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This work is entitled Beauty Before A Mirror. The project was part of a brief regarding ‘All Walks Beyond the Catwalk’ and themed on the concept, ‘What is beauty?’, for which we had to complete a photography shoot. The brief specified that the shoot had to be inspired by, or interpret the work of an appropriate tastemaker within the creative industry. We also had to supply props, a model, and style the model with make – up / paint and costume. The photographs entitled Beauty Before A Mirror are based on Picasso’s, Girl Before A Mirror (1932) and manifest the concept of distortion within beauty. Beauty Before A Mirror is intended to reflect the idea that individuals can be repressed when confronted with a reflection of themselves which they feel - does not resemble the “ideal” aesthetic of beauty represented in mass popular culture in Western society today. The model present in the images represents someone who is paranoid by imperfections which do not exist, yet she feels ugly and self-conscious.

Beauty Before A Beauty Beauty Before A Mirror WAREHAM, S., et al., November 2012. Before A Mirror Mirror

Beauty Before A Beauty Beauty Before A Mirror WAREHAM, November 2012. BeforeS.,Aet al.,Mirror Mirror

What Is Beauty?  

Photography brief based on the theme, 'What Is Beauty?', part of a project at completed at university in association with All Walks Beyond t...

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