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The Nature and Dynamics of

Vibration, Oscillation & Toroids by DALE POND & JEREMY PFEIFFER POND SCIENCE INSTITUTE Colorado, USA

Presented by J. Pfeiffer at Sept, 2015

John Ernst Worrell Keely Inventor, musician, writer, artist, discoverer of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

September, 1827 - November, 1898

Keely made countless machines • His work began with liberating “ether” from water as a replacement for steam. • His work ended with harnessing Mind Force as the ultimate power source.

Keely Chronology The Library of Congress

"The "West-people" of England and North America will develop the material-mechanical non-observable. They will be able to create machines, mechanical devices which work with hardly any human effort; which work with the help of the "Laws of Sympathetic Vibrations." —In the Ages to Come - Steiner A Lecture by Rudolf Steiner 1918

Mr. Keely, of Philadelphia, was, and still is, at the threshold of some of the greatest secrets of the Universe… —Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Vol. 1, Page 556


Everything Vibrates and Oscillates Perpetually "Vibration is the rhythmical motion of a body within itself." Keely

"Oscillation is a rhythmically recurring translatory movement." Keely

Vibration and Oscillation corresponds to Spin and Orbit

Walter Russell (1871 - 1963) An American polymath, known for his achievements in painting, sculpture, architecture, and for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony. He posited that the universe was founded on a unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange.

Syntropy - Contraction to Center Entropy - Dispersion from Center

Russell's Rhythmic Balanced Interchange Keely’s Law of Assimilation

Polar states of a vibration Two Seemingly Opposite Expressions of Polar Forces

Syntropy Centropy

Entropy Entropy





Center seeking

Center fleeing











Polar Interchange (Rhythmic Balanced Interchange) • Two seeming opposite observable polar motions become each other through intermittent voiding (Law of Assimilation, Law of Cycles and Principle of Regeneration) which motion manifests as Russell’s Universal Heart Beat or Rhythmic Balanced Interchange.

• Shown symbolically, each pole periodically becomes the other.

Polar States cannot be simple
 mono-poles • Electricity and Magnetism are two aspects of same thing. Then why the difference?

• Electricity is mutual attraction (syntropy) • 1 - Two polar electric streams attract each other to Void. • 2 - At spark or Voiding (4++) vibrations create discords which are entropic and become

• Magnetism - is mutual repulsion (entropy); i.e., Magnetic Radiation or Dispersion.


Attraction & Repulsion •

Russell shows poles as complex poles.

Like (concord) Polar states attract (syntropy) - Law of Attraction…

Unlike (discord) Polar states repel (entropy) -Law of Repulsion.

What are these three forces?
 Syntropy - Contraction to center Entropy - Dispersion from center Neutral - Fulcrum or Center of Equation

Keely’s Triplet of Forces

Triplets combined and considered as One

Each Triplet Contains the Others Retaining Individuality

• Triple Polar Triplets. • Polar States are not Bipolar but Tri-polar. • Keely’s Triplets....

Each Triplet Contains Their Constituent Triple Parts, Portions or Forces

Keely's Chart showing nested levels of aggregated light we call matter.

"In my introductory argument I have contended that this is the vibratory envelope of all atoms. -Keely

The Seven Subdivisions of Matter and Energy • "In my introductory argument I have contended that this is the vibratory envelope of all atoms.

Molecular, Atomic and Etheric Ranges

Attractive & Dispersive Chords

Keely’s Triplet Chords of Frequencies

What does all this mean? Control the Neutral Controls the polarity to either Assimilation or Dispersion

Triune Forces in One Unit

Equilibrium and Disturbance of Equilibrium Two Primal States of 1 - Equation of Forces non-observable non-motion, Scalar, Neutral, Harmonic or Equilibrium (balance, neutral or depolar) vs.

2 - Disturbance of Equilibrium of Polar Forces - by Discordant or Enharmonic excitation causes observable motion..

Degree of Disturbance Disturbance of a Whole without Rupture, preserving Integrity.

Disturbance of a Whole fracturing or disintegrating into smaller components about their own centers of attraction.

Motion is an Effect of Disturbance of Equilibrium

“Polar and depolar differentiation result in rotary motion. Inflowing sympathetic streams with expression of radiant energy, also give rise to rotation. From the seventh subdivision, the “compound interetheric” or “Soul of Matter” all forms of matter receive their introductory or first impulse.” - Keely Keelys Forty Laws "The newly discovered forces, and laws governing all forces, make possible the processes herein described. Scientific investigations no longer consist in a blind groping after facts; an untried chemical combination can now be planned and its results predicted. Synthetical operations covering the entire domain of organic chemistry can be worked according to simple rules and methods deducible from these newly discovered laws and by the aid of these, to us, new forces. With a knowledge of these facts it is possible for man to work a wondrous change in his methods of manipulating matter.� - Colville, William J. (Grand Master Mason) 1894

More on Jeremy Pfeiffer’s Work

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Vibrations Create Harmonics

What Is Ether?

Video Demonstration of Polar Interchange Wave Function Pass: Arnaud

(See attached pdf for full article)

Modal Analysis of 3, 6, 9 Vibratory Streams & Corresponding Angles of Incidents Pass: JP

“Masaru, we are wearing the same shirt today…”

“Jeremy, you have too many tattoo…”

The Prayer of Light Love, Peace, Light before me
 Love, Peace, Light behind me
 Love, Peace, Light to my left
 Love, Peace, Light to my right
 Love, Peace, Light above me
 Love, Peace, Light below me
 Love, Peace, Light unto me
 Love, Peace, Light in my surroundings
 Love, Peace, Light to all
 Love, Peace, Light to the Universe

As you begin to perform the ritual of extending the energy of love, peace, and light to all become aware of the feeling of love, peace, and light entering your heart and expanding into a tingling uplifting presence. Now, shift your thoughts and focus on the heart itself, with its feeling of expansion, love, peace, and light.

A presentation of The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration, Oscillation & Spin  

Jeremy Pfeiffer reference imagery and concepts observed in modes of acoustic vibrations. SVP and late 18th century etheric science as taught...

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