl has talent. Swag: Would you like to give any shout outs: Erica Payne: PGG Ent / my whole PGG squad / the whole 7 Cities / everyone locked down / my family from here and all the way to Trinidad, BME Tv for the love / video directors Terror (PBE) Rome London Tv, and VIP. los-c flame bond. Sho Flacco the whole No Plan B movement. My Diamond D fam for always pushing me. Topshelf. Lawless in Cali holding it down for VA. ,Zapp, Dj Bugatti, Dj Nique, Dj Joe Pro, Dj Total wreck, Dj les, Dj silk, Dj Dirty Di, Dj Havoc. Every body that’s showing me love period. Swag: Well thank you for taking time to interview with us. We wish you much success with you career. Erica Payne: Thank you. I really appreciate this opportunity. Swag Magazine Souf is the new wave Radada. To get more familiar with Erica Payne formerly known as Chloe VA please go to and see what’s new.



HPompeii: You’re welcome and thank you for reaching out. That sounds good to me. Let’s do it. Swag: Hollywood Pompeii, can you please share a little background history on Hollywood Pompeii?


HPompeii: I’m from Coney Island/Brooklyn. I grew up in the Coney Island projects, one of the worst projects in Brooklyn. I was born addicted to crack and I overcame that. I found out my mom was diagnosed with H.I.V when I was eleven years old. I had a lot of struggles that I overcame. I didn’t have the ideal life growing up. My life was very different. I was introduced to the culture of hiphop first because my mom was a graffiti artist. Swag: Wow. Yes, that is a lot to overcome for anyone. Did you also become a graffiti artist and is that what led you into rap? HPompeii: Yes, definitely. I became a graffiti artist, and I actually beat a big case that was against me where I was looking at 5-7 years for graffiti vandalism. I was already rapping, but I wasn’t taking it too seriously. Once I beat that case, I looked more into my rap career to make a positive change for myself. Swag: What made you want to become a rap artist? HPompeii: Man, I will never forget it. Well, with my mom being a graffiti artist, her life was kind of wild back then and she came home one night just lit up and she had the Fugees CD in her hands. She gave that CD to me and I remember the next day being so sleepy in class because I literally stayed up all night listening to that CD over and over again. Swag: The Fugees are definitely a group that can inspire anyone. Their place in hip-hop is certified and I can see how listening to them peeked your interest. Speaking of inspirations, besides The Fugees who were some of your other inspirations? HPompeii: The Fugees definitely started it. Jay-Z is definitely up there and not just with his influences with my music, but with his influences with my business sense and understanding brand equity and diluting the brand. Jim Jones is my number one. I grew up around the Dipset and the whole Dipset movement and Jim’s music resonated with me the most. There was also a time where I listened to a lot of West Coast music. Snoop Dogg, Pac, and the Eastsidaz were definitely a major inspiration. More recently, I’m inspired by the work that Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Mob are putting out. Swag: Switching gears just a little bit. Your name is very intriguing. Can you please tell us where it came from and the meaning behind the name Hollywood Pompeii?

BY: AUTHOR UNTAMED Hollywood Pompeii is not only changing the game; he’s erupting and leveling everything in his path. Emerging from the ash is an artist that brings the grit of New York with a unique story and his own eclectic sound. With his own brand of glitz and glamor, he’s showing everyone that when Hollywood Pompeii steps to the scene you’ll have to take notice. Swag: Hollywood Pompeii, before we start, it’s a pleasure to interview with you today.


HPompeii: I already went by the name of Pompeii. However, when I was younger I did runway modeling for Elite. So I was introduced to that type of fresh lifestyle at a young age. That Hollywood lifestyle rubbed off on me (laughs). So my friends would be like you acting all Hollywood and that’s what they started calling me. Pompeii is based off the story of the city of Pompeii which is off the coast of Italy. Mount Vesuvius was a volcano that erupted there years ago and destroyed the entire city leaving it in ash and stone and you can still see people in stone from the damage today. I’m like that. I’m calm, cool, and collected but when it’s time to go in, I’m coming hard and I’m going to rip everything up in my path. So I just merged the two names and became Hollywood Pompeii. Swag: You also did something with your life that is very commendable. You went into the military. I always show respect to


HPompeii: Thank you. The military definitely gave me a lot that I needed that I didn’t realize I needed until I went in. It gave me the discipline to take my artistry to the next level. I developed structure, a game plan and how to strategically put it together. I bonded with a few people and was able to pick ideas for the creative process to help me in my rap career.

the 90’s were the golden era of hip-hop. A lot of artist during that time made quality music that stood the test of time. They had substance and they have sustained their careers and moved into higher levels in the game. A lot of the new and younger generation…they really did their homework. Where for a while there were just a lot of artists just popping up and throwing together music, people like J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and A$AP Mob are coming out and paying homage to the game by making that classic music that’s going to stand the test of time.

our men and women of the armed forces so I must tell you thank you and I salute you for yours. Tell me about your experience in the military and how that prepared you to be the artist you are today.

Swag: What makes Hollywood Pompeii stand out in this game?

HPompeii: It’s funny that you used that word eclectic. My music is basically my life story. I draw inspiration from everything around me. My step dad, my middle brother’s dad, was gay. While my mother was going through her struggles, he would get my brothers and me on the weekend and take us to experience different cultural events. We’d go to theatres and art exhibitions. Graffiti, of course, was a big part of my life and now I collect artwork from all of over the world. I’m open-minded because I had to be in order to survive what I went through growing up especially with my mom and understanding my step dad’s lifestyle and his sexual preference. Being open-minded allows me to absorb the world around without being judgmental. I come from all walks of life because of all I’ve been through. I’m diverse. And I allow all that stuff to come through my music. Swag: That brings me to one project in particular, your Voodoo Mixtape. I can see through your experience where the influence for that project came from. It is very interesting and different especially with that subject matter. Please explain more about your Voodoo Mixtape Project. HPompeii: My real father was from Africa and my grandmother was a revolutionist and spent time in the tribes. I grew up learning and understanding that Voodoo is a culture, not a religion. Since I grew up learning about it, I wanted to bring some awareness to it. Voodoo was just practices before there was any type of religious instructions. It was like a guide using the elements for healing and guidance. During the slave trade when Haiti freed themselves from the Europeans, the Europeans started claiming the Haitians were devil worshippers because they couldn’t believe they were able to defeat them and free themselves. So they threw the devil it in and it’s something that’s always been spun that way through Hollywood’s movie depictions as something associated with the devil because of that. I just wanted to offer my viewpoint and to ask people do you really know what it’s about and what are you afraid of? People subscribe to things they see depicted so easily and with black people everything we do is depicted as negative. A black man can’t be successful without someone saying the devil did it or they did something negative to come up. I’m definitely not telling people to subscribe to it. I’m just shedding light on the subject. Swag: Do you have any other projects that you are working on that you can tell us about? HPompeii: I released a 24-hour project called Transparent. That released June 1st. Growing up Hollywood is dropping next year. I partnered up with the Coke Boys for a documentary called Yayo which is about the coke game. I shot a couple of videos in Connecticut and Philadelphia for my song called Philadelphia Graffiti which is on YouTube.

HPompeii: There are certain things that are private to artists. There are certain places that they won’t go. I feel like my story is so deep that I can’t keep anything private. That’s the difference with me. There’s no hiding anything in my life. I’m coming from a real place and that’s where my music comes from. I think the fans will rock with you when you’re not holding anything back because that’s what’s really real.


Swag: And that brings me to your music. You have quite a few videos on YouTube and each one of them has over 10,000 views, which is a testament to your grind. Listening to your music, it has that gritty New York feel in your flow but the sound of it is more of a fine wine…an eclectic taste of rap. Can you tell us more about your music and your sound?

Swag: That’s what’s up because real always recognizes real. The music and things that are real will be what’s left standing twenty years from now. It has longevity. Since you feel hip hop is coming back is there anyone you’d like to work with? HPompeii: J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are two that I would love to work with and before I throw in my towel with the music game, I definitely have to get an entire project done in some form with Jim Jones. I really respect and admire his music. He resonates the most with me. Swag: Where do you see your career in the next five years? HPompeii: (laughs) Giving a lot of artists a run for their money! I’m Pompeii so I feel like this; you’re gonna give it to me or I’m gonna to take it from you. A prophecy of hip hop was given when Birdman said long before people really knew who (Lil’) Wayne was that he would grow and be the biggest in the game, and he would take over and dominant it. That’s how I feel. Like I said, I’m also in high anticipation of a record deal whether it’s independently or with a major label. I have few offers that are coming on the table and Cash Money is looking into my music. So I see myself definitely being a force in this industry. Swag: Please let us know how the fans can keep up with you. HPompeii: Google @HollywoodPompeii and I’m listed under all social media sites under that name. Swag: Do you have any advice for aspiring artists? HPompeii: Definitely keep God first. Find a side hustle that’s legit and benefits your music. I went to school for film and photography and learned to produce and edit videos. So I shot my own videos for a while, and I also used that to shoot and produce videos for other artists. I put the money I made from that back into my marketing budget for my brand. At the same time, while I’m doing something I like that benefits me now, I’m also benefiting my career in the long run because I’m networking with people in the industry as I build my brand. So definitely find something legit that’s going to make money but also put yourself in the position to build your brand. Swag: Any shout outs?

Swag: Do you have any upcoming performances? HPompeii: I just came off my own tour with the Coke Boys. I was the headliner and it felt really good to be able to do my own show and not be an opening act for someone else. I will be hosting an artist showcase in Norristown on July 17th.

HPompeii: I wanna give a shout out to Major OG Slaughter, my cameraman Ackie. To Emajor and the entire Team Hollywood. To the big homie Pharaoh. Major shout out to God for allowing me to breathe and be here to do what I’m doing.

Swag: You’ve been involved with hip hop culture in some form or fashion for a long time so please tell me how do you feel about the current state of hip hop music?

Swag: Hollywood Pompeii, it’s definitely been a pleasure speaking with you. We wish you continued success with your career and all of your endeavors.

HPompeii: I feel that hip-hop is bringing the music back to its throne. To me,



With this album I allow you to take a walk in my shoes and see what I deal with on a day-to-day basis. Swag: How was it working with K.M.G.O.P on this project? K-WEST: Working with K.M.G.O.P. on this project was a great experience. I was able to work with some great producers and collab with some great artist for this project.


Swag: Let’s talk about your “All Over The Place” video for a second. It seemed to be written from a very personal point of view. Were the lyrics created from a personal situation of yours or did you grab a topic and build on it. K-WEST: All Over The Place was from a personal point of view. I talked about a few things in that song from a bad break up to dealing with so called friends.. You know just everyday life stuff. Swag: What can you tell us about the production? K-WEST: The production for All Over the place was done on a green screen. I was super excited because it was my first green scene video. I was eager to see how it would turn out. As usual it was great... K.M.G.O.P. never disappoints me.

BY: EVIE RAYMONDS Today we are here interviewing with female Hip Hop/Rap artist K-WEST from Jackson, MS. K-WEST roots run deep in the SIPP, from family owned businesses to being recognized as a the go-to girl in the SIPP if you were looking to get put on an artist showcase to rip the mic to a talented, multiple award winning performing artist. Representing Optimo Palace Studios. K-WEST is determined to be recognized as one of the best artist to bless the mic, not only throughout the Southern regions but nationwide. Swag: Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us today. Apparently working hard for what you want runs in your family. You come from a family of business owners that knows what it means to build on a dream and watch it grow. K-WEST: I definitely grew up around hard working individuals who turned Dreams into reality. I saw my parents quit there jobs to open a club/restaurant because it was something that my father always wanted to do. It has its good and bad times just like everything else do but through consistency and determination he has been in business for 10 plus years and counting. Swag: Often we hear women saying how tough it is to break into the music industry for one reason or another. How has it been for you? K-WEST: As a female solo artist it has been a somewhat difficult road for me. I mean when I first started people didn’t take me serious and just thought it was something I was doing . I had to prove myself and let them know that I was serious and I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I stayed consistent and had a grind that they couldn’t help but respect. Swag: Are there any other business ventures outside of your music career? K-WEST: Outside of the music I have The K West Boutique that is currently online but will soon be located n Jackson, Ms. Swag: Let’s talk about your latest project, “Married To The Hustle” which can be found on iTunes or Google play. What are you giving your fans on this project? K-WEST: Married to the Hustle shows you what it feels like to be K West.


Swag: Congratulations on “Irrelevant Bitches and the colab with No Limit Records First Lady Miss Chee from Atlanta. K-WEST: When I dropped the song the recognition it got was crazy so I was like I want to do a remix and get a hot female from another city on the track. My people at K.M.G.O.P. reached out to DJ BOSS CHIC and from there we were able to get MISS CHEE on the song. I loved working with Miss Chee. She bad,, super talented and down to earth. She came in and did her thang. I’m definitely looking forward to working with her on future projects. Swag: You did a great job on the acting. You made it look so easy. K-WEST: Thank you .. I would have to say it does come easy. I’ve done it a few times before in other videos so its not really new. It’s exciting just to see how everything turns out. With acting you have to reach deep down inside and become this person. I find it very interesting and I’m really looking forward to doing more of it. Swag: Congratulations on winning the Female Artist of the Year for The First Annual Jackson Hip Hop Awards. What was that moment like for you? K-WEST: I just felt so proud and Like yes I’m finally get the recognition I deserve.. I was happy not only for myself but for my city as a whole. History was made and I was apart of that. It doesn’t get any better. Swag: How did your fans reply to the win? K-WEST: The feedback after the show was crazy. People saw me in a different light. I remember one post on instragam said my performance at the Jackson Hip Hop Awards was one of my best. You belonged there. You deserved that title. Swag: What can we expect to hear from you in the near future? K-WEST: In the near future you can expect to hear me working with a lot more females. I’m focusing on trying to bring us together as a whole. I a have some great projects that are on the way. Swag: Obviously you love the fans and the supporters that have held you down throughout your career; it shows in your actions and in your material. You give 100% every time. If it was a couple of things that you could say to the people of Jackson, MS what would it be. K-WEST: I just want to thank everyone who has been rocking with K west since day 1. I really appreciate the support and God knows I couldn’t do it with out them.

Swag: You began rapping at the age of thirteen as a hobby. What inspired you to take rap from being a hobby to a career? DaKid: When I realized I was actually good and making music. BY: AUTHOR UNTAMED

Swag: Thank you very much for interviewing with Swag today. Congratulate you on your new mixtape “New Kid on Da Block”. And speaking of the mixtape, we must know, what type of heat can we expect? What is the “New kid on the block” bringing to the game? DaKid: “New kid on da block” is bringing a variety of hits for any and everybody. I put a lot of work into this project so your getting DaKid and everything that comes with him. Swag: How was it growing up in Jacktown and how did growing up there help mold you as an artist? DaKid: Growing up in Jacktown was rough. I was born and raised in Virden Dition and it’s nothin but the slums. Gunshots every night and crack heads on every corner but it made me tough mentally and physically. Swag: The first rap song you heard was by Naughty by Nature. What was the name of the song and was this the spark that lit the hip-hop flame? DaKid: “Hip Hop Hooray” was the name I think but it was my jam and when I heard that song I knew I wanted to rap.\\ Swag: Now we know that Naughty by Nature is from the north so being from the south what southern artist(s) have influenced you? And why? DaKid: Webbie is really the only rapper who inspired me from the south cause he was so real

Swag: You mentioned that you moved from Jackson to Richland, which is a considerably smaller town. Did you face any setbacks or challenges moving to Richland? On the contrast, how did moving help propel your career? DaKid: The only challenge I had was the so-called rappers like Joker, Skullboi and Shireboy.


Calvin Robinson aka DaKid is no stranger to the art of Hip Hop. Born in Jackson, Mississippi aka Jacktown and home of some of the most influential rappers in southern history, he’s looking to add his name to the roster of legends from the dirty south. Delivering new school southern swag with an old school lyrical flow DaKid is ready to take the world by storm and show why his grind and flow is nothing to kid about.


and just raw with the flow.

Swag: Now you are signed under Grind and Flow records under the mentorship of Dre Holiday? Tell us how the two of you met? DaKid: He discovered me. I guess he heard one of my songs and since then we been on the takeover. Swag: What were some of the founding factors that inspired you to sign on with Grind and Flow Records? DaKid: I like Dre Holiday work ethics. He always about the work and not the play and that’s how I am. Swag: Every artist is excited when they are signed. It’s new, fresh and full of perks. What are some of the advantages of being signed to Grind and Flow? DaKid: It really is not any advantages because each artist on the label has the same rights and privileges as any other artist. Swag: If you had a chance to collaborate with anyone, who would it be? DaKid: Webbie. I based my whole flow and alter ego off of him. He inspired me to always be real and rep my record label till the death. Swag: With all that’s going on in the world today, are there any particular messages that you would like to bring to the people through your music? DaKid: Yes. Dakid is always real. How you hear me and see me is who I am. Swag: Any shout outs? DaKid: I wanna give a shout out to my record label Grind & Flow Records. My squad MIE. I wanna shout out Larry and SWAG Magazine SOUF The People’s Magazine. My dog Krit, Jay Roc, and Paper Boy.



BY EVIE RAYMONDS Swag: So, what’s been going on with you lately Duble SS? I see your grind mode is on 1,000 in the Souf. S/O to Lex Luga for plugging us in with you. Duble SS: Lately, I decided to devote myself to the grind. I quit my job to finish my degree in Entrepreneurship at Jackson State University. I just finished 2 new singles, Bad Gyrl and Twerk 4 A BOSS. Both are available online everywhere music is sold. I also have been working with the local radio stations, so my first single, Bad Gyrl, is in rotation. So make sure ya’ll request that on 97.7 (Jackson, MS) and JUSA radio. And make sure you watch the Internet for performance dates, cause I stay putting on a show. Swag: You were born and raised in the Sipp. What was a typical day for you as a youngsta? Duble SS: Family, friends and my grind. I grew up with a single mother and an older brother that can’t walk, so my day was a little different than most. Responsibility was a word I learned at an early age. And even without a father-figure, everyone in the hood did they’re part in making me the man that you see today. Growing up in the hood we looked out for each other, so I had a lot of male role models. The words loyalty and respect became a way of life. Being from the south, those same gangstas that raised me, showed me the struggle was more than just in our hood and it runs deep. I was taught about the grind and the hustle but I was also educated on the responsibility of being a black man. They taught me that this is what they think of you, so show them who you really are. Stand on your own, educate yourself continuously and create a better community for your people because we are the only ones looking out for us. Swag: What part of Jackson are you from?



Duble SS: Westside, Jacktown, Tha Bottoms but South is my hood. I have either lived in or been to every state on the 3rd Coast and I get the same love and respect as a black man and an artist as I do at home. So I feel like I am the South!


Swag: What or who inspired you to get into the rap game? Is it something that you always felt you would get off into? Duble SS: Most of the cats I rolled with were gangstas and rap didn’t relate to us. But then NWA dropped and the whole hood wanted to be rappers. The old heads jumped into the game heavy and the youngstas followed. As time went on, the yougstas that showed potential and real work ethic held strong and eventually I was the only youngsta in a group of four grown men, Westside Correction. You see I was a real young youngsta when I jumped into the game so by the time I was 8, I was one of the good ones. I was 14 when I was a member of Westside Correction so rap is in my DNA. Swag: At the age 17 you joined the National Guard and you went Active Duty at 24. At age 19 you were stationed in Nicaragua, at 22 in Afghanistan and at age 26 you went to Iraq for 16 months. What were your duties and responsibilities in general? Duble SS: In Nicaragua, I mostly did guard duty and security. In Afghanistan I worked in supply. I managed everything from boots to guns and bullets. Iraq, I was in charge of human resources for all of Baghdad. I tell you this, had it not been for all the rockets and flying bombs, those jobs would have been pretty easy! Swag: You wrote your Mixtape, “B.O.S.S. Lyfe” while still on Active Duty and put it out through Rocc Bottom Entertainment. How did you get connected with Rocc Bottom Entertainment? Duble SS: I was stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL and a mutual friend introduced me to the CEO, Mi2t3r L0WC. L0WC and the rest of the Squad like my flow instantly. Not to mention me and him just clicked from the word go. And, man, we been gettin’ it in ever since. Swag: What were the main advantages to being signed to Rocc Bottom Entertainment? Duble SS: Being signed to Rocc Bottom is like being signed to Young Money, but without the money. What I mean is you have access to everything, a state of the art studio, talented artist, great engineers and beat bangin’ producers. Not to mention just being about to kick it with some of the coolest and most talented people I have ever had the chance to work with. We spent so much time together working on each other’s projects that bonds were made and families merged. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, you name it and it became a Rocc Bottom event. They’re family. Swag: You started your label SKS ENT, LLC in 2013. What made you take that route, from recording artist to CEO? Duble SS: Evolution baby! Everything I do in this industry is a part of a larger plan. I will always be an artist cause music is in my DNA. But we either evolve or die and I refuse to stay stagnate so I am always progressing forward. Eventually I want to get to a place where not just me but my entire circle gets to put their feet up. You know, let the money work for us. And hopefully they will do the same. Black Money sounds good to me. Swag: “B.O.S.S. Lyfe” seems to be centered on your life experiences and consequences of the streets. Obviously you had a lot on your mind and a lot to get off your chest. Duble SS: Correct. Along the way I have seen a lot, I have been through a lot, I have lost a lot of people close to me and some of my folks have even been caught in the revolving doors called the legal system but B.O.S.S. Lyfe is not just my life, it’s also my representation of what people of color that are born with less have to go through. So as long as I have a voice, my people will have a voice. Swag: Which songs are you getting the most recognition for? Duble SS: Off the B.O.S.S. Lyfe mixtape, by far it has to be Da SlumS and Smiling FaceS. But I’m on some new shit now. My new single, Bad Gyrl, is playing on the radio. Cise HD, the CEO of Big Boy Records, did the beat and its really catching fire right now. Its also available online everywhere music is sold.


Swag: How are the streets responding to the Mixtape? Duble SS: With love. And I appreciate it cause I feed off it. Ain’t nothing like the feeling you get when someone ride by bumping yo shit. Swag: How often are you doing shows and what cities is the majority of your bookings in? Duble SS: I pretty much do every venue I can. I do about 4 to 5 shows a month. The majority of my bookings are in Jackson, MS but I have been all over. I am picking up more momentum all over though so the bookings are coming more and more outside of the capitol city. Swag: Where was the video shot at? Duble SS: In Da SlumS, The Bottoms, West Jackson. It was the neighborhood I grew up in, the park we kicked it at, my folks houses and another area of the city I wanted to bring attention too, the historic Farish Street District. If you don’t know about Farish Street, shame on you for not knowing your history. Google it. Swag: So whats next for Duble SS? What can the fans look forward to seeing from you? Duble SS: Everything! New music, new videos, new merchandise, new live performances and in the near future SKS will be promoting more shows. Swag: Shout outs. Duble SS: My wife (the co-founder of SKS Ent, LLC, K.A. Smith the Director) Keishawna Smith, my kids (De’Shawn and Trinitee’), Rocc Bottom Ent family, Cise HD (Big Boy Records 247), Mark Baines (MB Studios), local radio station WJRB and Mista Mane, Ant Rob Apparel, JUSA, Lex Luga, Jacktown, USA and the whole state of Mississippi, all my folks, friends and fans from Cali to York and Chicago to Florida and a special shout out to Swag Magazine for showing interest in tha Mouf of the Souf, ya boy Duble SS!


a label so I recruited them. We made a bunch of songs and I chose the best songs along with my homeboy B-Will (who was one of the best rappers on campus at the time too) and made an album. He pushed me to go ahead and start the label at the point. Swag: You also have SSC Marketing Group where you provide additional services to the general community. Tell us about SSC Marketing Group, what you provide there. BY: EVIE RAYMONDS

Luga “Da Backwood Ambassador” is a self-made entrepreneur that hails from Jackson, MS in the Deep Dirty Souf. Not only is he one of the main pipelines in the Souf when it comes to this music, Luga is also the CEO of Souf State Connected Records and SSC Marketing Group. Among several other things, Luga is hosting the Hood Idol Tour, which is currently touring the south. Hood Idol Tour gives up and coming talent a platform to display their talents and network. Luga has been marketing records since 2003 and has helped developed hundreds of artist during his tenure. He produces, markets, manages, and consults: He also has a storefront in which all underground music can be placed in for retail. Swag: How’s it going Lex? Thanks for agreeing to do this interview today, how’s business? Lex: It’s going great. Thanks for having me highlighted in your magazine. Business is booming!! LOL We Trafiking Swag: Where did you grow up Lex, and how was it growing up there?

Lex: SSC Marketing Group provides services such as graphic designs, flyers, t-shirts, business cards, along with promotions. Basically anything a business needs to help grow their customer base. Swag: How would someone go about using your services? Lex: They can contact the office at 601-669-6152 or email Swag: What do you feel separates your label apart from others? Lex: My label consists of versatility, love, and understanding. I treat everything like a business but I also bring a family type of environment as well as keeping GOD first and family second above ever ything else. Also, My

Lex: I grew up between Los Angeles, CA and Terry, MS. A real contrast in environments. LA is the fast life and Terry is the backwoods!! Although i had more freedom in MS but in LA I was exposed to superstars such as athletes and actors/ actresses and learned that everyone are ordinary people no matter that stature!! Swag: When did you start Souf State Connected and why did you start it up? Lex: I started my label in 2002 when i was in college. There was a group of rappers on campus that was super hot. I had already made my mind up that I was starting SWAG MAGAZINE SOUF JULY 2015  56

label is based out of Mississippi, which is

the birthplace of music, as we know it being the home of blues.

host of artist from the tour.

Swag: Awhile back you ran into a little trouble with the law and had to sit down for a minute. You care to share with us what that was about?

Swag: How did you discover JuJu SWAG Shawty?

Lex: Yea, I have been out the FED for about 10 months now after a long hard fight. I’m still in legal proceedings so I can go into details but I was locked up for a couple of years going to trail against the government.

Lex: He won 3 Hood Idol tour dates back in 2011. 1 of the prizes was a trip to a showcase in ATL in which he impressed everybody!! After that we started communicating and built a business relationship. Swag: What do you see happening for JuJu in the near future?

Swag: What was your mind set like when you were released? What hype were you on?

Lex: In the near future I see JuJu being a hot name in the music industry and one of the leading hit makers.

Lex: I just picked up where I left off when I was released, but I was way more focused. I stay on nothing but business now. I don’t just hang out or deal with a lot of people that I used to. Everything business!!!

Swag: What advice would you give to new artists trying to break into the industry? Lex: Work hard, believe in yourself, stay humble and keep God first.

Swag: We understand that you lost your brother Rabbit a few years back, we send our condolences, sorry to hear that. What were some of the things you were going through around that time? Lex: I was locked up when my brother was murdered. RIP Rabbit. He is my baby brother. He was murdered a year ago, June 16th, 2014 trying to break up a fight from what I was told. That was hard for me cause I feel like I’m responsible, cause I wasn’t there to guide him. Before I was locked up, I kept him with me to keep him out of trouble and to teach him how to survive and take care of his family. He was my main helper in promoting the music, my road dog! We have a bond that is inseparable. I will forever love my brother who’s real name it Terrance Green Swag: Lets talk about your Hood Idol Tour. How long have you been doing it and how often do you do it? Lex: I started the Hood Idol tour at the end of 2010. We go from city to city giving artist a chance to perform and create a broader fan base. We have a show either once or twice a month. Swag: What is the overall objective of the tour? Lex: The objective of the tour is to develop artists, build their fan base, gain exposure, and give artist an opportunity to be heard! Swag: Explain to us how beneficial it would be for an artist to sign on with your Hood Idol Tour. Lex: The tour is beneficial to artist because they get a chance to test new music, meet new people, and perform at places that they couldn’t perform at previously. Also gives artist an opportunity to expand. Swag: Along with the Hood Idol Tour you have put together a mix cd that consists of artist that are apart of the tour. The latest one is titled Trafiking. Hosted by Dj Dre ATL. Tell us about Trafiking and how voluble it is to the region.

Swag: What are the next big milestones you have for Souf State Connected? Lex: The next big milestone is to go at least gold with JuJu as an independent label!! Swag: What words would you like to leave for those who have believed in you and the label? Lex: This is a movement to not only rep Mississippi but also the whole Souf. We will be heard!!! Souf State Connected is on the rise! Thanks to all of our supporter’s worldwide!! Swag: What is your long-term vision for Souf State Connected? Lex: To be a global entity in music, film, clothing apparel, and entertainment. Also, we are going to give back to the community in a strong way that will influence not only our youth but hard workers as well. Our long-term goal is to connect the Souf States to the world in a positive manner!! Shout outs Lex: First let me thank God for this opportunity. S/O to my mentors Charlie Braxton and Kermit Henderson the Super Star Maker. I also want to S/O Ju Ju Swag Shawty, El’Rida Chick, Stan Branson, Alice Marie, Dj Feelgood, Cyreio Hughes, Dre Holiday, Vino, Dj Dynamite, Bigg V, Dj Punch317, Dj Dre ATL, Paris, Letha, Cee-Bo, Jimmie Lomax, Yo boi L, Cootermane Music, Dj Duck, Dj Drop, Dj Dlowe, Hersoul, ItsRaDeazy, Lyrikil, Jessica, 99jams, 106.3,103.9, all the djs’ playing our music, all the fans and supporters, and all of the artists that have participated on the Hood Idol tour!!! Keep up the grind!! And the most important S/o to SWAG Magazine!! Thank you for your support!!! Swag: Thank you for the interview.

Lex: Trafiking is a mixtape series in which up and coming artist are mixed in with established artists. Dj Dre ATL is one of the leading record breakers in ATL and apart of the Legion of Doom coalition. He gets exclusive songs from established artist and we push them by means of the mixtape. We call it Trafiking cause we pushing dope music across state lines. You can download on Datpiff or The cd features Young Dro, Future, Young Scooter, Travis Porter, Lucci, and a SWAG MAGAZINE SOUF JULY 2015  57


only Tupac could put a smile on my face with his motivational words, Z-Ro the rapper from Jay Prince’s “Rap-A-Lot”, Notorious B.I.G, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Master P, the whole No Limit, and Cash Money Records.


BY: EVIE RAYMONDS Swag: So you’re originally from the Manila Philippines and raised in Vicksburg, MS in the Lakehill Projects aka “Deville”, Paint us a picture of how things were for you growing up there? JU JU: Growing up in Deville I learned a lot about the streets quickly. True enough I played different activities with the other kids, but I soon wondered why certain cars would show up at almost the same time at the same apartments daily, I would see people of all races go in and out these doors swiftly. Little did I know these projects were a big Trap!!! Everyone in the complex gets along fine as long as no one steals each other’s clientele. But then again like every project, I saw a lot of fights, gang banging, drug dealing, people stealing from one another and shootouts. Swag: When did you start taking your talent for rapping serious? JU JU: I took this career serious at the age of 12 when I was able to get my hands on a partner’s studio equipment and be able to actually record tracks. I loved it!!!! Swag: What artist were you into around that time? JU  JU: The one and

Swag: What is the story behind (SSC) Souf State Connected Records? JU JU: I met Lex at a Hood Idol Event that he hosted, it was talent search competition, where you perform songs and the crowd decides the winners. I won 3 of those back to back and even won a Swag: Let’s talk about “Feed Da Streetz Vol.2”. free “video shoot’’ graphics with promo, and a trip to perform in Atl. Couple months later I ended up JU JU: Feed Da Streetz Vol. 2 will always be classic in Little Rock, Arkansas up to no good but maktoo me, but yeah, I was going through a lot of hard ing tons of money at the age of 20, I get a call times with first, my manager/CEO of “Souf State out the blue from Lex wanting me to be the first Connected Records” “Lex Luga” was incarcerated artist on the label, I came home and we made an and served 2 years in the Fed’s. That stopped up agreement and I signed to Souf State Connected all my shows and the momentum from vol.1 died Records in late 2011. out, but other then that he was like a big brother too me and still his. Right before he get’s out my Swag: We hear that “Philippine Plug” dearly beloved mother R.I.P “Flora Rumbley” pass- is the new drug on the streets. Tell us about it. es of a heart attack, I sat there till that lady took her last breath and the pain is unexplainable, and JU JU: The “Philippine Plug” its sort of like a jacking still gets to me till this day!!! Then a few weeks lat- for beats mix tape, but we through a few singles er Luga’s baby brother R.I.P “ Rabbit” gets shot??? on their When I do mix tapes like this off of other C’mon man, all that pain and anger I let out on this famous tracks on the radio, the fans love it becd!!! Only thing good that happened was Luga cause they know I’m going to kill it!!! I loaded this getting out the Pen.... mix tapes with freestyles, and kept the chorus on certain one’s but yeah there are some originals on Swag: What about family? there. This project is basically to hold the buzz up until we decide on what’s next. JU JU: I have a great family, they always knew I could rap and they would brag about me to other Swag: “She got that thang jumpin” is receiving rapeople when on that topic, but my mama, she dio play throughout the MS. The song is definitely wasn’t going for it! She would tell me to get a club banger that will instantly have you rocking up and get a job, but she knows the to it once you hear it. Did you expect this song to chances of making it in this field. do so well? Swag: We know that you lost your mom; we send our deepest condolences to you. Did that affect your career in any way? JU JU: Thanks, it’s been a year but it gave me drive, determination, dedication and motivation, like I said it still hurts but going through that made me a beast! Swag: You’re the only Filipino rap artist making noise. How are you working that angle?

JU JU: The song “She Got That Thang Jumpin” did exactly what I wanted it to do, it filled the clubs up and ladies that like to dance was the crowd I was after, still in all I didn’t expect it to do that well as it did, because if u really knew me then you would know that “Booty Shaking” music really isn’t me, I just knew what crowd to capture first because if I capture the ladies at the club, the fellas would eventually want to check my other music.. Swag: Do Ju Ju Swag Shawty have something to prove to the industry? If so, what is it? JU JU: To me it’s bigger than the money; I want to prove to the Industry that I will be one of the greatest of all rappers, producers, and all around legendary musician! Swag: So what is next for Ju Ju Swag Shawty?

JU JU: I use it to my advantage, I know I can draw crowds of all races, which means more money, but I SWAG with it sometimes, people in the crowd at the shows are just amazed that I can rap so great to be Asian and they love it, and that’s the feeling I strive for. I also can open doors for other Filipino’s to just chase their dreams. I come from a poor, over populated part of the country, I am blessed with the opportunity to even make it this far!!!

JU JU: Feed These Streetz Vol. 3, while in that same sentence come up with a nation wide hit, when I do get big break off one of my songs, the Album will come by itself, other then that its just too keep pushing and grinding daily and to keep rocking with Swag Magazine!!! Shout outs: S/O to my family and friends, my team, my mentors, my manager “Lex Luga”, Boogie OnThaTrack, SwaggOnTheBeat, every artist who joined the Hood Idol Tour, Larry Smith, 400 Block, Hamilton Heights, the City of Vicksburg and the Whole state of MISSISSIPPI!!!


old boy. My old boy taught me how to be a leader in these streets. He was raised in the legendary Overtown, Miami area A.K.A The First 48. My old girl taught me how to go get that paper. She is from the island of Bahamas and moved to Miami and is very successful.


The city of M.I.YAYO is known for its own unique eclectic sounds to its heart-pumping music that only south Florida artists can bring. Now we can add Young Ferrari to the list. Bringing his mix of raw urban flow over hard-hitting Miami bass beats, Young Ferrari is blasting the world with his flavor and zooming his way to the top of the charts! His music is bringing the streets of Dade County live and direct to your doorsteps. So take notice and welcome to the 305. Swag: Your stage name has changed a few times. Why the change? Young Ferrari: The name change came from when another Miami artist started using my name and trying to take my credibility. I went to Young Ferrari cause it fit my swag. I changed it while I was in prison and been runnin with it ever since. Swag: When did you start rapping and what or who inspired you to start? Young Ferrari: I always knew how to freestyle and had music in my family. An incident occurred in 2004 when my homeboy Cotton Brown Lee was shot and killed on da block were we hung at. He was a well-known rapper in a group called Trap Stars in my neighborhood. He was a real solid ude who didn’t deserve to die. This is what inspired me to rap. Me and my homeboy’s did a Compilation CD in his honor and passed them out at his funeral. This is what fueled me to go hard. R.I.P. C-Bird. Swag: Welcome to Miami! how was it growing up there? Young Ferrari: I’m born in Miami Dade County and raised by my old girl and my

Swag: You did a bid in 2010. What about that experience motivated you to make the change from the street life to developing your rap career? Young Ferrari: When I went to prison it made me appreciate the freedom of life. When I was in the streets hustlin all I cared about was making another dollar by any means necessary and I didn’t care about the consequences. My freedom was taken away and I couldn’t enjoy my loved ones or do the things I used to do. When I went from the county jail to prison they cut my dreads, which were down my back, long, thick & strong. That and my circumstances couldn’t break me and I knew the system couldn’t hold me forever. I prayed everyday that when I get out I would be a different person, take care of my beautiful family and go in on this rap game. So here I am world “Young Ferrari” A.K.A. “Mr. Trap House” A.K.A. “Mr. My Foolie!” Swag: Your professional rap career began under Military Mindz Music group. Can you tell us about your experience with Military Mindz Music and how they helped jump-start your career? Young Ferrari: Right before I went to prison my rap career started to take off when I joined Military Mindz. I was doing shows every month in a different city and my dawg Remy (CEO) put the money behind me and put me in the right places. I had just dropped my Mixtape “I am the Future” and I got locked up. I didn’t really have time to promote it. Now that I’m out my EP “Forever Foreign” will be coming out soon

with my street anthems TRAP HOUSE, MY FOOLIE, SEE ME DEAD and more so be on the look out. Swag: Now is E.G.E. Everybody Gon Eat Ent. your record label? Can you tell us more about it? Young Ferrari: I’m not just a rapper. I’m an entertainer and an entrepreneur. I have many businesses that I will start up and that I have but E.G.E. Everybody Gon Eat Ent. is my record label. I have a couple of artists in the chamber. My mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone around me to make money and to continue to support each other. E.G.E. is a brand that I believe in and will be a household name sooner than later. Swag: Your first two singles, Trap House and My Foolie created a huge buzz on YouTube and Soundcloud; Can you tell us more about those songs and what you believe made those songs huge hits? Young Ferrari: It’s funny cause “Trap House” was a song I came up with just playing around with some beats. It tells the story of what ever your hustle is that’s your Trap. Lol. What I’m saying is, I believe that no matter how you out there getting your bread you’re trappin. If a person is working a 9 to 5 or gettin it in on the block that’s their Trap House. The fans loved it when it was released. I had Dj Krunch One from the Street Connect Djs promote it and the rest is history. My other single “My Foolie” is about just vibing wit ya dawgs and having someone they’re to have your back. Everybody can relate to that song which is why it caught on so fast. I thank all my loyal fans for the love and support. Swag: Your new mixtape Forever Foreign Vol. 1 releases this summer. Can you tell us what heat can we expect from this mixtape? How is it different from your first mixtape, I Am The Future Vol.1? Young Ferrari: I am wayyyy more advanced in rapping now. On “Forever Foreign” I’m more out spoken and the beats are sicker. Shout out to Floyd Pace my beat man. It will have less tracks but with better quality. I got tracks for everyone on this one. Swag: Any shout outs? Young Ferrari: I just wanna THANK GOD first because without Him I wouldn’t be where I am in life right now. Special shout out to my Moms & Pops for raising me to be a leader not a follower. Shout out to my beautiful 3 daughters Ashoni, Jayla & Anijah. Shout out to my immediate family such as my brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties and grandmas. I also want to thank my team members Ashley, Wayne and my whole EGE family. Only GOD knows what I would be doing without them. Shout out to my whole HOOD ( 4 BLOCK ) what’s good FOOLIES. I want to Give a Big, Big, Big shout out to ALL MY FANS, to everyone that ever took the time out to listen to my songs, watch my videos, following me on any social media website, thank yall so much for all the love and support. Oh yeah shout out to all the haters. I Love yall WE HERE NOW!!! E.G.E.


Swag: How’s it going Coolaid, how’s the good life treating you? Life’s been pretty good these days for the most part. I’m free, I have my health, my family, and my music is being played in different areas than usual. So I can’t complain. Swag: You played football in Jr. high and High school. What schools were you attending and what positions did you play when you were there? Coolaid: I Attended Indianola, MS Jr. High School, and Gentry High School. I played running back, linebacker, kick off return all 4 years of high school. I was the only sophomore that stayed on the varsity football and baseball teams. Swag: How would you describe your character back then? Coolaid: I was always outgoing and charismatic. I received the Most Popular student and “Most Handsome Student at my school.” I’ve always been well known amongst my peers. I come from a well know family. I spend a lot of time off to myself. I think that my mind frame as a kid was preparing me for my adult hood. Swag: What inspired that driving force inside of you that kept you wanting to push forward? Coolaid: Well first off it was mandatory that you went to college in my household. All of my dad’s kids had to go to college. All four of use has college degrees today. My dad and older sister both attended Alcorn State University. I have to thank both of my parents for pushing me to go to college. A lot of my friends from the neighborhood didn’t go pass High School. Swag: Although you were on top of your academics handling your business some-


thing happened that caused you to have several run-ins with the local authorities and the Alcorn campus police. What happened? Coolaid: Going into my freshman year I got my high school girl friend pregnant. I have always been the independent type. Even as a youngster I always wanted my own money. I would do odd jobs around the neighborhood for money. Such as cutting people lawn, washing cars, cleaning out people garages, I have even been to the cotton field to chop cotton all day for 25$. So with a new responsibility headed my way I had to create a way to get a income started. So I put the football and baseball aside. I had a homeboy that had been at Alcorn three years before me and he introduced me to the game and I caught on rather quick. Swag: So you graduated with honors in Business Management. You went back to Indianola, MS and from there it was all about the “Hustle.” They called you “King of Mississippi Delta!” Without incriminating yourself give us a brief description of how that played out?

Swag: You ran into a little trouble there as well that got blew up by the media and Law enforcement. The F.E.D.S got involved. What was that all about? Coolaid: All I can say is that the FEDS/DEA showed me a lot when they came at me. I was set-¬‐up by my best friend for over 20 years. I mean I’m not mad at him today. At da time we both had grown up and now had families so the people used that as leverage to make him tell on me. But I learned from that experience, they came over 100 agents strong with a helicopter to add to the raid. I was given a 2 million dollar bond, not for what I was caught with but based on my name and status in the streets. I was a supposedly a flight risk so they say. Because they had information that I had ties with several Mexican Cartels in Mexico. I served some jail time for the crime and got out ready to get my money backup the right way this time. Swag:

Ok, so life was good for you. You were having money, cars, jewelry, and everything else that come with the game. At some point you decided to get with this music tip and started your label, Big Flava Entertainment. What inspired you to change lanes Coolaid: Well it was the last month of college for and get into the music business? You were already me and the campus chief of police walked up to me a celebrity. and my homeboys said. “If I don’t do nothing next semester I’m going to bust you”! Little did he know Coolaid: I started doing the music thing before I I was about to graduate anyway. If it wasn’t for him got in trouble. It started off just something to kill saying that I would have attended Graduate School time. But after paying artist like YoGotti, Lil Boosie, instead I graduated and decided to go back home. and Webbie to come perform in my hometown. I looked at it like if I can get paid this type of money By then I had took my school hustle to the streets to tell my life story. I will be straight and I will not of the MS Delta. And business was great. I had end have to hustle anymore. up being the right-¬hand man to one of the biggest dealers in the state. For some reason he took a Swag: Lets talk about this hot single you have out liking to me. right now called “Da Best” off of your up and coming project Strictly Business produce by Denali. It wasn’t that I made him the most money because it was other people spending way more money Coolaid: “Da Best” is being played all over the U.S. in with him than me. But one thing he seen about clubs and radio stations thanks to Big V and Bigger me was I always did what I said. And I never stole Rankin. I’m even getting airplay in Europe right a single thing in my life. Don’t get me wrong I was now. constantly tested. This guy had millions and he trusted me in a major way. So I never had to do Swag: You teamed up with one of CoolRunningDjs any corner hustling. I was the man with the Heavy hottest Dj’s Bigg V and Team Bigga Rankin to proweight very quickly in the game. mote it. How is that going? Swag: Later on you opened up Coolaid’s Chicken & Rice Restaurant and Big Flava Clothing Store. How was business for you at the restaurant and the clothing store? Coolaid: I opened Coolaid’s Chicken & Rice because the property that it set on use to belong to my Grandmother. My dad was raised on the same property. I made good money there because it was a historical restaurant for generations. The Bigflava Clothing Store on the other hand didn’t do as well. Because I had so much going on that I didn’t structure the store right. I didn’t have the right infrastructure. It was mostly a place that my crew and me hung out and had new fits and shoes at will!!!

Coolaid: I’ve been teaming up with Big V on events before I started rapping. He was a major piece of the puzzle promoting wise. When I had the Gotti, Boosie, and Webbie shows. He was the person you had to see for radio commercials and air play. So we been had a business relationship. I met Bigger through Big V also. Big V use to come hangout with me and he had a chance to experience both side of my life. So he brought it to my attention that I had the talent and the music to get paid. I respected his opinion and we been moving forward every since. Swag: How are your fans responding to your latest single “Da Best?

single and the video. Swag: Where did you shoot the video? Coolaid: The video was shot in my old neighborhood in front of the house I lived in next door to my dad. Real money making spot!!!! We made real money at that house. Coolaid: Some rappers fee like they were rapping longer than me. Yet I’m the one that’s getting real exposure. So they try to make there presence known through me. But I will never call names as a businessman. Because I have paved my way and it could’ve cost me my life on several occasions. Where I’m at comes with a price so to stand next to me musically will not come for free. Swag: “I Go Hard” is another single from your long line of bangers that is getting a lot of attention. What are you doing with that song right now? Coolaid: It’s being played in rotation in the clubs as well. I’m getting great feedback on that song as well. Swag: Overall what kind of support are you receiving in MS? Coolaid: Mississippi has been very supportive of my music. Swag: Which artist are you looking forward to reaching out to on your next project? Coolaid: I will love to get my homie Snootie Wild on a track, or Young Dolph, Jezzy, Scooter, and da list goes on. Really I want to jump in the ocean with the big fish on my next project. Swag: What are your views on the senseless killings of young black males today by the hands the police? Coolaid: I see it as something we all have to improve in today’s world. Because killing in the U.S. is not jus about racial situations. We have same race killing same race everyday for nothing. Yet when another race is involved it’s a big deal. We as men really need to spend more time with our kids and be the man of the household. These days kids are being raised by single parents that have to work all day and night to support the household. So kids are pretty much being raised by the streets and television. Swag: What can you tell young people about your journey that they can learn from and apply to their own lives? Coolaid: All I can tell a young person is follow your dreams and never let another person decide on your fate of destiny. Believe and it can and will happen. Shout outs: Jo jigga, BigV, Bigger Rankin, M.P., and all my family, friends and fans that has been supportive from day one.

Coolaid: Everybody giving me thumbs up on the







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