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Newsletter...Orion Group October 2010

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’Gift a Garb’ programme

Back to Arya

Moments of glory

To Pala

Journey- a surprise package

Photo Specialz- Appu’s engagement

Orion Group Blessan Santhosh George Sreehari, V.S Sreenath, I Padmagirish, C.A Aathira, B Shabna, M.A Aparna, A Ninju Bijily


‘Gift a Garb’ programme 1st Official Venture of Orion Group


i Orionid, Greetings to you...

You will be pleased and excited about our first venture, „Gift-a-garb‟, being a success, a success with a few flaws… Here, the whole thing is briefed so that each one of us can keep it as a record.

It all started with a newspaper report about celebrating the „Joy of Giving‟ week. And it grew along with cloth donation and our Arya Central School coming into picture. In future we should not forget how skeptic we were initially regarding its success. It was mainly due to our Aryan experience. But it was just the contrary.


Back to Arya 28/09/2010


n 28 Sept 2010, Sreehari & Blessan stepped into Arya after long 6 years. In the last mi-

nute Aathira also decided to come along. May be her







shakunam!). The principal (Gargi ma‟am) was approachable and encouraging…

Orion posters on the school notice board followed. One week later on a sunny afternoon we watched astonishingly as Sreenath‟s Santro car began to get filled with the clothes leaving only the front row of seats. In fact we had to go back to the school two more days to collect the remaining ones (The firing received by Paddu for scooting from office is not to be forgotten).


Moments of glory


n 11 Oct 2010, a few moments of glory dawned in for Orion. Sreenath, on

behalf of the Orion Group addressed the present students of Arya in the assembly urging them to continue their act of kindness. The students were thrilled. Principal, Vice principal, teachers, every one were impressed.




Meenu Teacher will be remembered when she



We, the Orionids, are an example to all. The ideas, whose sanity everyone questioned are being accepted as unique (Theme Orion Video, 2007). [ v=qgh1Jy_326Y&feature=player_embedded].


To Pala 24/10/2010


he Orion boys took the donated clothes to

„no‟ boomed inside the room. They sang songs.

the orphanage- Boys‟ Town & Girls‟ Town,

„Vishwam kaakkunna natha….‟ mamarangale…‟ a

Pala. The rest of the Orionids, although wanted

few devotional songs and an Onappattu were their

very much to come along, could not make it as they

favourites. A short skit was enacted in which Tin-

were engaged in unavoidable state of affairs.

tumon was forced to call his father „aliyan‟. They

As usual we were short of money. Ninju

shared their ambitions. When most of them wanted

chipped in with her contribution while after a hilar-

to become a church priest, a soldier and a police-

ious incident involving her amma, Aparna‟s input

man were two isolated ambitions. Sweets were dis-

was also assured. The final packing continued till

tributed. The short interaction ended with our as-

2‟O clock in the morning at Sreehari‟s home.

surance that their good ambitions will be realized

MGR‟s songs kept us awake.. And on Oct 24, the

and our optimism of being back. It was evident that

boys were on their way to Pala.

those children longed for such moments. Some of

At the orphanage we were mistaken for someone

them were on the verge of tears. The Mother and

who had come to collect information from the in-

Sisters at the institution were also satisfied and we

mates. We made ourselves clear and the Sisters and

took some snaps along with them. After handing

Mother were impressed. They took us to the audito-

over the cloth boxes we were on our way back with

rium where the students had gathered. What fol-

an experience that was totally new and unexpected.

lowed were some great moments that none of us

The rest of us were missed very much. Finding joy

shall ever forget. The children were exited. Alt-

in giving can be addictive, it can be infectious.

hough there were students up to X std. majority belonged to primary classes. It was a déjà vu. The answers were shouted together. Their „yes‟ and


Sna psh o 24/1 ts– Pal 0/20 10 a

NB: They didn’t allow us to photograph the children and our meeting with them...So you missed the main part….!!


Journey– a surprise package


he return journey was a surprise package. The Kumarakom road, Thaneermukkom

Bund, Alappuzha Medical College. It was more than what the boys had asked for. Car tyre got punctured on the way to Kumarakom, The boys enjoyed that. We sat on the Thaneermukkom bund, pouring our hearts out at the backdrop of the Vembanadu Lake, house boats and a setting sun. We cherished that...


Journey– a surprise package Contd...


isited Shabna at Alappuzha and she gave a treat at Indian Coffee House. We loved

that. But when we were about to get into the car, to our horror, we found that the other tyre was out too. Ben, Shabna‟s friend, in his Tata Safari took us to all the tyre shops. It was a Sunday night and all shops were closed. A man was begged for to open his shop and we bought a new tyre. Shabna drained her purse out….


End of a great Episode….


hus the journey ended with some great achievements and little disasters…..But for

Shabna and Ben, we would have been stranded there at Alappuzha with some 500 odd bucks. The whole thing was a roller coaster ride and could be summed up when Paddu eagerly asked “When is the next trip?”

P.S. Although the sweets were supposed to be bought for some Rs.2500 (contributed by Ninju & Aparna) at the end it was bought for Rs.500. The money for travel expense (petrol etc.) was wrongly expected to get arranged before we started. Now everything is in place. The monetary details concerning the venture and the balance amount is with Padmagirish [Our savings for

‘the next’].


Appu Engagement

Photo Specialz


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