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MARCH 2012


REPAIRS WORK IN-HOUSE! After very careful consideration Yorkshire Coast Homes (YCH) has decided to take its important repairs and maintenance work in-house. The Board felt we would be more efficient if we employ all the staff currently delivering the repairs service ourselves, therefore from the end of November 2012 YCH will run the repairs service inhouse.The work has been carried out for the past five years by contractor Willmott Dixon, but under European law, the contract had to be reviewed at the end of their agreement, in November. There are three main benefits: being more efficient, working as one big team and having full control of the services customers receive. Under the rules of TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings, Protection of Employment) existing staff working on the YCH contract will be transferred to the in-house team. YCH Chief Executive, Shaun Tymon, said taking the work in-house was an exciting new step for us. “This is a momentous decision for YCH and one the Board took after a great deal of consideration and discussion,” he said. “As always we have the best interests of our residents at heart and believe that bringing the work in-house will bring

even greater efficiencies in the repairs and maintenance of their homes. It is no reflection on the excellent work carried out by Willmott Dixon during the past five years – quite the reverse. Running the repairs and maintenance work in-house will enable us to build on the tremendous successes achieved by Willmott Dixon and to move forward and develop it for the continued benefit of our residents. Clearly this is extremely important work for YCH and we have an excellent record of providing repairs and maintenance for our residents, with a very high satisfaction rating,” added Shaun. “We are now looking to build upon that record and to expand and improve the service to ensure that our residents have the confidence of a high standard of accommodation in the years to come.” Between now and November we will be working hard to prepare and get ready to handle the service ourselves.

This is a momentous decision for YCH and one the Board took after a great deal of consideration and discussion

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OFFICE CLOSING TIMES 2012 6th April – Good Friday 9th April – Easter Monday 7th May – May Day 4th June – Spring Bank Holiday 5th June – Public Bank Holiday for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 27th August – Summer Bank Holiday 24th December – Christmas Holiday 25th December – Christmas Day 26th December – Boxing Day 1st January – New Year ar Holiday

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Times are changing! ame Chief “It has now been almost a year since I bec ging Executive of YCH and it has been a challen the for and lly ona and exciting one, for me pers organisation also. he hard Board and the Thanks to the clear direction given by our have been recognised for our We . year ul essf work of our staff we have had a very succ s inclusive organisation and for our activitie work in ensuring that we are a diverse and gnised gs that we do. We also continue to be reco enabling you to get involved in the thin . we invest in, and support, our staff for our customer service and for the way ge to ices we provide in line with our challen We have worked hard to improve the serv continue to work to this aim. take YCH from “Good to Great” and will e ision to bring the repairs and maintenanc Last November the Board made the dec s’ king for Willmott Dixon will become YCH service in-house. The staff currently wor that so nge cha this for g a lot of time planning staff in December 2012. We are spendin they k k Willmott Dixon for the excellent wor things go smoothly. I would like to than the and for their support as we prepare for have done for us over the last five years rove imp to aim standards they have set, and change-over. We will build on the high the service even further. tinues to cause difficulties for our On a less positive note, the economy con d. need to provide support for those affecte communities and we recognise that we and you of ber num a ts are likely to impact on The reforms to housing and other benefi as l wel as Associations to reduce this impact we are campaigning with other Housing ice, of resources into money management adv planning for the changes. We have put e for hav we s ge. I am also excited about plan which many of you have taken advanta and ng Enterprise with the aim of helping you setting up a company known as a Social munity. long-term unemployed people in our com s support you give in many different way Finally I would like to thank you all for the ees, mitt com and ps ent in our working grou including responding to surveys, involvem gs thin letting us know when we don’t get support of service reviews and for simply will ments needed. I hope even more of you right, so that we can make the improve feel able to get involved in 2012.” Shaun Tymon Chief Executive of YCH

BEST COMPANIES TIMES 100 YCH has achieved Best Companies - Two Star Accreditation for 2012. This is an improvement on our One Star Accreditation for 2011. Best Companies Accreditation is a rating system for organisations that demonstrate high levels of employee engagement. Based on staff feedback, organisations receive a Best Companies index score which will determine their star rating compared to a fixed standard. One star is first class, two stars are outstanding and three stars are extraordinary. As an organisation YCH value, support, train and empower our staff and are continually striving to increase staff satisfaction and performance year on year.

CHANGES TO WHERE YOU CAN PAY YOUR RENT From the 1st March 2012 Scarborough Borough Council has informed us that they will no longer be able to accept payments for your rent at any of their Customer First Offices. This will also apply to payments for the Coastcall service, leaseholder charges or any other invoices you receive from us. If this affects you directly you will have already received a letter giving you further details and alternative payment methods. Why not use this opportunity to change to Direct Debit the most convenient way to pay your rent? For further details on how and where to pay your rent, please contact a member of the Income Team on 01723 343064. 2

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THE BEACH! YCH is in the process of setting up a Social Enterprise called “The BEACH”. A Social Enterprise is a company that trades ethically for the good of the community where all profits are reinvested and not paid to anyone. The aims of The BEACH – which stands for “Business Enterprise Action for

err ge naaag ess Man ice rvic erv Ser tt Caare Se Trrottt Tro ce i ni an J Ja th i ith w d e re ur t tu c ictu pic tiin pi Mrs Martin

Communities and Homes” are to provide training and employment opportunities to younger residents who are struggling to find work and also the long-term unemployed. The BEACH will start by providing services such as gardening and decorating at a much lower cost than private market rates. If you think that e

you would be interested in using The BEACH to maintain your garden or do some decorating you can let us know now. As this is an exciting and new business it would be great to be able to start to build a list of potential customers and get to know your needs. If you would like to express your interest please call Helen Swinger on 01723 343393. We hope to have the company set up by April. We are also interested to hear from you if you would like to work for “The BEACH”. You can also let Helen know and she will keep your details until we are able to contact you.

Prize Draw W


To encourage th ose residents th at receive the w arden service to pay by Direct Debit a prize draw w as created. The w inner was draw n at random an d we would like to co ngratulate Mrs Martin from New by, Scarborough w ho won £100 w orth of gift vou chers!

Christmas Prize Draw Winners d Mrs Congratulations to Mr an bson Caldon from Filey, Mrs Do s Swales from Scarborough and Mr y who (not pictured) from Whitb Draw. won the Christmas Prize

Calling all budding young artists! t we can use Would you like to design a picture tha egories – for “The BEACH”? There are three cat winning a £10 Under 5s; 6 to 10; and 11 to 16, each sen and their voucher. An overall winner will be cho used for advertising. picture will be us If you have any other questions about The BEACH please contact Angela Starkey on 01723 343073. 3

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Achievement of BMX Track Investors in Diversity Opening Event Accreditation YCH is pursuing its vision to become a Leader in Diversity, acknowledging our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion both as a service provider and employer. Working closely with the National Centre for Diversity, we are pleased to confirm that we have already achieved the Stage 2 accreditation. One of the main benefits of gaining the accreditation is to ensure inequalities in the way services are provided, or performed as an employer, are eliminated. Working towards Investors in Diversity has meant analysing our policies and procedures and consulting with partners and tenants. We want to go beyond the legal requirements. To achieve the accreditation, we have shown: We are committed to creating a truly inclusive organisation; ● We are developed as a learning organisation and able to plan and adapt in order to improve how it manages diversity; ● We are becoming more proactive in developing and sustaining the diversity of its workforce; ● We are improving by creating a range of self-assessment measures; ● We are clear about the benefits of marketing its commitment to diversity. ●

We are starting our journey for Leaders in Diversity in February 2012 and hope to be the first organisation in the country to be successful. Debbie Gordon Assistant Director of Corporate Services 4

On Saturday 10th December Barrowcliff residents, young and old, celebrated the opening of the new BMX track at Gallows Close. The event was fun-filled with activities such as DJ skills for the kids and homemade soup and rolls for the adults! Both YCH and Sanctuary Housing were in attendance and donated the prizes for the children’s “Design a Baseball Cap” competition. Staff members Lynda Mills, (Tenancy Services Officer) and Laura Davies, (Community Involvement Officer) represented YCH at the event and judged the baseball cap competition. The 1st prize of £25 HMV vouchers was awarded to Tia Bratton with both 2nd and 3rd prize winners, Amy Simms and Shanna Lord winning £10 High Street Vouchers each. Well done to all the winners and we hope many local children use the new facility for years to come.

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Blooming Marvellous! It’s that time of year again when our attention turns to our outside spaces and gardens! Yorkshire Coast Homes has supported Scarborough, Filey and Whitby in Bloom for a number of years and last year we extended the categories for YCH residents to enter. Below are the pictures of the 2011 well deserved winning gardens and their gg ir owners. Mr Armitage, Fil ey

Below: Whitby winner, Mr Easton (not pictured)

y Mrs Todd, File

Above: Mr Ba rtle, Scarboro ugh

Mrs Anderson, Sc arborough

rough cEvoy, Scarbo Mr and Mrs M

The closing date for entries for the 2012 In Bloom competitions is 30th June. All previous entrants will be sent an application form directly, however if you have not entered previously and would like to, you can obtain entry forms from YCH reception areas. Alternatively you can find full details of the categories from the Scarborough in Bloom website and email your entry to

Good luck to everyone that enters in 2012 and we look forward to seeing your gardening efforts! 5

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Need to Borrow Money? Have you thought about asking the North Yorkshire Credit Union? When considering which company to borrow money from please always look for the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) when comparing loan options. I received an email last week from a short term loan company which is running an advertising campaign at the moment. The APR quoted was in excess of 4000% which they quite boldly promoted at the bottom of the advert. In addition, if you don’t see an APR then beware – ask for it first! This is extremely expensive so do not get caught out. You might only intend to borrow the money for a short time, but if you get into difficulties or need to extend the payment period, then you will be locked into those expensive rates of interest. An acceptable rate is anything at 30% or below, however you should also check any addons such as repair/maintenance cover or any other insurances which would increase the overall cost of the finance. YCH offers cheap contents insurance with no excess to pay should you need to claim. This would cover you if you need to show proof of cover, avoiding costly alternatives offered by loan companies. If you need to buy household appliances, furniture or electric items, you should compare the cost of the item with other suppliers as it may not be competitive. Don’t forget that the Credit Union offer a scheme which uses Co-Op to finance cheap goods at a competitive interest rate with free delivery to your home. For more information, just give me a call on the number below.

Welfare Reform Developments In last month’s issue, we set out the Government’s plans regarding underoccupied properties. This worrying proposal would see any of our residents who are in receipt of Housing Benefit being penalised where their properties were classed as being under-occupied i.e. having one or more spare bedrooms based upon the occupants of the home. The good news is that the House of Lords have voted against this proposal and they


have instead accepted an amendment. This change would mean that there would be no reduction to any Housing Benefit if residents had no more than one spare bedroom OR if no other suitable smaller accommodation was available. This new proposal seems much more reasonable, but it now needs to be sent back to the House of Commons which will hopefully accept the amendment. I will keep you informed as things progress.

dits e r C x Ta al w e n e R wur rene

t yo rget tha ard will Don’t fo redit aw c x ta r te and for you comple e s a al pack le P oid le to av g soon. ib in s iv s r o r p a s be on a s being is as so x credit ta r return th u o , ny help nce of y need a any cha u o y If . ded ring. suspen e me a iv g t s ju

Changes to Welfare Benefits April 2012 It has been announced that the Government is to increase most of the working age and disability benefits by 5.2% this April. For pensioners, this means that the maximum single State pension increases by £5.30 per week (pw) to £107.45pw. For a couple, the rise is £8.50pw to £171.85pw. Pension Credit also rises by £5.30pw. More of a concern is the steep rise in nondependent deductions that are made to Housing Benefit. This is the second year in succession that there has been a massive rise and the rates have gone up by more than 50% in just 2 years. This means that if deductions are being made from your Housing Benefit claim in respect of nondependents who live with you, then you will need to increase your rent top-up payments. As an example, the minimum deduction has increased from £9.40pw to £11.45pw and the maximum deduction has now gone up from £60.60pw to £73.85pw. If you think that this affects you and your rent payments, please contact your Income Team Officer who can advise you further.

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e 2

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ill nts. as the om

ent am


Repair Finder Handbook

How Soon Will My Repair Be Done?

YCH has previously sent out a Repairs Handbook to all of our residents.

When you report a repair it will be dealt with according to how severe it is, based on three categories of repair. These categories are emergency, urgent and routine.

The Repair Finder handbook is a copy of the computer system which our Customer Services Advisors use to log repairs that are reported to us. It includes diagrams of fittings and fixtures, along with descriptions to help with the reporting of repairs. Using this handbook when reporting repairs to us can help improve the efficiency of our service as it helps staff correctly diagnose the repair with residents. This means the correct repair description is passed to our contractors, helping them to send the right tradesperson for the job. When reporting repairs please ensure that you have the relevant page and item numbers to hand. The handbook also contains information about which repairs are the responsibility of YCH and which ones residents are responsible for. There are handy hints and tips which may help you to fix some non emergency issues yourself without having to wait for an appointment. It also tells you what to do if you smell gas in your property and other useful information relating to the maintenance of your home.

Closure of Filey Drop-in Surgery It has been decided to close the drop in surgery held on the third Wednesday each month at the Evron Centre, Filey between 11:00am to 12:00pm. The closure will take place following the last surgery to be held on 21 March. The surgery has hardly been used in the past six months and YCH want to concentrate on improving other means of contact with residents in the Filey area.

Each should be completed within strict timescales. When reporting a repair you will be informed of what category it falls into, and also the timescale in which it should be completed. Emergency repairs When a repair could cause a health and safety risk to you or the general public, if it is dangerous or likely to cause further damage, YCH will treat it as an emergency. An emergency repair could be a burst water pipe inside the property or structural damage caused by a storm that poses a health and safety risk. These repairs will be made safe within 3 hours and completed within 24 hours. Between November and April a loss of heating and hot water will automatically become an emergency repair, however outside of these months it will be treated as an urgent repair. If you believe you can smell gas in or around your home, phone the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 before contacting us Urgent repairs These are repairs that are less serious than an emergency, but would still need to be fixed within seven days. An urgent repair could be a slow leak on a radiator valve or a loss of heating during the summer. Routine repairs These repairs will be completed within 28 days at a time convenient to you. They are often minor repairs such as re-fixing kitchen cupboard doors, or other such joinery work. When you report a repair YCH will need the following information from you: • Your name, telephone number and address. • What you think the problem is, in as much detail as possible (using the diagrams on pages 17 to 41 of the Repair Finder Handbook will help you with this). • When someone will be at home or from where a key is available (a contractor will not enter your home unless accompanied, therefore if a key is left with a friend or neighbour, they must enter the property with the contractor).

YCH residents can contact YCH through all the usual means as detailed on the back page of this newsletter. If the surgery closure causes you any particular difficulty please contact The Community Involvement Team on 01723 343438.

All the above information can be found in the ‘Repair Finder Handbook” of which every resident should have a copy. If you do not have a copy of the handbook, please contact the Community Involvement Team on 01723 343438. The handbook can also be requested from any of our reception staff.

The Tenancy Services Officer for the Filey area is Jenny Stephenson and she can be contacted on 01723 343041 regarding any tenancy or estate matter.

Repair timescales are set to ensure the most urgent jobs get done first but all jobs are done in a timely manner. Written by the Editorial Group 7

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d e l v o v n I i g n i t Get ! H C Y with At YCH we are keen to give customers the opportunity to get involved with the company and make a difference to the services we provide. This year we are publishing a 3 month calendar of regular events in every edition of Coasttalk that will list the opportunities to influence what we do. Some of you may be asking “Why should I get involved?”, “What’s in it for me?” or may be thinking “YCH will only do as it wishes”. The answer to all this is simple. “We can only improve with your help, and to get it right we need customers to let us know what they think of what we do, where we get it wrong, and even where we get it right”! Many people can be put off by attending a meeting or a group for the first time. However I can assure you that not only will you be welcomed by our staff, but also by the other involved customers, many of whom will recognise the nervousness and self-doubt you’ll be feeling. So what could you do to help us? We have a variety of activities to help us improve our services. Are you someone that likes to see high standards in customer service? If you are, you would make a great addition to our Mystery Shopping Panel. Not for you? You see yourself as someone who likes to challenge authority and analyse figures. We have just the thing. How about becoming a member of the Residents Evaluation Panel and really challenge us on our performance?




20th March 2012

2pm to 4pm

11th April 2012

2pm to 4pm

You like being able to put your views across and bounce ideas off others? In that case, come along to a focus group or service review group and give us your thoughts on what else we could do that could make a difference. You may have read in previous editions of Coasttalk about Shaun’s aim of moving us from a good organisation to a great one. To do this we really need your input. Recently YCH achieved the TPAS accreditation in Resident Involvement. This is a kite mark for the quality of the ways in which we involve customers; indeed the highlight of the report for us was the following statement: “Tenants and Residents who were involved in this process showed a real commitment to working with Yorkshire Coast Homes as equal partners. I was really impressed with their enthusiasm and willingness to work with and challenge the organisation to ensure that the services were the best they could be”.

You can be assured that by getting involved you’ll be listened to, we’ll act on what you say and you’ll be making a big difference to what we do. Not Event Location only will you be helping us to improve services us Foc ent for all customers, you’ll meet some fantastic Scarborough Impact assessm people, learn some new skills and work in Group partnership to move us from “Good to Great”. Scarborough

Editorial Group Meeting

17th April 2012

2pm to 4pm


Annual Report Meeting

18th April 2012

10am to 12pm


Green Routes Group Meeting

15th May 2012

2pm to 4pm


Annual Report Meeting

17th May and 18th May 2012

10am to 3pm


Standard Letter Review Group

24th May 2012

2pm to 4pm


Disability Resource Group

Also due to be scheduled in May are 3 service review group meetings on Tenancy Services, Property Services and Allocations. These will take place every 6 months. For more information on any of these meetings/groups please telephone the Community Involvement Team on 01723 343438 or email communityinvolvement@ Richard Mair Community Involvement Manager

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Annual Resident Involvement Awards 2011 Each year, YCH holds an Annual Resident Involvement Awards lunch, to say thank you to all the residents who have attended our various activities throughout the year. This year for the first time the awards took place not t at a Brook House, but at Ebenezer Hall on Columbus Ravine, Scarborough on o Tuesday 13th December 2011. Also A represented were community groups and local organisations who have worked in partnership with YCH during 2011 on numerous projects. h After a very welcoming reception, a delicious lunch was prepared and A served by YCH staff (13 in total, including a Director and two Assistant se Directors) in a friendly and competent manner in a warm and festive D atmosphere. at After Af lunch, there were speeches from Pam Reeves as the out going chair of the th Board, Tony Campbell as the new chair of the Board, Bill Miller Director of Property Services (who spoke on behalf of Shaun Tymon who was unable to attend the event). The Th afternoon was hugely successful and the efforts made by YCH staff were very ve much appreciated by all who attended. Written byy the Editorial Group

AND THE WINNERS ARE... Trainee off the T i th Year: Y r:

Gill D Davidson (Whitby) id (Whi hitb tb

Greatest Personal Development: Susie Harrison (Scarborough) Attendance Award:

Simon Lawson (Scarborough)

Suggestion of the Year:

Hilda Wray (Whitby)

Community Champion:

Yorkshire Coast Titans (Filey)

Newcomer of the Year:

Jan Anderson (Scarborough)

Recruitment Champion:

Val Tolhurst (Whitby)

Residents Choice Award:

Mary Fox (Filey)

Resident Association of Year:

Sandybed Tenants and Residents Association (Scarborough))

Outstanding Contribution:

Doug Kidd (Scarborough) uk 9

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Efficiency 11%

New General Manager in Scarborough

Behaviour 11%

Quality of work 78%

Introducing the new Willmott Dixon Partnerships General Manager in Scarborough - Stuart Witty. Stuart is Scarborough born and bred and has

We are pleased to announce that our Customer

worked for Willmott Dixon Partnerships since

Satisfaction for 2011, stayed above the target

the start of the contract in December 2006. Prior to this, Stuart worked

of 92% each month, reaching as high as 97%

for MITIE and before that, Scarborough Borough Council. Stuart started

in July. All comments are welcome and should

off his employment as an Apprentice Joiner before working his way up

again be sent to the email address below. We

to qualified Joiner, Service Controller, Supervisor, Production Manager

receive a high number of compliments from

and now, General Manager. Stuart took over the role in January 2012 and

our customers which are passed onto the

will stay until the end of the contract in November 2012.

trades person concerned.

Repairs Contract

Community Events

Whilst the Repairs and Maintenance

We will be carrying out Community Events throughout the year, with our

contract will not be renewed when it

annual event in August being the National Playday on Scarborough’s South Bay

expires, we are committed to leaving

Beach. We work closely with local Tenant and Resident Associations to carry out

a lasting legacy and will continue

community work and events in keeping with projects which are ongoing in

to strive towards maintaining our

the community areas, but welcome ideas and suggestions from everyone. Any

excellent Customer Satisfaction

suggestions should be emailed to or put

scores, whilst continually looking to

in writing and delivered to Brook House, 4 Gladstone Road, Scarborough, North

make improvements where possible.

Yorkshire, YO12 7BH.


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Sandybed shared ownership scheme A first for YCH has seen seven of the new houses being built as part of the Sandybed development being put up for sale as part of a shared ownership scheme. Shared ownership makes home ownership more affordable e because you can buy a percentage of the property and rentt d the part you don’t own. The properties for sale are three and four bed family houses which are being built to the same high standard as all YCH new builds, these include PV solar, gas central heating, heat recover systems, and high levels o off insulation. The second phase of the Sandybed development has seen the handover of 10, two bedroom apartments. The remaining three and four bedroom houses should be completed by early spring 2012.

The Income Team in Scarborough We are here to help! We will make sure you are claiming all benefits you are entitled

Let you know how and where to pay your rent ■

Refer you to agencies who offer free specialist help and assistance ■

We will work with you and help you stay in your home….Call us on 01723 343064. ■

We are here to help! You could be in with a chance of winning 2 rent free weeks if you have a clear rent account (at 30th March 2012), be up to date with your annual gas service and not be in any of breach of your tenancy agreement ! There will be two winners from Scarborough, one in Whitby and one in Filey. All winners will be notified on 2nd April by phone. 11

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Anti-Social Behaviour Cases

15% 10%

April 2011 to September 2011 TYPE In the first 6 Months of this year, we recorded a total of 394 instances of tenancy breaches and reports of nuisance and anti-social behaviour. This not only includes contact from customers, it includes issues that officers have become aware of when conducting estate walk rounds. Of those responding to a satisfaction survey, over 91% of customers were satisfied with the outcome of their anti-social behaviour complaint and 90% were satisfied with the way it had been dealt with. YCH has successfully obtained 1 Possession Order, issued 2 Notices of seeking possession and successfully prosecuted a criminal for a breach of injunction which resulted in a 7 month suspended prison sentence. YCH takes all instances of ASB seriously, if you or your neighbourhood are suffering from or have witnessed any form of nuisance behaviour, please contact your housing officer on 0845 065 5656.

Garden nuisance Noise nuisance Litter / Fly-tipping Verbal abuse / harassment Condition of home Misuse of communal areas / public spaces Pets and animal nuisance Youth problem Nuisance from vehicles Alcohol related Vandalism / damage to property Removal of rubbish / Graffiti Abandoned property Risk to property Substance misuse Running a business Domestic Abuse Trespasser Criminal Behaviour/Crimes Physical violence

117 58 39 33 25 23 20 15 14 11 10 5 5 5 4 3 3 2 1 1



Stonehouse Gardens, Whitby W Work is well under way at YCH’s first new-build development iin Whitby. The 10, two bedroom bungalows are being built o g on the site of six Tarran prefabricated concrete bungalows at Stonehouse Gardens and St. Hildas. Th first six The i were handed h d d over by b the h builders, b Tolent, at the end of January. These are the first properties that YCH have built to Sustainable Development Code 4 and will benefit from triple glazing, gas central heating, high levels of insulation, solar heated water and green roofs. The whole of the development is due to be completed later this year, and the demolition of the three remaining Tarran’s took place in February. 12

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Seddon Property Services have been working with Yorkshire Coast Homes for a number of years. In 2011 we decided we would like to be able to help out in some way within the Community in Scarborough for YCH. We finally agreed after going to see Wendy Fountain the warden at Keld Close that the kitchen there could really benefit from some updating as it was the original Kitchen from 1973‌!!!! So I set to with putting the wheels in motion as we would not only put in a new kitchen but also decorate the community room to give it the lift that it needed. I then decided to ask our suppliers and contractors that we work with and whom we have good relationships with if they could help us to achieve this for Wendy. I am very proud to say that after a few phone calls Rixonway Kitchen Supplier (William Martindale National Accounts Manager) agreed to supply the kitchen free of charge. ADSimpsons (Andy Simpson) installed the kitchen at no cost and Tarkett Flooring (Shaun Hamill Business Development Manager) supplied the flooring again free of charge.

I think considering the current economic climate it is a credit to everyone involved that we have been able to make a difference to Wendy and the residents at Keld Close. The Christmas Coffee morning we had there on Wednesday 21st December was a big success, everyone that had made this possible attended as did most of the residents. We had a lovely morning. I had baked scones served with jam and clotted cream which went down very well along with all the other treats such as mince pies and biscuits etc. Some of the residents even joined us in having a Sherry to toast the new kitchen. I also presented thank you cards and gifts to all involved and presented Wendy with a microwave for her new kitchen. Emma Bracewell Customer & Community Manager North East Seddon Property Services Ltd

So I thought I am on a roll here so decided to make one more call to Dulux and David Bird, Business Development Manager, agreed to supply all the paint free of charge!! I am very proud of all alll that we have achieved to get ach this thi kitchen done for fo Wendy and I know we are k all al very grateful here he at Seddon Property Services P York Y for the kind generosity that g has h been given to t us to enable to t make this all possible. 13

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Take Advantage of the FREE Training Available from Yorkshire Coast Homes Do you fancy gaining some new skills or completing some on-line training? Yorkshire Coast Homes provide FREE training to our residents. Details of what is on offer for the next 3 months is shown below.

Course Title





Basic DIY, Painting and Decorating


Newchase Court, Scarborough


Phone 08456 033697 and leave your name and address or email melanie.

Resident Involvement Awareness Session


Brook House, Scarborough


Phone Community Involvement Team on 01723 343438 to book your place.

Feel Good Factor – Hinderwell Area

22/05/12 10/07/12

Hinderwell Village Hall


This course is for residents living in the Hinderwell area with children under the age of 16. The course takes place every Tuesday. Phone Community Involvement Team on 01723 343438 for more details or to book your place.

E-Learning Courses available*

Anytime from 01/04/12

These courses are completed ‘on-line’ using the internet. This means they can be done at home, in the library or using the YCH Resource Centre – anywhere there is a computer with internet access.

To register on any of these courses go to and complete a short form. Once registered you can complete as many of the courses as you wish. Once you complete a course you obtain a Virtual College certificate.

* E-learning courses include: Basic Home Maintenance, Saving Energy to Reduce Bills, Pest Awareness, Feeding a Family on a Budget, What is Telehealth, Hate Crime, Anti Social Behaviour, Issues Surrounding Drugs, Issues Surrounding Alcohol, Preparing for Interviews, Starting Out on the Internet, Internet Safety, The Power of the Internet, Getting Started with Social Media, Gypsy and Traveller Culture, Building a Community, Cultural Awareness, Respect

LOW ENERGY LIGHT BULBS – TAKE EXTRA CARE WITH BREAKAGES Energy Saving Bulbs have been in existence for a long time now. However, not many people are aware of the dangers when these bulbs break.

2 Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clear up the mess as the machine’s sucking action could spread toxic mercury droplets around the house.

• If one breaks, everybody will have to leave the room for at least 15 minutes, because it contains Mercury (poisonous) which causes migraine, disorientation, imbalances and different health problems, when inhaled.

3 Put on rubber gloves and sweep the debris onto the dustpan.

• It causes reactions in people with allergies, such as severe skin conditions by touching or inhaling the substance.

5 DO NOT put the plastic bag in a normal household bin.

Below is the advice on what to do if a low energy light bulb breaks in your home: 1 Evacuate the room, taking care not to step on the shards of glass littering the floor as this will be contaminated as well.

4 Place the remains in a plastic bag and seal it.

6 Instead, take the bag and its contents to a municipal recycling bin for batteries or take it to the council household waste collection centre where it can be disposed of safely. 7 Try not to inhale dust from the broken bulb.


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Annual Report Feedback E Every year YCH sends out its Annual Report in a calendar fo format to all of its customers. To measure what our c customers think of our performance in the last year and w what they think of the information provided in the Annual R Report, a short survey is provided that asks a number of q questions including:


“ “How satisfied are you with the service YCH provides?” and “Did you find the Annual Report interesting?” This year a total of 115 surveys were returned, which was a disappointing return rate, although the results they produced were largely positive. A total of 102 of the 115 surveys returned were satisfied with the services YCH provide, this is a result of 88.70%. 90 people out of 115 said that they found the Annual Report interesting; this is a total of 78.26%. Everyone that returned a survey was entered into a prize draw. The winner of the £30 High Street voucher was Mrs Pay from Brompton. Make sure you look out for the feedback form in the next Annual Report and return it to us with your views to be in with a chance to win the prize draw.

THE WINNING STORY! This years Annual Report paid particular attention to changes and improvements that YCH, its staff and residents have all gone through in 2010/2011. In the report we asked all our residents to send us a story including changes they have been through. The winning story, chosen by the editorial group was by Mr and Mrs H Cammish from Filey who wrote, “We can’t thank you enough for helping us enough to make the decision to move from our 4 bed house in Ravine Top (after 38 years) to our lovely little bungalow in Queen Street. You were all so helpful, workmen etc and especially Jenny Stephenson – we love it here and will spend our Golden Wedding in 2 weeks time here cosy and happy. Our granddaughter Sophie Harrison did work experience with you this year (Filey School) and she said you were all brilliant with her and she loved it”.

YCH Discount Scheme!

COMING SOON! YCH is creating a discount scheme for all current YCH residents aimed at helping you save money by providing discounts at many local businesses. The scheme should provide discounts or promotional offers from many local retailers covering Scarborough, Whitby and Filey. The discount scheme will not only benefit residents but will help support our local businesses. YCH will be providing every resident with a card which you will need to produce at the participating retailers to ensure that you receive the discount.

A number of stories were submitted for consideration, however the Editorial Group felt this one stood out the most with regard to a major change for this couple in 2011.

We are looking at introducing the scheme very soon, so keep a look out for the new card and a list of participating retailers arriving through your letterbox!

The Editorial Group would like to thank all those residents that took time to submit their story.

If you know of any local businesses which may be interested in joining the scheme, please contact the Community Involvement Team on 01723 343438. 15

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Many thanks to our Editorial Group Members Val Tolhurst, Terri Huntley, Scott Daley and Hilda Wray As part of our commitment to equality and diversity we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us and use our services.

OTHER FORMATS Sign Language Large Print Braille Audio-CD Translations Just ask…


SEND US A TEXT Browsealoud facility is available on our website for you to listen to the information.

Text us from your mobile on: 07944 874 874

FIND US ON FACEBOOK Go to and search for ‘Yorkshire Coast Homes’ You can also e-mail us at

Out of Hours Emergency Repairs Service: 01723 351558

BY PHONE Scarborough Office: 0845 065 56 56 Northern Area Office: 0845 065 57 57 Eastfield Area Office: 01723 580723 Customer Initiatives Team: 01723 343438

OR FAX Fax number: 01723 343055



Pop into your local office for help and advice. An induction loop is available in all of our reception areas.

We can visit you at home if it’s difficult for you to come to one of our offices.

Write a letter to us with your query to the address details below. You can also complete a comment and suggestion card which are available in all offices.

Main office: Yorkshire Coast Homes, Brook House, 4 Gladstone Road, Scarborough, YO12 7BH Tel: 0845 065 5656 (Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 5pm)

Eastfield Community Resource Centre, High Street, Eastfield, Scarborough, YO11 3LL Tel: 01723 580723

Whitby Area Office, The Coliseum Centre, Victoria Place, Whitby, YO21 1EZ Tel: 0845 065 5757

(Opening hours: 9.30am-12.30pm and 1pm-5pm Mon to Fri. Thu 9.30am-1pm)

(Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 5pm)


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